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  2. I hope to get a answer from the devs by monday. I'm in a Facebook group for KSP on Xbox (fan made) with about 800 members and we are all waiting impatiently fore some info on this subject. I'm no programer but how hard can it be to take a game that was originally made fore PC, and make it work on Xbox with keaybord and mouse support? The game had it before annyone was considering porting it to console. All the new games coming out have K&M support natively. Even older games have been updated to work with K&M. Implementing K&M controlls with key remapping would fix ALOT of issues. And would ultimately make the game more flexible and enjoyable.
  3. Sepratrons are great for an emergency retrograde decent. Came in handy when I lost another Swivel while coming home from an orbit. Yea, I know you can maybe fix stuff in space...but why! We always need a backup!
  4. What a lot of useful little mods, many thanks for the link, @RealKerbal3x!
  5. Aha, scrolling back, this already happened: Give us a couple of minutes...
  6. So how does it get into orbit? And if it is as it clearly is, then it is a shuttle. Also, where's it going? The challenge is this: Shuttle Challenge v5. You do not have to have a traditional shuttle; anything meeting the above definition counts. And it's got plenty of really cool designs in its 86-page history [at the time of writing].
  7. That is a bug that only appears in the tracking station/map view. If you actually send something over there, the flares are not separated from the star. As for the moons being dim, keep in mind that the images you see of planets/moons, especially ones in the outer solar system, have been brightened so that features are more clear and so that the image is more appealing. I had to change the Sun's light intensity curve since by default the Sun's brightness extends infinitely.
  8. Added a mod, built a crewed ship with mod parts, deleted mod, reloaded save and both ship and crew had vanished. I had put all the Kerbonauts I had on that ship so ended up with none at all. (It was just a sandbox for mod testing, but still...) I use MechJeb for executing long-distance maneuvers like interplanetary burns. I've done plenty of them manually, but in many cases I get the transfers wrong and either end up hurtling through the target's SOI with a huge braking burn needed because I went too early, or else having to overshoot and dither at solar apoapsis for years before it drops back to the target because I went too late. I once built a massive ship to fly out to Neidon (fake Neptune from outer planets mod) using an ion-plasma type engine (from near future propulsion) with massive efficiency but pitiful thrust (40kN). The burn required over 2 hours to complete but the ship had so many parts (many of which were from mods, and may have been poorly optimised) that the game was running at about 1/3 speed. I started the maneuver, went away, had breakfast, had a shower, went out shopping, did some housework (hoovering, cleaning, laundry etc.), watched a film and came back almost SIX HOURS later, but it was still burning and had somehow gone about 20 degrees off course so I had to then make a correction burn just after leaving Kerbin's SOI to actually go where I wanted it to. Time to Neidon: 40 years, give or take. Odds of me ever playing that save long enough for it to reach Neidon: slim... At least it isn't a manned mission though... I also tried to do an interplanetary burn from a sub-80km orbit and ended up flying into the atmosphere so I cheated the ship into a 1000km orbit and tried again. I once put a whole 100-ton rocket on a hacked retrograde solar orbit on a collision course with Kerbin, pointed it straight down and burned with infinite fuel, 10x hacked gravity, drag switched off and no overheating to try and complete the deployed seismic experiment. It hit the ocean instead Any time I see a 'recover xxx part' or 'rescue xxx kerbal' mission, I just use the hacky rendezvous button to lob the same little grabber craft/rescue ship right beside it, get the target part/kerbal then drop it back down to Kerbin, using the set orbit button if necessary. Same story for docking space station parts together. I used to do those by hand, but I have nowhere near enough patience to try and do orbital intercepts and am too cheap to fund an entire launcher to put the grabber/rescue ship into orbit of Kerbin, never mind anywhere else. I also once 'rescued' a Kerbal from Duna orbit by dropping an entire crewed expedition mothership right beside it using the cheat menu and transferring them over just before leaving Duna to go back to Kerbin. It was only after I'd done the transfer burn that I realised I had completely forgotten to visit Ike... I put an amphibious plane on Laythe, but turns out it can't actually take off from the water and is a bit crashy trying to land there too. Crash damage off any time I try to land, hack gravity to minimal when taking off- for some reason that makes the plane fly underwater (how the engines work under the water I don't know!) then switch gravity back to normal and it immediately bursts to the surface and usually keeps flying. I also put an electric plane on Eve but broke the solar panels, so I reloaded the save and had to land it from orbit again. I tried to modify the science lab to give me a bit more science when deployed on the Mun and Minmus (4 per day just wasn't cutting it) so I boosted the data limit from 500 to 5000 as I had deployed a fleet of science-collecting autonomous rovers (bon voyage mod drove them for me- no way was I spending nine hours driving half way round the Mun and another nine driving back!) and altered the processing speed number from 7 to 6 (in the part file). I ended up with labs that produced up to 900 science PER DAY and still can't find the right combination of settings to make it a bit more reasonable - I was aiming for about 24 per day which is 1 science every 15 minutes.
