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  2. Hey there @Papa_Joe, any chance the Roster Manager might be updated for 1.8.x ?
  3. @FreeThinker The old models that are just theoretic models never flown are these ones: K:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves\InterStar\Ships\VAB>dir /B *M.craft 191M.craft 251M.craft 263M.craft 272M.craft 30M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_3-105M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_3-124M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_4-172M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_5-170M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_6-143M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v3_7-145M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-153M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-163M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-164M.craft Daedalus_and_Bussard-v4-165M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-1-117M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-117M.craft InterStellarShuttle-v5-2-117M.craft If you think that is useful I can make a zip with them. Only this ship can get 0.906c Max speed AlphaCentauri in 9 years. TRAPPIST1 in 36 years. NOTE: Earth Years
  4. My big asteroid tug uses five Klaws at the end of large pistons to attach to asteroids. That allows me to adjust the length of the pistons to orient my craft to point exactly at the center of mass of the asteroid, and then lock the pistons for a solid connection. Sometimes one of the Klaws touches the asteroid at too steep an angle to get hold, but the even with only four Klaws connected the connection is usually good enough to get a solid grip and push around even the heaviest asteroids. [Grrr... Google doesn't like me removing their cookie from my browser each session, so they decided to liquid me off. So right now it's too much hassle to log into my (an) imgur account to show you a picture.]
  5. I'd like to add: "you don't have to". Recently I put great effort into securing the vessel to the asteroid by means of KAS struts: The results were not convincing. Autostrutting just a single part of the tug to the asteroid worked much better, was little effort, and required no special contraptions.
  6. So a few things: 1) Engines are expensive. If you’re packing more engine than you really need you’re wasting money 2) Higher TWR engines aren’t going to be more expensive for the same thrust. Hard to justify in an upper stage where additional TWR doesn’t really gain you anything. 3) For launchers optimized for GTO (like Atlas V) you can really get away with long burn times. The burn will be split in two anyway (one to insert into a parking orbit and one to get to GTO) so upper stage burn times that would be awful for pure LEO are just fine for GTO. And computer guidance systems don’t get bored the way human KSP players do
  7. Well, I also think about how stuff would work in real life. So e.g. when designing folding wings I set it up so that when the wings are unfolded the hinges are at their maximum and get pushed into the "end stop" by the forces during flight. Also: don't use physics warp with spinning rotors (e.g. propellers). But in general: "move when no load is there, be locked when load is there" worked fairly well for me.
  8. Yes but there are weird side effect while @pmborg might explain to you
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  10. Just a quick hint, you could update the big black text in the OP here in the thread, it still advertises 1.6 and 1.7 compatibility only
  11. It does a good docking, but not very economical. In manual I spend three times less fuel RCS. He does not understand that the ship is already in front of dockport and if the distance is small, it will first go to a safe distance and then again start decreasing. If the dock is on the other side of the ship, the flyby is not performed on the optimal trajectory. I use Smart ASS for dock alignment. Everything else handles.
  12. I am quite new to the game of making KSP config files. I found a file with %type and %defaultScale already provided with the Tweakscale mod: SSPXR_Tweakscale.cfg @PART[sspx-adjusting-base-25-1,sspx-adjusting-base-cradle-25-1]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { %name = TweakScale %type = SSPXR_stack25 %defaultScale = 2.5 } } Do you mean my blocks should look like this ? With my specific definitions of scaling types ? To be honest I made the file like stock config files and most of the files provided with the Tweakscale mod are not using these variables. Well I think I have applied exactly the same configurations than the stock parts. I tested the file in 1.8.1 only at the moment. EDIT : I have just played with tanks in my VAB and have not seen what you are talking about. Do you have a partname so that I can check ?
  13. That's not it. They separate the spent stages. And after putting into orbit, when the perapsis formed, the engine turns off. Here is this stage like would bounce automatically. It's not.
  14. @CardboardGuy Yes it does. In fact, all the pure part mods I'm using are working fine with 1.8.1. @linuxgurugamer Hey there, just seen that you updated the mod, thanks for maintaining it, as you know, I love small parts. Any changes apart for "updated for 1.8.1"? Couldn't find a change log.
  15. I don't even understand what you're talking about here: Apart from anything else, these two statements are contradictory. If you need to escape from something then that implies that you either need to outrun it or maneuver to avoid it. In either case that requires acceleration in one direction or another, which you've just told me that your emergency momentum shift drive can't do. You clearly have a vision of how you want this to work. I'm not getting it and/or you're not explaining it very well. Arguing in epicycles (where me pointing out the flaws in one system is countered by you layering another flawed system on top) is also getting a bit tedious. I'm done here. Nice talking to you.
