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  2. Trying to get the designs smaller than before. Thanks to Geschosskopf for the inspiration!
  3. Just had to say this is one of thous TOTALLY INDISPENSABLE mods once you use it for a while. Thanks for creating it!
  4. I compare the cost to what else I could get for the money. $60 would get me c:a 12 beers at my local pub and that fun would be over in 1/1000 of the time I've spent having fun with KSP.
  5. B̶̛͚͍͕̻̰̉̈́̽̇Ơ̷̢͍͖̥̰̙̤̑̅̔͆͒I̷̛̭̯̰̒͑̉̾͋̔̕͠͝ Your supposed to
  6. Ya and if you look at my list of mods, you will see Better Time Warp Continued not Better Time Warp I honestly didn't use that mod that often anyway, so can live without it with no problem. But the strange thing was I didn't remember that mod updating recently via ckan... the mods I did see update were what I first tried to test to see what was breaking the game. But in the end it turned out to be "Better Time Warp Continued" aka Better Time Warp PS - I'm looking at Time Control.... seems to do all the warpy stuff and more.
  7. Read this to learn how to provide your log files. Also, while it tells you *NOT* to provide the /<KSP main install folder>/KSP.log, some people actually find it quite helpful in quickly diagnosing initial mod loading errors and incorrectly installed mods. Also, by the look of some of the folder names in your list of mods, I'd say that yes, you most likely have at least *one* mod incorrectly installed... vOv ... namely whatever has "/Properties", "/smelter/", "/UI", and all the Workshop folders...
  8. You mentioned which is a different mod than Better Time Warp Continued (Yeah, me again, splitting hairs, lol) I've seen you already did post in LGG's mod thread, good For my part, I've never used that mod but I stick with the good ol' Warp Everywhere, fits my play style perfectly.
  9. I actually thought the same after my posting and can confirm that it seems to work. Still need to test the values though. But I guess they are correct since the math havn't changed in the update. The planets are still at the same place.
  10. For anyone interested, looks like an old bug has been reintroduced whereby CoM sits in the wrong place. Lovely.
  11. Can you post the KSP.log? And i think the list of mods image is incomplete.
  12. Godammit this is hard Umm THE KRACKEN ROVER, NORTHBOUND PLANET NAME VAL Pilot kimbly Kerman LOG 1 Woke up, ate snacks, did science then went to bed LOG 2 Ate snacks. LOG 3 Set rover to drive towards reported disturbance. Feeling strange. LOG 3 Seeing tall structures in the distance... LOG 4 I don’t feel so well-OHMYGODOHMYGOD——- end of log 19 days later after the reported destruction of the kracken rover, the ksc has sent a satellite over the crash site. The is debris all over the floor in the middle of what appears to be a valhenge There is also a empty spacesuit, and so we have concluded that kimbly Kerman has been eaten alive by the kracken. RIP kimbly Kerman
  13. Making good use of Pielab's fuel tanks, the Mundog V makes four consecutive landings in various equatorial craters, netting a healthy set of data for later processing and rotating the crews to ensure the best experience is had by everyone. The final trip is a little tight on fuel margins, leaving barely 100m/s in the tank at the point of docking. We blame Jeb's aggressive piloting style. Back on kerbin, we take the opportunity to test out some new rover parts and spend some time investigating the natural wonders of our own planet. Or at least, investigating that honking fat tree a little to the west of KSC that we've always wondered about. Shortly afterwards, Dunamite's orbit places it in a favourable position to make a daylight descent with LoS communications back home, and the commands are sent to bring it down to ground. The drop is uneventful, Duna's atmosphere proving to be both thin and chilly. More exciting is landing on a 30 degree incline, which causes the lander to have to dynamically adjust the strength of it's leg-springs to try to come to a level seating. Eventually it manages to stop the skid and beams home some interesting data. Seems like Duna would be a nice place to visit but... several of our interns prove to be budding science fiction writers and have been stirring up public interest elsewhere. Warm, humid, sunny - Eve is surely covered in purple rainforests, teeming with exotic and potentially tasty life! Or... well, let's just sit on these temperature and pressure readings for a while before we crush our latest book deal.
  14. Damn, I saw the title and way hoping that this was a mod replacing the standard music with Frank Sinatra songs, so that I could play it "My Way", or when Valentina says to Jeb: "Fly me to the Mün", it could play the Sinatra song. But this seems like a cool mod as well. I will give it a try. Thanks for your continues hard work
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  16. So Basically You Go To Both Monoliths Simple. Already Did It Myself: Rules: 1.No Glitchs Or Exploits 2.Must Be Apollo Style 3.Mods Are Aloud But You Must Specify Your Mod List
  17. You misunderstood me... That is the one - linuxgurugamers - which is not working... previous update worked fine, but I guess the latest one a week ago is what ended up making the mod crash our games. Keep in mind this may only be the case 'in combination' with the other mods we use. But through long one by one testing getting rid of that mod is what allowed the game to go back to normal.
  18. Give science a try! SCIENCE FOREVAAAAA
  19. -Question of the day How many kerbal does it take to change a lightbulb? As it turns out, you can’t. Also, Not my image but you get the point
  20. I think "normal" is a little subjective with KSP Thinking about, I've never given science mode a try... but I kinda want the opposite of that I think
  21. Ps airplanes include spaceplanes I gotta stop making aero
  22. But mine got destroyed when I accidentally crashed an stock prop into the vab! and yes I am running 1.8
  23. So now, the Kerbal Health button has disappeared in the game. It's still there in settings and in the VAB parts still have Kerbal Health data. I uninstalled and reinstalled Kerbal Health but no change.
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