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  2. That can be but the fuel-ratio in ksp is 1:~1.222. In this case it was 8.182:1!!! After changing the config to a ~1.22-ratio it works. The MB-3/LR-79 could have a little bit more thrust. All other of you tanks have a ~1.22-ratio.
  3. right at the video start, bottom row, it looks to be a round, stack mounted cargo holder option. Probably more storage for its larger size. I will wager that it is 2.5m form factor.
  4. I don't do stock but when I configured it I created a procedural tank of the same size and took the fuel and mass values from that and copied it to the tanks. The tanks should be correct, the engines may be wrong. If you want to change something make a PR on the git for it.
  5. All of them tailored for big blimps, not small electrical airplanes and probes! (believe me, I know) On the you will find: It's needed if you don't have the FireSpitter's full package installed. Humm… I'm foreseeing some problems to CKAN users...
  6. jagfour

    What is the point?

    We are missing the kerbal government. How about hiring the staff at a cost. I mean, we could need 400k engineers to get to Mun. Thats a lot of money that can only come from a government. You then have the time versus cost aspect. Are you going to make it on time with what you have. What about the Kerbal population. Do they want us to go to Mun or Tylo. Do they complain about cost or want more spent? What about a change in government. Will they be for or against space travel. Testing stations, LUT's. Where are my LUT building blocks? Where are the controlled gas escape on charged tanks, or the tons of ice that fall off the ship when the engines are lit? So much more can be added to this game. My wallet is ready to pay for the DLC's that will and may be coming.
  7. NHunter

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yet another picture of Sarnus's glory... ...And now it's Slate time!
  8. I have a lander/rover ship that I am docking with my space station. Right after I dock, the rover decouples from the lander and floats off in space. I never touched the keyboard or anything else. What is going on?
  9. @SQUAD do we get some stack mounted options? Maybe some cargo bay variants designed for these parts?
  10. Hi, I really like this simple and effective mod, great work ! I was looking for somehing just a bit more realistic but in the same category.. So my question is, since Snacks! is advised by a few other mods (and players), as Pathfinder mod i.e., how will evolve snack and/or supplies / food in my game ? it will be redundant, wanting to eat 16 times a day, snacks will be replaces by food, or..? Sorry, I'm a bit confused with all these different Life Support mods, I just want to try all of them but I also don't want to break this cool simlple one. I finally just want to add Water and CO2 plus my snacks to my game
  11. Rudolf Meier

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    maybe you should wait with your tests for the next version... because one thing is pretty obvious what's not good in the code... I think it's better to fix this first, in order to get useful information especially because it does have a link to decoupling and I could imagine very well, that what you describe comes from that
  12. kcs123

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    It seems that it does not throw what assembly is responsible for error. I'm currently attemting to create similar craft that I have issue with, but with only stock parts. And ... it looks like I'm nailed edge of good and bad designed craft. I got similar issue with stability after decoupling as I have with KJR. So, might not be entierly fault on KJRn. Anyhow, I will try to create craft that works without KJRn, but fail with KJRn. If I succeed I will send you both, craft file and logs, so you can catch what is going on. I can definetly confirm that I don't have this error in SPH/VAB without KJRn. If I'm unable to create proper craft, I will send you just log files.
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  14. The answer is no. Kerbals are not satisfied with sub-zero temperatures. Proof: You can't open a helmet if its too cold.
  15. Does any one know of planet packs that have a delta V map? I've saw Galileo's Planet Pack included one. Does anyone know of any others?
  16. The Spac

    [KSP 1.7] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.8 "Endgame"]

    Godspeed. This is an awesome visual mod
  17. That's the kerbaliest thing I've ever heard of!
  18. Working on a new ride:
  19. One question, is it a revamp of the old storage unit we could use to save experiment data for safe return? And a kindofish KIS implementation is still a nice touch. Now what it lacks is a proper KAS implementation, but seeing that stock KSP oversimpliies things very much for gameplay pruposes, I doubt it will come anytime soon.
  20. linuxgurugamer

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    Scratch that, @Starwaster already has an updated version
  21. Daniel Prates

    [BETA][1.7.x] KerbalGalaxy Remaster

    The idea of a black hole is excellent. Did I get it right? Its a proper celestial body, not just an image in the skybox?
  22. Welldown

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    Here you go. should be the correct thing
  23. Absurd Question merged with Absurd thread.
  24. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    Ok, then a copy of your log file, please
  25. Cydonian Monk

    Forgotten Space Program

    That's what I've done in the past. Protects against any unexpected changes in the persistence file due to new versions.
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