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  2. My game crashes halfway trough loading I have a very powerful pc and i'm running windows 10 My first thought was that I was running out of RAM(I have 16GB) while my game is trying to load the Many Many mods i have installed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. severedsolo

    How do I download the demo?

    Has the 1.0 demo been pulled? I just tried this for giggles on the Linux version, and ended up with the original 0.18 demo that I played (although the space centre looks even older)
  4. I know Lisias' solution belongs to category "Some assembly required" but is it possible for someone to provide binaries for: compiled against 1.6.1 ?
  5. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm not getting up at 2:22 to watch it, either.
  6. Well, for those question you should look inside code, to see how exactly calculations are done. I was not looking more deeply in code, so can't tell you much about it. However, I recall that similar questions are asked answered by ferram in old FAR thread. You may try to search trough that thread. Don't know how much in detail current maintainer, @dkavolis can answer, or maybe @taniwha, I think he contributed to some pieces of FAR code in the past. But, yes, you are right, FAR is nit computational fluid dynamics software, it use some assumptions and approximations, as much as I can recall from conversations in old thread, but don't know accurate details about it. IIRC, one of assumptions is that wings are thin and it does not calculate curved top/flat bootom wing cross section shape for fluid separations. I think that ferrram mentioned somewhere that in supersonic flight that have too low impact on lift compared to influence of AoA. You may also try to send PM to ferram, if he is still reading forum threads from time to time.
  7. I actually prefer landings to exploration in most cases, so I'd like more (barren) planets / moons, but that's just me. My only protracted (base building) missions have been to Mun, Minmus and Duna and I do think they need a bit of work. Actual meaning for rovers would be good too, you could see all these new things.
  8. Ah, I see. That's probably it. I'll wait for MM, then. If that doesn't do it I'll ask again or try something else. CKAN is just too good to go back to hand-installing.
  9. Snark

    [1.7+] Making Scenariory(Custom Scenario)

    Whoa, cool! I don't think I've ever actually seen someone do that before, and I've been around long enough that I'm not super easy to surprise these days. So I think it does "mean much"-- it's not often I see a user in the forums here forging genuinely new ground for user-created content, so well done! Actually, speaking as a forum moderator, I'm not entirely sure where this goes, myself. You've managed to do something exceedingly rare these days, i.e. come up with a new category of "stuff". It's not exactly a "mod" in the traditional sense of "thing that puts part models or plugin code into GameData", which is what pretty much everything in "Add-on Releases" has been up to now. On the other hand, it doesn't belong in Making History Missions (sorry, @JadeOfMaar), because it's not actually a "mission", it's a "scenario"-- different thing entirely, and has nothing to do with Missing History per se. And it's not as though we have a dedicated subforum for "Scenarios", since AFAIK nobody's made one up to now. So anyway, we just now saw this and are kinda scratching our heads as to whether it needs moving (and, if so, where), so thank you for bearing with us for a bit while we mull it over. Incidentally, @Missingno200, if you're willing to make the installation instructions a bit more involved, you can tinker with the abilities of probe cores by using a ModuleManager patch. You could add SAS to the Stayputnik in your own games if you want. Or, if you wanted to modify this downloadable scenario by removing SAS from all probe cores, you could do that, too. It would involve writing a .cfg file that needs to go in GameData somewhere, meaning that you'd need to update the installation instructions thereby (as well as taking a dependency on ModuleManager). Anyway, thanks for taking the time and effort to make a new and interesting thing for your fellow KSPers to play with!
  10. Usually that's because one of the dependencies isn't 1.7 compatible yet. Notably ModuleManager, a dependency for many many mods, is still only released for 1.6. You can install such mods anyway by adding 1.6 as a compatible version:
  11. Xurkitree

    What issues have people been having with SAS?

    SAS struggles to keep stability with engines with high gimbal range - AKA Vectors. This isn't a problem on extra-large crafts, but with small lifters (ab)using the Vector, SAS can induce very large wobbling as it continually uses the full gimbal range to correct craft - rather than using part of its gimbal range and decreasing the limiters as it gets closer to its intended position. Its fixable by reducing the gimbal range, but I wish to see this corrected. Another issue with SAS creating wobbling is when to crafts face each other, set to Target lock. A small wobble in either of them creates a larger wobble in the other craft, which is then mirrored by the original craft, creating a sustained wobble. This is more of a nuisance than anything, but it can interfere in docking. Other than that, I wish SAS would only grey out prograde/retrograde vector lock below 0.1 m/s or some low value. The current 1 m/s is too fast for my liking.
  12. Jett_Quasar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The reusable SLS booster has been posted to KerbalX and the Steam workshop - Jett
  13. Barzon Kerman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    damn. thats just at the beginning of school!
  14. cineboxandrew

