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  2. Tirehtoori R.I.P

    [WIP][1.6] Infernal Robotics Sequencer (NEXT) 3.0.1

    I HEARD SOMEBODY CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
  3. Well, I want to register this somewhere, but I don't know where. So, since I was working on TweakScale, why not here? Someone, somewhere, is adding a "rogue" config into Squad's folder. I found what follows on my 1.6.1 test bed: macmini:GameData lisias$ find . -name "*.cfg" -exec grep -l "name = adapterLargeSmallQuad" {} \; ./Squad/Parts/Structural/adapterLargeSmallQuad/adapterLargeSmallQuad.cfg ./Squad/Parts/Structural/stackAdapters/adapterLargeSmallQuad.cfg ./Squad/zDeprecated/Parts/Structural/adapterLargeSmallQuad_v1/adapterLargeSmallQuad.cfg Well… "Gato escaldado…" So I deleted my test bed and took a fresh one from my local repository and redid the tesst: macmini:GameData lisias$ find . -name "*.cfg" -exec grep -l "name = adapterLargeSmallQuad" {} \; ./Squad/Parts/Structural/stackAdapters/adapterLargeSmallQuad.cfg ./Squad/zDeprecated/Parts/Structural/adapterLargeSmallQuad_v1/adapterLargeSmallQuad.cfg Usually, I would pinpoint myself as the culprit on a unattended drag and drop, but this would move the file, not copy it. And the file contents on the "stackAdapters" were vastly different from the other two ones. So if I did it, I did from another completely unrelated place - unlikely, but not impossible. Since it's my test bed for 1.6.1, until recently the KSP mainstream, this poor installment had some really bad times on Add'Ons testing. So I'm placing my bets on a rogue Add'On mangling Squad's territory. Some more research work is scheduled for this week. This need to be solved, such rogue config is messing up the default parts. I will, of course, check first if it's something I did by accident, and then I will pursue whatever did this and report a change request to the maintainer (assuming it wasn't me. )
  4. GoldForest

    A few jet part suggestions

    I just feel that we need more plane parts in general, and all of these are just my suggestions and ideas to Squad. I feel there is a place for bigger plane parts. I respect your input, and have thought about it, but I still feel like bigger engines, fuel tanks, passenger section, cockpits, etc would be beneficial. Bigger engines do exist. The GE9X is pretty huge in its own right, being about the size of a 737's fuselage, so bigger engines wouldn't be fictional. And the rapier isn't fictional either. It's based off the Skylon engines which are a hybrid rocket/ramjet engine As for the Mk4 mod, I feel it's too extreme a leap for stock.
  5. Klapaucius

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    You can move it close and then put something else out there with some weight on it, like more fuel, a small ore tank or some useless piece of decoration that will make the plane look even more bizarre And if there is drag when the gear is down, add some more gear on the other side as well or an airbrake and add it to an action group so that pit opens with gear down and closes when it goes up. You can also extend that right wing and the lift will also act as a counter to the cockpit. Finally, lock the gimbal on that engine. It is probably causing more problems than it is solving.
  6. NBDesigns

    Triop's Adventures

    Yes! It’s a wonderful thing
  7. I know there is always growing pains after each update. Just how it is when using mods. I find I keep the main version updated to latest and use it mainly to see what Squad has thrown down the pike. Since I refuse to play without my chosen mods, the newest version doesn't always play nice with mods (as in this case) until the mods get updated (if they do). So for the ones that do, I'll patiently wait cause I gotta have em. For my main squeeze, I still have my trusty copy of 1.4.3 that remains my favorite. That is the one I still play (and don't touch) for the best stability and speed (and it plays well with all my mods). No other versions I've played play as smooth as 1.4.3 so I'll keep it forever.
  8. Gaba_Kerman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. The shark eats your hair. I wish to have my wish horribly corrupted.
  9. Pds314

