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  2. That actually shouldn’t be too hard. But I’d want some validation in place to prevent parts inverting. However, what would help me (and for any new feature) would be to define some user cases. As they are easier to develop and test. For example looking at the video above I could assert: As a user I can move my mouse in one or two axis so that the length of the wing and offset changes accordingly. I would add: As a user when using my mouse to change the size of wings in any function values will not allow parts to invert and retain invalid values. With a few of these I can work on these as stories. I would stipulate that I wouldn’t want anything buggy going in. I guess finally I would like to know the consensus on priority of any new suggested features. What would you all like added. Seems like solar powered wings is pretty high up there.
  3. Tapeta

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Well, there is problem with drag which is generated on that big landing gear on end of right wing. It flies differently with landing gear down and with landing gear up. But I can't move that big landing gear closer to center, because that landing gear acts as counterweight of the cockpit. Symmetrical aircrafts are so easy :-)
  4. Corax


    I'm happy to report this is still working perfectly in 1.7. Any chance to update the CKAN and/or Spacedock info to reflect this? May I humbly request this brilliant mod to eventually be incorporated in vanilla KSP? I know it's not as simple as "Just give us a checkbox", but please, please... the stock cursor literally makes my eyes hurt.
  5. Oh the writing is definitely heavily inspired by that yes. I mean... eventually
  6. That was Simon's order. Waiter, i got a Weeby thing in my soup !!!
  7. It appears I did, the bot picked up the changes and are deployed with ckan
  8. Klapaucius

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Are you using the Center of Mass and Center of Lift indicators in the space plane hangar? That's how I got mine to work. Also, if your thrust is off center, you can counteract that with a Juno on the other end and adjust the thrust limiter as needed. Finally, just put a massive flap on the side that is dropping.
  9. I already forgot about space travel - living in 3rd world country and whatnot... ... But if there's a will, there's a way. Surely you guys will figure something out...
  10. Pretorian28715

    Jeb's Journals

    Think Jeb would not have complained for an extra 3 seconds though? Nice liking this, referencing scifi in general is good, the big bad mods nice moderator's could be fun. Scot Manley, @Just Jim for your ref's so far Awaiting Moar...
  11. Yeah, I've been trying to three days to make it work and checked and rechecked and couldn't figure what the heck I'm doing wrong, now that you asked me if I installed the textures, I 'membered that I completely forgot to install the core mode. Thanks for the help anyway.
  12. Hello @Tonka Crash. I have moved your thread to C# Plugin Development Help and Support.
  13. Tapeta

    Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge

    Another one. I was desperately trying to make it fly well but I just can't get rid of the roll problem.
  14. I particularly never felt the need for compatible parts as I always used tweakscale, allowing me to fit almost anything into anything else. But damn, in six monts or so KSP changed some 3 verisons already, and I gotta tell ya, that puts me off. When I finally got my 1.4.something running with almost all the moods I like, they changed it again and again and again..... aaach! Well, back to the point: tantares only needs to focus on its unique and particular parts, which is what it is doing best. Big ass tanks are only for lifters. In my playstyle, I like saving sub-assemblies, as a repertoire of tested and tried lower stages, and the only time I feel thet dont match tantares parts is when I place a complex tantares craft above the dumber lower stages, and the fitting becomes weird. There is no need for 1.5 big cilindrical tanks if stock, heavy lifters or other big rocket parts mod already has them - but ADAPTERS of all sorts and sizes would be welcome, even if they deviate slightly from actual RL soviet parts.
  15. James Kerman

    Making RSS easier?

    Hello @discoreeper. I have moved your thread to add on discussions.
  16. discoreeper

    Making RSS easier?

    Can anyone recommend me some mods that can make the real solar system easier? I just installed that mod yesterday and I have troubles even to enter orbit.
  17. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Cognitive abilities are declining in zero gravity

    That's a bit excessive. For shorter journeys, people are fine, and for longer journeys we can use a centrifuge as @Bill Philpointed out. There's so many other health problems with zero g to begin with anyway, this doesn't really change much. No need to cut off all space travel, that's just completely ridiculous.
  18. Today
  19. OrbitalBuzzsaw

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Thanks! It's a joy to fly too, perfectly balanced all the way up now. Happy to post a craft file if anyone wants it.
  20. Hey Jadago, I know it's way too late for a reply, but it's nice to hear your feedback Unfortunately I don't think I will update the mission, it's been too long since I worked on it... thank you for playing!
  21. Aeroboi

    A few jet part suggestions

    Agreed. The Goliath is a RR-Trent-800 replica and there aren't many other larger variant types so a larger ksp type would be a fictional made engine, just like the rapier that is. IIRC I need a light air craft with plenty of wing incidence to get it anywhere close to 12+ km let alone 15km. The way I see it the Goliath is a engine for the lower atmosphere, remember that 10km on Kerbin is a lot higher relative to 10km on Earth. There is a Mk4 mod in the first place and the way it looks it would require exotic new type shapes of stock fuel tank adapters, by the looks of it would'nt even blend in that well with it's egg curved shapes but that is taste after all. While it required a lot of effort I already created a 52% payload to orbit rapier space plane using 96 rapiers to get 1.5Kiloton into orbit 7.5M wide and 60M long. Bigger ramjet/turboramjet or ramjet/rocket hybrid engines like the Rapier would cut on the part count and 2.5m variant engines would be good. Maybe Squad could stock make a welding mechanism to weld rapiers to a engine plate so to make it a single part. I'm all for bigger cargo bays, any way shape or form.
  22. A 270° <> 90° runway. Polar launches using SSTO's should be doable. The flat KSC complex is big enough it seems. A shipyard for building marine vessels.
  23. I don't know. Base functionality of a part being broken seems pretty big. Then again, I had to wait a year to safely drive solar panels through the Mk3 cargo ramp. So, who knows when Squad will get to it.
  24. @Anth12 You are right, I think my examples show in general, that ones individual standpoint influences, whether you would attribute such problems to the design of a craft, or the functioning of SAS, or if you see both as subsystems that are intrinsically linked to form a super-system. Given that a player has the ability to design one part of this system (the craft), but has very limited influence over the other (controls and by extension SAS), I tend to attribute such issues more to the latter than the former component, especially when a craft by all indications should be perfectly stable and flyable (CoL behind CoM, CoT lined up with CoM and CoL, etc.). In case of the bug, even limiting authority or inverting deployment direction doesn't resolve the issue, since either pitch or roll will be correctly inverted, but not both. Hence, SAS runs on a faulty 'wiring' and therefore fails under certain conditions.
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