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  2. KSP is a "T2" game , how many mods had they pulled when the same features came up in a DLC or update? T2 has 4 publishing labels, more than 25 internal studios and third party agreement for a dozen other IPs, how many other game had the same crap with the modding community GTA has? If we were talking about Nintendo I would understand, but as much as it sucks for it to even exist in 2021 the "anti-modding" stance in T2 seems to be confined to Rockstar and not even all of their titles. I'm not saying it can't possibly happen, just that at the moment we don't have treason to worry about it.
  3. It's not that it won't work. It's that it's less efficient than a bunch of other, simpler options. There is nothing wrong with the concept on the fundamental level. Ultimately, what you're trying to do is making propellant depart your ship as rapidly as possible. You have two principal ways of achieving this. You can either make propellant really hot and let thermodynamics do its thing or you can apply electromagnetic forces to accelerate propellant. If you are going with any kind of thermal engine, the limiting factors are temperature of the chamber and how light the particles of propellant are. The lighter the particles, the more velocity they'll have at the same temperature. With water exhaust, a LH2+LOX engine is already really, really close to the limit before your combustion chamber starts to melt. There are some clever ideas for afterburners, but they're more about augmenting thrust than ISP. So the only way to get better efficiency is to have exhaust that's lighter than water. Realistically, that's helium or hydrogen. And there are few reasons not to go hydrogen at this point. At this point, you'll have to start adding heat from external source. How you do this is kind of irrelevant. An electric arc is fine, but you can also just use a nuclear reactor. That's all that NTR is. You pipe hydrogen through core of a reactor and use the heat to drive the rocket. And the thing is, the ISP of an NTR is also just limited by temperature at which components start to melt. And you can't go much past that. Even if you decided to recombine atomic hydrogen into molecular, you are still temperature-limited, so you aren't getting a better ISP. There are two ways to circumvent it. First, you go even lighter. Don't recombine hydrogen and use atomic hydrogen for propulsion. This can let you get more ISP at the same temperature. This is where I thought you were going with all of this. It is, however, very energy-inefficient. Your other option is to have other means of confinement. Basically, instead of working with a gas, you start working with plasma. VASIMR rockets do precisely that. They are essentially thermal rockets with a plasma bottle for a chamber. Here, instead of wasting energy on splitting hydrogen, just increase the energy you put into plasma and get more thrust. There is just no reason to deal with atomic hydrogen once you are working with plasma until you get into absolutely absurd energy ranges, but then the question becomes what your power plant is? So in the end, there just isn't a niche for atomic hydrogen in anything remotely like modern rockets.
  4. Yes. It was a joke in relation to military use of the Moon.
  5. It had been 12 years since the 7th Kerbin War ended. 14 years since the space program ended. Kerbals have always had a habit of worldwide conflicts, having fought 5 in the last 50 years. But this war was different, it was worse. Massive armadas of ships were deployed only for a handful to return. In the end, the Kefrican Federation won, but at what cost? Retired director of the old Space Program John Kerman brings the old kerbonauts and scientists back together, but with the economy in ruins and almost a decade of work destroyed, will they be able to succeed in bringing Kerbalkind to space? This is a story/mission report with a lot of Forgotten Space Program Influence, but is kinda based on my old, dead version 1.11 career. Enjoy the story!
  6. This sounds dangerously like a perpetual motion engine. Are you sure you don't want a VASIMR or something more mundane?
  7. Did a quick throw together of those two engine layout options. Double 5 pointed star fits just fine. 1+4 works fine as well, though the H-1s will be angled outwards. Your 4 + 6 ring works as well.
  8. Whats the best way to deal with backround processing and nuclear reactors from near future tech? I understand the mod itself does not support it but other than disabling backround processing I was wondering if anyone has any good solutions? Main issue I am having is they way LH2 cooling and requires loads of charge. Im my current case 100 units/sec.
  9. Well, it's closer to a weird arcjet engine than an ion engine, here's a description of my idea, just so I can be sure it won't work, because it is not even close to an ion engine design. Sorry for wasting everyone's time with these posts: The fuel tank mass would be at least 50% regular hydrogen, to account for inefficiency in breaking up the hydrogen, the rest would be solar panels to provide power. The hydrogen would be pumped into a "combustion chamber" where one or more 300 volt 50 amp arcs would turn some of it into atomic hydrogen, which would then (as in the welding) recombine into diatomic hydrogen, creating heat and releasing energy which would propel it at high speeds out of the nozzle, producing thrust. Oxygen could also be added for combustion. Sorry for pestering you with my dumb ideas, but I really want to know why this design won't work, and it's not like an ion engine.
  10. I'm not concerned about the dev team's commitment and vision at all, it's the bean counters and corporate types that worry me. I actually forgot about that. I hope my concerns are completely unfounded, but we won't be able to know for certain until mods get pulled for interfering with sales of DLC.
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  12. This was thought out by Roman Arbitman in his pseudohistorical fiction novel, while the projects listed in the article were real, and were funded with real money by real governments.
  13. Yeah, that's not exactly a mix of gamers, that's one type of gamers who like all these. Chill, creative, explorative(?), management games.