  9. It means cumulatively. 95000lbs is approx 43tonnes, over 19 flights that's about 2.3 tonnes per flight. Well within dragon's capabilities.
  10. Good to now, I'll review the exclusion logic for kerbals. Thanks
  11. JNSQ 0.8.5: "provides": [ "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Config", "Scatterer-sunflare", "DistantObject-config", "PlanetShine-Config", "Kronometer" ], JNSQ 0.8.6: "provides": [ "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-Config", "Scatterer-sunflare", "Kronometer" ], According to that, JNSQ used to supply its own configs for DistantObject and PlanetShine but no longer does. We can make the same change to the old version as well if desired (someone on the team just has to say so someplace where we can see it), but for now don't try to install two different versions of the same mod.
  12. Good question. I don't know why that's happening. I'll have to look at it when I get home. Stay away from the 0.8.5 stuff as there were changes to those cfgs in 0.8.6. just choose the default cfgs for those mods, and JNSQ will change them with its own cfgs. Spectra just needs to be added as incompatible in the netkan. As far as Texture Replacer is concerned, I do not recall the version that was for 1.7.3.
  13. Um... is it just me, or did someone maybe add an extra zero?
  14. What would I have to edit to add side mounts (green mounting orbs) to OPT K? I love that the K hollow Fuselage has top and bottom on the outside.
  15. Ngl I completely forgot about this, sorry mate. Might be worth raising it as an issue on Github - I tend to go through them when doing updates.
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  17. @Galileo Are there any specific instructions for installing the supplemental mods? I usually install everything via CKAN, but when installing JNSQ 0.8.6, the following mods are suggested: Scatterer Environmental Visual Enhancements 2 Distant Object Enhancement Continued PlanetShine Rational Resources Strategia TextureReplacer (???) JX2Antenna CommNet Antennas Info Kopernicus So I select all of these and then CKAN suggests the following config for DistantObject-config: Distant Object Enhancement RSS Distant Object Enhancement Continued default config JNSQ 0.8.5 I've already downloaded JNSQ 0.8.6, so why is it suggesting a config from 0.8.5? Then for PlanetShine-Config, I see the following: JNSQ 0.8.5 PlanetShine Default Config Spectra v1.2.3 I'm very puzzled about this, looking for some guidance And is TextureReplacer v3.7 needed?
  18. NSEP

    Is KSP2 dying?

    What happens before gaining consiousness? Was i dead before i was alive? Is the universe full of wandering souls waiting to take the body of an organism?
  19. To expound on @GRS's absolutely correct answer, this challenge is open indefinitely and spans version numbers of the game. I'll run it, hopefully, even in to KSP 2
  20. @fulgur it's a seaplane with little tiny rockets to help it de-orbit.
  21. Combo: my age + the best country in the world...
  22. That'd be NSWR, possibly also some variant of flow-stabilized fusion drive. As a bonus, both of those provide steady acceleration, which can be problematic for crewed flights. However, total energy requirements are always at the root of the problem. If you demand both high thrust and Isp for a sustained period of time, the question quickly becomes where to get all that energy from in first place.
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