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  2. Welcome to the challenge Glad to hear you've enjoyed the mission but be warned, it is quiet addictive Your flight looks very controlled and while your shuttle seems to be a 'standard shuttle' in the first moment, it becomes quiet obvious that is it actually a bit unusual since you put some jet engines on it and used them during launch. Most people who got jet engines on the shuttle actually use them for landing. I like it Anyway, I still need a list of your installed mods so I can reward you with the appropriate badge (screenshot of your GameData folder would be fine as well)
  3. Teilnehmer

    Laythe orbit using ions

    Wow! Bradley Whistance got into Kerbin orbit with ion engines! I’ve never even considered this possible.
  4. Aperture Science

    Shower thoughts

    You're free to continue, as I'm not imposing anything that would prevent you from speaking. I would, however, enjoy it if you would stop grasping for arguments - but in no way am I going to force you to.
  5. They do indeed still process in the background. If the editor is claiming indefinite it might be an issue. Do you add crew to the ship in the editor?
  6. One thing you never did was show how much momentum per Watt you get out of a photon, and compared that to an ion being flung into space. You need a unbelievably efficient process to begin to make sense. Why a laser? It seems that ordinary luminescence would be more efficient. You don't need to focus the light all that well, just enough to get going in the right direction. Is a laser needed to handle the concentration of energy in space? I understand most of the research was for lasers, but that doesn't mean that they make the best means for an engine. Blackbody radiation will be used regardless of the interstellar propulsion method. Also expect to eventually align your radiators perpendicular as speeds go relativistic (presumably half pointing each way) to travel, just to avoid the constant high-energy bombardment from interstellar hydrogen hitting your radiators.
  7. What will say the compatibility?
  8. I want to out-planet the Planet Suite. Holst's suite is great music, but focuses on the mythology for which the planets were named. Now that we know so much about the planets as actual worlds, I think we're in need of a true Solar System Suite. I have a list of celestial bodies I want to include which offer a diverse perspective on the solar system as it truly is. Do you think I'm missing any particularly unique objects within our solar system which deserve a spot? Here is my list: A note- this won't be finished for some time.
  9. SpaceplaneAddict

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    It is exactly what you wanted is it not? Waiter, there is a cripplingly sad state of mind in my soup
  10. I´m also confused, I don´t see where this link mentions the installing of the
  11. roboslacker

    The Deer (Game I'm making)

    This'll be fun to play next halloween.
  12. Hey guys i'm kinda new here, but i have spent a fair amount of time in game. I find that most of what i do is, go to planet, get research rinse and repeat (If i'm not just going for a challenge). Now the fun part is that each planet is different, so figuring out how to get there, and what you want to get there with etc, is the fun part. But you get there essentially and you just do research and you send it back. Hopefully its a return mission so you at least get the joys of reentry. What i'm suggesting is resources, lots of different resources scattered over different planets with different rarities and the ability to use those resources in many different ways. To help you understand lets assume you can make supply runs to planets by collecting ore and sending it home. I make it sound simple but you assume you have to send the parts their to find the ore, then land the parts to mine the ore, after store it for transport. Finally safely get it back home. You make some money and a little science along the way. Also you should be able to fabricate land bases on other planets by means of fabrication. Use your resources to build a little base. Launch small rockets from the planet you are on, build rovers, do research on strange rocks you found etc. I just think this is a foundation upon which a lot of things can be built upon. Smaller things: A color palette (give us red, blue, green, etc for ships.) Make it so that the land facilities can calculate interception nodes. Maybe a slow kerba computer that makes calculations that aren't always the most accurate but can set up maneuvers from home just like in real life. An in game news paper, while in career mode it would be nice to read about your company in the paper and some other comical stuff that is happening in fictional kerbal society. A black hole. (O_o) Ok this one is big, but how fun would it be to see how close you can fly to a black hole......
  13. Cognitive changes: The US Navy is unlikely to publish data for similar results on board submarines. I wonder what the results for Antarctic base (especially over the N. hemisphere's summer) are.
  14. PhoenixRise86

    Lowest Mass To Duna and Back Challenge

    I'll give it a shot. Not sure I can beat 3.95 tons, but it'll be fun to see how close I can get. Any there any rules against using the kerbal's EVA pack for part of the maneuvers? Provided it doesnt get refilled from a command pod, that would feel like cheating (I'm planning on flying by command seat).
  15. My confing: i5-6600k/Geforce GTX 1070/16Go ram/Win10 Hello i have a problem in game. Everytime I launch or switch to another vessel the game is laging hard ( big IPS drop) for 30sc before evrything become normal and fluid again. So everytime i switch i have to wait 30sc in the pause menu. It do this only in this save the others saves dont. I also remember in the begining of this saves it wasnt doing this. I only have a little station on orbit around kerbin and 2 little relay around minmus and kerbin, it can't be the fact that i have too mutch vessels flying maybe. I have 0 mods installed the game files are clear and reinstalled checked with steam etc. I also tried to up and down the graphic settings nothing change and i dont think its beacause of this because it exactly the same thing low or high. Does this happen to one of you ? And do you think there is a solution to this ? PS: Im French so sorry for my bad english.
  16. juanml82

    Making RSS easier?

    Well, the quick answer is to use SSRSS , which shrinks the solar system to kerbal proportions, but I'd also be interested in some sort of RSS Easy Mode
  17. tygoo7

    The Deer (Game I'm making)

    Devlog #3 is out ma dudes!
  18. Tonka Crash

    Discussion re. renaming installation directories

    My feeling is if it simplifies things in the long run; do it and deal with the short term fallout. I would not complicate things by trying to make the transition graceful. I would want things to break in an obvious, easy to identify manner.
  19. LordFerret

    What do you think about 7 billion human game?

    I think the two biggest and most important issues are: how will you provide them all water to drink, and food to eat. Oh, wait, that's real life. Never mind.
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  21. Twogoodsoul

    Jeb got inside of the Mun Arch.

    Yes, Yes! I know! I should have filed a Bug Report, But! Where's the fun in that? So, I stumbled across a Mun Arch and was like "Huh, I wanna plant a flag on top of it!" So I did and I accidentally fell to my doom. So I reloaded the save and I got stuck in the Mun Arch. Nice! I was able to get out, but it took time because I was falling inside the Mun Arch. Here's some footage (P.S I edited the game to have Jeb's name different, it's still Jeb just his name's different.)
  22. Yinyin974

    [Lost newbie need help :(]

    This was a realy dumb question my bad guys there were so many solution to this, sorry for the waste of time and thank your for your reply!
  23. We already knew about problems in free fall, though. We also know that centrifuges can provide a force very similar to the normal force we experience on Earth - we don’t feel gravity, we feel the normal force. According to relativity the pseudo force that people in accelerating frames experience is practically identical to the force people on Earth feel, though possibly with different magnitudes. Thus there’s reason to believe that a centrifuge can at the very least mitigate these issues if not completely fix them. There are other issues as well such as fluid flow differences in the body where a force like gravity would help tremendously. Not to say I wouldn’t appreciate experiments that test this in space, of course. If I recall the twin experiment did their best to keep almost everything except for the different environment the same, so food is an unlikely culprit. Rotation doesn’t generate gravity, rather it forces objects to follow a curved path by accelerating them, but this acceleration is felt as “gravity.” I don’t think radiation would be that significant. Maybe that’s an aspect for the telomeres, but I’m not sure about cognitive functions.
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