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  2. Contracts are how you make money in the game. Obviously if you make the game cost more, you're gonna have to grind contracts more. At the beginning of the game, you have a very low (zero) Rep. Until you build your rep over 300, you will only be getting survey or tourist contracts to grind. So if you are going to be prejudiced against survey contracts, then I'd suggest a starting rep of 200 minimum.
  3. Alpha 360

    This new ocean (Chapter 10: Homecoming)

    I will say that the fact Jebediah is different is a little on the nose.....but then again: That is pretty funny, Happy Explosions
  4. Red Stapler

    [1.5.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    I have the same issue in 1.6.1. I read earlier in the thread: "Throttle issue on joystick: This happens sometimes with my Saitek X55. I recalibrate every time I start KSP with the joystick plugged in and if this happens I just recalibrate again and that fixes it. Make sure the throttle is closed, at full back, as well when you click the calibration button" Sorry, I can't recall who posted that as I had copied the text over to my phone so I could test last night. Not sure if above is related to the wheel throttle issue, but I tried and no luck. Not sure if this is possible at this time, but it was late and I was tired so I probably missed something obvious (which would be typical)
  5. kerbiloid

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

  6. Tested last night and confirmed all good on 1.6.1. No bendies. Tnx again!
  7. p1t1o

    Another StarWars question

    I happen to know that HP merch massively outsells SW merch these days. "Brand Fatigue" apparently, people are becoming bored of endless spinoffs, series, teasers etc.
  8. AviosAdku

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    You know, considering the naming scheme for the SpaceX drone ships, I'd say you're in good company. As for me, I also tend to vary my naming schemes according to the "Theme/Roleplay" for that save. For example my miscellaneous missions Sandbox save uses an alphanumeric system of two letters and a number, the letters designating the type but not according to any system (i.e. XR-2, an X-1/X-15 inspired rocketplane and the AL-1 air launch mothership). For my Career save, the system is a bit looser but craft are given a name, so far it has primarily been the program name with possible additions such as a number as with my Altinex program which encompassed my first flights and therefore each successive flight was basically a unique spacecraft. As for the names I use, they mostly are made up words, some based off English (i.e. Orbitan, an orbital missions craft and the name of one of my first functional spacecraft in KSP ever), others basically gibberish although I have ones I have been using and wanting to use for a fair while (i.e. Ekymia, Sharika, etc.). AviosAdku
  9. GregroxMun

    Confuse the Next Poster!

    0/9 no rating given Enough of that, now it's time to watch Primer for the 1st time and understand all of it.
  10. I heard that. Addiction is real, powerful and physical. You cant "think" your way out. You can both want AND not want a cigarette. The only way out, unfortch, is suffering. But suffering leads to the dark side so I guess Im stuck.
  11. Loren Pechtel

    [1.6+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.18

    I can't address whether the propellant goes down or not but your evidence doesn't prove it. The jetpack contains a ridiculous amount of fuel in stock. You can get to orbit on Minmus with your jetpack alone, no need to refuel. One refueling (and note that a canister is supposed to provide enough for two) will get you to orbit on the Mun. (Note that the Basic Orbit mod will make it much easier to do this, it lets you see your orbital parameters in the close-up view.) In versions past I have done orbit-Minmus-orbit with one fuel tank and orbit-Mun-orbit with two. Admittedly, I'm not good enough to accomplish the landings without a reload or two.
  12. fruitsbar

    [1.7] Kolyphemus System Continued

    I can't. It lags the game when I have ocean shaders on.
  13. There are materials on setting LandControl in kopernicus?
  14. AviosAdku

    POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

    For me, I got into KSP back in 2013 not that long before 0.21 was released so while I did get a few missions in with the old SAS, Support Buildings, Mun, etc. I never really got that used to them. That was almost 6 years ago I just realised … I feel old all of a sudden. AviosAdku
  15. IncongruousGoat

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    It varies from save to save. My NCD caveman career, for example, had ships named after Simon & Garfunkel songs. As to how I pick the scheme for each save, it's mostly just any list that I know well, and that's long enough that I'm unlikely to run out before I finish doing whatever it is I started that save to do. Oh, and that's silly. The names have to be silly. Hence me naming the engine module(s) for an interplanetary craft Why Don't You Write Me?
  16. Sebastiaz

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    F/A-18 and KC-10, in flight refuelling.
  17. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    HEY LOOK ! The ferry didn't explode. Flat tire... shouldn't be a problem... Unless you run the SMWheels mod . . . I'm going to delete it and try AGAIN ! TBC
  18. Bill Phil

    What Is Your Naming Theme For Your Spacecraft?

    I need to use some airship mods. Maybe build the Pandora and fly around with Nathan Z. Kerman
  19. I'm at my wits end here, but I closed the small Avionics window that tells you if your Avionics is ok or not, and cannot find out how to reactivate it. It's in the same style as MechJeb but I can't find it anywhere in the MechJeb settings or mod folder, and I've looked everywhere in the RO and RP-0 mod folders trying to find a setting or cfg. for it but can't. Does anyone know where this is or how to get the window back? I know the RP-0 button in the VAB opens up a different window with Avionics info that does the same thing, but this needs to be opened each time and I keep forgetting lol
  20. Another update...I’m planning to reinstall KSP this weekend, just because it’ll fix a few irritating problems I’ve been having for a while, while possibly improving performance. Don’t worry, my save isn’t going anywhere (I’ll copy over the ‘saves’ folder from my old install) but I’m going to reinstall all of my mods and hopefully weed out a few that I don’t need or use. Regarding what I’ll actually be doing next in-game, I’ve decided that I should install two fuel tank modules on the MTS, so I don’t need to send a refuelling mission every time one of the landers returns from a surface sortie.
  21. -snort- I actually GO by the name trayna'wrek in another that comment by @MikeO89 is kinda funny to me. that said..I'll be testing this version of KJR on my game soon.
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  23. Davian Lin

    [1.7] Kolyphemus System Continued

    Pls use scatterer KOLYPHEMUS SYSTEM CONTINUED 0.7 FOR KSP 1.7 Updated a sunshine Decollided trees and stones (+FPS) DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK New screenshots
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