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  2. To be fair, impacts in KSP are a lot harsher in a way than they would be in real life. Since parts don't deform (unless we use Kerbal Krash System), they can't really absorb impacts, and just explode instead.
  3. StrandedonEarth

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    But there does appear to be a slight upwards vector to the thrust, so the major stressor is from trying not to be driven into the ground
  4. MK3424

    [1.4.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    This mod should be stock! I always found the stock joystick mapper much to be desired... no support for more than 16 buttons and some joysticks won't even work at all! So i had to use Xpadder to map the remaining buttons...
  5. Nothing much here, I just made a simple script in Python to sort stray persistence files into saves. I ran into this issue after my hard drive got badly damaged and I needed to use software to get back my individual persistence files (as file recovery methods can only recover some files but not directories). After doing that, I had no clue what persistent file was for what. Whether this describes you or you have stray persistent files for some other reason, this script sort them back into fully functional saves faster than you'd be able to do it manually. Download:!oAhFVKrY!cjgKs3bIcN05lZgW10qPAUQfLg06ifioMsDdMPT0acc To use this script, just download it, and double click on it to run it. Make sure you also have Python 3 installed. If you run into errors, try running the script from the command prompt to diagnose it. Let me know if you run into any problems with the script itself and I'll fix it. Note that this does not sort out scenario/training persistent files. Any that are found will be turned into career saves. Also, the directory that this script works in must ONLY have persistent files in it. The presence of folders and other files may cause issues. For unknown reasons, this bot seems unable to process a very small percentage (~1%) of saves that I run through it. If this happens to you, you may need to put those specific ones into save folders manually. DISCLAIMER: While this bot worked while I was testing and using it, I cannot guarantee that it'll work as expected for everyone. As such, it is never a bad idea to create backups of your files beforehand. You'll be fine as long as you do this, and I'm not responsible for any lost files that result from using this script. Before: After: From in-game:
  6. Galileo

    Sigma Dimensions

    It does and I haven’t fixed it. I don’t even know why I have that in there, but this is a Rescale issue, not a Sigma Dimensions issue. This thread is no longer being monitored anyway
  7. Katten

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    v1.4.0 - Tiny feet * The lander legs now have a proper suspension setup * Added some tinier probe legs * Added a PartModule FXModuleConstrainPositionEx that enables multiple transforms to be averaged to determine the position of a target transform (to support the tiny lander leg) * Moved around stuff in the tech tree that wasn't assigned already * Fixed an incorrect tech tree requirement of the Spherical Probe Container
  8. UnusualAttitude

    The Expanse Discussion

    Dunno, but the "Jupiter Six" Challenge looks like a thinly-disguised KSP reference to me.
  9. It happens due the amount of add-ons you have installed. Cut down the add-ons to the very minimum you really need to play.
  10. What if something is wrong? It's time to start testing the whole Kerbol system! KUnit - Unit Testing framework for kerboscript KUnit provides possibility to write repeatable tests for kerboscript - KOS programming language. KUnit is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks. KUnit shouldn't force to write any tests but should help write any test you want for any code you want in case when you feel that it should be tested. There is a way how to implement, organize and run your tests. And this is KUnit. If you found this tool nice and helpful this means KUnit works well. KUnit also demonstrates how to use object-oriented approach in KOS programs to achieve well-looking design, maximum code reusability and exceptional software quality. Join us and together we can make Kerbol more robust!
  11. Daniel Prates

    [1.4.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    Yeah I do use far and never got to explore its many tools! Tks for the advice.
  12. All biome maps finished! This means everything is almost go for the initial release which will hopefully happen tomorrow! Final adjustments (read: two more parts and changing version numbers) are being made and a large amount of screenshots are also expected.
  13. so every time i boot the ksp it takes more than 20 minutes to load and this is very annoying anyone having an idea why is this happening plz help me decrease loading times
  14. tonimark

    Black Screen Upon Launch

  15. I think if anything, maybe a dedicated rover for that function would be more appropriate I think, but that's just my opinion. Maybe even one that could tow HLV-5's around the landing zone, like tugs do at airports. That was the original justification for putting the DTAL XEUS lander on wheels, so that spent stages could be towed clear of the landing area to a marshaling area for reuse or disposal. _______________________________ IV-1 'Meerkat' ISRU rigs are also updated. Minimal changes, mainly just adjusting the surface transfer port height, tweaking the inflatable heatshield jettison sequence on the IV-1D, and swapping out monoprop tanks with new versions.
  16. Today, May 27th, is my birthday. Right now it 11:05 PM for me. That's actually the exact minute I was born in.
  17. Lisias

