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  2. Oh sure, you're all happy about it now. Wait until your first kerbal bails out of his crippled airplane with what turns out to be a repair kit on his back. Then you'll be singing a different tune.
  3. @K^2 - so when I bend a coat hanger wire back and forth rapidly to break it, I notice that it heats up - just like stretching a rubber band several times in a row, and I always thought that working something like that generated heat. Interesting to read that they're different. So back to the wire... I'm guessing the bending is exerting different forces than the stretch you described, and that's why I notice the heat?
  4. I'm using KSP 1.10.1 waterfall 0.2.4 I am using Scatter with AVP sounds like you've already resolved it though thanks for all you do! it makes this game sooo much better.
  5. One small thing I noticed: those FAT-type control surfaces are going to melt upon atmospheric entry. I would recommend replacing them with the elevon-type ones, as they have a much higher heat resistance.
  6. Thanks for the knowledge! Yeah...lasers ARE useful. If you have the patience. For gamers they would have to time warp the lasing while occasionally monitoring crew food supply just make sure they don't starve LOL while waiting. In real life yeah, totally kills lasers as space weapons apart from the bomb pumped lasers which won't be cheap by any means anyway. Too weak, and take too long.
  7. I think we have traced the faint cone to Scatterer, have identified a likely fix for next release.
  8. Hold on, we don't need calculus here. This is simple algebra. For the m/s vs watts thing, here: Watts are joules/second and a joule is a kilogram meter squared per second squared. Substitute and you get a (kilogram meter squared per second squared) per second. After some cancellation, you get a kilogram meter squared per second cubed, or kgm^2/s^3. A meter per second is the best it gets. Fundamental units, yay! If watts are convertible to meters per second, they must have a conversion ratio (not constant) that we will call A: A * kgm^2/s^3=m/s Cancellation:
  9. Actually I was checking this option and I created a BAT for 1.8.1, so for the dependencies point of view it's possible, BUT... This mod thread kks-spacex-pack don't support 1.8.1 and some parts needed are not available at that version, so in resume its not possible.
  10. The interesting data is the required radius or length of a spaceship or tether pods to do 1g rotation at 1 RPM (one revolution per min). 100 meter disc spaceship radius OR 100 meter long tether pods or 100 meter long spaceship with crew only living on the ends. Take your pick out of three. Elon's spaceship is slightly over 100 meters long, so he has the option of rotating tge entire ship and putting tge crew at the ends or extending 100 meter tether pods before spin. The first option is arguably less complex. This ONLY works if his spaceship is over 100 meters long
  11. Well, procedural solar systems are a dream of mine as well, but, as you can imagine, very difficult. While creating the generator application for this pack took only about a month, the ProceduralPlanet library took very long to develop. I think I created the project files for it sometime mid-2019.
  12. Hello, why does my F9 (with Starlink satellites) flips right after launch? Thanks
  13. Almost a bit surprised nobody asked yet, guess I'll do it myself... Will any of this engineer epicness be accessible while an engineer is sitting in an external command seat? First reason I'm asking: My flight skill in EVA expressed in percentage from none to legendary is dangerously close to a negative value. I prefer my little green friends to stay safe so it would be nice to make a movable robotic arm with a seat and stick onto a construction vessel that grabs the soon-to-be-remodeled craft with a klaw and holds it nice and steady. Second reason: Seriously the above use case descr
  14. Yeah, blasting a rock into chunks with a laser is probably a tall order, but cutting rock with a laser should be feasible. It may take a while though, so as @mikegarrison said, space sims go for rule of cool instead. Some very simplified notes on lasers based on conversations with a colleague a couple of years back: You've got two main modes of interaction between a laser beam and a surface. Photothermal - where the material under the laser evaporates or sublimes away (think of the laser as a fancy blowtorch), and photoablative, where the material turns to plasma and dissipates. Whic
  15. Sounds like you have solved this already. One tip is there is an option in Map mode to see the signal paths, the button to toggle the signal paths is near the top of the screen. I spend a lot of time around Minmus. Normally 3 or 4 relay (bounce) satellites in different orbits is enough to ensure signal coverage while near or on Minmus. But a little bad luck can still leave dead spots sometimes. Putting your relay (bounce) satellites in a high orbit increases their coverage. I also like to put at least one of them in a polar orbit.
  16. Nothing I said was about asteroid mining, unless you are worried about a claim jumper blasting you with a mining laser (might make a great bit of sci-fi, along the lines of a space western). On the other hand, it may be far more efficient to simply focus solar power with a giant mylar mirror instead of building the laser. My point was that the radiators are going to be a big target. Others have pointed out just how impossible it is to focus a laser across interplanetary distances. Blackbody mirrors *are* radiators. Just perfect ones. And "perfect" materials don't seem to mix with hi
  17. I am extremely thankful for America-we are far from perfect, but gosh dang it, I love this country.
  18. Despite the unavoidable delays imposed by COVID & the busiest hurricane season I’ve ever lived to see- SLS has only drifted 1 month off of the schedule I made back in July. I also ran the timeline past a Stennis SC worker & he agreed my timelines were close to what he expected based on their work. The booster was predicted to arrive before the end of the year back in July. Now, I’m predicting arrival before the end of January. Assembly & MLP integration by/before July. Testing close out by September, Wet Dress Rehearsal by or before November. Launch within that month is s
  19. Thanks for re-posting the Document link. Hope you are having a good thanksgiving! I finally got smart and added a comment I have been sitting on because I had lost the link(and I bookmarked it! DOH!)
  20. Here's another data point: This is KSP 1.9.1, dx11, newest versions of Waterfall, Scatterer, and TUFX. The TUFX profile is here: https://github.com/al2me6/tufx-neutralnext. It only shows up under certain lighting conditions for me. And another glitch that I've came across (specifically with the waterfall-kerolox-upper-1 template): Edit: And another image of the previously reported "faint cone" (it's especially obvious with a large number of engines):
  21. I'm not from a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, but there are certainly things that I'm thankful for. In no particular order, here are just a few: My family and how supportive and amazing they are. Kerbal Space Program and its fantastic community - especially the moderators for keeping the discussion civil and pleasant. Space! There's literally an infinity of things out there to explore. The human adventure is only just beginning! The scientists and engineers all around the world who work constantly to make our lives and our future better.
  22. Many thanks for the replies, I didn't realise gravity losses were quite such a high proportion - I thought a lot more was due to drag (so lower TWR made sense for that).
  23. "Rule of cool" We use explosives to blow rocks apart on Earth, but that's because all the little rocks end up falling into a pile where they can be scooped up. That would not work in what is nearly a zero-g environment.
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  25. I have the WIP 0.0632 version of Scatterer. I've never actively changed the graphics api that KSP uses, so whatever is the default for Windows/Steam. I have read about folks trying dx11 or OpenGL but unless another visual mod can change this, I have always used the default. I'm thinking I should try a new game instance with just some of your parts mods + Waterfall with restock configs so to remove variables.
  26. Oh, how could i forget this. But folding wings will be tricky, i think you'll need AnimatedAttachment and actuators from Spaceflight Emporium
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