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  2. Raven Industries

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I very much want to see a blueprint or something of these Starlink satellites.
  3. This detects files that are left over from a version of KSP before they redid the 1.25m fuel tanks (1.4 I think). If you upgraded from that version particularly via steam, it leaves some junk files around. These files can cause trouble replacing the models so they should be cleared up. They have no effect on the base game.
  4. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hmmm. So put Starlink sats in the same plane as known debris objects. When the Starlink is nearing end-of-life, rendezvous with the debris, grapple it (with the dispenser mechanism?) and then de-orbit. So much easier said than done...
  5. Gargamel

    Nose Cone A v B

    While discussing with some colleagues about the benefits of various nose cones, I stated that I had always encountered that the type B nose cone forces the tip of staged booster into the core of the rocket. Having done a little research, I found these threads, but none of them (to my quick reading) looked at the aero qualities of the two types after separation. After slapping together a quick craft to test this, I noticed that with a few tests, the Type A nose cone cleared the core of the vessel each time, while the Type B impacted the core each time. Discuss?
  6. 5thHorseman

    The Korolev Crunch.

    I like to put the tiny fins on my side boosters, rotated one shift-rotation (I think it's 5 degrees?) outward. Makes the boosters fly away in a most satisfying way. But I know what you're talking about. When my boosters fly inward on separation and miss each other, I feel a bit robbed.
  7. DeltaDizzy

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Continuing my trend of waiting to make these until I'm not at my computer, here is my attempt at sending a light cargo mission to the DSG. It began with someone daring me to put an Agena upper stage on an Athena lower. The payload is a pressurized cargo container containing some electric screwdrivers and 500 units of Snacks. I named it the Oresteia because Athena is a greek goddess and Orestes was the next person in the royal family to not get killed horribly after Agamemnon returned from Troy. Suffice to say it did not make orbit. After removing most of the Agena I got it into a 500km orbit instead. To send it all the way to the DSG I would need some more firepower. An Olympus IB launched an Inon DT-F-2* named Falkirk into a rendezvous with the Oresteia. This rendezvous was one of the quickest and best ive ever done. The Oresteia and Falkirk docked in LRO**. On the way to Lua***. The results tomorrow. I really need a base on Lua*** for refuelling purposes don't I... ========================================================================================= *The naming scheme is Inon AB-C-X(pY). A and B are the name of the Centaur variant it is roughly based on. C corresponds to the function of this particular unit. F means Ferry, T means Tug, S means Satellite, P means Probe, ST means fuel storage. X is the diameter of the stage. 0 is 0.625m, 1 is 1.25m, 2 is 2.5m, 3 is 3.75m. pY is optional, and corresponds to steps within each size class above. Xp5 is the most common, meaning halfway between X and the next biggest size. **I am using the Beyond Home planet pack, so the home planet is Rhode. ***The first of Rhode's three moons is Lua. Similar to the Mun, but partially terraformed. It has a thin atmosphere, some lakes and splotches of greenery.
  8. Aegolius13

    Kerbodyne S4-512 tank?

    I've done a Mainsail in the middle, and a ring of Reliants/Kodiaks around the outside. Not as powerful as using Vectors, but much much cheaper. But that's usually with side boosters, so could end up underpowered on a single-stack design.
  9. Yesterday
  10. It's a debt of mine that will be paid when I manage to get KAX on the focus on my activities. :-) On the mean time, there're some albums and screenshots from the previous maintainers that I prefer not to directly link on the OP as is their work, not mine. You will find images on the following links: But google, currently, does a better job than I could do, so use this link!
  11. RedSun Rocketry

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    when the DLC comes out someone should make a challenge thread about catapulting to orbit called that
  12. Hi! I'm searching for TweakScale issues in order to see if there's something more to be done before the next major release, and found this: Well.. This usually happens because as soon as Module Manager finishes the patches and KSP the assets loading, some Add'Ons use the "Main Menu" Scene to finish some business. TweakScale is one of these, but Making History, KIS, ScanSAT (are surely others) do it also. Some of them tries to instrument GameDatabase too, and when this happens, someone somewhere will bork due uncontrolled concurrency. And since TweakScale sticks its nose on every existent part on the Kerbol, these situations fatally leads to someone borking - usually TweakScale. The next minor release, 2.4.3, apparently managed to find a way to preventing being overran on interim and some field tests. It will be on the wild in the next days, I hope! Cheers!
  13. 5thHorseman

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    For obvious reasons.
  14. NBDesigns

    Triop's Adventures

    Holy moly
  15. 5thHorseman

    Interplanetary Transfer Windows

    I'm a huge fan of Astrogator, though you may feel it's cheating. When I don't use that, I actually do it myself with a maneuver node trick I learned years ago. The fact that I *can* do it this way makes it easier for me to consider Astrogator to be not cheating
  16. Dman979

    F-104C Starfighter Replica *FULL STOCK*

    You stop that right now!
  17. I can't find any part images. Is there an imgur album?
  18. @doudou I have a lot going on rigth now, and I've not been in touch with @Mark Kerbin for a while now. But I intend to resume development some time this year, hopefully sooner than latter. Just need to get back playing again to get motivated.
  19. Please help me out here. I think I'm getting this message, but I don't know what or how this affects my install. Do I remove them? If I remove then and decide to stop using Restock am I then screwed?
  20. You get used to it. Trust me. Something doesn't compute. I have Mk2Expasion too, and I don't remember seeing this… I will do some more checks!
  21. linuxgurugamer

    [1.3.*, 1.4.*, 1.5.*] Better Science Labs Continued

    I was wondering about the bash script. Perl is fine, make a pr with the whole file, don't bother to touch the bash script
  22. Hi. This pack is AWESOME! I have been reading @Ultimate Steve's thread and i really wanna get this mod. also, do you have a discord? you should.
  23. 1. Part manufacturing This could work so well, ore + electricity = parts this would work really well for the upcoming DLC and kis being implemented into stock. Essentially it would work like this: you land on Duna with just a lander and a drill. Eventually you will be able to build rovers to look for ore, extra drills, etc. and build up a base on Duna eventually 2. A part that acts as a launch pad, being able to launch ships from the VAB with it. 3. I already know that aliens is on the do not discuss list, but I feel that his could work pretty well, multiple "races" that you find, for example, you see an anomaly whilst scanning Eve, and land near it, turns out its some alien ruins, which after discovering gifts you with new parts only accessible that way with a specific part set. The idea is that you have to actually go to a specific place and get new parts out of it.
  24. Thanks! Fixed the first one - it was my own patch. Oops. The second one I haven't figured out - the patch adding TS to the part is the same as many others that seem to function. It's: @PART[M2X_SCRCS]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { #@TWEAKSCALEBEHAVIOR[Engine]/MODULE[TweakScale] { } %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface } } But these three patches right before that one do seem to work...: @PART[M2X_PGRCS]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { #@TWEAKSCALEBEHAVIOR[Engine]/MODULE[TweakScale] { } %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface } } @PART[M2X_RCRCS]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { #@TWEAKSCALEBEHAVIOR[Engine]/MODULE[TweakScale] { } %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface } } @PART[M2X_RCSBlister]:NEEDS[TweakScale] { #@TWEAKSCALEBEHAVIOR[Engine]/MODULE[TweakScale] { } %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = surface } } Ah well. At least I could fix the first one! Thanks again.
  25. New ride WIP Edit: First test ride:
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