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  2. That is very obvious, not only for rovers but also for other machines
  3. Been there. In your case, i'd throw away the wings and start over, they are killing the design. Sometimes, it just happens
  4. Uh. No. Let's not go there. I have friends who are weebs, but I'm not a weeb. TUBM is not from the solar system.
  5. I wouldn't expect a production model to drive on Mars anyway. But the whole EV thing is definitely adding to the future martian rovers' (for humans) development.
  6. Well, since the bug was noticed only with MechJeb installed and I don't have it, I guess I shouldn't worry
  7. Well you want it airtight for one. if its not airtight you don't need an cabin. Also an tesla would not work on Mars as its air cooled, you probably need some sort of liquid cooling and an radiator.
  8. Been playing around with a new program with mods. So, nothing really big for now as I'm trying to get enough science to build my first sat relays around kerbin before going to the Mun (since I've installed Remote Tech and the contract packs). I need to build a plane to run tourist around precise place on Kerbin though. And I do not like planes. But it seems to be the easiest way to farm those science points to. So yeah, not a lot too show for now, basically starting up a space program.
  9. Actually there are plenty of things that go nice inside bays: Parachutes, you can not deploy them anyway at speeds where doors should be closed. Maybe you can even get rid of some airbrakes if you get used to open bays for braking. Gigantor: in space you can fly with doors open and arrays extended as well landed. Just like parachutes: only safe to use when opening doors is less of a problem. A small service bay at front will serve to balance parachutes. In general bays are important to stay closed exactly at atmospheric ascend in order to decresse drag. Anything you do not need during this ascend can go inside. All the other time it is only aesthetic to keep closed.
  10. I did a bit of an experiment to test this. While it is not possible to have multiple connection points as the OP asked when constructing in the VAB/SPH, I have found that if you have 2 ships that have 2 docking ports each, and you are careful in how you place those docking ports, then when in space (or on the ground...) if you align both pairs of docking ports on both ships correctly, then when you dock, both pairs of docking ports dock. You have to undock both pairs before you can separate. I'm not sure how the game deals with the grandparent/root relationship in this situation though. My son had an idea of using an arrangement like this for increasing the structural integrity of space stations.
  11. As someone who has hundreds of parts in his shop, I'll politely disagree. Implementation is everything. As an example of what should be: Click on the Tanks tab. A list of bulkheads should come up. There are 7 in the game currently. Select one. Next, select the tank length. Let's say there are 5. Clean and simple just by adding one more click. Look at Tracking Station Evolved. A great example of what a little thought can do when designing something.
  12. Of course. No one actually finishes games before releasing them.
  13. Yes. Plane parts are allowed. By reactionless drives I mean glitch drives that work without an atmosphere or any propellant.
  14. Echo 1 Place a relay satellite in polar orbit around the Mun. Date: Y5 D220 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 300 Crew: - - - Spider / Intrepid 12 Land kerbals on the Mun and return them safely to Kerbin. Date: Y5 D249 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 342 Crew: - - - Date: Y5 D252 Launch site: KSC Launch vehicle: Phoenix 000 Crew: P1 Sarah, E1 Seewin, S1 Bob -- -- -- END OF MISSION LOG 008 -- -- --
  15. I can't be the only one that's shuddering at the concept of latching onto a skyhook at interplanetary speeds... the window for hooking on and matching velocities would be absolutely abysmal, you'd have to perfectly line up and catch it in the span of what must be just a few seconds! No taking your time to cancel velocities and approach at really small speeds, if you're not careful, that thing is gonna drift away from you real quick. And if you don't catch it... off back into interplanetary space you go! Doesn't sound impossible, but certainly a very tense situation. I wish I could simulate this in KSP, sounds like a fun challenge. Not a programmer, but I think this could be implemented, it seems like it would have to be a very "special case" thing though with a unique solution. Maybe some very smart modders will implement it somehow. I see some talk about it moving at very fast speeds and "skipping past ships", but it seems to me like the intended purpose is to only interact with it at low speeds (<100m/s). Unless I'm missing something, there's no need for super accurate collision simulations in this case, any more than any other ship. If you for some reason rendezvous at ridiculous speeds and it goes straight through, how is that any different from any other hyperspeed rendezvous with other craft? There's no material I can think of that could withstand the G-forces from latching on at the speeds at which this would be a problem anyway. Basically, what I'm getting at, is that there's no need to simulate the entire skyhook at once at the same level of detail and at ridiculous accuracies. If you simplify it, the only real interaction seems to be with the "hook" itself, which you can treat as any other craft except with its own special case trajectory. There's also the cable, but you can make assumptions like assuming it will always be taut so that it's rigid. It doesn't seem that bad if you just simplify it to the things that acutally matter to player interaction. Just throwing out ideas, IDK, again I'm not a programmer, so maybe I'm just spouting nonsense.
  16. Yes, I'll have to deal with that. But nobody even noticed that for several years, so I guess it's not that big of a problem.
  17. The lock function requires that the motor current is 0. Which is either at desired position if steady state without gravity forces is reached or extrem points while movement changes direction for short duration or unpowered state.
  18. Thanks for the report: I will fix that. There are sometimes test releases I distribute to friends, that don't make a public release, because they contain unfinished or barely tested code. The build process updated the .version file and then, by accident, I publish that to github. Then AVC sees it and complains about a update. Releasing the last update makes no sense for everyone, because the changes are currently only interesting to a few modders, who want to update some bases. But before they are finished, there will be a new release of KK, so everything plays nicely together.
  19. I love Principia, and it's not a terrible load on your computer (or at least on my FX 8350 with 16 GB). What clinched it for me was when I launched into a sun-synchronous orbit and I could see (in heliocentric view) the predicted orbit lying right on top of itself for hundreds of orbits, where ordinary orbits spread out into a "ribbon" as perturbation moves them around. Six months later, the orbit was still right over twilight. Sadly, I'm not running Principia at on my 1.6.1 RO career, because it requires upgrading my Linux version; too big a job to do before I get a long weekend again...
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  21. "Welp, seems like we found a use for for the defunct escape ship!"
  22. If the skin on that truck is actually steel then it only adds to my suspicion that he's bascially prototyping the whole martian infrastructure and trying to make money off of it. You could literally cut out a part of the Starship hull and use it to fix the truck.
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