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  2. I need a bit more details.. I have never experienced this before. What's RFS? A video might help me understand this a little bit
  3. some good did come of it though, I was able to improve upon the original intended design somewhat..she's now close to a saturn IVB launch stack in height..I wanna try and get her shorter if I can.
  4. tater

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    They should have then specifically included that as a goal, transparently if that is the case. You'd think they'd then keep ULA out, too, it's not like LockMart and Boeing are wallflowers who never get asked to dance by the AF.
  5. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today, I made a machine that fits my avatar.
  6. Sagarmatha96

    [1.7.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    One more question, just to be sure, which folder should I put this once I've extracted it? I was thinking in KSP's GameData folder, or The Hoonigan Labs Airship Pack folder... If I'm wrong, please let me know...
  7. Triop

    Triop's Adventures

    My new ride: THE KRAKEN !
  8. Pthigrivi

    How did you pick your username?

    Oh, well, alright. Gather round! This will be the abridged, lightly censored version of this story. Still I know there are kids on this board so, fair warning--life can be hard. I struggled in my teens and early 20's. I'd oscillate between weeks of barely sleeping, night after night reading, building video game levels (I was deep into Marathon at the time), solving math problems no one even assigned to me, and then slump down into inescapable, lethargic depression barely able to leave my bed. There were a lot of thoughts of suicide Im sad to admit, pretty much daily for about 10 years. I loved my major (architecture) and college was exhilarating, but not a happy time in my life. To finish my first semester final project I went 6 days without sleeping. After the presentation (which I hallucinated through, but got an A) my immune system crashed and a staph infection took over most of my body. Unable to verify my insurance they gave me antibiotics and pumped me full of codeine for the pain. Turns out Im allergic to codeine. I went into anaphylaxis and my heart stopped and I spent all of winter break in the hospital. I had a few other brushes with death, mostly self-induced in one way or another. Though I was doing great in school, loving time spent with my long-term girlfriend, inside I was slowly deteriorating. Then shortly before my thesis presentation a few things happened. I was dumped by my girl after 8 years together, mostly due to my increasing emotional unavailability. At the same time one of my closest friends succumb to schizophrenia and ceased to be the vibrant, thoughtful person I had loved. Then my architecture thesis, models, drawings, and all of 5 years previous work I had been cataloging for my portfolio was thrown in a dumpster do to a miscommunication between my dean and the janitorial staff. I spent 6 hours digging through coffee grounds, old carpet, and bathroom waste in the rain retrieving what I could. When I got home I bought a one-way ticket to India. I had no plan. It was an act of desperate escapism. I was getting away from everything and I was not coming back. Almost immediately though I encountered something I had not experienced in America: the profound suffering of people living in true poverty. I had decided not to take rickshaws or cabs. I would walk everywhere. On my second day in Delhi I came across a young girl near death in a heap of garbage near the train tracks. The look in her eyes is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I could deal with it, but not in that heat. It was august, after all, and Im just not built for 110 degrees. I fled for the mountains. I spent a bit of time in Haridwar and Rishikesh before booking a bus ticket to Badrinath. It was supposed to take 8 hours but ended up taking 5 days because of rockslides. We'd drive a couple of miles and the convoy would stop, the trucks all opened up and men set up selling fruit and chai and naan on the roadside while the Indian military blew up the rocks and pushed them off the cliffs and down into the river. Most of the other westerners got scared and turned back, but I'd never been so happy in my life. When we got to Govind Ghat I started feeling a little sick. I had these splotchy red and white rashes on my wrists and ankles, but I figured I probably just shouldn't have stuck my hands and feet in the river back in Haridwar. The road to Badrinath cleared almost 5'000 in elevation in 2 hours of switchbacks and my head was swelling by the time I got off the bus. The altitude, I assumed. I got some food and went to bed. I woke with a wet gasp a few hours later and that feeling I knew to be the alarm bells of imminent death. I dragged myself back to the bus shed but the man told me that a hunk of rock the size of a supermarket had slid down the mountain and cleaned out all the switchbacks on the way down. 4 weeks till I could leave. I was rescued by a pair of western aid workers who informed me I had Dengue fever. There was no hospital in Badrinath and no road down, so they balled me up in blankets and fed me veggie soup and homeopathic honey paste for 8 days of hallucinogenic pain I think few can imagine. Dengue fever is like being given LSD and dunked in a bathtub of ice water while 8 guys drill hot pokers into your lymph nodes and brain. I don't believe in God, but on day six I begged him for death. Day seven I felt a bit better. By day nine I could walk outside and see the heaven I'd entered. Its hard to explain the Himalayas to anyone who hasn't been there. Its like another plane of existence. After I'd recovered a bit the two aid workers took me up to meet their Baba, a young guy in a Patagonia jacket who lived year round on the side of Mt Neelkanth. On the way up another man came bounding down the the path, barefoot and wrapped in orange and skin like an alligator. My friends started crying, but I didn't know why. Apparently no one had seen him in 10 years. Yknow that look grandparents get when they've seen some things? That little twinkle? This man had galaxies in his eyes. Keep in mind Im a skeptic. Im mostly an atheist, I think acupuncture is probably bull. I cant even meditate. We spent all day climbing up to Pthigrivi's cave and watched the sun set through the entrance as he made tea and roasted peanuts in honey in an old cast iron pan. My friends translated, but I cant remember anything that was said. I just remember having a vision--3 objects, a sphere, a cube and a pyramid; red, yellow and blue. They were everything I'd felt for 10 years, my fear, my self-hatred, my arrogance. They were childrends toys, and I discarded them. I've never thought of suicide since. It came in a couple other waves after. Sitting in a train station watching tanks roll by on flat-beds with men sleeping under blue tarp tents drapped over the barrels and a boy moving luggage around on the platform. Just this moment of crystal clear pressence in this world. And again when I returned home to vermont walking with my dog watching the autumn leaves flutter down in the wind. Just these little glimpses of actual life without all the noise in my head. So, yeah. Thats where I got the name.
  9. Yeah I figured, some parts have been combined into one modular part and even modules have been replaced, so I doubt anything will load properly. Trying to fix all my COS based parts for the JPL patches mod at the moment, need to rework them all from scratch I think.
  10. This is a cool mod, but can you tell me how to integrate this mod with other part mods that have interior like OPT space shuttle system?
  11. Snark