    [1.7+] Making Scenariory(Custom Scenario)

    its pretty easy to write a MM patch to give the stayputnik SAS you know...
  15. Crampman

    Notre Dame on Fire

    There are already several examples of similar restaurations on cathedrals whose roofs had burn : Chartres, 1836 : Fire caused by careless workers, replaced by a cast iron structure. Metz, 1877 : Fire caused by fireworks, replaced by iron trusses. Reims, 1914 : Bombed by the germans during WWI, replaced with a concrete frame. Nantes, 1972 : Fire caused by a careless worker, replaced by a concrete structure. Why rebuild a heavy wooden structure that could burn again ?
  16. Geonovast

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, so much for watching that one live. I ain't getting up at 3 am on a work day.
  17. Today
  18. Epox75

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    Hello fellow astrophotographers! It's quite some time (about a year) that I don't post any of my pictures here. Not that I've been inactive... quite the opposite, I have 18 new pictures and many of the old ones have been reviewed. Let's star with a couple I took in May last year, I hope you like them! NGC 5963, NGC 5965 and other galaxies in Draco The Draco Triplet - NGC 5985, NCG 5982, NGC 5981 and other galaxies A pic of my gear from about a week ago, since last yearin August I got a new focuser, bought a DEC counterweight and I upgraded the handles of my mount:
  19. Given that this original version of the mod has been inactive for quite some time, and that the original author @magico13 has passed the reins to @severedsolo, seems reasonable to close this thread to avoid further confusion. You can find the currently updated/maintained version of this mod at severedsolo's new thread, over here: magico13, if you'd ever like your thread re-opened, please let us know (simplest thing is to just report this post, with a note) and we're happy to oblige.
  20. capi3101

