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  2. Ah, the good old "Tech support" subforum; the one which the Devs seem to ignore, the same one in which I've wasted hours describing issues and suggestions for them to simply fade into the KSP limbo of threads never read by one of the developers. Might as well close this thread, this won't go anywhere in here like always. At least the suggestions subforums had a chance of bringing some attention (as it happens that PC players also share that section of the forums).
  3. Think the idea is an area there you can change the forces, say you have an spaceship or plane who can turn reverse gravity around it. It will fall upward. Have an reactor there hydrogen fusion at room temperature. all sort of crazy stuff like like the Alcubierre drive, in short its kind of the cheat codes to the universe. And yes is this was easy it would probably be an late filter.
  4. Bombardier beetles react hydrogen peroxide with hydroquinone in a reaction chamber until it blasts out of them out through of a gimballed nozzle.
  5. Rayovac Fusion. All my others seem fine though... But WOW, when that one went, it WENT! I've been a long time Rayovac user. Cheaper than brands like Energizer or Duracell, but tend to last nearly as long. This is my first leak with one. I'd recently (around a year, maybe year and half ago) given their high capacity alkaline "Fusion" variant a try. Good capacity, but that cell had a marked shelf life of 2025. It's really odd that it leaked, and did so to such a degree. I'll be keeping my eye open. Still no leaks with he regular Rayovac alkalines.
  6. So I bought the breaking ground DLC for ps4 today and started a fresh carrier also deleted the previous save games to avoide any corruption. When I unlock the tech with FL-100 Fuel Tank it keeps duplicating and have to purchase that part over and over again whenever I enter tha VAB or the Tech tree. I allready tries to delete and reinstall the game with the dlcs and also deleted every save file, but without any success of solving this tiny but anoying bug. Please, if you have any solution, I would be happy know.
  7. Project starshot think about bouncing the beam forward and back a lot of time. Now their idea is kind of crazy I say, they need to accelerate small probes weighting a few gram at 50.000 g. Yes we can do 50K g, artillery does but that is an hollow block of steel inside an thick steel tube, yes you have smart shells but they don't do anything until out of barrel. For the probe, well if one part of the mirror get 0.1% more push than the other, it will be an 50 g force. Using it to spam say 100 kg flyby probes would makes more sense, now you get 0.5 g, this is much lower acceleration and the large probe has much easier to adjust its sail, as its accelerating slower it stay inside the laser range for much longer you can still reach very high interplanetary speeds.
  8. Thanks! I've still got all the named quicksaves I made when flying the transfer, so I think I'm going to go with this option. I'll see if I can get it done tonight after work - it shouldn't take too long, given that it's already mostly set up. That's interesting. I'm going to blame Git on this one - it must have messed up latest.sfs a bit during a merge. I'll poke around the save file and see if I can work out what happened.
  9. Nice work! The inclination on our new orbit is almost perfect and looks great. I'm impressed that you got an encounter using so little fuel. An important correction: KILO has ~1,850 m/s dV remaining (the staging sequence has been re-arranged so the dV indicator is showing you a figure for a stage comprised of just the Ant and the OscarB) meaning that we are about 250 m/s short of capture. We are so close! There are 2 fixes: Revert to a previous save and tweak the intercept so that it is closer to Kerbin. A lower AP (e.g. within Mun's orbit) will allow better use of Oberth effect and allow us to capture. For example an anti-radial burn a few days before the Kerbin encounter will lower the intercept PE nicely. Keep going! We are (almost) in a perfect 3:1 synchronous orbit with Kerbin. Using Kepler's 3rd law plus some trial and error, boosting our orbit to 42,755,000,000m at Kerbol PE will give a nice subsequent Kerbin encounter with a PE of 6,000km. We can then burn anti-radial at the edge of Kerbin's SOI to bring this down to ~70km and capture propulsively. Amusingly, somehow we've also acquired an extra 10 units of EC, as the decoupler now has 10 units of charge! (this is not important, as the 10 extra units are not really needed and don't affect things in any way that matters)
  10. This I don't like the color of the navball, if it's transparent or black, how will we easily see the horizon
  11. Heh, true. I'm a bit more optimistic though. If that does happen, then I'll be happy to lambaste SpaceX with everyone else.
  12. Very mysterious, but unfortunately I think this mod is not the problem, it really is as vanilla as vanilla can be. Github Some basic RCS ports.
  13. depends on how hard you throw it.
  14. Updated release is available: Just an official recompile and repackage for KSP 1.8. Should be no functional changes compared to prior versions aside from compatibility with the latest KSP versions. I'll be working on updating TU next, and Kerbal Foundries shortly after; hopefully both before the end of the weekend (barring anything nasty needing to be fixed). Please note that this version of KSPWheel should be compatible/usable with the existing KerbalFoundries releases (and SSTU / anything else that uses KSPWheel).
  15. Sounds like a corrupted game. Have you tried doing a steam file validation?
  16. When I click on any craft, even a stock craft it won't load. Why?
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  18. KSP with both expansions. BG is 1.3.0 and MH is 1.8.0. I installed it recently, may be a few weeks ago. I know that there is a newer one but haven't updated to it.
  19. We got some newer hype train models over here!
  20. Banned for the Orion dismemberment.
  21. Photon rockets aren’t that great. Photon sails on the other hand are pretty darn good in comparison but have their own issues. Mass beam sails (using either magnetic fields or some other kind of reflector) can be more efficient and thus can have higher newton per watt ratios.
  22. Hey gang first off I'm very very happy we got breaking ground its amazing! but I've run into a few bugs and I've tried to find a way around them but still no solution I was trying to play with the r7000 turboshaft engine and the engine itself was not spinning as it starts it only starts rotating at .02% and stalls completely I've done the same thing to make sure Iam doing it right with the smaller turbo shaft the r121 and that one was working correctly despite making the same adjustments But there was a few bugs regarding some of the physics with it as well I'm not sure if that is normal; when it comes to my fixed-wing version using the smaller turbo shaft for a prop engine as soon as I turn it on the craft starts violently Banks sideways hard and make makes flying impossible and I wasn't using that much RPMs But all in all I still am tinkering with the new stuff but I'm definitely excited about this new expansion and I hope this can get fixed and if it's not the game then who knows it could be me LOL but please look into it. again I tried everything I can to get that large turboshaft engine to work and it has yet to even spin But anyway thanks
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