  16. Let's talk Toutatis! So I'm back with my latest mission report from a solar system that I had just finished exploring... get back in the rocket, Jeb! One slight issue with having just finished a large Taranis mission is the amount of crap left over that's still in varyingly elliptical orbits between Taranis and Nodens. Except there's a planet there now... I would definitely have used Toutatis to help with Taranis, so let's just say we have some really crappy astronomers, okay? We just discovered a new planet! This is what we're using to get there. There's enough delta-v for a few trips to Toutatis but this is what happens when all your boosters are rated for Sirona. Anyway, getting there was a breeze. We brought a little probe to go run an ore scan- but for some reason it was already scanned? Probably a bug on my end but I'll look into the configs anyway when I get the chance. You can see in the pictures how it works. The lander separates from the tug and heads down before decoupling both the chutes and the science module which stays as a science surface probe and relay. Pretty standard Apollo style. This system worked surprisingly well but I overestimated the atmosphere by a lot. 0.01 atm? That's an IRL Martian atmosphere on a planet proportionally like 50% bigger than Mars. Let's just say it was a hairy landing. (It was exactly like having no atmosphere, except the cloud of exhaust that the engine makes in an atmosphere obscured everything as I was trying to gently bring it down) So as a first interplanetary desination? I'm impressed. I was drawn by the ease of access but completely blindsided by the sheer difficulty involved in actually getting to the surface safely. Doing this at a lower tech level would be a fun time for sure. Also, the tidal lock is surprisingly cool. In terms of solar power, the sunlit side would be really nice for mining operations or science bases that require 24/7 electricity. The upside of the thin atmosphere? Getting back to orbit is no hassle. We made it back to the tug, transferred the crew, science, and snacks and returned home with thousands of m/s to spare. I like Toutatis. It's a nice blend of Venus's accessibility and Mars's drawbacks, with some other unique twists thrown in. Definitely don't treat this place like Duna when it comes to mission planning!
  17. Niagara Falls: So called, because the first time I saw it was at high altitude and some optical illusion made it look like a KSP waterfall, which was an exciting phenomenon at the time, although every one now knows water is flat. (Which bears the heavy implication also that there are no winds on Kerbin, borne out by the fact that no Kerbalese Pilots Operating Handbook mentions anything about cross-wind landings.) I'll add a couple more shots so you can identify when you have arrived, but suffice it to say that: it's a part of the longest water feature on Kerbin you can see it's at a fork in the feature there's a convenient little landing strip shown (in case anybody is thinking about opening up a tourist resort at this very picturesque rafting/submarining site.
  18. Hello! I’m aware that the OP is no longer maintaining the thread, I’m just asking the community of users a question: Is it possible to have galactic neighbourhood and another (unsupported) star system (like the old Interstellar Adventure Revived) coexist in the same save?
  19. Can I request a matching green paintjob for the R7 parts? Since the Russian launchers and spacecraft are all confusingly named after each other, I'm referring to the Soyuz rocket itself based off the ICBM colors
  20. Pretty sure that turning "require life support" off will simply hide the values and set kerbals resource use to zero. Life support involves everything from bases to kerbals on eva but setting use to zero solves any issues here. You might some minor issues like weight of build in life support resources in an capsule still being included but hidden and this could be removed or reduced if playing with life support on.
  21. @allista, thank you for looking into it. I opened issue #214 in Hangar's github page. I attached a ZIP file to the issue containing the SFS files you requested. I install mods manually. So when I tried to use CKAN, it won't include my installed mods when generating an export file. Here is the screenshot of the Gateway PAWS...
  22. There is a checkbox for deploy fairings, uncheck it (same for solar panels and antennae if you don't want them all to deploy). You also need to move the fairing staging to somewhere MJ won't stage through it to get to the next needed engine. I usually put the fairings I want to do manually with the parachutes.
  23. v1.6 Released! GITHUB DOWNLOAD (43k Users) | SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD (2K/4K/8K Users) As always, FRESH install. Until I stop redoing old stuff its going to be best to just cleanly reinstall the mod each update. ======================================================================= "Camp Fires" Changelog: City Light Overhaul - For realsies this time. Brand new textures for city lights, and it has been fine-tuned, so you should be able to see it pretty far out now. (Known Issue: It can be buggy, appears to be an EVE issue. If your City Lights disappear, you can fix it by opening the EVE GUI (L-Alt + 0), navigating to the CityLights tab, and hitting apply. The same can be done if they just look off color compared to my screenshots) Kerbin Adjustments - Made some minute adjustments to its atmosphere. Will be slightly different, and yes the purplish hue is intentional. Jool Overhaul - Redid Jool again to better match up with its blueberry cousin Lindor. Laythe Overhaul - Gave Laythe a makeover. As a cold world that inexplicably maintains a liquid ocean, it is extraordinarily foggy, though not quite as much as Huygen. Huygen adjustments. No bug could be found as reported by @Chronin, but the time spent there did result in some adjustments to the moon. The volumetrics should be a lot less immersion breaking towards the cloud tops, and its atmosphere was adjusted as well.
  24. My Poseidon is this bad boy right here. For more details on this plane in action, read "The Neptune Mission Files" entries dating back to Y47D80 What do you think, @Francois424? Let's see your "Poseidon."
  25. I'm definitely for buying KSP 1 now. There is no indication of when in 2020 KSP will be available. While the interface looks to be a bit different, all the principles you learn about orbital mechanics will apply. In short, if you have KSP 1 now, you will hit the ground running when KSP2 comes out. Also, I think KSP1 will have a lot of life in it for some time to come. The Breaking Ground DLC alone will keep me interested for the foreseeable future, and there is no indication that will be offered in KSP2 anytime soon. While less popular with many in the community, I am a big fan of the Making History DLC as well--not really for the mission building aspect per se, but because it allows you to easily hyperedit to various locations around the solar system, both in space and on the ground. For someone who has limited time, it allowed me to experiment with different environments, different gravity etc, without always having to mount a full mission. It is a really nice option to have. The downside is the complete KSP with both DLCs is about $60 total. I do believe that is worth it (I spent more than that to go skiing for one day) but everyone's finances are different. One option to consider is asking for a Christmas promise, and then when it goes on sale, pick it up then.
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