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  2. While you could do that (any UnityEngine.Object or derived class ... like PartModule or MonoBehaviour), you don't need to. You already know exactly where your data is. You could cache the PartModule or wherever your data is being kept in whatever script you have as an event listener and call methods directly
  3. Must have been something with the PartsDatabase. I can't repro this with a clean install, and the fully-modded save I initially saw the problem in is now working as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I can't post screens yet, but I managed to get a stock fuel-cell-powered biplane optimized for low monetary cost of all things (it costs less than $16000) to reach 13100 meters. Flight is paused in progress. As it is, the craft uses a fixed-pitch prop because it saves around $3000 compared to using 8 control surfaces. This means that at low altitude the prop can't really exceed 1600 deg/s at its current wide radius. But at 13 km, where the air is under 10% the density it is at sealevel, the blades have reached 2685 deg/s at 90 m/s and still climbing. The biggest problem is that I'm gonna get to an altitude where to maintain level flight I need to go fast, but if I go fast the prop will over-rev.
  5. Open the appropriate .cfg file (restock-engines-liquid-125.cfg) in a text editor and either delete or comment out the sections that do you don't want. The .cfg files are pretty well documented. Comments are anything after a double slash '//'. If you are not familiar with editing config files, copy a backup to your desktop, just in case you make mistakes and need to go back.
  6. dprostock

    Campaña Minmus

    Mientras espero que se me de la ventana de transferencia para ir a Dune y Eve, voy a llevar a cabo una campaña con el objeto de sacarme una foto en cada Eggs. La nave para Muna y Minmus está casi lista, estoy esperando la actualización del KAS que con el paso al 1.7 se ha caído. El problema lo tengo para Kerbin, necesito un VTOL respetable de largo alcance y aún tengo muchos problemas en su diseño.
  7. HansonKerman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. You die of joy. I wish for a door.
  8. HansonKerman

    garble the post above you, rebooted

    This isn't that other thread. This is garble the post. A best lone hard born in bye bitty. Hold I'm hungry. But hark the lift Me! Moo is paid bit a but whiskey blue is not normal.
  9. I like the adds you are doing. It really shows the Krussian strategy of incremental changes.
  10. What do I do to the .cfg file if I only want a few of the squad textures like the terrier engine but keep the restock textures for the swivel and the reliant engines.
  11. Spacenerd Kerman

    KSP memes Megathread

    A bit late to the party, but Rip Opportunity. Press F to pay respects
  12. Thanks @IgorZ the conflict with KJR is gone now
  13. Steven Mading

    [1.7+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.3

    I know it's mostly moot now that a new KAS version is out that works with KSP 1.7, but I wanted to report that I found the cause of this error in kOS and it was *sort of* caused by the fact that KAS didn't load, combined with me not understanding the really weird way GetTypes() works when DLL's fail to load. I would have assumed that "Failure to load this Type" would only throw an exception once - at the time the DLL is being loaded. Then after that if you trapped the exception that the loader generated and keep going (as KSP itself does when trying to load mods), then from then on the Type would simply not even be present at all, because it failed to load. But actually there still is an empty stub of the class there when it didn't load - just enough of one for GetTypes() to attempt to do things with it, and then to make GetTypes() work you have to trap the exception and pull the information from elsewhere to work around the fact that one of the Types that GetTypes wants to return isn't "really there".
  14. kBob

    The Deer (Game I'm making)

    when does ver 2.0 come out? I want kangaroo monsters ;).
  15. HansonKerman

    How long will we go?

    1.0.6: The 1.0 update that didn't exist (to my knowledge)
  16. KerbolExplorer

    garble the post above you, rebooted

    An west home bar had horns in rye is hungry,bun forklift Lee.noot ois paid with a cup of wisky you are not normal
  17. HansonKerman

    Make A Statement & Have Others Comment on Yours!

    What the heck is that (sorry, I'm quite literally a little kid.) Well, I'm about halfway through Portal 2...
  18. Today
  19. kBob

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Did anyone mention V where the aliens landed on Earth to steal all our water?
  20. Canopus

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    @sh1pman It’s great that no one was harmed, on the other hand, they had years of testing, this problem appearing now seems like it could be a big setback.
  21. Looks nice, i'll have to refine my designs since they vibrate so much the wings fall off sometimes from the vibrations
  22. Steven Mading

    [1.6.1] kOS v1.1.7.0 : kOS Scriptable Autopilot System

    I believe I may have a workaround for this "can't open terminal" problem so it doesn't happen again in future versions (i.e. kOS doesn't get ruined by *another* mod's DLL incompatibility). My fix which seems to handle it - making it not crash even when the broken versions of KAS or Wind Tunnel are installed, is this: This doesn't actually fix the original problems with these other mods failing to work - that's on them - but it fixes the problem of their failure to load in turn causing kOS to fail to work. The comments in the code are verbose, because I may want to show this to other modders who had the same problem, and I want to explain it to them. The actual code lines are not many.
  23. Understandable. Have a nice day.
  24. Right, didn't know about the old values but I'm from v0.90 As for the vector, I ment it's cross to thrust section. Also that it combines with superior gimbal while being overthrusted for a mk3 space shuttle replica so what is it? On top of that it has very little drag and can be surface mounted without a nose cone on top (clipped or non clipped) with very little drag. On top of that they're great as Submarine ballast while being able to increase ballast through staging. All in all my reference to the Vector OP'ness is based on this and whatever they do with the Vector it should remain a superior class engine, to my taste only having lower thrust of about 500kN.
  25. kBob

    So what is Serenity?

    Top 10 reasons to code name it serenity: 10. It's a dlc depicting the Firefly universe. 9. Because little purple people are much calmer than green ones. 8. Space is huge so once you start exploring it you die of boredom. 7. The splash screen will show an aquarium full of fish after you help you calm down. 6. Because Arther hurt his arm. 5. Auto correct changed serendipity to serenity. 4. Updating causes a black screen when trying to load... very serene. 3. You'll get the joke once it's released. 2. It fixes all bugs so there's nothing to get angry about any more. 1. It could mean anything creating endless speculation and hype.
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