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  2. Pds314

    Dumpling range challenge

    I believe it is exactly double. But I have yet to completely prove there are no weird geometrical issues with 3D flight or turning that could exacerbate that, or issues with Krakensbane above Mach 2.
  3. Frank_G

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Starting to design a science station for munar and minmus missions, based on my Kerbin Orbital One parts. It can be delivered by spaceplane and comes with almost 1.000 m/s of Delta V to adjust orbit or fly from Mün to Minmus on its own. I plan to have resource extraction sites on both moons, to refuel the station. I might wait with the launch till "Breaking Ground" is out though, to have storage for surface science on board.
  4. I'm running into an issue using Beyond Home (which relies on KK), and when I launch from the base on the moon that has been placed there with KK, everything is fine, but when I go back to the Space Center, it puts me in the ground at the last launch site, only none of the KSC buildings or buttons are visible, and I can't get back to KSC. If I quit the game and reload, then go into the VAB and hit the KK button, I can select the normal KSC as the launch site again, and everything is fixed. But the moment I launch from that moon, this happens again. Also had a similar problem where I landed at that moon base, and I couldn't recover the ship. When I went to the space center, a pop-up came up like I could recover it, but none of the buttons worked. It was just stuck again, and I had to kill the game once again, then load back up and reset the launchsite to KSC. I've unchecked the option in the settings to 'Use last launchsite'. Any thoughts?
  5. Poodmund

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Axis Groups

    I don't think anyone had any issue with the understanding of that, I think primarily what people are concerned about is that the Axis Group keys are the same keys that trigger the fundamental movement controls of a vessel and that when you use the keys to trigger the Axis Group you'll also trigger the movement that coincides with that key. I don't think this is the case due to Action Sets existing and how they can operate but this was not explained in the video or to any degree in the post.
  6. No, I did my own Tweakscale-config for this parts. But it should work with the All Tweak Mod.
  7. Thanks The plan was to do the anti mission: an unnecessary complicated trip featuring satellites, deepsea probes dropped by planes, a fleet of boats, a base, a mining rig and tankers, an orbiting station and much more. Sadly didn't find the time and wanted to release before this dlc makes my mechanics obsolete
  8. Coolinee Kerman

    The "Cheap Rocket" Challenge

    Would Duna, Ike, and back qualify for the Impress me tier?
  9. MiscelanousItem

    Is there a way to get KSP free legally or at least, really cheap?

    @Yeet_TheDinosaur thats a very sensible solution
  10. @Lisias I'm still interested to hear exactly this mod is/was doing with ModuleManager (not just what methods it was calling, but what was it trying to accomplish)
  11. you need to try a new target the are rivers that can block the way and are hard to find a way around from a big distance
  12. hello your post is very well written and if you wer a customer of ckan worded correctly, but alas ckan is not a Business and is only offering its services as is. if the structure of ckan at the moment can`t support this mod then its is necessary to publish the mod marking it as not indexed by ckan. not getting to decision at the end of a discussion is unfortunate (and common in unorganized hobby meetings) and i understand its frustrating but stil ckan has no customer services.
  13. The fun part is that if the one description is accurate and nano computers are only millions of times faster. That put some estimates for potential calculations for light based stuff at around e15th in speed at 1920x1080 resolution. That is right between gigahertz and nano computer supposed speeds. And it's scalable. So, I'll assume it's a matter of cost. I've always liked the idea of light based computing. It's potentially endlessly scalable which could be useful. Even though I'm sure not in my lifetime. And I think scaling it to double the size(4x) at 3920x2160 put it in the same minimal range of e18th calculation speeds for quantum computer calculation speeds.. So, that is doable with modern video card display sizes. That is a pretty nice potential setup. We are not far off. Some stuff was saying light based cpus in a decade. Not that that usually works out that conveniently. maybe in a decade if I'm lucky I will have a light based system. Not to mention the combination stuff invovling light based on a current cpu. I think they meant in the die with the tarnsisters and not just as the bus. That would be interesting. So, yes it can be supplemental or even replace potentially. It's possible it could out do quantum computers potentially. They don't seem to be far off. Especially as light based is potentially infinitely scalable. Although I'm assuming quantum is even more power efficient. No, idea how scalable it is. I missed something on that if it was in the stuff I read. I'll assume light based systems and qauntum will go together at some point as the lack of lag will probably be helpful. Unless there is something better out there to speed up copper. Also wasn't sure where in the nanosecond range of response time microled was supposed to be. That could throw it off a bit. And I think the one article said someone got a pico second signal to the gate. I don't remember what it was. I think it was to get the signal. That means not much in the way but cost and convenience.
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  15. Foxster

