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  2. steuben

    New Ksp cinematic-movie "Minmus"

    It is the answer to a question about Jeb's ... masculinity, with a fair bit of license with translation as kerbal and human physiology are different.
  3. Welcome @St4rdust! Interstellar? Yes yes and yes. This is going to be good.
  4. I just started playing around with OSS NTR, and I'm impressed with the statics implemented so far. I did notice (to my mild disappointment) that the large spaceplane hangars in the current alpha release seem to be based on the white-and-red versions from the Island Airfield, rather than the Tier 3 SPH at the main KSC. For visual consistency, would you consider also making placeable statics of the Tier 3 SPHs? (Both single and double variants). Also, in case you're still open to new ideas, what about the following? Generic staff amenities / on-site accommodation building (medium to large hex) Carpark with entrance/security building (large hex) Entrance/exit to underground metro/subway station (small to medium hex)
  5. Hotel26

    The Truman Kerman Craftyard

    Rodeo Craftyard Description 7:Juno 8:chutes A stock, personal, jet bike called Rodeo. Built with 14 of the finest parts, its root part is probeCoreOcto2.v2. Range 180km, cruise > 200m/s, ceiling >7km. Please also consider acquisition of an Aquarius transporter for efficient delivery of 2 (two) Rodeo jet bikes to your ultimate destination. Rodeo can be landed under chutes or to a pinpoint location via SAS Radial Out hover pilotage. (Gratitude to Snark for the basic idea.) Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.6.1.
  6. I'll check file on the presence of errors wait. You exactly sure what the files in the folder space shuttle not damaged ?

    Faites vos présentations !

    Je suis DNKKING, 13 ans, je suis nouveau sur la Kerbosphère. J'ai découvert le jeu il y a quelque jour en étant à la recherche d'un jeu où je pourrait m'entraîner à construire des fusées pour mon avenir. Donc, si vous avez deux ou trois trucs utiles ou intéressant a me dire a propos du jeu n'hésitez pas.
  8. I eventually found the answer in TM-749-48 (pg 9) which is that there was a coast period (to 130,000ft altitude) between first stage ignition and second stage ignition where the first stage remained attached, I was too used to the liquid engine/Kerbal concept of constant thrust during ascent, so I'm rewriting my kOS launch/ascent program to follow the launch protocol defined in the handbook. So technically it was reason 3, sudden dead-mass loss, but also partially that stage 2,3,4 were never even vaguely designed with an aerodynamic profile. Now if I can just work out the best way to make kOS initiate a high RPM roll then disengage control.. -- feel like carefully placed retros would be helpful here, given we don't have a part that is a 40lb spin table.
  9. Welcome to the forum @DNKKING. Unfortunately the forum is English only outside the international section. Using a translation service is fine if you wish to post in the general forum, however. French translation of my post: Bienvenue sur le forum @DNKKING. Malheureusement, le forum est uniquement en anglais en dehors de la section internationale. L'utilisation d'un service de traduction est acceptable si vous souhaitez poster sur le forum général.
  10. Si les télomères s'allonge dans l'espace, cela veut dire que la vie est longue là bas ou pas ? [Edit] English Translation: If telomere lengthens in space, does that mean that life is long there or not?
  11. Today

    three in one

    You must create a machine three in one. It must have the particularities of the following device: Plane (he can fly like a plane into the atmosphere of Kerbin). Rocket (he can go beyond the atmosphere and fly into space). Rover (i can ride on the ground).
  13. TIL the VAB lies. When launched, the part directly above and the part directly below the plate get locked to grandparent. Intended or not it's annoying for sure. I also found a bug. If you revert and remove the engine plate but keep the same 2 parts they remember, and are still force locked to grandparent. If you delete them and replace them with the same parts, those new parts won't be locked. I'll need to make 100% sure before logging a bug report.
  14. ILoveStars

    A 3rd planet around Kepler-47

    what, my calcs?
  15. The handles of the maneuver-adjust gizmo in the new maneuver-mode panel do work as buttons for me. I am also frustrated by the fact that once you pull the handle to make a quick change, you cannot slow down that change without releasing and re-pulling. If it is possible to copy exactly the behaviour of the map-view gizmo, that would be nice. (Of course I'd like the pull-handles to be alongside the type-in boxes, and a several of other changes, some of which might be unwise, but I don't know which.) Yes, but only once or twice. Usually for me, the arrow keys move the cursor when focus is on the text-entry box, and rotate the view when focus is elsewhere. I wish I knew exactly how to trigger (and thus how to avoid) the bug.
  16. Hypercosmic

    A 3rd planet around Kepler-47 15:4 for 47b and 47d, and 8:5 for 47d and 47c? The former is within 1%, and the latter is within 1.2%, apparently. Not bad.
  17. kerbiloid

    Favourite spaceships that never flew?
  18. Where`s the problem? Because the female part is attached to a station or another ship, you can`t see if it go through the part. There is no collidier so it does no matter.
  19. canisin

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    @linuxgurugamer, if you are adopting this and considering that you have already adopted Hullcam VDS may be you can combine them into a single mod with best of both worlds?
  20. ILoveStars

    Galaxies Unbound Series

    Really nice planets! I see you added 'Proxima c' to Nova Kirbani!
  21. kerbiloid

    Everyday objects as spaceships

    Into The Badlands, s03e14. A Mercury-shaped glass pitcher.
  22. FahmiRBLXian

    Jeb's Diner

    Some influental people banned Weaabooism universewide. I'd like Iced Chocolate.
  23. OHara

    engine plates

    No. For several engines that have optional shrouds, stock KSP keeps separate entries in PartDatabase.cfg labeled "Fairing, ..." and '"Clean, ..." to store the different areas and drag coefficients. KSP's current model for drag, however, is too simplified to notice that the fairing smooths the area ruling and should lower drag; it just notices that the shroud adds surface-area and raises the drag for that case (by a small fraction of the drag of the whole rocket). So KSP tries to make engine-shrouds have an effect, but in practice it is tiny, and the wrong direction, so the shrouds could as well be "just for looks". The new Engine Plates in the Making History DLC are separate parts, and KSP adds their drag to that of the engines inside. There is a bug report that argues that the shroud on the Engine Plate should protect the contents from airflow, just like a Cargo Bay does. The mod ModuleManager lets us change the configurations of parts, without editing Squad's definitions directly. ModuleManager makes no changes on its own, but will apply a patch like the one that Tonka Crash quoted above, to tell KSP "please make Engine Plates shield their contents, just like Cargo Bays do."
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