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  2. If anything should be renamed, it's biomes. It's like they learnt the term from minecraft. There's no life on most of those planets. It should be terrains.
  3. I don't quote understand what that means: Say, i have a mod like "MechJeb for All" or "DE_IVAExtension" with all its dependencies. Do they "depend on the stock assets" in the sense of the OP, or is adding functionality by ModuleManager generally okay? What would not be Okay? Or more generally: Is there a comprehensive list of Mods that will require whitelisting "legacy" stock parts when using ReStock?
  4. Lol, but i know you , saw you on PE discord server. Actually i worked as cameraman and editors for OP Duna ep.2.
  5. It's not MSI Afterburner itself, it's the RivaTuner Statistics Server component that it uses to display overlays. Anything that displays overlays in-game is probably doing so by hijacking the rendering path - this has been known to crash several games, KSP included. This has been known for a long time, but I don't see it in the tech support stickies...
  6. Yeah, I commented on that here on August 6th. Once you get the gravimetric experiment it becomes pretty obvious that background processing needs to be almost 20x as fast as it is.
  7. Hi again. Landed on all bodies as seen in photo. Now ive tried to crash into bop , set a crash course and left it alone. Still the mission cant be completed. At this photo i tried to get into orbit but i was lacking 400dV.
  8. Nice ship, never had the patience to mess around much with the old B9 HX parts. Try putting a Castillo crate on the outside of the hull and expand it before cheating it into orbit. See if it disappears or reverts back into a crate. Or you can expand the Castillo after you have cheated it into orbit. (You're using Hyperedit, it's not like you have to worry about running out of resources.) See if it sticks around for a while or disappears on you. I've had issues in the past using expanded parts direct from the editor. They like to disappear at some point after launch. I've found that expanding them after launch usually will make permanent. If all that fails, you can write a MM patch that adds all the Castillo Omni modules to one of the HX parts.
  9. Sounds like the CoL went in front of the CoM during the flight. I'd recommend this mod, among other things it draws the CoM with empty tanks (or you can empty the tanks by hand, depending on the number of tanks, it can get boring quite quickly):
  10. Mass of an empty tank is 1/9th that of mass of a full tank, but can be made full by ~1.9 tonnes of kit? (Including necessary launch clamp mass) Hmmmmmm Advantage: 5.1 tonnes of empty mass is a lot bigger than 7 tonnes of full mass. Disadvantage: needs an hour at 100000x timewarp before launch because of zero percent thermal efficiency without a radiator. Literal Earth years of fueling delay on the pad. It appears however that a single 10 kg radiator can fix that.
  11. So, if everything goes to plan, and I manage to get JNSQ running, probably after Gordon Fecyk has provided me with said release, (this is being kept private) then we will use JNSQ. As for KCT, I have tested the modset we'll be using, but in the stock system to check it all works, and I used the default preset, and everything seemed good, so we'll probably use default
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  13. Uhh, nice link to your local filesystem. Ain't nobody else seeing that picture. Other than that, yeah, need to see the design. Try an imagehost.
  14. A user on the other thread with the same problem has posted a solution, closing MSI Afterburner There is some bad interaction between KSP and MSI Afterburner causing KSP to crash. No other games has shown any issues like this, so seems to be isolated to KSP. Hopefully this will help the devs to check if there's something they can fix, or of the problem is with Afterburner and will have to be fixed by MSI.
  15. I can confirm that closing MSI Afterburner works! I'm running Afterburner v as well to overclock my GTX 1070ti, and closing it allows KSP to run normally. There must be some bad interaction between MSI Afterburner and either Unity or specifically KSP. I haven't had any issues in other games, but I don't know what games might be using Unity..
  16. Difficulty is extremely variable, depending on what said mods are intended to do. It's certainly not too difficult, as the plethora of high-quality mods available demonstrates. It would be nothing at all like the mission builder, and orders of magnitude more work. A modding interface would have to include a C# compiler and graphical IDE, a 3D modelling program, and a bunch of Unity glue... You would still have to learn C# and 3D modelling to use it. Dumbing it down to the drag-and-drop graphical lego level of the mission editor would make it totally useless for 99% of the things mods do. We already have VS/Monodevelop, Blender, and the Unity dev tools. If you want to make mods, just use those. A full SDK, no, and you don't need one. KSP exposes APIs for modding, and everything else is the same tools every other Unity game uses.