    Math help

    So I'm still trying to sort this out. If I were designing a rocket, I'd start with the payload (obviously, since that's the thing I _need_ so it's not negotiable), and then design the stage around that. It looks like: Determine payload Pick an appropriate engine (e.g. TWR and Isp characteristics, based on what situation it's in, e.g. surface lifter? orbital maneuvering? etc.) Decide about how much dV I want in the stage Decide on how much fuel I need in order to get the specified dV Is that (or something close to it) not how you go about designing?
  12. I tend to use the offset tool to make craft that could exist, when the game puts things in odd places by default.
  13. Sagarmatha96

    [1.7.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Is this mod up to date for 1.7.0, when KSP is loading I get a little message that says "is not supported by 1.7.0, please use version 1.7". It's not like my game is crashing or anything, I'm just not getting the parts, and I have HL Airships and Module Manager downloaded and working just fine... please get back to me if you can, or are having the same problem... I don't know if I downloaded it wrong, but I extracted it, and have tried it (for lack of a better plan) in KSP's GameData, HLa's folder, HLa's GameData, and I even tried out a zipped version, same issue every time.
  14. Not sure man. KSP is a simulator above all else. Freedom to simulate is worth much more to me then fancy graphics. I would rather be able to play it on both my gaming rig and my corporate laptop with integrated video, then only on my gaming rig. All the other stuff you mention seems to integrate mods above anything else .. so is actually a better argument for an add-on combining the most popular, theme grouped mods into an official and supported release, if the mod-owners agree that is.
  15. Well after a bit of testing I've decided using flaps to counteract weight imbalance on re-entry doesn't work, not surprising really otherwise it'd be well know trick. Problem as far as I can tell is that although it helps in level flight as soon the plane's pitched up it's useless and the plane's gonna flip. Never mind pushing the wings back a bit more to compensate for low fuel is fine anyway.
  16. True, but many of those problem could be reduced by using 4 smaller SRBs (perhaps Aerojet200s?, where 200~=260*sin(pi/4)). I'd expect that this was a valid course of action, and if the lunar rendezvous wasn't the plan they would probably have used something descended from the Aerojet260. As long as the F-1 could get there (and I don't see a single Aerojet260 replacing it, although that might be a good plan for smaller cargo craft) and you needed the F-1, there was no reason to develop some other means of blowing up your rocket.
  17. Spacescifi

