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  2. Fraston

    Weather Chat Megathread

    Massive thunderstorm over north Texas (as well as my house) The thunder sounds like a huge cosmic gong.
  3. Very clever! I'm always impressed when I see people use parts in a cool decorative way.
  4. I archived my GameData folder including the mods, uninstalled the game, and did a fresh install with no mods, then added Stage Recovery. I loaded up the save game and attempted the contract and it worked perfectly, SR recovered 4 ships and all were counted as successes in the contract. The mission was successful. So I unpacked my archived mods over top of the newly installed game, excluding the old copies of Stage Recovery and its dependencies. Loaded up the save game again and attempted the contract... and it worked perfectly. Again SR recovered 4 ships and all were counted as success in the contract. I'm not exactly sure what to make of that, but happy to report it seems to be working again now. The only possible explanation I could come up with is that I had installed Stage Recovery or one of its dependencies targeted at an older KSP version. I don't think I would have made that mistake, but if I did I apologize. I'll be doing more tourist contracts in the same way in the future so I'll report back if I encounter the issue again. Very sorry for any noise. Thanks for your help linuxgurugamer. I really appreciate it.
  5. SuicidalInsanity

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Log files are generally best posted via pastebin or similar. You said you aren't seeing the second atm intake on intakes; just to double check something here, If you go to /GameData/Mk2Expansion/Patches, do you have a Mk2X_AtmIntake.cfg? And a ModuleManager.dll somewhere in /Gamedata?
  6. Geonovast

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Full story at 11.
  7. djr5899

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Soooo....I've been working on Minmus operations for about a month. Building a few drilling rigs, adding a few rovers, an ore processor, and finally a larger fuel storage craft. Currently I have the following 3 satellites in geosync orbit around Kerbin 1 resource satellite around Minmus 1 relay satellite around Minmus, to help prevent signal outage zones 2 ore drilling rigs on the surface of Minmus (first two craft put on Minmus) 1 rover mainly for transporting ore from drillers to ore processor (3rd craft on Minmus) 1 ore processing craft 1 additional rover, just for moving fuel from ore processor to fuel storage rig Today, I finished building my fuel storage vessel, tested out the alignment of the docking port for transferring fuel to/from rovers, and launched the craft to Minmus. Landed great, BUUUUUUUT......big problem.....2 of my craft are no longer on the surface of Minmus. They are nowhere. They are gone. Not on the surface, not in the tracking station. No little pieces....just completely....GONE! 1 of my mining rigs, and my 1st rover used for fuel, ore, and monoprop moving, are both missing. AAAAAANNNNND, I was going to take a screenshot for this post, so I loaded KSP to my last save, went back to Minmus annnnnnd.....another vessel is missing, my second rover just for fuel is now gone. Thinking I'm not liking 1.7 very much. Very few mods loaded (KER, RCS Build Aid, X Science, & Surface Lights). Never seen anything like this before. Here's what is left now: I reloaded my save as I was coming in for final landing with my Fuel Station craft (already missing a rover and ore rig). It almost seems like KSP 1.7 can't keep track of more than 10 objects, including craft and debris. At least, that appears to be what I am seeing so far.
  8. You could! As long as you had a big supply of clean water and dry air. You'd get unfortunately little power out of it though, probably a AAA worth of energy for evaporating a full 250ml cup of water, after it's all told. The article's interesting... But I'm sorry to say they were beaten to the punch of pulling free energy from room temperature 75 years ago... By this, earth shattering invention: The drinking bird. They'll keep drinking room temp water forever so long as you keep their cup full and the air dry. You could even harvest energy, but... not remotely enough to be useful. Same as in the article! More sciency stuff:
  9. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    N-body simulation software?

    Flung out 'nothin... look a bit closer at some of those encounters. I don't think Vall would have made it...
  10. Fraston

    Forum no-nos

    628 skipping in forum games, even though it makes it a rule with tau as the number.
  11. Fraston

    Jeb's Diner

    Here is your 3 green Mixels. I would like some LEGO cheese slopes.
  12. Jestersage

    Engine plate and Kraken

    Yeah, been trying to avoid it. Of course, anythign attached to engine plate is autostrut. I know it has been done. In my case, the Butalae octa (ie Saturn I clone). In the case of other's Luizopiloto's Omega M1. Yeah, he have struts. Also, @klesh I found that if I copy you el-quicko, then it does not fall apart.... but when it flies it exploded.
  13. Today
  14. Laie

    Engine plate and Kraken

    Suspecting a case of symmetrical parts spazzing out and starting an ever-worse wobble, I have to ask: have you tried struts?
  15. shdwlrd

    [1.7.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I can't speak for Angel, but Roverdude likes to break his mods without warning or explanation. I've used MKS for a while and stopped because I got sick of the updates blinking out or breaking my bases and stations. I still use USI:LS but I use the parts and converters from the mod along side of Pathfinder. The only thing you will have to do is create a patch to add habitation time and supplies to the Pathfinder parts. If you want to use MKS, build the two bases separately and use WBI distribution for resource transfers. (You may want to do the same thing with supplies creation for ground bases too. Plus USI resource distribution doesn't really make sense.) That way if the bases gets blinked out of existence, your only real loss is some buckboards or tundra modules. PS. You may have to remove the dependency for the MKS parts to be manned.
  16. Kilo60

    Wild Blue Industries crafts

    Just updated this Mod and none of my recent craft will load due to error missing part "WBI.GrabberArm" Is there anyway to fix this?
  17. Fraston

    N-body simulation software?

    Poor Vall... It had so much fun with it’s brothers and sisters... now it got flung out from the family.
  18. Bill Phil

    N-body simulation software?

    Chebyshev polynomials?
  19. proteasome

    [1.7] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.4.1 [update 4/23/2019]

    Trying to send log (maybe too big for message system?) A quick look through it shows references to lots of supposedly uninstalled mods. Maybe it's time for me to do a fresh install.
  20. linuxgurugamer

    [1.5.1+] TRP-Hire (formerly KSI Hiring)

    New release, Thanks to @TonkaCrash for this: Fixed scaling issue
  21. Thanks for the reply SilverState! That fixed the problem. The [*] at the end of @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*] needed to be removed. It actually looks like BeyondHome used custom planet names for every planet except Kerbin. Thank you as well for the suggestion to avoid errors! I know those science defs aren't going to end up seeing the light of day, but it was driving me nuts that I could not figure out why they were not changing.
  22. Daniel Prates

    [1.7] Water Launch Sites (2019-04-22)

    Oh think nothing of it! It is such a proper kerbal thing to have a tower more-or-less on the alignment of the runway! Heheheeh. 100% approval here.
  23. OK, this leads me to my next problem: None of the fuel tanks I have to build my spaceplane out of can carry KSPI fuels, like Liquid Nitrogen, or water, or whatever. What do you guys do in this situation? Cryostats inside a cargo bay? Edit the files to add KSPI tank functionality to other tanks? I'll take any suggestions!
  24. roboslacker

    Show off your drawings!

    Well, I drew a comic in my notebook. I'm still trying to find a good way to get the pages into image files, as well as where the right place on the internet is for it.
  25. ExtremeSquared

    Joysticks are AWESOME for KSP!

    This thread sure is a time capsule to before Unity bungled joysticks.
  26. It does look... very shiny. Actually might go and see this....
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