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  2. It is such a disappointment that this is not coming to Xbox. I really wanted to play this. I just don't understand why you guys aren't working on this for console. You just keep progressing PC but not console. If you aren't working on console version then why did you put this game out for console? Or the making history dlc? What was the point. We just keep getting farther and farther behind PC. I truly hope you hire more people to work on console version. If I had a PC I would play on it but I don't and I love this game. It just bums me out. I hope this changes and I wish I could get some information on what your plan is for console. Thanks.....
  3. My hype level just reached 11. I love the art style on the new parts! Keep it up guys!
  4. I wonder how MandatoryRCS works alongside kOS (specifically, kOS cooked control). Does it disable or lower power of reaction wheels when kOS tries to change ship's attitude and to stabilize it?
  5. Electrical failure, oops
  6. Trying again without photon sailor installed I'm still getting the same "engine shutdown fuel missing" message on the runway. And also, to clarify, in version 1.21.5 internal fuel mode on the thermal ramjet was working, but not atmospheric, and both modes are not working in 1.21.6 as shown below.
  7. ♪♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♪♫ ♪♫ I'm about to (lose) gain control and I think I like it ! ♪♫ ♪♫ I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it ♪♫ ♪♫ And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you (Damn DLC) ♪♫
  8. Well, we're in very unsupported, unknown territory, so I hardly expect any miracles here, but just in case, here you go: LINK to log I did notice this exception, if it is relevant: [ERR 13:03:06.197] [ModuleManager] Exception while calling TexturesUnlimitedLoader.ModuleManagerPostLoad() : [EXC 13:03:06.197] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,KSPShaderTools.IconShaderData].Add (System.String key, KSPShaderTools.IconShaderData value) KSPShaderTools.TexturesUnlimitedLoader.buildShaderSets () KSPShaderTools.TexturesUnlimitedLoader.load () KSPShaderTools.TexturesUnlimitedLoader.ModuleManagerPostLoad () System.Reflection.MonoMethod.Invoke (System.Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object[] parameters, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) Rethrow as TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. System.Reflection.MonoMethod.Invoke (System.Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object[] parameters, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) System.Reflection.MethodBase.Invoke (System.Object obj, System.Object[] parameters) ModuleManager.PostPatchLoader+<Run>d__16.MoveNext () UnityEngine.Logger:Log`(Exception) ModuleManager.Logging.UnityLogger:Exception(String, Exception) ModuleManager.Logging.ModLogger:Exception(String, Exception) ModuleManager.<Run>d__16:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)
  9. So basically, it need to be able to Use flapable wings only fly an X-certain distance Carry a rocket in its "mouth" that can destory an external seat.
  10. raidernick

    [1.6.1] Realism Overhaul v12.7.0 [23 May 2019]

    Why do people blame RO for these things? RO is just configs that change some part values and by itself can't break something like this. This issue is almost 100% fore sure caused by a change real fuels and NOT RO. The most likely case however is that you have done something wrong in the install though. I would like to make a side note that this version of RO we just released is almost identical to the previous 1.3.1 install except for the addition of configs for the new parts. If it worked in 1.3.1 and not 1.6.1 then there was either a change in 1.6.1 itself that broke it or a change in some other plugin based mod you are using.
  11. This is the best Dev Notes you guys have released for nearly half a year. Kudos, and god speed on the bug hunt in the last moments before release.
  12. XB-70A

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    Let's hope Starlink has its maiden flight in the next few hours. Meanwhile, here is a picture of B1049.3 exhaling impatiently on pad 40.
  13. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground under the spotlight!

