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  2. now I can dump fuel on some schools before landing my overweight planes... can we get some schools? Nice to have this, but really bad timing for an announcement.
  3. For those saying precise landings in atmosphere, the Trajectories mod is well worth a look. I can do late burn precisionish landings in vacuum but I've had so many control flight in to terrain incidents doing it I stick with the less efficient but much safer approach of coming to a stop a couple of km up and then a suicide burn landing, which has the added advantage of giving you time to use RCS to land exactly on target. Planes on the other hand... I find WASD control pretty awkward, and I've never got the hang of the trim controls. I really should give it a go with joystick but in general it's safe to say I suck at planes...which is a bit embarrassing as I have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and about 8 hours solo in gliders
  4. I have looked into this before, though I've not done extensive work on the math for all the materials yet, nor actually coded any of them for use in KSP. Back over in the original Realchute thread though, I posted this a while back (april 2018): You might start by reading over the referenced manual, which is available at this address in pdf form. Would definitely like to see (at least some of) these additional materials included as Realchute materials - but since the last word I heard was that RealChute as it currently exists was no longer in development, and was instead being rewritten as RealChute 2.0 from the ground up, I had not gone any further with it.
  5. if you consider DLC to be a full on content expansion like KSP 1 had 1 or 2 of, thats fine. No Micro Transactions.
  6. u r Upd. Wait... Maybe "your" means "yes, obviously u r...", Upd.2 Not replying, just thinking.
  7. Can you use it to autopilot maneuvers? I saw in the manual that you could make them with it but nothing about executing them. I would check it but I am out rn so thought I would ask. Thanks already!
  8. It will take 148 launches for Roscosmos to establish the global orbital system Sphere: 24 Angara-A5 (heavy), 88 Soyuz-2.1b (medium), 36 Angara-1.2 (light). Previously it required only 25 heavy Angara-A5. By 2030 it should include 638 sats (at the moment - 164). This would cost ~324 bln RUR (~5 bln USD). The Sphere should include: global positioning system GLONASS, personal communication system Gonets ("messenger"), middle orbit broadband internet access system Skif and other.
  9. Don't forget, the ideal optimal is of course 0, so bearing in mind the highest lattitude launch site, you still want it as close to 0 as possible. I presume that's at least one reason why the ISS isnt polar. Then again, the closer you are to the pole, the less 0 inclination becomes optimal, or even matters at all, right? Since the launch site isnt travelling east as fast. Hmm... Theres probably some complicated maths involved there.
  10. Ive been working on this myself recently (and on and off for several years). A trick Ive noted is to tilt the whole ship so that its in it's various flight configurations (i.e. hover, forward motion, etc.) and look at the vectors. It becomes fairly easy to see how it will react when you actually fly it. Obviously, dumping all the fuel out of it and repeating is worth doing as well. Be sure to post if you figure out how to get the KAL-1000 to behave with rotating engines... I am having immense trouble trying to get 2 of them to do yaw AND forward/backward at the same time.
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  12. Hmm unfortunately I wasnt able to identify the problem from this. Could you try launching a craft with one of those problem engines, try to use it, then quit and send me your outputlog.txt (player.log if on 1.8). Just in case there is something useful there. However the easiest way to solve your problem would probably be for you to eliminate mods one by one (starting with the mods more likely to mess around with engines and stuff) until it starts working. Then we can see what and how the engines are being affected and if there is a solution.
  13. Then why are they wasting resources on recovering it? Reduce marine pollution? Or for engineering studies?
  14. That will need a fix in KEI but it should be easily done. I'll submit a pr to lgg later
  15. It goes in <KSProot>/saves/<name-of-your-savegame>/Ships/VAB Optionally .../Ships/SPH if its a plane. (It doesnt matter, it will just load facing a weird direction if you get it wrong; you can just rotate it)
  16. Nice. It's nothing to reply here.
  17. The heaviest craft I've seen on a single Juno was over 51 tonnes. Top speed in the video is 43.2 m/s (3:38), it could only fly through MJ's pilot assist to keep it from stalling, and one can debate if it's still an airplane, but it took off from the KSC runway and landed intact at the island. Let's do the math. 43.2 m/s * (51.185 t / 1 juno) = 2211.192. Exchanging the two outer layers of wingpanels by one extra juno to more than double the speed (but losing 4.5 t of mass): 88 m/s * (45.564 t / 2 junos) = 2004.816.
  18. @stankwoo I’m about to go to sleep but visit the wiki on the KSPTOT github project page and you’ll find a tutorial for using one of the tools to get to/from planets & moons without having to guess & will give the optimizer an easier solution. also always share the mission files so arrowstar can look at what you’re doing also also @Arrowstar that wiki link still isn’t in the OP...
  19. @severedsolo I note about mod interactions, Bureaucracy makes the mod, Kerbin Environmental Institute {maintained by Linuxgurugamer} behave in unexpected ways. With Bureaucracy having 5 levels of upgrades, you don't get the ability to do surface samples until R+D level 3, however, KEI which does all the science around KSC, detects 1 upgrade to the R+D facility, and since it doesn't see that there are now 5 levels, it allows surface samples to occur, since it assumes the R+D facility, is now at the correct level [after a single upgrade instead of 2 upgrade levels Bureaucracy expects] I don't know if there's anything you can do on your end, or you need/want to speak to Linuxgurugamer about something on that mod's end, or just put a warning about interactions on this mod's page.
  20. They should include it in the payload of the first orbital Starship launch.
  21. I thought it would - I wasn't resetting the priority at all (which was a problem in itself when an upgrade completes), so I knew it couldn't have been me resetting it. - but more importantly, isPriority wasn't actually being saved anywhere. (Reason 232 for doing this rewrite: Now that classes save their own data, it's really easy to see when you forgot something)
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