    Most efficient ways to conquer earth

    LOL. I would laugh hard if in a fictional work the aliens used an orbital laser to write a message on the white house lawn while the government is still debating how to respond. The message would read: MEET OUR DEMANDS FIRST. ONLY THEN WILL WE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER YOUR REQUESTS. WE ARE SERIOUS. VERY. VERY. SERIOUS.
  18. @zer0Kerbal Stock does not use these fuels unless I have missed it in an update, and mods adding fuels usually have to add procedural parts configs as well. Realism Overhaul does it for example, you can check how they do it. This is entirely config-side matter, no need for anything compiled or included in the base mod to be changed.
  19. Gameslinx

    A Dying Planet [Video, Mod]

    Hey all! I've been spending a few months on the planets in the mod I'm developing (Beyond Home), linked in my signature, and wanted to share a short cinematic with you. I really want to portray the desolate and destroyed feel of this planet through the use of objects scattered through the scene. And yes, you can land on those floating islands! I hope you enjoy.
  20. steuben

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Start here: Develop Character Personality Then go here: Forty Five Master Characters and here: The Complete Writers Guide To Heroes And Heroines Depends though on how much detail is needed. For one writing project I got a list of names, hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, [a few other traits. -ed.], and some personal history and told Excel to choose randomly among them. I then wrote based on what excel generated. It works for either quick little characters or prices that are 2 kilo-words or so.
  21. Nich

    Math help

    @Snark Ha ha sorry spread sheeting. I am planning an RP-1 play through with procedural engines and I am putting together a spreadsheet to try and optimize my 3 stage rockets. I am just stabbing in the dark here trying to figure things out and this was my first hurdle. I have not played with it yet but I would guess engines have a fixed TWR as you re scale them. I am pretty sure procedural tanks have a fixed structural mass ratio as well. My major constraint is total mass of 20t, 60t, and 150t with as much payload as possible for each pad.
  22. SiriusRocketry

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I would definitely be interested in this.
  23. Mikenike

    Help me with Boats Please

    Wish it was my friend, but i am an Xbox player.
  24. I'm aware you may not be able to say, for a variety of reasons (publisher's rules, Steam being inconsistent, etc, etc.): But could you specify roughly when the DLC is going to release/unlock? May 30th is a bank holiday in the Netherlands, and it would be a proper shame if Breaking Ground releases on 2 AM... May 31st, but technically still the 30th because it's still the 30th in the United States! Haha! Technicalities! Get my orbital drift?
  25. I don't have a console and don't follow the console version of this game, for that reason. I take it you mean there is a Mun launch base in the console version of this game, like what some new bases are on Kerbin, which I haven't used either? Yeah, that's not something I want either. It's quite possible they used the console to test a feature, see how it would be received. Given the feedback (admittedly in this small sample size) seems pretty heavily leaning towards not wanting it, Squad probably decided that feature wasn't well received, and didn't pursue it further.
  26. AmpCat

    [1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1+] REKT Escape Pod Mod

    Looks like I really need to learn some MM skills here. Lots of mods I'd like to help improve, but most people are busy. I'll see what I can figure out. Thanks!
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