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  2. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Big plane (for me. I build small planes): Not much armament as of now. It's actually unconventional. It's better suited for low altitude scouting and such. BUT, it might prove useful as some sort of 'flying fortress' type thing.
  3. What Platform do you hhave KSP on?

    Which files can you not access with the Steam version? You can opt out of updates on Steam, & you can also launch the game straight through the exe if you want to. It will always keep up with your hours played though. But if you dont know that, then how are you gonna brag on the forum about how many hours you have in game?
  4. Engines TWR and ISP

    True for an expendable stage. But if you go SSTO (OP's intended purpose) and are able to land near KSC, even the cost doesn't really mean much since you'll get almost everything back. I disagree with this to some extent. Yes, you spend more time in thinner air. But in an SSTO, your thrust is most constrained at launch. In any craft, TWR will improve as you climb and burn fuel. This means if you go for a vacuum oriented launch engine, you'll need a disproportionately big one you get off the ground, and will have tons of unneeded thrust later. And that mass will hurt your efficiency even if UPS is good. Of course, if there was a huge difference in vacuum ISP, that could play a role. But the Vector, Mammoth etc. are not that much less efficient than even the vacuum oriented engines - like 10%.
  5. SSTO Tylo No Refueling Or Docking

    @DAL59making a detachable lander that redocks to the SSTTO (single stage to Typo orbit) would be labor saving, but I should be able to work around that limitation. Also you never awnsered my question about using a.... KRAKEN DRIVE!
  6. Is there anyway you could get two duo Polaris's and duck tape them together? I think that would do the trick.
  7. nonsense. just set up in the corner and give anyone who comes by to question you the patented "cold stare of death" works every time. of course, if your tower doesn't have a WiFi card, you might get looks running a cable to their router. but again, COLD STARE OF DEATH
  8. Engines TWR and ISP

    Haven't used tweakscale much myself. I don't think it will matter much. Tweakscale does exactly what the name says, it scales things. So part values should be maintained I think, but I'm guessing here as I've only used TS a couple of times. My take on this so far... But if those values are maintained you won't get any benefit other then the benefit of the square cube law. I haven't magnified how numbers of wet and dry mass scale up with TS. But tweakscaling something should change the square cube values even in KSP, right? Also, SLT matters (sea level thrust), but not much. The difference between vacuum thrust and atmospheric thrust parameters shown on the part information list is the ISP difference between 1 atmosphere (the Launchpad) and space (70 km up) The ISP gains immediately as you gain altitude, and you only need a few kilometers altitude to be halfway to your vacuum ISP. It's better to have a vacuum optimized rocket rather then a atmospheric optimized rocket. Unless you takeoff from Eve, have a very high twr rocket with a very early gravity turn I wouldn't even waste my time optimizing it for optimal atmospheric efficiency. You often do better giving your rocket more thrust and making it more aerodynamic then to nitpick a engine for the 1st minute of flight, but you can obviously. I wouldn't use the Aerospike ever, but I did a few times on Eve. It has good atmospheric isp, yes! But they're quite heavy for the thrust they provide. I wouldn't necessarily advice against non gimballing rocket engines like the aerospike. Some good placed fins far enough down and some adequate reaction wheels and a well timed gravity turn will get you to orbit trust me. But I simply wouldn't because the aerospike just isn't the best choice imho.
  9. Concept for the Trinity: If I can't do tri-modal engine switching then it'll be an LFO/Explodium engine.
  10. Engines TWR and ISP

    Huh, well, the so-called "placeholder" values are much better than the state of affairs we had before 1.0 so I tend to think of them as a decent balance pass. The problem is that you simply can't have engines that fill every "niche" in a space game because the number of "niches" is fairly limited. Instead you end up with overlap and engines that are more suited to early tech tree than late, etc... which remove any sort of "balance" from sandbox. That's fine, that's just like how real life works, where you upgrade from the MB-3 to an RS-27 because it's clearly better and you stop making the MB-3 because there's no point to it.
  11. ok thanks will a radeon pro duo Polaris do its already dual gpu with 32 gb vram and (16 gb per gpu) Will it be overkill?
  12. [WIP][1.3.1] SU-27 Style Part Pack 1.0

    Ok i looked twice and couldnt find it.. found the wings, the radar and the tail wing. But no cockpit
  13. Engines TWR and ISP

    You should try career. The high price of some engines can really be a drawback. "Do I want to use this huge insanely powerful engine to complete this contract that doesnt give me much money?"
  14. Engines TWR and ISP

