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  2. Another couple of suggestions: 1. Please add 3 more toggleable buttons to Toolbar Continued that will toggle features: - Execute/Stop Next Node (you dont need to open any window to perform maneuvers) - Auto-warp on/off - Autostage Once (you dont need to open Utilities window for this) 2. Please make all options in Ascent Guidance window to work only during ascending with autopilot engaged. I noticed that these options are taken into account during executing common maneuvers on orbit.
  3. Crew Dragon would be a decent starting point---the pressure vessel, not the outer mold line.
  4. I'm not at home, but I found, that Kopernicus needs MFI and has the latest version (1.2.6) bundled. That means, that I tested it already without an error. Did you tried a clean copy of KSP? Steam sometimes leaves old files on disk during updates.
  5. Wiki claims the US Navy's Ford Class Carrier program costs $37G to design and $13G per carrier, although it relies on a military industrial complex assuming that such carriers are as critical to homeland defense as "rum, [snip], and the lash". I strongly suspect you could build an Orion with a budget like that, and an Orion would qualify as a "battlestar" by any 21st century definition (even if it is a mid-20th century design). I also think an Orion class "battlestar" could project force significantly better than any aircraft carrier or fleets of carriers (although it wouldn't be able to power stricken cities with electricity the way carriers can). Getting it up to orbit would obviously have political and diplomatic issues, to put it mildly.
  6. Hi, I'm getting some very severe lag when trying to select a mod to update. The program will become unresponsive then recover a few times, then after about 45 sec to a minute the items I clicked will select. I'm using CKAN ver 1.26.4, OS is Win10 Pro.
  7. @afafsa Kerbalism is an order of magnitude harder than stock, that's an assumed fact. Especially for manned missions. This said, I personally find science a bit too hard for my tastes. In the game settings I usually put the science reward to 200% (stock "basic" settings) and increase antenna bandwidth (in the kerbalism section). As for compatibility with Near Future electrical , we use our own converters for the nuclear reactors. It's barebones (no heat management) but functional. I suggest removing the "Dynamic Battery Storage" plugin, as anyway it won't work when Kerbalism is present and might cause issues (under investigation). We are fully aware this isn't very satisfying and will probably revisit NFE support at some point as we have (vague) plans for our own heat management system.
  8. I do not understand, that is, Far Future Technology and Interstellar are compatible? I always thought that FFT is an arcade version of Interstellar, and installing them will lead to misunderstandings.
  9. Done some tweaks and here is the result, to be implemented on my future tournament entry. AS mentioned by @SuicidalInsanity Just need a little bit speed up to make it more competitive. Fights are held in lower altitude.
  10. On the other hand, the Dawn probe had 10km/s delta-v in its ion engine for use *after* reaching escape velocity. If you have the patience, ion thrusters are absolutely amazing (but I'd expect that you still want to use fancy gravity tricks: ions will simply get you in position for them faster). If your patience depends on the cargo, you can practically break the rocket equation by using ions to move propellant to a depot in the right orbit, and then simply move your chemical-powered crewed rocket from ion-fed depot to ion-fed depot: LEO to escape velocity is ~3000m/s, while going to Mars is another ~1000m/s (and presumably send any return propellant not ISU-generated on the surface via ions as well). Electric propulsion with Isp>1000s is a thing (generally speaking Isp isn't the limiting factor with ion propulsion, if you want more you can probably get it at a price). Remember Robert Heinlein's statement that "LEO is halfway to anywhere": with ions (and especially ion-fed depots), LEO is nearly all the way there (no known way to use electric propulsion to orbit, not to say Escape Dynamics didn't try).
  11. Hi, I like that. One of my bane is looking at a ship and doing an EVA. The Kerbal is always on the other side and the whole camera as to be rotated. Grump. Your magic button would be used by one such as me. ME
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  13. Ooh. Is there an easy way to enable/disable this mod? I was thinking of adding this to a creative mode game to add some interesting results. However, I'd probably get annoyed with it in Career (for now, I'd redo a new career with it enabled later). Or am I best just finishing this career game, and starting a new one with Dangit later?
  14. Thanks to the AWESOME Gordon Facyk, I am now up to date with KSP and am ready to get JNSQ working.
  15. I plan on hopefully releasing Part 11 soon, still deciding what it should be about.
  16. If this is the case, then I think there are serious balance issues with the mod. I already have to cover every square inch of my probes with batteries, and even the late game antennas can't handle the data volume of a single scan. Powering a manned science base through a night on Minmus required such a complicated power arrangement that it slows the game to a crawl. Nuclear power would be mandatory if it wasn't for the fact that it has broken compatibility with Near Future electrical. This is a great mod, but it needs some work on balance and optimization.
  17. Ну я попытался в конфиге сейва но там если заменить то файл разрешение поменяет если поменять обратно то скажет что поломан
  18. Thanks for keeping this mod alive. I've just come back to ksp after taking a break for a couple years and it's good to see Telemachus with both Houston and OpenMCT. I look forward to the memory leak fix!
  19. Don't you clean history? Maybe cookies are gone.
  20. There is no setup for that in the default Kerbalism config. Anyway, Xenon "mining" doesn't exist. Xenon is produced by fractional distillation of Nitrogen and Oxygen, which is indeed something we could add to the converters. Unsupported / partially supported stock / mods resource producers. See @John Nowak @baldamundo What is very likely happening is that you don't have enough drive space to store the full experiment result and less transmission bandwidth than the rate at which data is generated by the experiment(s). The way to detect that is if that your drives will be full while you are transmitting. The usual solution is to put bigger antennas. We are aware that you can't know what the antenna data rate is before using it (in the editor / planner), we will add that feature at some point.
  21. The Swift vs FCS Unlocked match went more one sided then I would of expected. I can see the advantages gained by the Swift's energy retention but also agree the AI settings are a major factor. The Swifts steering is maxed out along with a minimal extend distance this seems to give the Swift an edge in taking control of the dogfight thus putting the Unlocked into a situation where it must react defensively. To overcome this the Unlocked needs settings tweaks to fly more aggressively in my option possibly faster idle, lower distance and high steering factor.
  22. What mod do I need for that lighting (other than the one that upgrades my GPU LOL!).
  23. That is very likely. I hope there is some way to work around it, because MFI is still used by FAR, and it doesn't look like MFI is going to be updated any time soon. Thank you!
  24. This is one of the most egregious examples. Am i really to believe that not a single person working on the game brought this up at any time? ...and, if so, did the lead developer really just say "eh, it's good enough." It would have taken the most minimal of efforts to not make this mistake. It's the little things, people...
  25. @aluc24 ok, I'll look into it. If I remember correctly, Kopernicus is using stock flight integrator. So it's possible, that MFI does not handle the latest versions of KSP well.
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