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  2. Shmauck

    [1.7] Advanced orbital info tab

    I found that "first point of Aries" as well. This is for sure not the case in KSP To put it simple: How do I know where to burn an inclination change to turn an inclined orbit into an equatorial one? I assume that if I knew the LAN then I would know where to burn anti-normal so I can flatten that out. How do you guys do it?
  3. Anth12

    What was your most ambitious mission?

    Over 2 years ago I stranded 3 Kerbals on Eve in a science the water, and then stopped playing that save and started Career All my focus over the last month or so has been figuring out how to bring them home. My attempts in the past have been half hearted + I didnt have the experience I do now in KSP do to make a real attempt. Currently i have a concept rocket design that works in testing that will get off of Eve from a Landing Pad. I have a basic kraken tech paddle boat designed to get to the pod with the 3 kerbals and then get back to the rocket (which can have issues with the motor breaking atm). I am hoping to attach this type of craft to some sort of glider that will get me close to the pod after entering the atmosphere. I have a mining/fuelling base + refueller designed for use on Gilly. Minmus Mining/fuelling base and refueller is still being worked on. I still need to finish the transporter to get the 3 Kerbals home as well as any of the kerbals who will be involved in the rescue, and whatever else I perhaps have forgotten. Its all 'simulation mode' right now, so 'set orbit' has been used a lot so I still need to figure out how to get some of these crafts into space i.e.ow I will need to break up some of the parts for putting together in space etc.
  4. DerekL1963

    Starship, how many decades did we loose?

    Every choice of SRB was fraught with problems. Every single one. Those big rockets? Huge problems... Starting with "nobody knew how to handle them". They have to be cast nose down , handled level, and raised nosed up for assembly - and their size and weight posed serious challenges to handling and moving them w/o potentially damaging the grain. They'd be a serious challenge even today. They're heavy enough and large enough that they can't be practically transported any distance, so they'd have to be cast at KSC. (Heck, they're large enough and heavy enough that even transporting them within the bounds of KSC posed a daunting problem.) That's a significant safety problem. Storing them would also be a significant safety problem due to the sheer mass of explosive in each booster. Speaking of casting the motors... that's another (huge) known unknown. The SRB's had to match (IIRC) within 5% - and the batch size was for a matched LH and RH segment pair was within the bounds of existing technology. Nobody knew how to cast a pair of matched monolithic boosters. Heck, they'd had problems casting even one during the testing down in South Florida. (IIRC, the final test blew the nozzle off due to rough combustion attributed to casting problems.) Etc... etc... Big monolithic SRB's, contrary to the nonsense believed by many, were not a magic solution. They would have required an expensive and extensive R&D program to a TRL where they could be considered ready for flight... and even then, as outlined above, extensive problems remained to be tackled.
  5. Hotel26

    Making Terrestrial Buildings Fly...

    Enthused about all of the above, I went back and revisited the unfortunately-named Boom Vang. I came up with Bullseye: Bullseye is sub-orbital only but can make it to the other side of Kerbin. It's quite docile in maneuvering to pin-point the landing and has long legs, gliding. It's more or less done, except that I am experimenting with ugly bolt-ons to give it a claw on the ground extended on a boom for airplane docking. It might be possible to put a rover contraption into a compartment behind the Mk3 cabin that would come down separately under chutes and then drive over and dock. But, at this point, I like the handling of Bullseye so much that I won't give that up. Bullseye gives you a "town" anywhere you want on Kerbin, which then gives you a reason to fly all the beautiful planes that we Kerbals have at our disposal. What a wonderful world!
  6. Wow. I was wondering. The pyramids were showing up on my hud but seemed to be inside the mountain. I figured it was just glitched. Bravo. Edit: Okay, another quick question.. short of a dV map and trial and error, is there a scanner, or something in the space center that would tell me the altitude of an atmosphere on a given planet?
  7. Gargamel

    Airplane Plus Turboshaft Engine Problems

    Probably best to ask in the parent thread for this mod. Moving to add-on discussion too.
  8. cubinator

    What are your craziest dreams?

