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  2. TaxiService

    [1.7] CommNet Constellation v1.3.2 [16 April 2019]

    Yup, I replicate your issue with Signal Delay. It has own CommNetVessel subclass like CNC mod's own CommNetVessel subclass, causing mod conflict at your side. I added a new generic error message telling mod conflict to the CNC codebase for easier diagnosis. Thanks for reporting this mod conflict.
  3. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Regarding 3), they dumped the gravel as new bricks.
  4. The only opinion that counts is yours - you must do whatever interests you the most. It's your time after all! It does make me think I need to do something creative with the MEM parts though. I know how much you love my weird contraptions.
  5. klgraham1013

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: OP-E Large Scanning

    I hope the later but expect the former.
  6. The ISRU Fabricator doesn't seem to have the option to do the Anthraquinone process... The only options I have (it doesn't have the refinery window option) are AluminiumFiel % LqOX, and create Nuclear Saltwater Additionally... I still need help. I threw together a craft with the following parts: Stock drill/convertotron, all-in-one ISRU refinery, IFS Cryogenic tank set to hold HTP, a stock fuel tank set to hold only Oxidizer, and an IFS Cryogenic Dual tank set to hold only Oxidizer too. I'm mining ore and converting it into Ox. When I try to start the Anthraquinone process, I receive the message saying missing hydrogen and oxygen. At this point, I'm unsure what I'm missing. Please assist :-( -- I seem to not know how to turn Ox into Oxygen and Hydrogen
  7. Chryssalid 8492

    What will you do with the robotic parts?

    They speak of the Mobile construction vehicle. When it gets to console I'm going to update a large number of my designs.
  8. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It's lateral thinking, and I love it. I am a fan, I freely admit it. I want to be a Blue Origin fan, and I will be when they start doing something interesting (which means orbit). As I tell people, I don't follow sports at all. I make a point to learn who is playing in the Superbowl and World Series so I don't look like a freak when they are discussed, but I literally cannot now tell you who played in the last installments of either game. SpaceX is my sportsball team at this point. I'm open to rooting for other teams, and in a perfect world I'd see all the teams going back and forth beating each other with awesome feats.
  9. My imagination had the “volcano” part of cry-ovolcano at a much different scale. The one shown feels underwhelmingly small. The particle effects are nice. I could see that same mist coming out of the moho ripple as a form of gas release as well. I guess that arm will always deploy 90° to the port side of prograde or is it being manipulated by the heretofore unrevealed robotics controls?
  10. Racescort666

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I would say that SpaceX has always been like that. They're (or were) a startup with the intent of disrupting an existing market, it's almost expected that they would be a little more relaxed. Most startups I've dealt with are like that. On the other hand, it's not like Boeing is entirely stuffy:
  11. The Dunatian

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    I see that little gold sticker, indeed I do.
  12. Or just do not let your suit get dirty.
  13. They're adding rotors and with them you can make your own helicopters. I'm basing this off a picture they showed that looked like a drone quadcopter.
  14. The Dunatian

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Why do I feel like spacex has taken a turn for the unprofessional? In all seriousness though, they do have an *ahem* interesting company image to go with their slightly abnormal fan base. Boeing on the other hand is much more proper. True, some may find that boring, but at least they haven't named a recovery ship "Mr. Steven."
  15. I'm all on board with this suggestion, heh.
  16. Richy teh space man

    What will you do with the robotic parts?

    I'd like to make something like this: However, I doubt it'd be that easy..
  17. Noah the Smol

    Future DLCs--what would you suggest?

    Star systems. Simply star systems. Same quality as Kerbol, maybe even procedural. Plus the warp parts and stuff needed.
  18. The “refresher” on the Millennium Falcon has a long history of disappearing and reappearing depending on who’s drawing the cross-section. I hear KhimMash have been working on CO2-based “dry” cleaning for space applications.
  19. ndiver

    Nose Cone A v B

    Funny, the Type B looks like the top of Ariane 6 final design boosters: Even if Type A boosters were considered.
  20. capi3101

    What did you do in KSP today?

    (1.6.1) Not much to report to y'all today. After Saturday's successful launch of the Bento Box 7 from the surface of Eve and a couple of days off from the game, things picked back up yesterday with the Dreamcatcher probe, which rendezvoused with the Bento Box. This is my first public screenie of the Bento Box payload - as y'all can see, there's not a whole lot to it. Then again, with a classic Temstar-style asparagus rocket, you'd be lucky to get much more than five tonnes off of Eve... After successfully grabbing the Bento Box, Dreamcatcher made a burn to rendezvous with LSV House Harkonnen in higher Eve orbit. Tada! One warp ship, one Bill Clinton 7c grabber probe, one hopefully fulfilled contract payload... Dreamcatcher was slated to dock up to one of Harkonnen's central ports but I discovered they were all occupied, so Jeb went ahead and undocked Gilligan and the docking adapter module from Harkonnen and moved them both to one of the side ports off the craft's Bigby Workshop module. Dreamcatcher then moved to dock to the vacated port. Coming into dock, with Gilligan docked to Harkonnen in the foreground. After Dreamcatcher docked, I made a quick check to ensure that Harkonnen's business at Eve was concluded - it was - and to ensure that everything currently docked up would fit within the ship's warp bubble - it did, though Gilligan's Poodle engine just barely made it in. All preparations complete and with her mass driver secured from operations, Harkonnen warped to return to Kerbin. Time to go cash in a few checks. I spent the rest of my play time yesterday getting Harkonnen into orbit over Kerbin. The ship ultimately settled into a 593x549 kilometer, 0.28 degree high orbit over Kerbin, and is now set to receive a resupply from the South Base outpost near KSC. Harkonnen used up a lot of its available fuel stores - including those aboard all the craft docked to it - to launch the TBD 7d rover that ultimately became the Alexander L. Kielland outpost on Eve's surface. I have to replace all of it to complete Siefen's junk-and-kerbal rescue from Duna, get the Power Tools study I did at space station Dunaport checked off, and get the Bento Box down. Guessing Harkonnen is ultimately going to be heading off to Gilly next; I've got a crew standing by for that mission, but I've got to get them trained first. I have a pair of colonists heading out to Minmus so the Gilly crew can tag along and do some local flag-planting at the same time; I'll try to get all that started today. Everything else is pretty much waiting for various construction projects to finish up at this point. Hoping to clear out the current Eve exploration contracts soon so I can begin Gilly missions; with luck the game will give me a go on all that today. Going to depend on how much KSP time I get...
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  22. Tonka Crash

    Off-kerbin hiring

    If all you want is a cheaper way to get Kerbals in career there is also TRP-Hire. It lets you hire Kerbals in bulk at discounted rates, with none of the exponentially rising cost in the stock game. Otherwise, the mods DStall pointed out are the only off-Kerbin mods I've heard about that spawn Kerbals.
  23. The Minmus Derp

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Glitchy teleportation into the upper atmosphere of Kerbol
  24. sh1pman

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Suits

    Am I not allowed to have an opinion about it?..
  25. The Minmus Derp

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    HI. Can there be an image picker similar to Discord on the forums? And MAYBE some sort of More than 10 members version of PM Ping me with an answer
  26. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Land taxes. A barn is an estate, he has to keep it small.
  27. The Minmus Derp

    Rate the profile banner of the user above you!

    8/10 Crazy drawings, boi!
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