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  2. Baby steps, I can’t do everything at once.
  3. xub313

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finally got some time to play some KSP after a long while. I started a new career save. I recently finished my LKO space station/fuel depot, Capricorn Station. You can see Mira 3, stopping by on its way to the Munar surface, and the X-598 Mk2 shuttle, which carried up the first crew of scientists to the station.
  4. I would guess it probably has to do with the fact that I use the stutter reduction mod and shove another 4 gigs of heap space into KSP. As it is I do have 32gb of ram but KSP uses like 16 gigs just idle with all the mods I have so I would assume it's a ram issue. And I can have KSP running all day long as long as I close and relaunch it often enough.
  5. KerikBalm

    Breaking Ground... What will you build first?

    Just a lander? If you want to go back up again, what good does the expansion do?
  6. RedSun Rocketry

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    from what I can tell this craft probably requires the currently unrevealed spinny thingy to work as it does
  7. The stock rotors will never go away. It's not just that we want to have a spinny thing, but it's the challenge of doing it and making it work that appeals to a lot of people.
  8. Triop

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I just can't stop building these things....
  9. I_Killed_Jeb

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    Honestly KSP is an astounding piece of software. That you can cobble together a flappy wing thing and the game just "understands" how it's supposed to behave... Amazing.
  10. Odd. In my case, in the device manager - even with hidden devices shown - the only display adapter that exists is my 1050Ti; no virtual adapters from telepresence software or anything like what was seen in that issue thread. (Also, the location that the system had attempted to read was different from all of those cases, but IDK if that can vary with system configuration or what) Yeah, that looks to be identical to my issue. So, is there/would it be possible for there to be some kind of fallback for DX9 that doesn't include the fancy rendering features that don't work on it, or do all the special texture setups and things in TU mods preclude this sort of feature? Looks to my (mostly) lay man's eye like DX11 and OpenGL can't necessarily be relied upon for every user. :\
  11. Hmm... after installing Hyperedit so I could do some proper testing, looks like it's indeed working fine. Now I just need a rocket to take it to Eve without using Hyperedit...
  12. Spacescifi

    Aliens ask you a question

    "Some knowledge is more valuable than others. Would'nt you agree?" The alien speaking to you replies. She continues with "Cake? If it passes inspection first, sure!" As for her offer, you declined it so that is over. But it least she gets cake out of the deal! Which shows that for all our flaws, we can be generous to complete strangers.
  13. Huh. Ok then, is there a setting somewhere to turn them back on, or is this a "code's not there anymore, you're SOL" type deal? Welp, found the setting, got the countdown back. Still liked the pips though. Maybe a future version of the mod can override the stock countdown text with them.
  14. I was trying to install this, and found that the button wasn't being shown. The issue is that you are adding the button to the ToolbarController without first registering it. The newer toolbar controller requires that the button be registered before it is used. I've added one file and modified one other to support this. Tested and working in a 1.4.5 install, PR submitted
  15. Bill Phil

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Catapulting to orbit may not work on Kerbin but certainly on Gilly and maybe Minmus?
  16. Interesting -- that points towards the problem likely being either a memory issue (running out of ram, or writing to a bad block), a storage issue (log file size, error on drive during write operation), or thermal issues and overheating. Normally thermal issues will manifest faster than 5 hours of continuous use, but still a possibility. (of course, computers are insanely complex, and it could be something else entirely... but those are the points I would start on if I had those problems on my personal machine) Thanks for the confirmation. I'll take a look at my settings and see if I can spot what needs to be changed; IIRC it was something regarding fullscreen/bordered/windowed modes, though I don't remember it causing that specific access violation (more it was an error regarding unsupported resolution or something). Apparently this is also part of a 'known issue' with Unity regarding some non-standard graphics adapter settings / multiple adapters. Not sure if that is exactly what is happening in this case, but seems like it is similar in its effect... Apparently it is also a reported bug on the SQUAD tracker, though I've not much hope of them fixing it for Windows, as OpenGL is only officially supported on Mac and Linux -- And one really strange solution that I found was modifying the startup command to use double-dashes (from: , such as: C:\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe" --force-glcore
  17. BillKerman123

    [1.7.0] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    Amazing mod! I've got some really good ideas on how to use it. Question though: could you make the wings slightly shorter so they don't stick out the back of the craft as much?
  18. MechBFP

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Robotics

    By the way, anything you can or are willing to say @Yargnit? I know you have an NDA.
  19. goldenpsp

    CKAN help needed

    As @HebaruSan screen shotted, the links are there on the release page. It sounds like you did not scroll down far enough. That being said, my 13yo son has learned to navigate github (he is a KSP fan). He has not been to university yet, although he is pretty smart (but I may be biased).
  20. An Eve lander with insanely compacted parts that can be covered by a single 3.75m heat shield and then expanded once through the worst of it.
  21. PakledHostage

    This Day in Spaceflight History

    The Apollo 10 LM did its landing "dress rehearsal" low pass 50 years ago today. "Snoopy" undocked from "Charlie Brown" in about 45 minutes, a half century ago, as of this writing. The LM's rapid roll anomaly happened about 4.5 hours later at about 23:33 UTC.
  22. The newest version give a warning when starting KSP. KSP Version: Installed Modules: Chatterer 0.9.96 A MakingHistory-DLC 1.7.0
  23. @FreeThinkerThanks! I'm a long way off from antimatter. I'm at about the 1500 lvl of the science tree, so that's all I got right now.
  24. sh1pman

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    Q: What is very large, makes a lot of smoke and noise, takes down 20 liters of gas per hour, and cuts an apple into three pieces? A: The Soviet machine built to cut apples into four pieces.
  25. Upvoted. IIRC it's a pretty simple config file fix.This problem also exists with the triangular armor parts in BDA.
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