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Been there. Daily. When you start developing shorthand, you know it's time to consider checking into rehab... Here's my shorthand: 4/18: Gil r&d ICY, xe-Lucas ICY. HDR r&d ICY w/ 5 dV. ICY xMOF Gil, Gil dep ICY, b4r, r&d Iport, xBill, xe-Gemlorf Can. Can dep Iport, Il. SQ xMOFXRP ICY. Bill, e-Gemlorf plf. Can +, r&d Iport. Iport xMOF Gil, Bill, Gemlorf bd Gil. Gil dep Iport, b4D, r&d Dport 4h later. Bill, Gemlorf, Gilford xLab, 12 boost, -2d exp. EC xRP HH. Twarp. Auk a K, b210x70 LKO, lost 2 airbrakes/antenna at entry. 4/19: Auk b 100,0 LKO, b4l, l KSC 09 ==== CURRENT CONTRACTS: MC Alarms: 0 <C> N 45 - Pado, Camdun, Matmon, Supont, Merul, Dudke, Johnler, Wehrrey, Sigfrod - clock running <C> N 33 - Valman, Trafred, Tatiana, Calkin, Dudfen, Sheplorf, Samger, Rorim, Nelrie - clock running Z K Wheesley, 11-13k, 220-300 V K temp 17.7-19.2, 5 pt <S> M breakthrough tech - in progress PA, possibly completes six days thanks to Observatory. <S> M materials exposure space study - in progress NCY. <S> M temperature study. - in progress Venkmann. S Mo <&> D Siefen 0.8t 1.1x1.3x1.3 - docked Harkonnen, awaiting transport to K <S> D power tools eval - should be doable at Dport but will need someone manning the lab there first. Having the experiment available will also be required. D D-> Io 2900 <M> S 12xE, 10.678M x 10.490M - in progress, will be a while in getting there. <X> E RTK, splashdown. Will want to see how far from ocean the base winds up being. Bento Box should be orbit-capable. <F> E - stupid, stupid man. <D> G -> Eo 2350 Still trying to get my insurance to cover it...that's not happening anytime soon, so I guess I'll go ahead and interpret this for the rest of y'all. Ahem... (1.6.1) Yesterday's activities began with the arrival of Gilligan at the Infans Calcitrant Yards in orbit of Ike. Upon successful rendezvous and docking, engineer Lucas Kerman transferred over to the shipyard to assume her (yes, her) post as the station's chief engineer. The remaining crew aboard Gilligan - Val, Bill and engineers Gilford and Gemlorf Kerman - remained docked at the station awaiting the arrival of the Hodor 7 nuclear reactor probe, which has been printed up from the Bi-La Kaifa Shipyards over Duna the day before and which had a very low remaining fuel supply by the time it arrived at Ike; Gilligan remained to be available to deliver additional fuel if it proved necessary. Fortunately, it did not - the probe affected a successful rendezvous and docking at ICY, with a mere five m/s of delta-V to spare. One of those rare occasions where the level of relief involved warrants a docking-in-progress screenie... Once the probe docked and the station began receiving power from the probe's SAFER reactors, fuel supplies were transferred over to Gilligan and the ship departed for a rendezvous with space station Ikeport. Gilligan arrived and docked without incident, at which point Bill and Gemlorf went down to the surface in the station's Spamcan 7a passenger lander for flag-planting training. The two engineers landed safely and planted their flags, and while they were awaiting the launch window to return to Ikeport, multiple fuel supplies and Rocket Parts were shot up from the Scan Queen outpost on the surface to Infans Calcitrant via mass driver. The Spamcan then returned safely to Ikeport; Bill and Gemlorf finally were able to punch their tickets and earn full 4-star ratings. Gilligan was refueled from the station's supplies, and after Bill and Gemlorf re-joined the crew, Gilligan departed for space station Dunaport, arriving safely four hours later. The three engineers boarded the station's Bigby orbital workshop and boosted the efficiency rating from about 1.4 to just over 12, knocking a full two days off the expected time of completion for a Power Tools experiment currently underway there (the same experiment that is holding up the Eve mission at this point). At this point, everything at Duna is on hold until that experiment finishes up; as a final step of preparation for the Eve mission, a supply of Rocket Parts was sent up to LSV House Harkonnen from the Enchova Central outpost on the surface via mass driver; Harkonnen is now fully supplied and ready to do its part to support the Eve mission. With nothing else productive to do at Duna, I went ahead and timewarped ahead about a day, to the point where the Auk XVI 12-passenger spaceplane I had sent to Minmus was about to arrive back at Kerbin. Obligatory glamour shot. The plane is still intact at this point, for reference... The Auk was put onto a trajectory that put it in the plane of space station Kerbinport's orbit (i.e. close enough to dead-on to the equator to count) and on a 47,500 m periapsis. This proved to be a bit too low at entry - the plane lost its two ventral airbrakes and its nose antenna/airspike to entry heating. Fortunately, nothing else was lost and I was able to get it into a 210x70 orbit initially, correcting to a 100-kilometer circular orbit for entry just this morning. After reaching the proper entry point for KSC, the plane de-orbited and made its way safely for landing at KSC 09. The plane bounced at landing and lost its two ventral engines, but suffered no more damage after that, and tourists Obsey and Erbal were able to de-board the plane none the worse for wear. I probably will adjust the gear setup on the plane all the same; it's what I get for going with a nose-up resting gear configuration over nose-down. I'm just glad I was able to land it - maiden flight and all that... At this point, things are starting to gear up for the Eve mission. Engineer Ceri Kerman aboard LSV House Atreides over Eve has been hard at work for the past seven days building a new Hellhound 7a rover to scout for a site flat enough to support a TBD outpost, a job that I tried to do last week but failed due to poor heat shield placement (payload survived to the surface but exploded when I tried to jettison the shield thanks to it sticking into other parts; this has been rectified at this point). I'm hoping to get that rover onto the surface today and knock on wood I'll find a suitable outpost site as well. The experiments at Duna are almost done, and once that happens the crew will be heading over to Harkonnen to warp to Eve - it'll be time for that mission to get going at long last...
  21. StrandedonEarth

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Lol, I was meaning to post that vid in another thread (the discussion had mentioned something about Reagan...) awhile aback,
  22. kerbiloid

    KSP's Vending Machine

    Receives a wrenched chewing monkey. Inserts a club card.
  23. mrstoned

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    It has some nice structures similar to the Martians Hab
  24. Thank you for your reply! Though, the wiki only talks about it from the end user perspective, while my questions are more about the maths, happening inside, to convert all these values into a flight model. Also that page talking about Blender, refers to the wing planform shape as an "airfoil", which is an entirely different thing. Airfoil normally means the cross section of a wing, or more broadly, its characteristics, such as lift drag and pitching moment as a function of the angle of attack. Similar to the static graphs the mod makes, but for a section of a wing. FAR, I suppose, is not computational fluid dynamics software? No way that is happening in real time, is there? Therefore it has to make some assumptions, and use empirical approximations, which is very difficult to do with an arbitrary shape, from the voxel model. That is why it is so interesting what it does. I am closely related to aerospace engineering in real life, and I have been thinking for some time now, about some of the things that the mod does, and how it can be improved further, to be a more accurate model of real physics. The problem is I know pretty much nothing about coding. So, if anyone, who understands the mod source code, could tell me in normal language, or even in equations form, what it does, I would greatly appreciate that, and possibly, be able to contribute to improving the aerodynamics.
  25. YNM

    Notre Dame on Fire

    I was going to say the scraping between steel scaffolding and the lead roof makes a spark, somehow... But I guess that makes no sense. Oh lord no, he almost defaced Grand Central in NYC...
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