    What I remember is that a developer (might have been NathanKell as well) mentioned that these 1.0 tweaks were to be temporary and eventually replaced by a more thorough engines rework. I believe this was at the time of Porkjet's departure and cancellation of his overhaul, so things were a bit messy but it was made clear that we wouldn't get an engines rework and so that the placeholder values would remain.
  15. Hello! First of all I want to thank to all of you who made this great planet pack. So far I have spent over 150 hours playing with this mod (and many others of course) and there's so much more to do, it's almost intimidating. Although I have very weak system (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz and 4 GB RAM) and thus having to play with low graphics, it still looks beautiful. I have recently built an outpost on Iota ( ) and landed my mobile base on Niven ( ; ) with which I absolutely love to just drive around and explore. Throughout the playthrough I have encountered only one minor problem with the renamer. I'm using USI mods and I found out that my Gaelans were mysteriously disappearing. The problem was that sometimes a new applicant, who was randomly generated and I didn't even had access to him/her (due to USI which alters hiring process), had the same name as one of my kerbonaults (or gerbonaults) and overwrote him/her from my save (only applicant remained and even he later naturally disappeared as he/she should). Simple solution was either 1) rename all kerbonaults to something that is not in the name pool or 2) delete all used names from the pool (of course I made a back up of the pool for future playthroughs). I just want to thank you again, you did a great job and I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of Ciro's system. Lectiuss
  16. [1.3] Procedural Wings

    So there was NathanKell's ProceduralWings, then Bac9 forked it (or created separately) Bac9's Procedural Wings, and then @Crzyrndm forked both of them? Do you want support both of them or (I see at last forum page) preference is given to Bac9's Procedural Wings - fork ?
  17. Engines TWR and ISP

    Yes, the Mammoth has the best TWR, Vector a huge gimbal and Aerospike no gimbal but great Isp at vacuum. The 3 can beat any other engine specs. If placing 3 or more aerospikes, that are not linear, a mod called TCA can control the craft by controlling independently the thrust of each engine. I simple love it. I play sandbox with mods, mostly to build more good looking and maybe realistic ships, but I really hate when something is simple better than all the other alternatives, without any drawback. For me tweakscale is a must, and I find sad that some engines turn complete useless. Will see if I can balance it somehow, or I will don't use it to scale engines down. Thanks!
  18. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.1 part 1*]

    It's not really roleplay ... Just realism.
  19. Russia's new SHLV plan

    Zenit enlargement therapy?
  20. Effect of Streptomyces sp. Isolated from mineral cultures on radish plant development in analog martian soil: Soil was collected around the MDRS location to use it for radish crops. The strain used at the inoculation was isolated from mineral cultures, which are also an extreme environment. The main objective is to prove the effect of this strain in crops in martian analog soil. The main goal of this research was unachieved, but soil samples will be taken to Lima (Peru) for further experiments. Resistance of Peruvian Altiplano’s crops to martian analog soil: Soils with different compositions where collected on the surroundings of MDRS and on the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation in order to prove the resistance of Peruvian crops and mustard (as control) to mars analog soil. The main goal of the project wasn’t achieved, mostly because an incident during #7 EVA. However, the research will continue on Lima (Peru) using the martian analog soil and two more altiplano’s seeds. Incidence of consumption of kiwicha cookies in the loss of muscle mass that people living in the analog of Mars experiment: I prepared cookies of kiwicha on Peru, kiwicha is an andin grain that has enormous amounts of protein. Because of this characteristic of the kiwicha grain, my cookies have 10% of protein per portion. During the time that I spend in the rotation, I had to take notes of the mass muscle index. So, I gave the cookies to half of the crew, two units per day. Also, every 4 days I took notes of their weight. With this data, I am going to compare the data of the crew member that ate the cookies and the ones that do not ate the kiwicha cookies. Properties and Composition of Mars Analog Regolith at MDRS: Regolith samples were collected from different areas within the MDRS area. The study focuses specifically on the Morrison geologic formation. The majority of the samples are from the brushy basin member of this formation. The goal of the project is to classify the soil properties including: soil texture, classification, and composition. The project will continue during the next week. Sustainability in Mars research stations and extraplanetary settlements: This research searches to answer the question: The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) operation can be more sustainable? It is evaluated how environmental, economic, social and personal sustainability issues are presented in the research station and how the MDRS activities would collaborate to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), proposing some guidelines to sustainability. It is also important to ask: the results related to Mars would be applied to build a self-sustainable habitat in Earth, mainly in areas affected by climate change, as deserts and semiarid regions as can be seen in Brazilian Northeast (Habitat Marte)? Reviewing the previous research done at MDRS not was identified any research related to sustainability. Because of that, this research presented a high impact to MDRS and Mars research. It is a challenger identifies the main dimensions that would be considered to evaluates a Mars research station in terms of sustainability: this is the great relevance of this research for the future design of Mars settlements.
  21. It seems like failure rates have gone up again with the last update again. 12 minutes into the flight and I've had an engine failure, a short circuit on the main battery and a parachute failure.
  22. Submission for: Kerbal Express Airlines Submission from: Habu Industries Following: Colossus Type: Jumbo Jet Cost of Purchase: $253,104,000 (Fueled) Suggested Operation: 5000m @ 233m/s Keep flaps down at speeds less than 100 m/s V1: 55m/s on land. Begin Message: Are you tired of having to service dozens of planes for each and every route? Are you tired of competitors bragging about their biggest, bestest plane? Well, don't despair, because, for a short time, Habu Industries is offering a limited time offer to Kerbal Express Airlines for our latest and greatest creation, the Colossus. This aircraft does not need an introduction, and we believe our photos and the short video will sell you on this beast. Range: ~ 3750km Seats 1152 passengers Takes off by the set of double stripes on the runway.
  23. Russia's new SHLV plan

    Why you hatin. Don't judge a book by its cover.
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