    Satellite space program

    Because it takes so little dV (and cost) to get a mk1 capsule back from the Mun and Minmus it seems almost a waste not to and halve the science for a mission. This kinda makes exploring without a crew almost an affectation. A way to reduce the return dV/cost further is to take along a scientist to reset experiments and take the crew-only readings at multiple biomes and then abandon him and return an Experiment Storage Unit with all the juicy science collected.
  16. Svm420

    [1.6.1] Nice MKseries Body [NMB] [V3.2] [2019.3.22]

    @Stone Blue Would you consider trying to fix the bomb bay for the F22? It has the same spawning 1000m in the air as quiztech and OPT. Its the only proper F22 bomb bay.
  17. Foxster

    499 years

    Have a look around and see if there's a restaurant there at the end of the universe.
  18. This will be extremely useful, especially because when you have a lot of craft docked to a space station action groups tend to overlap. This way, I can disable the action groups of docked craft to avoid firing an engine when I’m deploying solar panels, for example.
  19. @Spacescifi, with fission reactors or magnetically confined fusion, the problems with clustering escalate dramatically: these designs invariably emit fields that directly interfere with each other’s core processes. Nuclear reactors are throttled through control of thermal neutron flux, but unshielded reactors also spew them in all directions, including towards other reactors, this keeping the entire cluster working effectively will be a bother - let alone selectively shutting down some of the engines. You thus end up with the added weight of partitions made from neutron poisons, but at least the solid-core nuclear rockets can be gimbaled so that as few as two engines would give you engine-out capability. You can’t really gimbal gas/plasma-core engines, neither fission nor fusion. And the magnetic confinement fields of most fusion rocket variants would probably endanger nearby ships. Thus yes, in a lot of cases a single engine is very sensible because it’s the only option. And the clusters of similar-looking engines of varied sizes essentially never make sense.
  20. Foxster

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Axis Groups

    That craft aint going anywhere. Terrier isp is too low at SL
  21. KerbolExplorer

    Video recorder for KSP and other games...

    Hi sorry for the delay but i finnaly got some time and installed OBS I found it simple to record with but the video is lagging a lot what can i do to fix this?
  22. Enot02

    [1.5.1+] FTL Drive Continued

    This is an incredible mod! Also it's just the time to call some Rockmen's and Mantis' ships. Some Rebels' ships as well.
  23. kerbiloid

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Testing the Guard Mode of BDArmory having a tag of the hostile team.
  24. Xd the great

    How safe is fusion rocket exhaust in the air?

    Probably the biggest concern would be radiation leakage, X-ray and stuff. Or formation of NOx...
  25. Hotel26

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I found a really good payload for this Spunk, reusable launcher, which I built some time ago, basing it on an original (modded) work by @Pthigrivi: and have, as a result, been doing a long series of multiple launches, which has had me practising the return to KSC. Finally, got one back for a runway landing! (Corks popping!) Spunk can land downrange under chutes for an apoaptic launch. Or a geared landing if it maneuvers close enough to my downrange recovery center (with flat landing sites) on the next promontory east of KSC. But after a payload launch with full circularization (e.g. my new DSRN V), an attempt to land on the KSC runway is mandatory! This one was exciting. I lowered apoapsis on the opposite side of Kerbin to only 55km instead of my usual 50. Then burned a hard retro just past the tip of India [forgot the real name] aiming a splashdown just a but further east than Koney Island (the one with the Island airfield). Forgot that on such a steep approach the trajectory would not change hardly at all, so got a good, fast overshoot. Just under 4km altitude, had it slowed enough to gingerly maneuver into an upward loop, converting excess energy into altitude and putting it onto a very high approach to KSC R27. And a minute or two's fuel on low power setting still in the tanks to operate the twin Vector gimbals. Spunk likes a very healthy 140 m/s on approach, just under max gear speed... One more benefit of operating a reusable launcher is that, when you miss and land out, my rules require a separate craft carrying kerbals to land in the vicinity to effect the recovery. (Vicinity equals, "must be able to [] switch to the wreck asset...) This gives me a lot of incentive to fly a VTOL to the crash site. Last trip was up in the foothills on the other side of the mountains west of KSC. Lots of practice with the transition in and out of hover! VTOLs have no trouble with air-sea rescue, too. Fun.
  26. kerbiloid

    How safe is fusion rocket exhaust in the air?

    Another question: whether there is a reason for a reactor on every vessel. Or maybe a power transmission is much easier and much safer to implement. (Microwave and laser transmitters/receivers in the same mod above)
  27. HopelessSoap

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I might be missing something but almost every robotic part is way to weak. They are also really glitchy. Sometimes it won't even work at all, and sometimes it only works at some angles. The parts that are designed for robotic arms don't have enough power to lift them.
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