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  2. @FreeThinker I believe I have found a problem with the IXS cockpit (not just the lights issue) - I launched a ship using this cockpit.. didn't play KSP for a few days, came back... loaded up the ship from tracking station... it goes to the IVA view. It won't let me OUT of the IVA view by any of the normal means of doing so. Other ships do not have this problem, only the one with the IXS cockpit. I'm going to try to save my crew out of it with another ship, but.. unfortunately this craft, perhaps anything using the cockpit, is functionally useless if you want it to persist between sessions; it didn't have this problem in the session in which it was launched.
  3. Stock game does since 1.7, iirc, check the display in the lower left corner, there are a couple of buttons to change between different data to display. But if you're already using KER, you're more than fine, have all data at your fingertips. You're welcome, happy to help.
  4. i didnt know about orbital periods and their importance, the stock game doesnt tell you that info as far as i know, KER does though. thanks guys
  5. Well, if you want to have a perfect relay sat network, that's the way to go Save for the math, what I do step by step: 1. Decide what orbit altitude you want to go for, and if it should be a polar or equatorial orbit. Let's for example say, you want a 500km triangular polar orbit constellation around Mun. 2. Build your rocket with three deployable relay antenna modules, which each should have a probe core, a battery, solar panels, a small fuel tank, and a small engine. Launch it, and bring it to a 500km polar orbit around Mun. 3. Check the resonant orbit values at , the important data here are the orbital period of 4h:0m:18.1s, and the altitude of the apoapsis of that resonant orbit which is 795.979km. 4. Deploy your first antenna module, immediately go prograde with your main rocket and raise the apoapsis to 795.979km. I strongly suggest you orient your rocket to normal before deploying the antenna module to avoid potential collisions when raising the apoapsis after deployment. 5. Switch to the antenna module, enable the engine, and check the orbital period, which should be close to 4h:0m:18.1s. If the orbital period is longer, go retrograde and burn slightly to adjust, if the orbital period is shorter, go prograde and burn slightly to adjust. What is important here is to achieve the exact orbital period as close as possible, the actual values for apoapsis and periapsis are not that important (if you, for example, end up with a 505x492km orbit, that's perfectly fine). 6. Switch to your main rocket and circularize at the next periapsis (which is 500km, of course). 7. Continue with your 2nd antenna, same procedure as point 4 to 6 8. Continue with your 3rd antenna, same procedure as point 4 to 5 9. Enjoy your triangular relay setup Btw, another useful link I followed:
  6. There was a time when I thought third person 3-D gaming was great. Those days are over though. Not being able to see behind you is really annoying. Superman games are a challenge due to the fact that it's... Superman. But here's how I would do it. First person view: Why? Because it would look awesome! That's why? Gameplay: A mix of RPG involving relationships with other characters (they will either grow to hate or like you). Results can and will effect the game plot. Making things alternately easier or harder for you. And yes... you would also get to do your reporter job as Clark Kent and chat it up with coworkers. There would be first person action gameplay to for rescuing people too. Characters included would be Lex Luthor of course (would make for interesting RPG choices and chats), Lois, and Perry White who would always be a tough work boss with you, forcing you to choose between developing office relationships or being Superman at certain points in the game. You would need sone combo of both to get a good ending, and it would be easier to get a bad ending than not to. You would actualky need to understand what makes people tick to not fail badly. Since as powerful as Superman is, sone stuff he cannot punch his way out of. Some stuff he needs help with (time bombs for example). Oh yeah.. include Batman. The Batman who distrusts Superman. Just fir extra challenge. Yes... you can crush the annoying Batman like a bug... but you might need him later so was that really wise? How about you? Describe how you would do a Superman game. Be sure to include: POV: 3-D First person? 3-D third person? 2-D third person? Gameplay style. Characters included.
  7. The game was finally working and loading fine with this dev version of the DLL; But as soon as I updated the KSP Wheel to the game started having loading issues again. Module manager is warning KSP Wheel is the problem. To be fair; I am using Module Manager version 4.1.2 because I also had issues with the newest version 4.1.3 I copied the dev version of the DLL into the updated folder and the game is loading fine again. This could be an issue specific to my setup or a problem with CKAN, but I wanted to report it just in case.
  8. I followed this tutorial and got my relay network just perfect: Making sure the orbital period is exactly the same for all satellites is quite important to have a stable configuration, the individual altitudes can vary a bit, doesn't matter.