    We have needed this forever, to be able to edit action groups on the fly and view them! please make it so Squad! This would be a perfect thing for the next major update if they can't get it in with the DLC yet.
  14. So many new possibilities for explosions =D
  15. This in particular is more important now than ever before with the additional functions being added for action groups. Even just a right click option in the command module/probe PAW that lists them all would be good enough for now.
  16. Workload (Y2 D369) "Here are our plans." Gene clicked and the big screen on the wall of his office revealed the upcoming milestones to the Kerbals around his conference table. Wernher, who knew what was presented, looked into the faces of Benten and Wolfheim. "First of all, Kerlumbia will carry the second part of the Alpha expansion into LKO. It will be mated with a tanker transit at Dawn station. On your way there you will pick up another stranded pilot from orbit." "Not again!" Benten leaned back in his chair. "Oh yes", Gene chuckled, "I have no idea what these guys are doing wrong but they keep doing it. Anyway, the contracts pay off, especially with our fully reusable shuttle. And most of the stranded folks are happy to sign with us after their rescue. Take that new girl Zeldous, she reminds me of Val when she was new. So positive and enthusiastic, even after her breakdown up there. And Kirwell, the other new pilot, he is almost as relaxed as you are, Benten. You should consider picking him for that mission. We'll run him through the simulator at Quasar's place so he can join you then." Benten nodded briefly, then Gene continued running them through the plan. "Then we will launch your new tanker vessel, Wolfheim. It already has a name. Administrator Shmauck managed to acquire sponsorship from the Kerbonas corporation so that will be its new designation." The engineer leaned forward. "I am thinking about a three-letter-acronym system that works so well in many fields. Can we name the tanker ships FTVs as in fuel transport vessel?" Benten rolled his eyes and grabbed a bottle of water. "What would we call the Kerlumbia then? BMW as in 'big multi-use workhorse'?" Gene smiled but ignored the remark. "Actually I like the idea. FTV Kerbonas sounds rather professional. I will pass it to Shmauck. And you develop a system that works for other vehicle classes and types, Wolfheim." "Oh, I have already", the engineer quickly responded, "the fuel storage modules for Dawn station will be FSMs and the manned construction vehicle should be called MCV. For the Kerlumbia I could imagine STS as in space transport shuttle." Gene interrupted gently, immediately picking up the suggestion. "Speaking of the shuttle, there will be another mission for STS Kerlumbia before the end of this year. Wernher?" "Oh... yes, sure." The head of R&D cleared his throat and sorted his papers. "We have this new device which we call the claw. No idea how that fits into your three-letter acronyms, Wolfheim, but it could be very useful to collect debris from space. We could mount it on a tiny little probe and take it up to orbit in the shuttle cargo bay. And once we collected valuable remains of space debris we could bring it back down with the shuttle." "You must be kidding", said Benten, slowly shaking his head. "Recover the stranded and collect the garbage, that's what we use this great ship for? STS should stand for stranded and trash service!" A moment of awkward silence passed, then Wernher, Gene and Wolfheim broke out in laughter. Benten, irritated at first, joined in. "That was a good one, Benten", Gene finally giggled, "but really, the Kerlumbia can show how versatile she is and you will have an additional mission to train the second pilot." "I will think about that small probe to carry the claw and also about an acronym for it", added Wolfheim. The boss prepared to close the meeting. "To wrap it up, gentlemen. First is a shuttle launch to bring up the next part for Munlab Alpha and to recover a kerbonaut. Second is the commissioning of the new tanker Kerbonas to Minmus. Third is the shuttle launch to recover some component from the orbit. That should bring us close to new year's eve. We could think about some fireworks." Benten smiled briefly and Wernher caught it with a strict look. "Don't even think of blowing up equipment!" "Wait and see", the pilot replied. Gene raised from his chair. "It's time for me to get back to mission control. We are currently moving the Munlab into a polar orbit and once we are there we will prepare a landing in Mun's polar crater." A viewpoint for the Mun (Y2 D389-D392) "That's close enough, well done." Benten patted his copilot's shoulder. Kirwell Kerman had proved to be an eager and fast learner. He had gone through the shuttle trainings and simulator runs with ease. On his first real mission aboard Kerlumbia he was tasked to take over the shuttle's controls and to rendezvous with the Dawn station. He had managed to maneuver the large vessel within close range of the station in orbit above Kerbin. Benten pressed the talk button to activate the radio transmission. "Dawn, Kerlumbia here. We have a package to be delivered to the Mun. Will you take over?" Valentina responded promptly. "Sure thing, guys. I hear you also have a passenger? Welcome to the show, Sigsel!" Benten turned and looked over his shoulder. Sigsel occupied the seat behind Benten. The pilot had been recovered from his stranded capsule two hours before and had since been quietly sitting in the backseat to follow the procedures between Benten and Kirwell. "Hi, this is Sigsel Kerman. Thank you for the warm welcome." Valentina undocked the Kernoco tanker from the station. The tanker had been brought back to LKO to transfer fuel coming from Minmus and Gene had once again decided to take advantage of a tanker rotation to bring another expansion to the station in Mun orbit. Val directed the fully loaded tanker craft from her remote controls inside the station and maneuvered it towards the shuttle. After she had stopped all relative movement, Benten took over the shuttle controls. He brought the shuttle up below the tanker. The payload was a crew module with a viewpoint called cupola, intended to be used by third party crews aboard the Mun station. The module was entirely lacking any means of control and therefore the handover of the payload would have to be treated with maximum care. Kirwell had left his copilot seat and watched the cargo bay monitors to assist Benten and to release the payload from its docking point when needed. Benten called Valentina. "Dawn, Kerlumbia, we're perfectly aligned, ready when you are." Again, Vals response came quickly. "Then release and slowly dive away so I can pick it up. Ground, you copy?" "Green for payload release", came Genes brief confirmation. Kirwell activated the undocking mechanism and Benten very slowly moved the shuttle aft and down to avoid even the slightest touching of the module. "Dawn, Kerlumbia, we are slowly falling away, payload is stable and stationary, go ahead", the pilot reported calmly. Val ordered the tanker to follow the shuttle's movement in constant distance. She used her own instruments and cameras to see what was happening, but Kirwell gave additional visual clues from inside the shuttle. After long and tense minutes she had brought the Kernoco tanker in the correct position to dock. With a final puff of lateral forward motion she moved the ship towards the module's docking port. "Contact, all sensors green", she reported and then, "docking ports engaged, payload is locked." "Well done, Val, congratulations! We're all very happy here at mission control." "Thank you, Gene", she responded, "now let's bring Kernoco and the module on course to their destination." "Sure, we'll take over from here", Gene said. "The trajectory is already programmed. You can watch together with the shuttle crew. We have not docked Kerlumbia to the Dawn station yet. Time for another first. And show Sigsel around. Ground out." The Kernoco tanker brought the new module safely to the Mun station and released it by a similar procedure. Danlan Kerman, the current pilot aboard Munlab Alpha, remotely controlled the undocking and left the module stable and stationary in space close to his station. He then undocked the unmanned mini tug and piloted it remotely to dock with the payload. Once he had docked the tug with the module he used the tug to bring it back to the station. Alpha had now received another upgrade and the external contractor happily acknowledged the successful delivery of their module to the station. The mini tug provides the link between the new module and the station for now until there will be a way to move an uncontrollable component from one docking port to another. The new claw may come in handy at some point. At the end of day 392 Kirwell performed his first landing of the shuttle at SSC under the eyes of Benten. He came in too high and zoomed past the runway at supersonic speeds some twenty kilometers above the SSC so he entered a wide downward turn to perform a first shuttle landing from the east.
  17. Just got a new colleague who interned at TsNIIMash. He says there's more "snack packers" than rocket scientists there now.
  18. Dirt The Space Dirt Fox