    No Cockpit SSTO Challenge

    Not quite orbit but it's pretty high speed and altitude.
  10. Cavscout74

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I spent a lot of time tinkering with my mod setup yesterday & today. I'm still waiting on a few updates, but I'm pretty happy with what I have finally. I also played around a little in sandbox with a few odd designs: First up, loosely based on an old drawing I saw somewhere of a DC-3ish aircraft with a pair of turbojets in the belly in place of the props. I threw it together, glanced at CoL & CoM & then flew it. By some miracle, it actually flew quite nice & landed smoothly, with no bounces & no lost parts Then I played with a design for a single-launch Mun/Minmus base. By some miracle it flew more or less where it was supposed to, so I didn't need to use the questionable abort procedure I put in place. Here, I'm shedding the fairing as I clear the upper reaches of the atmosphere: Since I didn't need to try out the abort system, I reverted & launched again to intentionally abort & see how it went. As it turns out, it doesn't work well at high speed - lots of explosions, including the lander can with Jeb at the controls. At lower speeds & altitude, it did work. The abort sequence was to deploy the fairing, shut off booster engines, decouple the lower stages, decouple all the base except the center section & skycrane, activate the skycrane engines & once clear have Jeb exit the lander can & use his personal chute. On the ground, standing on a piece of fairing, watching more debris rain down WEST of KSC somehow. This started off as a normal launch (liftoff then start my gravity turn to the east around 100 m/s, etc), and I aborted around 2km altitude, so I'm really confused how a cloud of debris (the specks in the background) managed to turn the opposite direction. Finally, back to my new career and I performed the first LKO rescue of this career, pictured here getting ready for reentry:
  11. I'm getting the same. All my parts are not advancing in generation numbers. Their stuck at Gen 1, so my launches are getting a lot of failures. Nasty problem if its a booster rocket, which can really screw up a launch. Scrap yard is updated for KSP v1.7.0, but Module manager isn't. I imagine once Oh Scrap! is updated to KSP v1.7.0, these problems will vanish.
  12. Honestly, I have no idea how it can be addressed at all. The missied types thing is about KSP, C# and Unity. It's not related to the mod, which is not loaded in this case. Try raising this issue on the KSP bug tracker. Given you can provide a clear case, they may choose to act. A note unrelated to my suggestion of addressing it via KSP bug tracker. I'd argue that this error is supposed to throw only once. Every time you try to get a type, which is not known to the runtime domain, you must get an exception. It's perfectly fine to me, as a C# programmer. If your code may end up not finding a type, it must stop requesting it after the first failure. If it didn't, then there will be an error each time it tries.
  13. As long as no actual engines have the issue, I am pretty sure the problem is the RCS fx plume. Now on that log you posted, you do show these two folders: RealPlume-RFStockalike RealPlume-Stock ModuleManager is definitely detecting plume configs. There are hundreds of RealPlume entries all throughout your log. I am going to need another KSP install to test because I realized that you're running 1.6 and I've already updated to 1.7 but I'll keep working on figuring this one out. Update Along with that Windows re-install I had to deal with recently, I also had to upgrade to a new version of Maya. unfortunately, the NSUV plugin I used for UV editing now no longer works. While Autodesk has thankfully overhauled their UV editor and it's quite good now, I still had to relearn and get used to where tools are located now. I think I've got it figured out but not without slow progress and frustration so I've moved on from working on finishing UVs on Mariner 9's engine and back to modeling. Viking has some pretty weird dimensions and offsets that have been tough to nail down. I first worked out the outer dimensions of the Aeroshell using a lot of math, but I think its fairly accurate. I needed to use it to help me model the lander within its size constraints. Viking is packed tight in there since the aeroshell has its own propulsion system along with the parachute and some other structure bits. The bus is the right size and the landing gear and engines are mostly done (Minus textures). The hydrazine tanks are roughly in the right location but the RTG wind covers are just a block-in. RTG dimensions are iffy to get since even old schematics are in the wrong measurement system so I don't know how accurate they are. I could not find accurate dimensions for the MR-80 engine so those were eyeballed. All in all, there's been a lot of reading and looking over hundreds of Viking images and figuring out how much detail I wanna put on there since I do have to texture them later. On texturing and potential future art changes, I've been looking at incorporating a change in the color palette to better match along with the Re-Stock mod and Porkjet's style in general. Some older parts will thus need a remake eventually. I'm debating if I should go ahead and sacrifice craft realism in favor of a more stock aesthetic, especially with Viking. Feedback on that regard is appreciated. Thank you all!
  14. Today
  15. Starlord Kerman

