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  2. kerbiloid

    Dumb ways to die (KSP Edition)

    Landing by chute on the edge of the VAB.
  3. CatastrophicFailure

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Maybe they’re trying a new level of efficiency... You see, Ivan, when deorbit Old space station on top of new module, is save on launch cost!
  4. Brikoleur

    What was your most ambitious mission?

    Sending Jeb to Tylo surface and back in a fully reusable mission, I suppose. With an Eve return mission in a spaceplane (not fully recoverable though) a close second. I'm prouder of sustained efforts however, like building and operating a base on Laythe. My most emotional KSP moment was bringing back Valentina from Laythe in the by-then-antiquated Pelican SSTO.
  5. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Hull started in 1995, planned launch in 2007.
  6. The mod, Infernal Robotics, returns. NICE!!
  7. CatastrophicFailure

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Isn’t it already like a decade overdue?
  8. Dragon01

    Starship, how many decades did we loose?

    The problems with SRBs ultimately all come down to them being SRBs. One advantage of a solid rocket is that it's cheaper, and thus throwing it away is no big loss. Designing a rocket to be reusable increases its cost considerably, stripping away all advantages SRBs had. "Political interference" (that is, budget cuts) is what forced them to use SRBs in first place. All things considered, they went with the least bad option that they were given. Although adding thrust termination ports probably wouldn't have hurt, in retrospect...
  9. kerbiloid

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    TKS lived, TKS lives, TKS will live. P.S. We may laugh, but almost all post-Vostok Soviet/Russian space viable not Buran achievements are just 50 shades of Proton. All lunar and interplanetary crafts, all orbital stations and modules. Lifted by Proton, made from Proton's parts. Also, UR-200 a little. Since 1960s till 2060s?
  10. DeltaDizzy

    What did you do in KSP today?

    In a stunning coincidence, my exploits line up incredibly well with those of @purpleivan. (Even if only in setting) In what is neither stunning, nor a coincidence, I am once again posting this from a laptop with no KSP on it and using only screenshots I had uploaded earlier in the day. And yes. This is the default sub that comes with Buffalo. These things do take some getting used to, as I very quickly ended up either breaching the surface as a whale does, or hitting the bottom like a rock does (Just the nose though. The tail was sticking up and a rather high angle.) This is the first time in a while I have audibly said "I really should have brought more Lead."
  11. I also do exactly this:)
  12. horace

    hot air blur mod

    i suggest people making hot air blurring mod it is realistic a visual mod
  13. @TBenzOh yes it's okay about Dres location (between Duna and Jool). I've said mines questions may are stupid, so... this is one! Okay also for Duna satellites - but unfortunately I don't have enough skills to do by myself. And it's not important. Thanks for your reply, appreciated!
  14. See. This is why this community is so awesome. @Dafni if OP PMs you and you feel the request is genuine then PM me and I'll chip in half (or equal share if others join in on this).
  15. I had that installed, great for managing the parts list in the VAB/SPH but I have not found a way to remove toolbar icons with it. It's not registered with Toolbar Manager either so I can't hide it from there either.
  16. @JPLRepo To clarify mechanical nuances, because phrases like "you seem to have mixed the two..." and "by setting ... to have no motor" being put together create a bit of ambiguity: Are hinges motorized or free-moving or switchable? Are hydraulic pistons complex parts (like struts/pipes)? What I'm trying to ask is, is motorizing a hinge consists of changing hinge's parameter, or adding a piston between hinged parts? ...or any which way?
  17. The slowdowns are physics related. DX12 wouldn't help with it at all.
  18. I've spent the last 3 months of so of my KSP game time boating around the shoreline of Kerbin and one thing that would make a pretty big improvement to the visuals would be an overhaul of ground scatter objects. Here's some specific suggestions regarding this, which are specific to Kerbin, but some of which could be applied elsewhere. A wider variety of the existing scatter objects. For example different tree types (pine, palm etc.), rock types (size shape and colour... the latter being coloured to match the local ground texturing,). Object scattering to give regional variation, e.g. near the shoreline in the equatorial latitudes would be palm trees, towards the poles would be pines. Improved scattering. The current system is a bit unreliable to say the least, with weird patchiness and entire areas of scatter objects not being displayed until a scene reload occurs. This seems like a pretty lightweight improvement to make, especially the art side (half a dozen new scatter objects would probably only take the work of 1 or 2 major vehicle parts).
  19. Today
  20. My reactions/votes: abstain no no no abstain no no no no yes yes but not a priority (the current one is passable but stock FAR would be nice) no yes (but already being addressed in Breaking Ground) no yes no no no no strong no, keep Kerbin demilitarised! What you're describing sounds like a pretty cool game but it wouldn't be KSP anymore. A visual overhaul with stock atmospheric effects would be nice, better atmospheric physics would be nice, and somewhat more structured campaign missions would be nice. None of these would be high priorities for me however. My priorities for KSP 2.0 would include: Optimisation for scalability, e.g.: dynamic autowelding which would limit the number of physics parts per craft to a value the engine can easily handle (I'm sure this could be done without materially affecting gameplay) optimisations for landed craft and bases -- remove them from physics calculations when they're stationary and not interacting with anything so they don't gum up the framerate Better surface interactions, notably: stationary craft stay stationary and don't slide or jump around (fudge it if necessary) ground effect (fudge it if necessary) More procedural parts, notably: fuel tanks -- currently we have so many it's starting to be tricky to find the right one in the set; these could be collapsed into just one tank per diameter allowing you to specify the length (capped by your tech level) wings -- wing assembly from elements is fiddly and clunky, a few simple procedural wings would help a lot parachutes -- would be nice to be able to optimise them for the craft More planets -- a stock OPM basically Some near-future tech way at the end of the tech tree -- spaceborne nuclear reactors for example
  21. This sounds like a good idea! You should go ahead and give it a try. You could also emphasize how KSP is not only a game but also a huge learning opportunity. It will really teach you many things. If your parents are okay with you playing games but cannot support your purchase for economic reasons, please get in touch with me via PM. I encourage anybody to play KSP who only has the faintest interest in engineering and space exploration - I know it changed my own life a lot - I would not hesitate to gift you a copy when I feel your request is sincere and your folks lack the funds. Good luck Daf PS: lots of respect for not giving in to the temptation of piracy.
  22. Yes there’s a science cap on the deployed science experiments, as there is on all experiments.
  23. James Kerman


    Welcome to the forum @Incarnation of Chaos. For me also, attempting to rescue the rescue missions was the way I learned to play.
  24. FleshJeb

    Help me with Boats Please

    @Mikenike This might help you out. I don't think it's possible with Mk2 parts.
  25. Exoscientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I like your calculation. I noticed you gave a dry mass for the BFR Starship, which is the version of the BFR upper stage with the passenger quarters for 100 colonists on a Mars flight.. But you did not give a dry mass for the tanker, which instead has just a big empty fairing in that space What do you estimate the dry mass of the tanker version of the upper stage to be? What do you estimate the delta-v of the empty tanker upper stage to be? Bob Clark
  26. I don't know how to break this to you, but they wouldn't need to "relocate" Dres very far, seeing as how it's already right between Duna and Jool anyway. Also, my gut feeling is telling me that the Outer Planets Mod probably doesn't want to do much changing to any of the inner planets. You may need to look elsewhere (or try your own hand at modding) if you want to change Duna's satellites.
  27. YNM

    Where do I go to brag about my 5th dot?

    I do have five dots, but those 5 dots comes with two dozen "red" dots.
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