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  2. For me, it only partially fixed the scatterer glitch on the horizon (which I assume you're talking about?) You can always download the fix and try it out, you can just remove it if it doesn't work.
  3. @Lisias What does your version of KJR do differently than the RO-guys' version that you feel the need to develop it in its own fork? Maybe if they aren't that different you could focus your time and energy into developing other mods like TweakScale and maybe you'll finally have some more time on your hands to actually play the game? Whatever you choose, just know that I and thousands of other players will always be grateful for the hard work you and other mod devs put into the game, you guys make a good game into something absolutely phenomenal. Cheers!
  4. Nice! Works absolutely perfectly so far in ksp 1.6.1!
  5. KerikBalm

    Interplanetary travel question

    Just to clarify on the half an orbital period: In a hohman transfer, your periapsis is at the lower orbit, and the apoapsis is at the higher apoapsis. Going from PE to AP, back to PE is an entire orbital period. Going from just PE to AP is half an orbital period. A perfect hohman transfer (circular non-inclined orbits, absolute minimum energy) always takes half an orbital period. The orbital period will obviously be somewhere between the orbital period of the smaller and larger orbits. So going from 0.5 AU to 1.0 AU gives you a transfer with an SMA of 0.75 AU... whereas going from 1.0 AU to 1.5 AU gives you a transfer with an SMA of 1.25 AU. Obviously the 0.75 AU SMA has a much shorter orbital period than the 1.25 AU SMA, and thus the transfers are much faster, even though both change the SMA by 0.5 AU. The same applies for going to Mun vs Minmus... Minmus takes much longer to get to than the distance from kerbin would suggest, if you're doing an efficient hohman transfer (many people crank up the dV budget to get a faster transfer there)
  6. I'm missing a few parts, namely the scanners, at least one of them
  7. Because you choose to never fix the problems that were affecting KSPe. There's a long history on the backlog and on this thread. Feel free to check how many times people got here taking about KJR and I pinpointed other Add'Ons borking the Mono's Reflection. People that did what I said got it working, people that didn't, didn't. There's no black or white indeed. There're people doing what's needed, and people don't.
  8. Thanks for letting me know - standalone or otherwise, I look forward to seeing the feature implemented.
  9. KerikBalm

    What issues have people been having with SAS?

    My biggest gripes with SAS, mostly related to planes: #1) When it resets its zero on its own. If I want my plane to hold a 10 degree AoA, often the control authority is enough to do so, but the SAS will refuse to do it. When I elevate the nose, and try and lock in SAS, the nose will start to come down, SAS will weakly try to hold it up, and long before control authority maxes out, SAS just gives up and decides to lock in to some other point than what I set it at... what??? #2) A generally weak response: the response seems to be proportional to how far off the heading is compared to the desired heading - instead of whether the heading is moving towards or away from the desired heading. So when the desired heading gets 1 degree off, SAS will barely do anything to return to the desired heading. Instead I'd like SAS to try and vigourously fight a drift away from the desired heading, and when the heading starts returning to the desired heading, have it back off - otherwise it will start returning to the desired heading even faster, and obviously overshoot. But mainly #1 is my biggest gripe... makes it very hard to just lock in a heading for large planes, then I need to fly them manually, and when they have many parts and it runs slow, its tedious.
  10. kerbiloid

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Two sources of vibration (the engine and the pad) have resulted in
  11. Blind guess, but perhaps some extra modules added by RO need to be patched too. TweakScale knows nothing about what it's doing, it mechanically applies "receipts" into GameData: "here, take that datum called mass and multiply it for this scale". You tell it to scale mass to a small enough factor, you got a number being rounded to zero and then something blows somewhere inside the physics engine. You tell it to scale to a negative scale, you get a craft thinking it's a nuclear reactor going China Syndrome at room's temperature. You forget to add a receipt for something else, this something else is not scaled at all and Krakens count the deads. The solar panels on Kopernicus apparently are suffering from this last problem. They had to switch the generator module for another one that finds the nearest star for light, and nobody told TweakScale about this new module.
  12. KerikBalm

    A few jet part suggestions

    May I suggest that a 2.5m rapier just use this model, but rescaled by a factor of 2? Rapier
  13. kerbiloid

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Yes, I've read about that. They decided that Schwarzenegger looks more brutal than Henriksen, and made him the Terminator. Comparing their irl bios, we can see that looks can be rather deceiving...
  14. Jestersage

    engine plates

    I see. And the node size are pretty much visible, right? I am debating for the stage below a 3.75m engine plat, if I actually need another 3.75m part, or if I can just go with a 1.25m part.
  15. bewing

    engine plates

    Yes, parts occlude airflow according to the frontal area of their "visible mesh". So if they look like they are different sizes, then there will be additional drag.
  16. So, go holotropically.
  17. Just for clarity, LinuxGuruGamer's forked also worked fine from when it was forked through until now and on the contrary to your post, I never got your fork to work without it throwing exceptions so it's different strokes for different folks. There's no black and white here.
  18. There are currently no plans to add such a feature as it is quite inconvenient for me to programm an interface for it. I'll keep it in mind, but it's basically a standalone mod. maybe I'll add such a mod in the future as an add-on to kk. Currently I'm planning on a 2.0 release with will bring some game play changes and not so many modding changes.
  19. purpleivan

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    I think the in-game GUI is something in development, but not released yet.
  20. That is so....un-kerbal. What we need is more Trabants, Yugos..... Ladas...!
  21. Today
  22. Jestersage

    engine plates

    Also, even though the shroud does not shield drag in stock, does the size of the stage below matter? I recall that if there is a node mismatch, it added drag.
  23. Sorry about that. The mod needs a recompile. However, seeing as I haven't even had time/energy to play KSP for severally months now (drama+backstabbing at work, trying to get into medical schools, night classes, and going back to grad school soon) I'm not going to be able to keep up with maintenance of this mod. I would love to hand it off to someone else.. @FreeThinker would you be interested? Any other volunteers?
  24. The issues should be more-or-less the same: the planets and vessels will be at semi-random locations. This will have no effect other than upgrading Principia. The saves will remain compatible (we maintain compatibility for years).
  25. DDE

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Petawatt-laser pure fusion probably makes more sense while being actually storeable. Original pick for Terminator: Canon answer is that it couldn’t stuff the robot chassis in a smaller human. earlier models. IIRC it wasn’t deck-mounted per se, but artillery shells still had a way of finding those tanks.
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