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  2. Why are we even talking about "I don't like it", "I like it". You like it, you will use it, you don't then don't use it.. The International Space Station wasn't built by one person, nor one nation, so what's to discuss again .
  3. Tesla loses ~billion/year, but still is doing its business.
  4. They're a business, and they keep doing it. You don't lose money on each product, but make it up in volume, lol. Their investors see real data. I'm confident that reuse is a good idea (because it's self-evidently true that it is).
  5. The Relationship tab in CKAN for KAS and KIS don't list CCK and MM as dependencies. KIS lists them as Recommends, KAS not at all. My KAS and KIS are working correctly so this isn't a request for help, but am I missing something in interpreting what CKAN presents?
  6. So, no any real numbers about real Falcon self-sustainability. While everything required for the 1st stage reusability was available decades ago but was always rejected by not less experienced engineers and managers, probably for economical reasons.
  7. Why do you use a mod for that? My navball is also out of the center but I just used the esc menu option while the game is paused.
  8. I wonder how your engine would handle diesel fuel. Of course it is much harder to atomize so probably would require a different engine entirely. Just a thought though.
  9. (And now back to the importants things.) Skybot "Fedor" F-850 will take a knitted toy cosmonautess Maroussia as a zero-G indicator. (They don't explain why should a robodroid care about zero-G. He's a ... piece of metal.)
  10. Uh, what? Seriously, KSP deathmatch? Do you... Do you understand how any other multiplayer sandbox game works? This is borderline nonsense. There are plenty of ways to do multiplayer that don't involve the kind of arena competition that you seem to associate with "multiplayer". You might want to better familiarize yourself with how a mechanic works in other games if you are going to start a thread spouting doom about it.
  11. Why would they? Who would give competition their detailed costs if they don't have to? Is it worth their while to entertain some space nerds on internet forums?
  12. This was my original assumption-- they shifted the sun angle for lighting but left the planet in its original orientation. I really like this theory!
  13. Great advice. This sounds very much like my problem because I've had some bizarre negative numbers before (add boilerplate mass, delta-V goes up in the VAB, for example). It sounds like the actual fix is to update the game. Having said that, if it's not a lot of trouble it would be nice to have a patch so I can at least see if that's the issue without changing the entire install.
  14. As most new games (of significance) you can almost guarantee it will NOT be Windows 8.1 or below. I say 8.1 as Microsoft were very quick to dismiss 8.0 and 8.1 was one that many people tried to avoid (general rule, avoid every second Windows). As Windows 7 will no longer be supported from Jan 2020 you can guarantee that Windows 7 will not be a minimum, 8.1 possibly a minimum but I'd go as far to say Windows 10 will be the min requirement. It gives developers more room to move into the future if Win 10 was set as minimum.. Microsoft were quick to try and get people onto Windows 10 by offering a free upgrade to Win 10 from July 2016 through to Jan 2018. So if you missed out on this free upgrade, then start saving to purchase Win 10 (if your system can cope with it). CPU - x32 or x64. Given KSP 1 moved away from x32 and moved to x64, and Windows 10 majority being x64, I'd say x64 will be required. Adding x32 support for KSP2 would be going backwards. Memory. As I have dismissed x32 bit being considered, and x32 was limited to around 3.5 gb ram, the push now for many games is x64 and 8gb, I'd say you will need 8gb minimum here. GFX card. The push for smooth, reflective, DX10 / DX11 graphics, you would need to consider a graphics card with DX10 or 11 as minimum. So Nvidia GeForce 8 series and above. ATI's 3400 / 3600 series and above. I wouldn't be surprised if DX11 will be the requirement however. HDD - I'd use 10gb as a rough number. I wouldn't say minimum but could well be. So for now, I'd say 10gb would be a safe bet.
  15. I wish they weren’t so concerned with that. Really it just seems like an excuse to not address a big issue.
  16. I agree completely and wanted to add that if they're designing gameplay to be deeply rooted in real science, time and length dilation becomes significant when a craft approaches c. While this would make it much more reasonable in terms of time scales and warping, it also opens a whole can of worms in terms of gameplay and complexity that I'm sure that they wouldn't want to tackle. Relativity is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in physics, so I'm convinced that they'd want to simplify that or leave it out entirely - leading back into your (very) valid concerns
  17. I'd actually really like to see a mission controller room where I can plan, launch and modify missions.
  18. What does CEO of Tesla (of the same owner) say about its profitability? "We lose money, billion per year!" or "It's fine!" ? Also that juridical story about Tesla shares buying out in twitter. Why not just publish real numbers about SpaceX instead of sweet words? How could it harm?
  19. Unsure of where your getting your info on this, however VAB created vessel can and will spontaneously explode while on the ground .... I refer you to your late comment quoted below ...... I'm fairly certain that @IgorZknows what a vessel is How KIS attaches parts is through Unity, not necessarily KSP itself ... take a look at the code and you will see this, the parts are being directly instantiated by KIS/KAS Oh, I guess I should think about your later statement again linked below ...... Anyways, @IgorZ, perhaps directly turning off the collides before instantiating the parts may help .. Take a look at the reloadable missile rail I put into BDAc, I had to do something funky with the colliders to keep missiles from going off during reload if I remember correctly EDIT: I think I remember .... something about KSP needing 3 fixed updates to allow for some kraken sauce to do its thing ... It should still be in BDAc although I haven't looked at that code for over a year Credit @flywlyxfor that ... at least I believe it was them who did the original reloadable missile deal
  20. I'm assuming with the announcement of KSP2, with multiplayer and mod support, you guys will be gearing up to focus on the modding scene there? Just wondering!
  21. 20 bucks to see a movie... 60 bucks for a game ill get another 1600+hrs in... Stop being greedy, or poor.. or both. learn how to hustle, you have well over 12 months to save..
  22. Sorry, I left something out! The cause is a mod conflict between SSTU and Real Fuels. Both mods are trying to manage tank mass and only one should be allowed to do so. ShadowMage released an update which has SSTU opt out of mass (and cost? Maybe?) management if Real Fuels is installed and the SSTU has ModuleFuelTanks installed. BUT, I don't know if it will run on KSP 1.4.5 If you don't want to update KSP right now, there is a workaround which I had forgotten about which is to set the tank part's base mass to zero. Since the cause is that both SSTU and Real Fuels start out by removing the part's mass, they are both prevented from setting the part negative. (literally, we start out by subtracting the tank's base mass from the part before we do any other mass manipulation. If the part has no mass then our mod's are not able to subtract mass) If you need to I can come up with a patch that will take care of that. The part will still get mass because RF will calculate new tank mass for it.
  23. It’s obviously a tidally locked planet with a dry salty lakebed facing the sun.
  24. If they're using a later version of the Unity engine (2018.3 or better) then they'll get the advantage of PhysX 3.4 which should be a decent upgrade In one of the dev interviews at Gamescom it sounds like part of the KSP2 push has been restructuring and refactoring the entire codebase The breaking of compatibility affords them the ability to really dig deep and fix/change what's needed without worrying about what it might do to peoples saves or other concerns
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