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  2. it was a personal challenge/project, see if I could take something that had an SRB first core stage and make a liquid breathing first core stage..if you're interested I'd be happy to toss a drop box link up and you can play with it.
  3. mikegarrison

    Culture names and Maydays (split from SpaceX)

    Yeah, lots of aviation cases where bad sensors screwed up the flight computers. In most cases the pilots could have saved the airplane, if they responded correctly. Sometimes they didn't respond correctly, though. A space example of this was that 2013 Proton launch that failed because the accelerometers had been installed upside down. The software itself can also have hidden bugs, like the 1996 Ariane 5 crash where they converted a value from 64-bit floating point to 16-bit signed integer. When the floating point value exceeded 32767, the conversion failed. They had been using that same software for years, but never with a rocket as powerful as the Ariane 5, which meant that particular floating point value had never before exceeded 32767.
  4. I think that two fundamentally different heat systems would be needed. KSP's heat system is mostly workable for environmental heat, maybe nuclear reactors if you use NFE's hack. These things don't require keeping the temperature at an exact value, but they work with relatively large heat loads. The low temperature loop, on the other hand (crew, electronics, batteries and solar panels), needs strict temperature controls, but it doesn't move a lot of heat around. Even the technology involved is completely different for high and low temperature systems. Implementing the latter would likely have to be a separate mod, as this system would be more related to life support mechanics than nuclear reactor heat. Crew cooling for Apollo was about 10W per person, which was a footnote even in that case (most heat came from mechanical gyroscopes). For the record, Apollo cooling system topped out at about 3kW, of which 2.4kW was for cooling the attitude gyros. ISS solar panel cooling system can dissipate 56kW. The ISS medium temperature loop runs at 17 degree Celsius, with a low temperature loop at just 4 degrees, while Apollo radiators nominally ran at 26. For comparison, SNAP-10A cooling ran at over 530 degrees. I can imagine heavy-duty chemical reactors having a shared loop, or at least radiator tech with the nuclear power system, seeing as hot-running radiators can be much smaller, but there's no way you're going to use the same radiators to cool a crew compartment.
  5. FleshJeb

    Triop's Adventures

    You can turn continuous rotational motion into pendulum motion. At first I was thinking of a modified escapement system like a pendulum clock, but a crank-rocker is better. I know very little about mechanics, so this took me forever to find the terms for. I'd do it like this though:
  6. OH! I just realised looking at the rover arms, they're named after the Mars rovers... And now... seems weird to be sad over a machine stopping working, but there you go
  7. MarkvirsII

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    Does this work with The World Beyond mod? Link
  8. KSP Version: (LinuxPlayer) en-us What Happens: Binding the "Throttle Cut-off" function to the Delete key triggers the "Switch Translation/Rotation" function when pressed (in addition to cutting off the throttle) even when "Switch Translation/Rotation" function has been mapped to "None". Mods / Add-Ons: There is only one mod folder in my install, and it contains only my custom flag image. Steps to Replicate: Go to the settings menu -> Input category -> Flight tab, ensure that "Switch Translation/Rotation" function is set to "none". Go to the Vessel tab and ensure that "Throttle Cut-off" is mapped to "Delete". Launch a vessel. While in-flight, try hitting delete to cut off the engines. Result: Note that while the engines do turn off as expected, the flight mode is switched to docking mode which can interfere with further flight operations. Fixes/Workarounds: None known. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Hi all, I've been playing with keybindings and I think I've found a bug. In my input settings, I've unassigned the key for "switch translation/rotation" (which I believe defaults to "Delete", but I don't remember for sure) and mapped the Delete key to throttle cut-off. But when I try to use the throttle cut-off in flight, it triggers the switching of translation/rotation, which implies a switch to docking mode, which takes me out of staging mode and interrupts my piloting. If anyone knows a workaround for this, please do let me know.
  9. Plutonium94

    Inline Landing Legs?

    New Breaking Ground DLC brings various robotics, new Piston and/or structural piece combos could create such things
  10. Will the dlc be available to console
  11. Hotel26

    Making Terrestrial Buildings Fly...

    I love it. It's such a thrill to lob these things just where you want!! Well done, sir.
  12. 4x4cheesecake

    [1.4.x] Transfer Window Planner v1.6.3.0 (March 18)

    The mod is based on this webapp: So if you don't expect any ingame features like setting an alarm, this is the way to go
  13. Orbital_phoenix

    OrbitalPhoenix's Screenshot Settings and Collection

    Now playing around with RSS More Here:
  14. Dear @SQUAD. Congratulations. You officially have even me on the hype train. It's hard to express how thankful I am to be optimistic about KSP's future once again.
  15. This is kind of shocking, but I'm actually playing a no-revert career right now that managed to last more than 20 minutes before I got bored. I'm still pretty early on, haven't gotten any Duna contracts yet. I am getting a lot of rescue contracts. I just opened Mission Control and there are 5 new rescue contracts there! I still have 2 in progress! Morality dictates that rescue contracts be completed immediatly, all other priorities being rescinded due to my LS mod. I know the life support for the stranded kerbals doesn't kick in until they're in physics range, but immersion, self-set rules, etc etc. Anywho, I would like to have some way to tone down those types of contracts. I still want to get them, ideally I'd like to never have to hire a kerbal, but I need 25% as much? Any way to do this in stock with a config tweak, or are there any light mods that would otherwise leave the contracts as they are?
  16. Thank the Kraken! were talking about it as a negative thing....
  17. Ultimate Steve

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Now that's impressive! I need to see that! Unfortunately it is probably going to be cloudy for a while and we are currently under a tornado watch. Also, both of the satellite tracking websites I visited don't list Starlink yet.
  18. Red Stapler

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @Drakenex...that ship is amazing. I love the reflections, great texture man!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Hello DMagic, I got an idea for your ScanSat mod.

    How about you can't see the planet in the tracking station (all you can see is a solid color) and the only way you can see it in the tracking station is with your scansat parts 

  21. Which capsules are you using? Early capsules were not equipped with airlocks or designed with the ability to vent and repressurize, and RP now reflects that by disallowing exiting them off the surface.
  22. DStaal

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    There is a way to have MM do a reload without restarting the game - but I've never found it helped much. It has to do a full reload, and by the time it's done that you might as well have restarted.
  23. linuxgurugamer

    Is there a way to get KSP free legally or at least, really cheap?

    Add me to the list of supporters I'll go a step further. If you would like me to call your parents and talk to them, or have them call me, PM me about it. For reference, I'm in New Jersey, do US Eastern time zone. Regarding the no gaming attitude, it's not unreasonable given how addictive the can be. One more thing. I stream KSP on Twitch every Sunday and Monday evenings. If uncomfortable with a call, they can connect with me on Twitch, I'd love to chat with them while doing a mission or working on a mod
  24. For lack of a Mun base? Really? your money, your choice. But this DLC looks really excifing, I’m looking forward to it
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