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  2. Well just back to this mod,and I wonder where are the rest of the craft file like TKS,Salyut stations and almaz station.Since I am not familiar with building thingy.Cheers
  3. Probably going to quit this. I am enjoying the career mode, but I'm not so thrilled with the "build things cheap" Mentality. I've had a concept in my head for a while now and I think I now know how to pull it off. But first, I want to finish the main story of Orbital Negligence
  4. Abandoning Eve Crew attempt for now. I got the week of the 16th of so I can see how many videos I can get published by then. Looking at a trip to Moho and Dres, as well as the Eve crew attempt. Stay tuned for those three episodes
  5. Abandoning Eve Crew attempt for now. I got the week of the 16th of so I can see how many videos I can get published by then. Looking at a trip to Moho and Dres, as well as the Eve crew attempt. Stay tuned for those three episodes
  6. New release, Fixed Scenario module, was causing nullrefs and preventing anything from being done in the game
  7. @Critter79606 I just released a fix for the LaunchNumbering mod,
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  9. If the rocket has a high amount of mass, and put up into the sky using VesselMover, then it will fall, probably killing everyone onboard the rocket.
  10. Just released REX. Most likely, there are kinks and issues that need to worked out that went unnoticed, so be aware of that. Also yes it's for KSP 1.6.1 don't hate me
  11. Not gonna lie...doing such thing is awesome...i hope you can go to greater heights...
  12. Bro, overengineering is my jam. And to me, going to Duna, Moho, AND Dres in the span of 3 months of getting the game is insanity. I've been here for about 4 years now, and I still have never been to any planet (and back) with a small exception of Dres. I'm expecting some wonderful things from you
  13. Will do. I've just found the problem, hope to get an update out soon
  14. Thanks, didn't even know I had an issue with Firespitter. If you need anyone to help testing anything, just give a yell. I'd be glad to help.
  15. It's not, unfortunately. As @ManEatingApe pointer out above, the staging sequence is a bit screwed up, and besides that calculation isn't accounting for the weight of Jeb. Having Jeb grab the ladder tends to result in uncontrolled shaking and rotation. I.e., it's a non-useful Kraken drive. What we've been doing so far is just sticking Jeb in the fairing and using the tank end opposite the fairing as a pusher plate. This also means we have to be careful to conserve fuel, because we're going to need a hefty de-orbit burn to allow Jeb to re-enter in his EVA suit alone. Probably better to lower the Pe using a radial burn while you're still far out. Or rather, move the Pe to the other side of Kerbin using a radial burn - the trajectory Jeb & KILO are on right now is going around the wrong side of Kerbin, IIRC. Aerobraking down may also be necessary, depending on what the delta-V budget looks like.
  16. Ok, I'll take another look at that. Check your PM for a message from me about Firespitter Thanks for troublshooting
  17. This part mods still works fine and has large landing legs CKAN wrongly states it needs Firespitter while it actually does not.
  18. @linuxgurugamer I uninstalled the mods that got updated, and installed them one at a time. It's definitely LaunchNumbering. I'm going to grab a clean install of 1.8.1 and see if I can replicate it on it. Edit: I just tried it with only LaunchNumbering (and it's requirements from ckan) and it's doing the same thing. I click on certain buildings and I can't enter. The few I can, I can't exit. I have to crash the game, as the exit game won't even work. Log link:
  19. KSP 2 when it releases will cost you. The Hypetrain is free.
  20. Hadn't done anything with Caveman since September. I've moved my screenshots to two galleries for my TANGO launch and rendezvous and my KILOLIMA launch, rendezvous, and docking. Will later note them and put them up on Imgur. I've downloaded v27. I see "KILO", the remainder of the mission spacecraft, with Jeb 12km off. I assume they're both on a similar hyperbolic trajectory around Kerbin. So with the ~3500m/s of delta-V (assuming that's displaying correctly), I need to: 1. Capture Jeb with KILO and get Jeb hanging off that ladder inside KILO. 2. Change the inclination to 0. (Need to do that as far away as possible to minimize delta-V.) 3. At periapsis, burn to capture with a new periapsis below 100km. 4. Circularize under 100km. 5. At an appropriate point, deorbit aiming to get Jeb over the VAB. 6. Switch to Jeb and exit KILO. 7. Parachute Jeb onto the VAB. Possible.... Pushing my KSP skills, though, especially the last few.
  21. I have an enhancement request for KAC. Would it be possible to have an event for an alarm on a vessel when a particular type of resource is full (that is set an alarm for when all the ore tanks are full, or when all the fuel tanks a full) This would be useful for mining operations, so that it would be possible to return to a ship when it has filled its ore/LFO/monoprop etc. so that we could then immediately return to the ship to transport that load of resource, or for a ship that has stopped somewhere to refuel to then continue on its journey. Cheers, John (Feature reqest created on github)
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