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Your IP is not our property. It was leased to you by your ISP. Whoever, the IP your ISP leased to you is not their property neither. ICANN assigns IP Range Blocks (google for IANA too) to third parties, and the leasing are cascaded until it reaches to you. So, in order to identify you, one need to get the IP, get the UTC time this IP was used, identify all the chain of responsibility of such IP, until your current ISP and ask him who was using it at that specific time. However, your ISP doesn't have the means to be absolutely and beyond doubt sure that you were using that IP at that time. The IP is assigned to a MAC (Medium Access Control) number that identifies your Modem (being it Cable, Satellite, optic fiber, whatever), but since such numbers are not strictly controlled by any authority, it's easy as hell to forfeit it (in fact, such "forfeit" is common practice on some home routers). Unless you are effectively paying for a fixed IP, chances are that every time you reboot your modem you will get a new IP. I already was leased about 3 or 4 different IPs only this year (I track it, as I need this info in order to update the DynDNS I implemented myself for my site), and since I (try) to account every IP it were leased to me, as I need this info for controlling the logs on my secure access (so I do not get false positives for valid access I did before my IP changed), I know that since I started my DynDNS, I had about a dozen different IPs already, So... NO. Your IP is not personal information.
  18. Heads up: I plan to upload the next challenge before the day is out.
  19. Zeiss Ikon

    Get far, get light

    Well, I did use a paramotor, once I got it to actually take off from the runway. 100% stock (haven't even got Better Burn Time installed yet) 1.4.3, upgraded from 1.4.1 just for this. Turned out to need 8 parts (Small Circular Intake, Z-200 battery, Small Inline Reaction Wheel, Mk. 0 Liquid Fuel Fuselage, Juno engine, LY-05 nose gear and a pair of LY-01 main gear, and a Command Seat, not counting the contraption needed to get Jeb into the Command Chair), but the whole thing weighed less than a ton on launch (exact weight unavailable at the moment -- vessel still in flight). I'll come back and edit in the exact launch weight and final distance in an hour or so when Jeb finally runs out of fuel. Amazing how long 50 units of Liquid Fuel lasts when you're running a Juno at around 6-7% thrust (1.2-1.4 kN at around 4000 m altitude).
  20. Frybert

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    You realize simply posting on this forum collects and allows to be tracked your IP address? Not trying to diminish your other concerns but it seems a bit odd to complain about your IP when every single post you make has your IP attached to it.
  21. Wow! That is really impressive! Nice job, seriously! It's quite similar, I wouldn't really think to make separate parts for it. For the fairings, unfortunately no, it would require dependencies.
  22. tonimark

    Kraken's decoupler.

    sometimes vessels that loaded in the atmosphere gets destroyed and even on stock. its a normal game issue
  23. RocketScientist

    [KSP 1.4.3] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.71 "Warpspeed"]

    I have found an issue. If you have KS3P installed with this, it breaks your game. Maybe it's a certain version of either mod, but this is what it does.
  24. SpannerMonkey(smce)

    [1.4.x ] Large Boat Parts Pack v3.9.3 Read first post before installing

    HI, Yup, 1/ don't use high power reaction wheels, 2/ make sure that whatever you use as propulsion has the pitch and roll gimbals disabled, 3/ make sure everything except yaw control is disabled on any rudders used. 4/ do not place excessive weight on bow or stern sections with little weight in the middle of the ship. Although this latter one mainly concerns double ended type ships with a long narrow bow and long stern sections, like Lizzy BB2, and the original LBP Battleship hull, a well balanced ship is always better behaved
  25. Thanks for you mission report @doggonemess , you are right, spaceplanes are hard but that is why we do these things. Congratulations on completing the K-Prize mission successfully and returning to the KSC runway safely, which merits kudos ... ... Advanced Pilot Precision Award with Mk2 SSTO Quad. Welcome to the role of honour aka the K-Prize party guest list. If you would like to report more advanced missions they will be very welcome.
  26. Klapaucius

    Get far, get light

    I love it.
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