  14. GTA is a milking machine, nothing else. If modders interfere with their cow, they get angry, modders get angry, everyone gets angry and it gets a lot of spotlight because it's popular. Plus GTA was never advertised as moddable game. Kerbals are, from the beginning. One thing I can think of, is Surface Experiment Pack, where end of development coincided with the announcement of Breaking Ground. Here: But then, nobody took down Remotetech, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KER, and many other mods that were there before Squad decided to implement similar features into the game, for free or in the form of DLC. Why would that happen now? The publisher hasn't changed.
  15. unless a mod directly copies a dlc and basicaly just pirates a dlc or if they are mod menus that work in multiplayer i dont think any mods will get banned. but even that is if they make dlc. otherwise there not really a reason to not allow mods since they dont ruin other players experiences and they earn the same amount of money from a player not depending if they play with or without mods
  16. Apparently there is a hoax with somewhat widespread dissemination among ufologists and conspiracy theorists in Russia, in which it is claimed that during the Potsdam Conference, Stalin proposed splitting the Moon among the four victorious powers (USSR, US, UK, and France). If it was real though the costly race could have been avoided lol.
  17. WOW, I'm in every single one of those groups. Lately I've been enjoying Minecraft 1.18 new terrain gen and caves.
  18. The most senseless and funny part of the KSP forums is "Suggestions" in both KSP-1 and -2 sections. KSP-1 is finished, and nobody would change something in the finished game. KSP-2 is either ready for release and is awaiting for a market weather, and nobody would change something in the prepared release, or has sunk in development, and they have no time to change something else. Also, all of the KSP-1&2 devs are KSP veterans, and they knew everything what the every next generation of users could suggest, before this generation went to school. In any case, all these KSP suggestions are interesting only for the suggesters. P.S. More than one sentence, I see, but the "Shower thoughts" are for more valuable topics than KSP suggestions.
  19. None from Private Division games, I haven't heard anything for 2K games, and nothing yet on old GTA games up until when they wanted to release their remaster and thus blocked some community projects doing the same. When making GTA V Rockstar took a lot of ideas from the GTA SA modding community, like the Deluxo (Vanilla Delorean) or the Stromberg (Vanilla submarine car) but put all of that on the multiplayer blocked behind microtransactions. The point is, even if they abandoned single player, to play it you had to costantly update the game for the multiplayer and all of those car were there, they just don't spawn in single player. That started a sort of war between Rockstar and the modders, the modders trying to unlock MP exclusive cars in SP and Rockstar trying to block them from doing so, then ad an unofficial multiplayer mod to play modded on private servers and avoid all the microtransaction crap and the fact that at some point Rockstar was banning people from the game for SP only mods. The relationship between Rockstar and the modding community has never been the best. That's assuming that KSP is as strong of an IP as GTA, which is absurd, if you block the modding community on GTA nothing happens, if you do the same to KSP you'll probably have 3 or 4 competitor games launched within the month to compete to be "KSP Spiritual successor after T2 ruined it". It happened again and again in the industry with bigger IP than KSP, if you want a city sim today you don't buy Sim City whatever, but Cities Skyline and if you want a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon you don't even search for what new low the IP has been dragged to (mobile exclusive sequels) but go directly to alternatives like Planet Coaster. Rockstar has a excrementsty attitude towards modders because they don't think there's nothing to lose, with KSP any damage you do to modding is direct damage to the IP and if the modding community moves to whatever competitor, even an inferior one, most of the fans will follow and pick up the inferior product. Also, moddability and mod support is one of the main advertised features of the game, why aren't you asking the same for colonies, multiplayer or interstellar travel? If you really think that they're blatantly lying on such a core feature why trust them on anything else? Are we really forgetting that the first thing they ever did for this game was inviting a bunch of modders to their studio? That was a publisher marketing team thing, not a Star Theory initiative.
  20. Hi, after working hard on it, I was able to design and build a ship capable of landing ready to leave. The problem is that as soon as I touch the surface the landing legs bounce a lot, knocking over the rocket. The same thing happens even with a small capsule while deactivating all the reaction devices. Can someone help me. Thanks for the replies
  21. Salyut 7 has me confused. When the LES jettisons for the Soyuz, does the fairing get jettisoned at the same time? The animation for the Soyuz MS-20 launch had the LES jettison and then afterwards the fairing was (which of course is what actually happened). Or does it vary by variant?
  22. Just a quick question i've been playing with MKS/USI and Interstellar extended for a little while now and i was just wondering if your planet pack has resource configs for these mods ?
  23. Still not confidence inspiring. It would be a shame if KSP ip was next on the list. Imagine the money they could make on official parts packs, planet packs, and new features. When DLC come into play, will they attack competitors? Some of the mods that were targeted for the GTA series were quite old, but were apparently taken down as competitors to the upcoming remasters etc. It's not too much to ask that KSP2 have a bulletproof legal agreement upon purchase that guarantees that certain kinds of mods are allowed forever, and will not be subject to takedown no matter what profitable opportunities arise for T2 in the future.
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