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  2. If you think the $60 is an issue, wait until people realize they need a full gaming spec rig. ”Oh, but I already have that.” — then the $60 isn’t an issue. I’m always amazed how a lot of people seem to expect that software engineers will work for free.
  3. It got me quite excited but as always I have my doubts with it. Still they said it'll be even more mod friendly than ksp 1 so we'll see about that!.
  4. No problem It was just a lone picture between 350 others Thanks you ! What would you prefer, the rover, the shuttle, both ? I can load a save and take other pics
  5. Really enjoying the read so far, been probably checking at lease once a day for any updates you may have posted!
  6. I'm thinking has to be something lupine to have colonies of that size, ie RD's work plus a graphical representation showing an evolving 'single part' object as the Wolf base grows in size & capability - either that or multi-thousand part bases are a thing in KSP2. No doubt in due course the NDA burrito will allow leaks of a few tasty morsels.
  7. @AndHobbes this is already fixed in commits. But not released yet. The ROTanks specific version of RealFuels.dll is already fixed.
  8. Please tell me... PLEASE... After 7 years of me waiting... Will KSP2... … have airships?
  9. I mean, Squad has hired two companies now to make two separate attempts at creating a console version of KSP to middling success. Reliving them of all responsibility seems irresponsible.
  10. So, now, who's going to start updating the KSP wiki?
  11. I'd be willing to play it, but I doubt my computer is up to it. That many background calculations running all the time would probably overheat ordinary laptops and summon the Kraken. That said a partial implementation would be kinda cool. It might be possible to implement Lagrange points as places to put telescopes, and for trojan asteroids without worrying about instabilities everywhere else.
  12. Hi, Long time user of the awesomerest mod waypoint manager, I've been bothered by the grayish colour the KSC waypoint has in planning mode, especially on top of grayish clouds (that might be added by a visual mod, I can't quite remember). I couldn't find the option to make the KSC flag appear in a more vivid color, whereas it's a nice "my eyes burn green" in flight view (which is perfect because it really stands out). Did I miss something, and if not, is it feasible to add this feature in a future release ? Thanks
  13. I wouldn't be that surprised tbh
  14. Hi! I have a Mac to play KSP on it and i don't really wanna change platform to play KSP 2, so my question is it will going release to other platforms like macOS / Linux ? Or it will be only for Windows? Thanks for the answers!
  15. Well...It's a different company. So, there's that. I'm pretty sure RoverDude doesn't have the patent on base building in video games.
  16. It looks like they have a project Orion nuclear bomb engine! The new fire effects look good.
  17. Another +10 for Stormworks logic... That is very nearly the perfect sandbox game.
  18. Assume anything relating to KSP-2 is an NDA inside of an NDA covered in a pile of NDAs and wrapped in more NDAs.
  19. We shall see. I'm cautiously pessimistic based on experience. I think people underestimate how much features, content etc. that are "essential" are created over the many years of creation of first game. I just can't see KSP2 to have that AND more big features, like multiplayer etc. As for the publishers, i don't really mean it in the simplistic "microtransactions are bad" way, but in overall how their existence pulls the game development in suboptimal directions. For example first game (like KSP) always released stuff when it was done. While the sequel almost always is under stiff release schedule. This causes many issues, from game straight up not working, to content being cut, and often it's not* the obvious "new craft models etc" but technical features. Which in the end creates very dry experiance. With many things that we never even thought were important for us in first game that sequel now lacks. The only redeeming thing is modding, that has potential to fix any forced blunders that come by. Lastly, I don't mind the price per-se. I have the money, but i have serious doubts that on release the content will match it. After all, while the Star theory isn't completely green, it's still their first try at this type of game and by straight up setting the bar to "max" with full price game with no EA, multiplatform and multiplayer just sets up alarm bells for me. I've seen enough good studios crash and burn while doing even less than that. * - edit: missed a negative, now it should make sense sry.
  20. This announcement will get me through my day. It's incredible that there is very little celebratory music for this announcement. Let's fix that:
  21. I predict flash sales of pitchforks and accompanying elation over the next few months depending on which side of the information opinion people fall on as news trickles through. The KSP community is amazing, intellectual, and highly opinionated which will be both a blessing and a curse for the development team. I wish them all the very best of luck in negotiating popular and unpopular decisions along the way, and can only believe that the massive resource and collective knowledge and opinion that has built up through this forum and player-base over the years has somehow been (secretly it seems) squeezed of all its very best ideas and the result will be KSP2 at the end of it all. It is inevitable that the game will split opinion along some lines, it remains to be seen what percentage lands where. For me multiplayer was never on my wish list but I'm happy to take a wait and see approach. Colonies is something I always hoped for as a keen base builder and I am glad to see this in the trailer as a potentially key feature. For me personally today I was surprised and delighted with the news that there will be a KSP2. Its a token of good news to counteract the enthusiastically opposite direction my life has taken in the last 6 months. My keenest two hopes beyond hope for KSP 2 are - Do not dumb it down to appeal to the masses. Do make it is as mod friendly as humanly possible. Good luck - Its a job that's for sure! SM
  22. Heyo! This is my first post, but I've actually had KSP since 0.16! I've been lurking around on these forums on and off since 2012 (0.15 specifically), and with the announcement of KSP 2, I feel like this is a golden opportunity to finally make an account. I mostly just fool around in the atmosphere making planes, and have fun doing it. Anyways, just thought making an introduction would be a good thing to do.
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