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  2. I feel your pain. I have some craft that I abandoned because of this bug. Wish it could get resolved. Again sorry I cannot help you. Maybe just pretend it was a micro meteorite strike and move on? This helped me digest many KSP bugs in the past. It sucks but it is what it is. KSP.
  3. @Drew Kerman In 3.0+, you may be able to disable the new science system by removing the "KerbalismConfig/System/ScienceRework" folder and renaming the "KerbalismConfig/System/OldScience.cfg.disabled" to "OldScience.cfg". This is untested so it may cause some issues but it should theorically work. Or not.
  4. I am just starting to use this mod, is there a compatible dv chart?
  5. Nice deduction! Solar sails would be good for probes and maybe try mixed propulsions ion/ solar sails...
  6. I was investigating this issue I have and I found out that my SSPXr parts always load 1 or 2 degrees offcentered or tilted, sometimes a lot more like in this screenshot: It's a known issue? I really think that I'm doing something really wrong here as I can't find anyone else describing the same problem. Installed mods: -Stage Recovery -FMRS -Restock and Restock + -All Near Future mods updated to 1.7.3 -Making History and Breaking ground KSP.log:
  7. My 11 yo Thinkpad T400 has 8GB RAM, the only thing that bogs it down is graphics.
  8. Given that the game is going to have interstellar travel and we know it has at least Orion and inertial confinement fusion drives (which both are meant to be able to accelerate for days, weeks, months or even years), it seems very likely an accelerating during time warp and/or in the background mechanic will be part of the stock game. No one is going to sit running a burn for six months real time.
  9. Yes. Not really. Most of the mods are collaborative, and are worked on by most members. I'd say we do more than 'help each other out'. The only exceptions are mods developed by only one person.
  10. nah those don't necessarily follow, im just speaking on the broad perspective - mainly about career mode since i don't play sandbox and there are quite a few different ways to do a career mp. v curious about how they will be doing it
  11. Thanks, thanks to simple manipulations in the notebook, I finally got rid of this random function. My central nervous system has finally cooled down.
  12. You and many more. But as said elsewhere, world size has ramifications all over, from how heavyweight the rocket parts need to be, to which airspeed is "reentry" and must be dangerous. You cannot simply move all KSP stuff to a bigger world and expect it to still work in the same way,or at all. RSS as a stock option would require the devs to essentially provide two games that are similar yet different... somehow I don't see this happening. From what I pick up from the videos, the new devs are aware of how the game is being played and what will be desired. This gives me hope that plugging in alternate solar systems may become easier than it currently is (and maybe the new game will even know about axial tilt -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed). But as to stock world size, the die seems to be cast. Incidentally, on the off chance that someone is listening: I'm of the opinion that real scale isn't inherently more tedious or difficult to play. What makes the RO experience so daunting is the lack of throttling and limited ignitions, compounded by hundreds of propellant mixtures to get lost in.
  13. Well there's been some movement on that front, I've decided I'm not quitting entirely, just maybe not as active as I used to be. If you aren't planning to use the progression contracts, you could try upping the rewards for World firsts in the MM patch, I'm planning to run an experiment to see if it's possible to actually not use contracts at all in my next game.
  14. This would consume fuel, which would require resupply missions, which would be tedious busywork.
  15. I have a two (three) stage system: a carrier plane that can ascend to 11km with solar powered propellers and goes to ca. 20km with rockets. There it releases the ascent stage that can make it to orbit with the right ascend profile. While it does work, it doesn't fly nicely (yet?) so it's still WIP. I still need to test it with Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS). Is using that mod is also fine?
  16. jhonny


    I am currently doing research on rendering of eclipses. I see that you have added support for eclipse shadows to KSP with your mod. Is it possible that you can give me a brief summary of the algorithm you used?

    Of course I will cite you in my publication if I include any of your work.


    Have a nice day,


  17. I eventually removed the TextureReplacer folder within the AVP folder, this contained the start texture. It is now back to default, which also looks good IMO This is the path of the folder that I removed: GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\TextureReplacer\
  18. Um... UAC has nothing to do with RAM. UAC stops programs from starting with admin permissions without the user's say-so while an access violation is a piece of already running code touching memory outside of what it asked the OS to be allowed to use, causing the OS to instantly banhammer it out of existence not only because it could break other programs or even the OS itself by overwriting someone else's memory, but also because reading someone else's memory is a security risk (since it could be used to steal passwords and the like).
  19. Please take the topic of planet size to a different thread as it is off topic for this one. I have made another thread dedicated to talks about planet size.
  20. Are you sure that is not a mod who does that ?
  21. I dont know why most of the people place wheels on rover vertically. like this while you have much better stability (and appearance) if you rotate them like this.. and i love the way how suspension works when accelerating and breaking. Breaking is shown on screen
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  23. I hope they add life support. It was always odd not have that aspect built in to a game like this. Happy if you could toggle it on or off, but please please add oxygen / food etc. It would be awesome to build this aspect into your colonies and interstellar ships. Stasis could be the answer to long trips. It’s just everything else is grounded in real physics, so why not the kerbals’ need to breathe and eat!! Can’t wait though, good luck StarTheory.
  24. I wouldn't mind if loading speeds were faster, but I do hope they keep saves and craft files human readable, so we can fix glitches and errors, and have a little leeway with mistakes. One of the great things about KSP1 is how open and modifiable it was. A mod switches names? Maybe you need to strip a mod part for some reason? Just a find and replace and now those error causing gadgets are cubic struts. If they do compress these files, an included converter would be nice.
  25. Don't hold your breath. World size has ramifications all over, from how heavyweight the rocket parts need to be, to which airspeed is "reentry" and must be dangerous. You cannot move all of that to a bigger world and expect it to still work in the same way,or at all. Just BTW, I'm not convinced that a bigger world as such makes the game more difficult or tedious to play. But be that as it may, this ship has sailed (again).
  26. lets drop it, someone is trying to argue that he wants and is entitled to a free game, There's lots of Free games out there for him to play. unfortunately all of those "free to play" games have a catch in that most of them they really suck if you insist on them being free, and they have lots and lots of ways to get you to pay and pay and pay. Or its pokemon go. Wot for just one example?? Totally free to play! so long as you don't mind being stuck in a hell of a slow grind unless you pay them 14 a month oh and even if you do your stuck having to play teir 7s at best. and when that shuts down well your Left with memories because its ALWAYS ONLINE. oh and grinding up the tec trees in that game is loaded with crap tanks you have to grind through, or they can sell you tanks that even the developers have admitted are overpowered for cash. that is if you can avoid buying the crap tanks they also sell for cash....
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