  9. More specifically you need to go there: To see the actual subforum for technical support you need to connect your Steam account to the forums and then probably also need to find the setting that hides older threads, because without that it looks completely empty which is most likely why Google doesn't promote the official forum much. Or you could just go to the Steam discussion page and hope there are still people who actually answer.
  10. I have tried a few times to beat the new speed record. I couldn't actually screenshot a speed over 729.0 so far.
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  12. I've only recently discovered this thread and I'd just like to say I am amazed at your collective skill at this game and your determination to get Jeb back home. While I still have to fully catch up, I am eagerly awaiting every new update. Congrats on getting Jeb back to Kerbin's SOI!
  13. Yeah, been busy with work and life, so haven't been able to catch up to 1.8 yet. Unless I get really lucky, it looks like I'll have plenty of time again soon
  14. using this tool i was able to set up a nearly perfect triangular orbit around kerbin, yet when trying to do the exact same thing on the mun i get different results, im not good at explaining things. im trying to set up a triangular constelation evenly spaced at 300,000 m, i do my burns according to that tool yet my relays end up in weird orbits, like, instead of it coming out to an equalateral triangle i keep getting an isosceles. a picture to better explain myself, anybody know what im doing wrong? is the tool flawed? my first instinct says that my orbit is to low, but if i was higher up i would have the same results now that i think about it.
  15. Excellent! That is one nice looking intercept I've merged your changes and tagged them as "v27". Everybody please pull the latest changes. KILO is far enough from Kerbin that we can tweak the intercept relatively cheaply, for example: Burning anti-normal to a flat inclination Burning anti-radial to lower the PE to around 80km We then have enough fuel to brake into LKO without needing aero-braking (although we could chance it to save some fuel) As a suggestion, I would love to finish the mission with style and parachute Jeb onto the roof of the VAB! (We just have to re-enter near the KSC then use Jeb's personal parachute to glide onto the roof) @Jacke Would you like to bring us home?
  16. And YouTube strikes again. And there's this informative comment.
  17. Oh, no need to apologize! It is ready when it is ready and it will be amazing I am sure. In the meantime I'll happily play the current version. Cheers and thanks again for the nice work!
  18. Did a mission to test the Vector engine landed on minmus. I used this funny looking craft which took off with 2 kickback boosters strapped to it. Coming back from minmus was where it got interesting, since I had only 200 m/s delta v in orbit of minmus which isn't enough to get back to Kerbin directly, so I used a mun gravity assist to get into a low kerbin orbit, so it took about 110 m/s instead of 300 m/s. Unfortunately due to bad time warps I had to revert it, but I got screenshots. Using mun to get to kerbin since I had almost no delta v.
  19. I sent 12 different spacecraft to three different places. 6 TO DUNA Small tourist transport destined for Jool Making a refueling stop at Ike Large docking-capable tourist transport Neptune IV Mass ore transport Can hold up to 1500 units of ore. 35-person surface outpost for Ike Module to expand a space station. PURPOSE: to make it easier for large planes to dock with the station. 3 to Jool Aerial Probe Mass ore transport for Vall Necessary to refuel Poseidon-class planes since their TWR is too low for that moon. Laythe surface outpost Not pictured since, at the time the picture was taken, the Laythe surface base hadn't made its escape burn yet. 3 to Eve Space Station (for contract) Module to expand a space station Same design as the one heading for Duna Standby Gilly lander No way I'm risking a bouncy refueling for that plane.
  20. This mod has been around for a while now, I just never made a thread for it in the forums. I'm trying to start making threads again, just to see how it goes. Expecially because I want to see how the automatic installation using the twitch app is received. Regarding the kk compatibility, that feature has already been added to the mod a few versions back.
  21. There isn't really one. If it's anything, it'd be Hydrus. It does have a thick atmosphere but its gravity is fairly low.
  22. I have noticed blinking like in that video even at 1x speed. Although it does not happen often and I normally ignore it.
  23. And give it some time, it´s definitely not a cheerleader. It´s more like the physics nerd who needs some time and effort to open up. But with her watching the Mun will never get boring while the cheerleader after one weeks bothers the hell out of you with always the same stupid talk about her hair style, false fingernails and if you think her trunk became fatter. Chose wisely Maybe KSP2 will become both, a cheerleader who is a physics student (?) But that´s far away yet and I only believe it when I see it. KSP1 isn´t, that´s for sure.
  24. Well if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going with a pack of aero engineers rather than a pack of kids. (Although we probably looked like kids in a candy story to the other tourists.)
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