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  2. Acabo de tener el mismo problema con un avión (IL-28) descargado de kerbalx, he cambiado el tren de aterrizaje y en pista resbalaba hacia un lado a esa velocidad. Pero creo que he hallado la solución, hay que aumentar la fricción en las ruedas o en el sistema de aterrizaje; para eso hemos de activar en las opciones de juego los "advanced tweakebles" para poder acceder a los ajustes de las piezas, en el tren de aterrizaje puedes ajustar la fricción, fuerza del muelle y fuerza de amortiguador. Espero que te sea de ayuda
  3. That's where I saw it too, but was hugely surprised. When I saw the Developer Story Trailer, I asked myself why wasn't HarvesteR in it.
  4. Or on social media. (Which might be even worse.)
  5. KSP2 is going to be a completely new game with completely new game engine with completely new features that could never be implemented into the original game because of its old architecture. You've gotten 8 years of free updates already and some people have even gotten free DLCs, is there anything better to ask for? The amount of new features and enhancements completely justifies them charging you for it and marketing it as a completely new game (because it is one).
  6. He said so here Assuming I got the right link on my phone interface to Reddit which is not sure by any means.
  7. I noticed in one scene this engine shows only a sort of smoke effect, then in the next scene as its landing it has an engine flame This could be a SFX thing in the cinamatic trailer or it could be that this engine has two modes.
  8. I've tried using that tonight and I'm trying to figure it out. I laid out about 200 meters of hose with pylons and I wasn't able to make the last connection. So I hit tracking station.. and back to KSC to launch another craft. And when I launched it and came back to land it on Duna.. the 200 meters of hose I had laid out with the pylons was all gone. Pylons gone, hose connectors gone, hose gone, all gone. So apparently that option doesn't persist between leaving the area and coming back. So I tried a 3rd launch back to Duna with more RTS connectors and laid out more hose and I hit quicksave this time then decided to quick load. After quick loading.. RTS gone, pylons gone, hose gone. Is this a bug or what's going on here? What's the point of even wasting time with this if it won't persist and stay? Is RCS just a temporary thing as long as I'm within the area? I guess you really don't want us to have any form of long distant, permanent connection anymore, is that it? Super depressing. I thought about rolling back to an old version of KSP to get the old KAS working where we had pipes.. but I don't know if I can handle that either, there's just no solution here. I'd almost rather stop playing KSP if we can't use KAS to build colonies and remote base / facilities anymore.
  9. Will KSP2 have native VR support, or allow for VR via a mod?
  10. They have stated that the whole game is built from the ground up. They aren't reusing old code, or rewriting the old code. They are coding it themselves. Of course that's not to say they won't use the same code in some minute areas, but they did state from the ground up quite clearly.
  11. It seems very likely that the sole purpose of TakeTwo buying the rights to the KSP franchise in may 2017 was to allow the development of KSP 2 by another game studio. To quote the press release : So it isn't too hazardous to assume that plans were already in place at the time and that KSP 2 development started shortly after, if not before that date. With a release date of early 2020, that put the development at nearly 3 years, with a team of about 30 people currently according to the VGC interview. KSP is a relatively large game in terms of code, but not so much in terms of assets (models, textures, sound...), so those numbers feels quite adequate to me. Plus they obviously had access to the KSP1 source code instead of going into the lengthy process of prototyping everything from scratch. While it's likely large portions of the code are rewritten from the ground up, having access to working code (even if they do it differently) can speed up the early steps quite a bit.
  12. Probably liquid nitrogen or helium cooling system as I believe that is a magnetic plasma engine.
  13. Hello, is it true that HarvesteR was not informed for the development of KSP2 before the release of the announcement?
  14. Updated revamp releases on github are restructured. Both Nexus and TDAPS have a gamedata folder and then the mod folder. Github always tags your zips with the version tag, leading to mangled folder names if you assume otherwise. This also means I can add content that isn't expected to be installed as the mod, eg source files, craft files etc. Nexus : 2nd Stage Engine : I'll have a look into Comfy landings mod. I remember seeing some of that a while ago, but didn't know it involved retro burn timings.
  15. Using the Moist Mod and P . Domes Beta , you can do this
  16. The key component.
  17. I am struggling to not make comments about the current US administration.
  18. What has me the most interested is the engine from the lander at the end of the trailer. It looks like it has some built in radiators as well as bizarre plumbing feeding into a nozzle.
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  20. You don't. Everything you write on the internet can and will be used against you in a court of law.
  21. A lot of landings with landers I've only flown one or two times before bounce back up.
  22. As I understand Squad transformed to an game company because the success of KSP Some hints that they have an new game in development.
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