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  2. Do you have mods installed and are they the correct version; compatible with that version of KSP?
  3. Ultimate Steve

    Real Life KSP: Beresheet Lunar Mission Video

    Unplanned rapid permanent unassembly via lithobraking.
  4. razark

    Shower thoughts

    Because their job is to be seen, imposing the Empire's will through a display of force.
  5. iGGnitE

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Hello, I am running into an issue. My kerbals hab timer is not running down for individual kerbals. The kerbals hab timer stays the same as it was when the craft was first launched, and IF the hab timer runs down, EVA-ing the crew and letting them board again completely resets the timer to the VAB/SPH shown timer. More info on this here: KSP.log here:
  6. The above patches apply the KSPWheel modules to the stock wheels. Download them and place them somewhere in your GameData/ folder. Note: They haven't been tested or updated in quite some time, so I cannot guarantee how well they work. At the very least, it is a good place to start though
  7. Lukun7Rocket

    What did you do in KSP today? Landed on vall for the first time. With a tiny lander
  8. To add to that for completeness, back when the European ATV was flying, it used the rear russian port, the shuttle delivered Multipurpose Logistics Modules (temporary cargo containers) that used the CBM, and the Dream Chaser is expected to dock to the IDA if I got my sources correct.
  9. Copying/pasting the near_future_construction files last seems to fix the problem.
  10. I have an older Dell that doesn't even give you time to plug it back in if the power cord falls out, even if it claims the battery is roughly half charged.
  11. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Something's Rotten in The State of Dentistry... or, Bob goes for the high life again. Bob got the rover ready for another high altitude jaunt nice and early, to make the most of the sunlight. Bill was busy finishing his breakfast, delaying Bob by several seconds before they could head off. Looks like even the rover is happy to be adventuring inland once more. Well that's the target... well, the the peak of it is on the far side, but you get the idea. There's a steep, almost brush stroke like (with linear falloff) foothill on this side of the mountain. It's not difficult to climb, but long enough that they have to recharge at the top of it. By this point they're already 17km from the boat. Bob suggests that they have a crack at that peak instead, but Bill reminds him that either the steep ascent, or Jeb (if they're late back again) will kill them. Up over 2km now, no sign of snow yet. Talking of the white stuff, here it is in all it's dazzling glory. Once you're up here, the going is fairly easy, with few steep slopes, but it's pretty bumpy. Bob parks the rover just below the summit. There's no flat bit at the top, so he leaves it 30-40m below the very top and strikes out on foot. When he gets to the top, he finds out that it isn't... not quite. There's anotehr slightly higher peak about 100m away, so he runs across to it. 4377m far from a record, but at least he made the last tiny bit on foot. He stands at the top and contemplates the world around him, his place in it and the fact that the radio on the rover is stuck on college rock. After his moment of contemplation Bob heads back down to the rover, which thankfully is still there. It would have been a long walk back if Bill decided to play a trick on him and took off back to the boat. Before he gets back inside, he asks Bill to take a picture of him near the peak for posterity. He strikes his best hero pose and Bill hits the shuttle button. Back inside, Bob tells Bill his plan to get back to the boat quickly... Bill might have been a little disturbed by this plan. They get one last good look from near the top and head down... straight over that edge. Bob's plan is to swing the rover over a 60+ degree drop, hit the brakes and let physics sort things out. Hey presto, a few minutes later there are back down in the foothills. Certainly a lot less time spent coming down, that going up. Once they're back at the boat, Bob aims the rover's rear end at the docking port and starts to reverse up to it. Val's look of panic is actually just a large belch. She had three bean salad and string cheese for lunch, with a doughnut chaser and some it's trying to make a break for it. So Bob, do have a name to suggest for your latest conquest. "Looking at it from up here, it's gotta be Bad Tooth Mountain".
  12. discoreeper

    RSS Transneptunians?

    Why does RSS doesn't have other dwarf planets, ex.: eris, makemake, sedna etc.? Is it because of the fact that a map of these bodies have never been made?
  13. SuperStock

    Requesting Craft For YT Combat Series

    im on xbox ksp it will be stock but i shall work on some aircraft and be back
  14. Ultimate Steve

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Nauka is now mid 2020. They have decided to make entirely new fuel tanks based on the Fregat stage, because they couldn't get the old ones to work.
  15. @Pointblank66 It seems one RF config removes the stock modules while another adds it's own. I don't know the danger of using a part with two simultaneous RCS modules where one uses a deprecated fuel type, but if it works, it works! @Drakenex Yeah, I want to close the gap between part styles. I am hesitant to oversimplify the look of iconic historical parts though, because then they lose their identity when painting them with a coat of stock paint. I really keep going back and forth on this and I can't pin something down. I just absolutely do not want every probe core I make to look like it was made by "Probodobodyne" though, because they're not. Hopefully using the new color palette will help along with borrowed design elements. The foil surfaces will be cut back a lot and I can re-do a craft or two to be "naked" instead without foil texture switching. Xihe may be a good candidate to try it out, actually. For Viking, I may do two texture versions. A typical white version with more "realistic" accents, and a grey version based on the FC3 model but with a stock grey color and style instead:
  16. Nightside

    Making RSS easier?

    Good news!
  17. Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a brief bit of news that an update is currently in the works. Quick rundown of what's in store: KSP 1.7 tag update (from what I've seen so far, PBC works perfectly with 1.7 - this update will just make AVC stop bugging you about it) Proper placement for new variants and parts introduced by KSP 1.7 Further Kerbalism Compatibility in preparation of their upcoming 3.0.0 release Planetary Base Systems Support Patch Apologies for the extended absence. Priorities and Life and all that. No exact timeframe but I should expect PBC 2.7 will be ready before the end of this week. Hope you've all been having fun!
  18. Please dont imply that Module Manager isnt working for KSP 1.7.0. Just because a mod hasnt been actually updated for, or "officially" stated to work with a specific KSP version, does not mean that it wont work in that version. I'm sure if there were issues with MM for 1.7.0, we would have heard a huge outcry by the first or second day after 1.7.0 released. Also, for several days now, the *LAST, most current* post on the MM thread, just happens to be Sarbian himself stating current version works fine on 1.7.0.
  19. severedsolo

    Request for Notification of Broken Mods

    That's what you get for assuming XD - You are correct, File.Copy will indeed copy a locked KSP.log. It's not actually that slow to parse it either as the log is pretty small at the point of the loading screen. I take back what i said about it being technically impossible, it is indeed possible. I have a working prototype.
  20. Just Jim

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Don't ask....
  21. Today
  22. Not as much as you'd think from their flat-top appearance. For use in Kerbin's thinner atmosphere they can still be the best mk1 tank-topper because of their low weight.
  23. A and hardly surprising small observation: While trying to make additions to my client, I crashed it quite a lot. After a while, KSP (1.6.1) started stuttering. I installed MemGraph, and allocated a bunch of ram, only for the stutter to return after several more crashes. Turning off kRPC and turning it on again in game freed a lot of ram and stopped the stuttering, so it might be that the mod does not handle crashed connections all that well. Is there a time out on connections? Anyway, the workaround is really simple, so it is probably not worth investing time into. This is more of a heads up for other people having the same problem.
  24. Q-ver KSP

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, after watching 2 more pages, you are committed to doing useful, but boring tasks for the rest of your life, such as homework, and you may never come back into the forums again. I wish for a round trip to Mars.
  25. Q-ver KSP

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because I see you everywhere in the forum, and for not liking my reply.
  26. KosmoNot79

    Eve Ascent for three Kerbals

    the air intakes would create a lot of drag
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