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  2. Wow! Thank you very much! I wasn't aware it was being maintained still! I'm installing now, I've got the KSP itch again after the KSP2 reveal. This will go well with my setup I've come up with so far!
  3. On another hand, all Musk's ventures have something similar: financial losses and fantasy plans, why SpaceX should differ?
  4. I would not mind an ICBM was system where you need to hit your target from the otherside of the planet, who ever hits the most targets wins you would need to design your ICBM going into it
  5. Since 2015 Google's motto is "Do the right thing", not "Don't be evil" anymore.
  6. This should be the mod. The REVELATION BASE is capable of producing Orion Drives (as well as other spacecraft/spacecraft components/base modules) out of in-situ resources. The setup to produce Orion Drives off-world is very complicated, but I can explain it to you if you want. Also, it makes me more than glad to see others following in my footsteps.
  7. Dude, I've been playing online since the 1980s. Hell, the 1st MMOs were PvP flightsims, even back then. Before browsers, Windows, and even the "light web" because it was all the original "dark web" back then (except we didn't yet call it the "web" because the whole www thing hadn't yet happened). So yeah, I think I know considerably more about how MP works, and the effects it has on games and their communities, than you do. Sure, KSP deathmatch will be a thing. Certainly it won't be officially sanctioned but look at all the BDA tournaments and challenges that have been going on for years. This fairly large player base has doubtless been itching to fly their own craft rather than let the AI do it. And even if there's never a BDA-type mod for KSP2, you can still make quite effective missiles with I-beams and Sepratrons. But forget the deathmatch. Even if most folks spend most of their MP time co-oping with the same few like-minded friends, there can't help but be community-wide events. It would be highly surprising if the devs don't organize some themselves to spotlight the feature and attract attention. But whether they do or not, the community certainly will. It opens up a whole new type of challenge. Which team can accomplish a set goal the fastest/cheapest/coolest? Or more to the point, say it's a US vs. USSR space race competition. Then 1 team will say the parts available to them at the various tech nodes suck compared to the parts available to the other team, giving the other team an unfair advantage. So a balance overhaul will happen, resulting in 2 parts with essentially identical stats and differing only in appearance, just to make MP contests "fair and balanced" even if most players don't participate and don't what this change in their SP worlds.
  8. How bout we start a GoFundMe to see those numbers? (If law allows)
  9. One thing you'll notice about all of Musk's side ventures, is that they all tie in to the end goal of SpaceX. They all are developing various pieces of technology that SpaceXwill need in the future.
  10. Then somebody does the nice thing and kills you fast and painlessly so life is less of an issue. I wish Danny2462 bugtests KSP 2
  11. I like the new style but I prefer the old layout. I hope star.theory listen to the majority of this thread's thoughts and change the layout to be similar to KSP.
  12. When you memorize the names of different particles and their antimatter equivalent
  13. Griefing is hard in KSP due to the travel times and target zones. I agree with you but I can not see some 8 year old just do around dropping orbital bombardment devices onto a pin sizes colony. They can do damage but let me real here, I 9 year old is not going to sit there for 2 hours to align the orbital trajectory of a space station kill vehicle. A mechanism where the host can revert to a save may be good and prevent this.
  14. Why are we even talking about "I don't like it", "I like it". You like it, you will use it, you don't then don't use it.. The International Space Station wasn't built by one person, nor one nation, so what's to discuss again .
  15. Tesla loses ~billion/year, but still is doing its business.
  16. They're a business, and they keep doing it. You don't lose money on each product, but make it up in volume, lol. Their investors see real data. I'm confident that reuse is a good idea (because it's self-evidently true that it is).
  17. The Relationship tab in CKAN for KAS and KIS don't list CCK and MM as dependencies. KIS lists them as Recommends, KAS not at all. My KAS and KIS are working correctly so this isn't a request for help, but am I missing something in interpreting what CKAN presents?
  18. So, no any real numbers about real Falcon self-sustainability. While everything required for the 1st stage reusability was available decades ago but was always rejected by not less experienced engineers and managers, probably for economical reasons.
  19. Why do you use a mod for that? My navball is also out of the center but I just used the esc menu option while the game is paused.
  20. I wonder how your engine would handle diesel fuel. Of course it is much harder to atomize so probably would require a different engine entirely. Just a thought though.
  21. (And now back to the importants things.) Skybot "Fedor" F-850 will take a knitted toy cosmonautess Maroussia as a zero-G indicator. (They don't explain why should a robodroid care about zero-G. He's a ... piece of metal.)
  22. Uh, what? Seriously, KSP deathmatch? Do you... Do you understand how any other multiplayer sandbox game works? This is borderline nonsense. There are plenty of ways to do multiplayer that don't involve the kind of arena competition that you seem to associate with "multiplayer". You might want to better familiarize yourself with how a mechanic works in other games if you are going to start a thread spouting doom about it.
  23. Why would they? Who would give competition their detailed costs if they don't have to? Is it worth their while to entertain some space nerds on internet forums?
  24. This was my original assumption-- they shifted the sun angle for lighting but left the planet in its original orientation. I really like this theory!
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