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  2. I've combined all the new wheel sounds into a single file, see below I'm looking to see if I can have this work with KSPWheel as well. If I can, I'll be considering adopting this mod.
  3. No sooner had I published my Victor II aircraft for aerial deployment of navaids, I realized how to protect the fragile HG-5 relay antenna and jam five of them into a Victor... So, one can not only make a navaid network for Victor airways (so-called), but one can also make a ground-based relay network. ...and/or ocean-based! This version is Victor III.
  4. Yup - started this adventure back in June 2013.
  5. Are you adopting it, or is this just a one-time rebuild?
  6. Not sure that I ever updated the Scatterer configs to the new syntax when the big refactor happened 'recently'. Therefore, @The Minmus Derp you might want to try deleting the Scatterer configs in this mod and then copying in some from a different mod that supplies them like SVE...?
  7. There was Second Reality, though... as well as other demos to blow people's minds.
  8. It's a pity but anyway the resolution was low. And there was no Expanse, Game of Thrones, etc.
  9. Well maybe he would like to have Graphene Oxide capacitor's in KSP2?
  10. tbf I don't have *any* friends that play ksp... though I know what you mean, would be super nice for community challenges (especially of the air combat variety) for more than 4.
  12. I know this one is. The mouseover FPS drop only started happening after the 1.8 update and is not exclusive to PAD. Some mods trigger it, but not all of them.
  13. That's odd, 0.01 atm? I actually designed it to have 0.04 earth atmospheres (4.053 kPa), though in GEP_Primary it should read 0.02 atm. That's because for the planet info display, KSP defines 1 atm as the atmospheric pressure of the home world. Nodens has a sea level pressure of 2 earth atmospheres, so all other bodies will display their pressures in proportion to that. So Toutatis has 0.04 earth atm, but only 0.02 nodens atm. But in either case it shouldn't be 0.01 atm. Something might be bugged if it's reading that.* Did you get that from the in-game information panel, or did you take a pressure reading using the barometer? Because 4 kPa is the pressure at the lowest surface elevation, if you landed at a higher elevation then you would certainly read lower pressure. * If it is bugged, it's probably just the data display. When actually flying inside the atmosphere you should be getting the correct pressure. And you're certainly right, Toutatis isn't Duna. Not only is the pressure lower than Duna, but the sunny side is much hotter. Taking temperature into account, the air density on Toutatis' sunlit side is only about 40% what it is on Duna, so you're going to produce only about 40% as much drag. However, because Toutatis is tidally locked, it's temperature varies dramatically. There is a 4x difference between the hottest and coldest surface temperatures, so the air density varies by as much as 4x as well. Also note that 0.04 atm is the minimum pressure to open for main parachutes. Therefore, if you're using TweakChutes, main parachutes are useless on Toutatis. Drogue chutes should work there, however. (If you're not using TweakChutes, main parachutes will full deploy when you reach the deployment altitude, even though the pressure is too low for semi-deployment.) FYI, my rationale for giving Toutatis a thin atmosphere is because of its close proximity to Grannus. Toutatis' sunlit side is very hot, meaning that atmospheric gases vibrate rapidly and can easily reach escape velocity. This means that, all other things being equal, a hot planet has a more difficult time retaining an atmosphere than a cold planet. Toutatis shouldn't have too much trouble hanging onto heavy gases like carbon dioxide, but most lighter gases would have escaped its atmosphere. Being close to Grannus also means that the solar winds are quite strong. The strong solar winds would strip away much of the atmosphere. In real life Toutatis might have even less atmosphere than I gave it.
  14. I'm trying to make a level site for base building. This used to work, and now it doesn't. (KSP1.7.3, Kopernicus 1.7.3-2) Taking advise from the above thread, I can flatten areas on Kerbin. I've created a huge mesa/butte, which is blatantly obvious and shows that I can make a working MM patch. However, when I try to do the same on Duna.... nothing happens. I have Stock Visual Terrain installed, could that possibly be interfering (and if so, why doesn't it interfere on Kerbin)?
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  16. If I'm using Extraplanetary launchpads with this, and it replaces rocketparts with materialkits and specializedparts, are there any parts that replace them that I should know about?
  17. I cannot think of a single change to EVE since 1.3.1 that would cause this not to work. I suggest you do a proper bug report.
  18. The mod should work with the appropriate version of KK. I believe I was testing it, when KK was updated for the 1.8
  19. It was nearly six years ago - I'll let you off.
  20. Quick question: this doesn't work on my ksp 1.7.3 install, do you ever plan on updating this to 1.7.3? If you are, good work! If you aren't, equal amount of good work for maintaining the awesome OPM!
  21. I've just downloaded it and am waiting to load. I can't wait to see the planet! (The waiting for it to load isn't a problem, my KSP just takes a long time to load.)
  22. Because NASA uses metric and tbf... gallons and miles are literally defined using a metric value
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