    Last night I dreamt I was in Half Life 1, and I had to avoid "the fish".
  9. Gameslinx

    [1.6.1] Beyond Home 1.1.0 - After Kerbol has Died.

    There's a cave behind and to the left of the KSC on the mountains if you face backwards
  10. FleshJeb

    Decouple Happens Upon Docking

    After looking at all the images, I'm going to guess that the docking port is in your staging list and MechJeb has AutoStage turned on in the Utilities. FYI, debug screenshots are more useful with the UI turned on.
  11. Meecrob

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    While I agree with you in principle, I don't think engineers are making spacecraft to fail. I think if a silly name were used, it would be in a sombre tone "the lives of the intrepid explorers of space aboard spacecraft XXXXXX nicknamed "boaty mcboatface" by the explorers themselves have not been in vain, they have provided us with XXXXXX science" Edit: its 2019...Look at your username...and mine...and everyone elses...its all stupid silly names.
  12. Shadowmage

    [1.7] Advanced orbital info tab The origin is defined (for Earth) to be " the First Point of Aries as the origin of longitude " On Kerbin... IDK; probably defined as a line from the sun to Kerbin on a specific in-game date. IIRC the KSP wiki may have more precise information. Really though -- LAN is not a number that a player need normally concern themselves with. Only really needed if you are trying to replicate a set of orbits from orbital parameters.
  13. One of the things that helped me understand engine performance on a gut level was the inverse formulation: What can I do with 2.83 tons more fuel? This works especially well when you're doing "bottom up" design with a known lifter. In that case, craft mass is a fixed maximum and the remaining variables are engine and tankage.
  14. panarchist

    [1.4] Routine Mission Manager [v032]

    @PrivateFlip was on the forum less than 2 weeks ago according to their profile. You could always send them a DM, especially if you're offering to take it over. RMM was released with a variant of the BSD license that allows for distribution of modified versions.
  15. I understand, and it's why I use KSPIE instead of other warp modes (along with all the extra functionality it brings). What I meant is that the way I am able to manually guesstimate kinda what orbit I'll get out at based on ship heading, warp speed, time spent in warp, and starting orbital coordinates (including speed), and come out to around the apoapsis+periapsis that I expected, the calculation could conceivably be automated by KSPIE. I do not understand the math, or the coding necessary, just having the intuitive feeling that the sequence of moves I make could be automated into a realtime display of potential exit orbits - doesn't even need to be exact, jumping to another star and circularizing gives you leeway of at least a few billion kilometers without hitting the star or other large objects.
  16. it's a suggestion thread ??? thus i suggested things to make the game subjectively more fun to play you came in and spouted COMPLETE nonsense, as above................................................... (in addition to the "plenty of other" people (allegedly.... (see your previous track record (as above...)) you mention apparently using kerbals to go "up and down" on kerbin for no particular reason using elevons ???) "ok".... (the only thing i am lamenting about is you.........................................................................................................................................................................)
  17. Could someone tell me how to download this? ( I have Konstructs installed.)
  18. Okay. You got me. There won't be a "helicopter part" that makes your craft a helicopter. There also will not be a "collapsible wing part" that you can put on an "airplane part" to make a collapsible wing airplane. But while you're lamenting these things not being in the game, plenty of others will be making helicopters and collapsible wing airplanes with the parts that ARE in the game.
  19. Jimmidii

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    This really is starting to look like they're doing this feature right! I'd have expected something like this to be summoning kraken.
  20. already did see post #1 - (you don't read ? / apparently you think 16x elevons is a "helicopter" ??? seriously ????) show me collapsible vertical wings please because you clearly stated: (if there are no foldable wings then that means you are 100% full of it ( opposed to 50%)
  21. Yes, the person I quoted also said this though: Since he mentioned having more problems than just DOE’s sky dimming I figured I’d mention it. (Especially since he sounded quite frustrated later on, and no one else pointed out the Spectra thing)
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