    Future DLCs--what would you suggest?

    Nuclear, nuclear and more nuclear stuff. We could use nuclear reactors, more nuclear engines, and perhaps electroplasma whatever they are called engines that reactors can power as well. in other words I'm a big fan of Kerbal Atomics and the Near Future series electrical and engines mods, but I'd like to see stuff like this in the stock game to give more options when it comes to building immense ships capable of going anywhere!
  19. I don't think KSP should increase the graphics level. I agree that we need a faster engine, but there is a certain charm to how KSP looks at the moment. People have really increased the graphics themselves with mods, and I think that if people want to play 100% stock they should be able to. I love how KSP looks at the moment. I really do. I run on a high-end computer and I don't even want to install that many graphics mods just because it is so nostalgic and charming to play the current game.
  20. I love all this, but I reckon that most it should probably be added to the base game (the work to create it, funded of course, by the other DLCs mentioned above )
  21. Terwin

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Do you have enough colony supplies? I believe the colony growth feature requires the colonization module to be functioning, and it is easy to run out of colony supplies, especially with multiple consumers.
  22. Make a clean install, load the game, make a new save. Then open your backup saves folder and copy everything EXCEPT the persistent.sfs files.Go to your new save folder and put those files there. I guees it might work?Some experimentation there, it has helped someone with a similar problem before. If it works you will have your save with some things missing but it is a salvage. Otherwise i have no idea whats happening on your save.Have you installed on a different drive?Maybe some permissions are changed...sry thats my last ideas.
  23. It s just as beautiful as i thought it would be... Imagine the modding potential!
  24. ¡Great news! This DLC looks awesome
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