  17. If the system is released, no new celestials will be added. Only improvements to the existing ones. @Jup the stockchanges are not planned for a while. So I can not answer questions i've even myself not figured out.
  18. So... no gammas, according to the Russian government itself?
  19. I think he's referring to this thread as a whole, Which I'd like to throw my opinion in on. Without Military funding in the real world Space Travel, as well as advanced aerodynamics wouldn't be possible (Or atleast in their infancy at this point in time). Military is the largest research complex in human history. Enjoy one of my side projects guys
  20. haha thanks... im not THAT bad... i hope
  21. I'm looking for any fanfiction in progress to join up with. I can act as an editor, binge writer, confidant, or whatever. My last couple fanfictions have fell through over the last couple years, but I want to stay in the game in order to improve on my writing skills. It's just too risky to start up a new fan fiction because I haven't come up with any good ideas. I'm an improver, not a producer so to speak.
  22. These are kind of related, so I'll address them together. Reusable vehicles are worth it in the sense that reusing the vehicle will immediately bump up the reliability from the second flight onwards. As you keep reusing it, the parts will eventually wear out, but that just means that you replace the part that wore out, the next iteration will be a bit more reliable on it's first flight and then much more reliable on it's second flight again. In essence, you get more bang for your buck for reusing, because the improvements between generations are much slower than the improvements gained by testing. I take your point baldamundo about gaining experience by reusing that can be implemented in future generations, but that's a difficult thing to code. It already does (or it should do anyway).
  23. For the last few days, Kagas has been wringing the neck of the tiny rover. Why she chose to do an Impromptu Elcano is anyone's guess but its started, so it must be finished. Let's watch and see. As normal the links contain the full mission report, but below also are a few key words and some of the better pictures if you don't have long to stop by Mission Log 6 - The Elcano Diaries Impromptu Elcano Stage 2 Kagas pushes the rover over the edge and down the first huge hill. Quickly the speed ramps up to dangerous speeds. Barely avoiding a flip, the valley is spread out below and Kagas levels out just before the next huge drop off. One of the biggest airs of the mission. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Image courtesy ohhhhhhhhhhhhmywordweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee productions. the compression on landing maxes out the suspension of the rover. Kagas pushes onward despite the weird vibrations inside her head. Near the anomaly it seems to get worse and worse. Over the rise, head screaming, Kagas sees the anomaly. It seems to be a monolith. No one actually took this photo. It just appeared in the camera roll. Another tiny floating rock! Large floating rocks don't seem to occur here like they do on Duna. Definitely worthy of a flag. Kasselblad selfie technologytm During an eclipse of Kerbol by Ike, Kagas turns the power off so the batteries don't drain out completely, Image courtesy of C7 Aerospace rovemate selfie technology Kagas makes the decision to get to the nearest high point to get a bigger run up at the dip into the next valley. The Duna land speed record must be broken! A near 30 degree incline tested the capability of the Rovemate M1 wheels traction to the limit. The big drop awaits. Folding in the solar panel for safety, Kagas sends it. The speed is eye watering as Kagas descends down the mountain. Jump after jump at increasingly terrifying speeds occurs. This jump, at 173mph has Kagas thinking she is dead Image camptured by weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-bodobodobodobodobodobodobodobodobo-dyne Further down the hill a new speed record of 188mph on Duna is set by Kagas Kerman. Kagas with grit and determination pushes on past more tiny floating rocks, and eventually arrives at the first sample return site. Kasselblad selfie technologytm Duna Surface Sample Return Probe 1 - The tiny decoupler releases the latches just as the engines fire, releasing the sample return probe. Kagas watches it ascend to the heavens Mobile phone propped up against a rock technology. the next part of the mission is already complete and queued for reporting. Watch this space for an update on the Impromptu Elcano soon! SM
  24. Rather Melange then, should be frequent on Duna ...
  25. Does it? Ever did it? P.S. I keep in mind the Red Dragon which needed to land on Mars...
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