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    It looks like the module manager is needed for 1.7, otherwise there are B9 part switch errors.
  16. A very bouncy landing but I managed to one-up chargan's plane. My camera is glitching out because of positional errors, i.e. the Kraken, due to BDArmory.
  17. I'm looking to create something that can change the stats of multiple engines (i.e. ISP, thrust). The way I'm trying to do it right now is to create a PartModule, attach it to all of the parts via a ModuleManager patch, and try to have this PartModule modify the engine stats at load time, but I'm not sure if I am going about it properly. I created an OnLoad override, and I am able to get the Engine module that is attached to the part, and I am iterating through the 'Fields' property of the engine module, but, the atmCurveIsp field has zero points, and useAtmCurveIsp is false. I understand I can accomplish this through ModuleManager alone, but I wanted to write some more complicated algorithms to calculate the updated engine stats. If anyone can point me in the correct direction, I would greatly appreciate it!
  18. 5thHorseman

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    Yeah it would adapt to pretty much any planet pack though any add-on packs would end up just being "go to these other places with maxxed out tech trees." I'd definitely watch someone do it though
  19. My macbook goes from 100% to dead in less than half an hour, even when just running chrome
  20. zer0Kerbal

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    I've been coding since, well my first box was made out of wood. I no longer do it professionally, and my second career (now retired from it) was a Chef overseeing a galley brigade of 120-250. My current career is International Logistics. I would hope that I understand the 3C's of teamwork; and the laws of unintended consequences. Saving one person x amount of time who maintains many-many-many (>100?) means saving them hours, even at the expense of a limited - and relatively unprobabilistic number of others. To put it another way, one person maintaining a signifigant portion of mods time is worth it in my understanding of team work. All is moot - suggestions have, and are being made. Ultimately up to LinuxGuruGamer, and I personally have confidence he won't break anything; and if he does, he will help clean up what limited fallout there is. I also believe he can do both, just pick and choose. Communication is one of the three c's in teamwork, as is coordination and cooperation. He is communicating with this post; and if he decides to proceed, well, he strikes me as a professional who will coordinate, cooperate, and communicate to limit the fall out. I don't foresee him doing all at once if he does; rather a systematic implementation of a military precise plan is what I'd expect with lots of teamwork with other authors and maintainers. Change is good, and flat file structures are bad. We've, in my opinion, monopolized enough of this thread. Be well, and don't let Jeb drive.
  21. "Love your work!" I'm doing Exercise 1, :), and have placed the .cfg file in "GameData/Snark/JV-6 Vito.cfg". In order to show it in the SPH, I have to search for "jv-6", as it doesn't naturally appear in the "Engines" category. I have RCS on but find no way to start/actuate the engines. I've tried all of HNIJKL... I admit I am Very New to config file magic... able to diagnose my problem, @Snark? (I've tried "Always Full Action", too.) KSP 1.6.1. Any help much appreciated. Advice to anyone else attempting Exercise 1: as the designer omitted a Park Brake on this aircraft, you should seek a landing site with a readily-available parking spot with a slight incline abutting some obstacle so that you can allow the vehickle to roll backward to park against the obstacle. Ensure you are facing slightly uphill with the intention of using the Junos to power out of the parking spot. Or else install a GPS tracker so that you can find it again later!
  22. strudo76

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Are you also using Realism Overhaul? I came here looking for this same information. (Incidentally someone asked the same question almost 2 years ago on page 186, also without a response) After some investigation, I found RO contains a modification for both FuelCell parts, which includes Which means the values this particular patch is looking for (input resources liquidfuel and oxidizer) don't exist in the new definition, and water is already added as an output resource. You can remove the errors and successfully build a MM.cache file by commenting out that section you have already identified, but it does raise the question of how many other modifications on top of modification the USI configs make to the RO parts. They are both extensive modifications to the game, and it's likely there'll be multiple unexpected changes. Looks like I might have to spend a lot of time in Notepad++ to get these working together, or forego one for the other
  23. zer0Kerbal

    [1.4.x] KerboKatz - SmallUtilities - 28.04.2018

    Thank you for these. I have always enjoyed these. DestroyAll, RecoverAll, MEP as well. Would you kindly update these to latest KSP. Would be also great if these were converted over to using ToolbarControl, maybe have them in their own little folder on the toolbar? Thank you in advance!
  24. Lisias

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    It's the same from my side. We will have to agree on disagree on this matter. Respectfully, I have the impression you doesn't fully understand some Software Development concepts. Not meant to be rude, just trying to express an opinion. LGG is an important Maintainer on this community, but it's not wise to behave as he would be the only one. Things we do affect other people's lives. Saving a minute of mine at expense of many minutes of many other maintainers is not exactly team work on my book.
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