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  2. Yea, that's a thing. I'm sorry, but nobody has been able to eliminate this issue yet. I didn't create HyperEdit, and I'm not good at C# or the KSP API, but I do keep track of issues in our GitHub repository - #41 & #44 are relevant. Feel free to add anything you think is important, and anyone is welcome to submit code if they can fix it.
  3. I think the pad is from damonvv's Tundra Launch Pads
  4. Well, I dropped my HP laptop *facepalm* and it seems to have killed the HDD. When I power it on ( from completely off, unplugged and battery removed) I just get a blank screen for awhile (after offering the ESC menu) and then it goes into repair mode, which fails. When I run the UEFI diagnostics, the HDD passes the SMART test but fails the short DST test about ten seconds in to the estimated 2 minute test. But at least the memory test passed I can go to command prompt and surf around the drive, digging through both partitions, but it won’t boot. While there is nothing critical on the drive, I would like to recover some of the data. I don’t have any other hardware that I could plug the drive into, but I have a USB external drive with plenty of space. Can I copy the directories I want onto the external HDD from the command prompt, and if so, what is the format/syntax of the copy command? Thanks for any help!
  5. steuben

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    "We built this city" by Starship and "Catchy Song" by Dillion Francis.... they seem to be fighting it out. Marconi plays the mamba, This song's gonna get stuck inside yo', We built this city on such a catchy song. Hey at least it's not Baby Shark.
  6. Irrelevant. Until Ferram officially yields the name to someone else, the only "Official" Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is his. Point. Now I know. I checked it myself. Your error was claiming it as the new "Official". Now I agree. I'm not the only player on the town anymore. And I want to rollback my version as being "Experimental" only. Properly support an Add'On is a lot of heavy work, and I want to expend mine on developing my own ideas, not supporting other people's works.
  7. Barzon Kerman

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I began sending a probe to Duna!
  8. I'm having a weird issue using the lander function. I landed a vessel on Minmus at a specific set of coordinates. I want to land other vessels right next to it, but if I enter the same set of coordinates it lands me a couple of km away. The fine tune functions seem to be bugged out as well, as they only move me away from the landing target. Appreciate this is a bit vague, happy to post mod lists and screenshots tomorrow if no one has any immediate ideas!
  9. tater

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Yeah, I agree as well. I think BFR is pretty transformative, and I think that they are gunning for rapid flight at this point (I see BO's NG as competition for unmanned BFR as being the driver here), but there's no way barring some sort of Green Run catastrophe that this happens before SLS flies EM-1. I think flying before EM-2... is possible, remotely, though with the caveat that I'd see this as a Starship orbital test flight, not a full stack, operational BFR.
  10. TiktaalikDreaming

    [1.3] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.3.3 7/24/17

    I for one think a new thread (for both versions) is warranted though. This topic is already very confused. It's up to 106 pages of mostly people asking if there's a version for their version of the game.
  11. Oh man, nice! (And this launch site??). I really love these screens, I would use the first with your blessing Thanks for the feedback, well, maybe a WIP release with just the mesh-switch and see how people feel about it? With some magic the B9PS can be completely optional, in other words no dependencies, so I am pretty okay with the idea. My only concern for this is you might end up with 1.5m and 1.25m parts side-by-side in the VAB, and they are almost very close, a little confusing! For this reason, variants seem better than separate parts. (The current "E" part variants were supposed to represent "size 1 enhanced" or something similar). Thanks, I will take a look. It may not have the control necessary. Short video would be really handy! Really strange behaviour! Unfortunately I'm out of ideas, really Tantares is very vanilla so issues like this I would rarely think it's responsible for (I can't rule anything out though). I will check the KIS patch for reported errors. Anyone else experience this?
  12. Ferram has worked closely with the KSP-RO team for a long, long time. There is no license infringement as this is not the first time KSP-RO has released a version. It is listed under KerbalJointReinforcementContinued.
  13. Everything I have read does NOT mention a spin table so this is likely the correct method of Spin stabilized deployment. However many experiments launched on scout would also NOT be spin stabilized.
  14. I was referring to the fact that Maneuver Node Evolved apparently let you snap a manoeuvre to the apoapsis or to the closest approach, etc., which would remove quite a bit of annoying hand-tuning. Yes, this is what we'll do in the next version, if only because editing the field that counts down was not going to work. As for editing multiple manoeuvres, it's something that I'd like to do but it goes pretty deep.
  15. Test your rover on the runway. I suspect your wheels aren’t configured correctly. You want to make sure that all the wheels on each side are going the same direction, and make sure it the ones with turning enabled turn the right direction
  16. The only official KJR is Ferram's one, or the one Ferram authorize as such. If the CKAN port are being delivered as it would be the Ferram's version (using the same name!), there's a very good chance it's a GPL infringement, as there's an explicit requirement that forks SHOULD NOT misrepresent the original work. Assuming Ferram didn't authorize the use of the name, and assuming CKAN is delivering KSP-RO using the same name as Ferram's, I would rethink some things... That's the reason I never claimed being the successor or anything. — — — — — POST EDIT — — — — — No. The new update is labeled KerbalJointReinforcementContinued. Not a problem. @pap1723, may I ask some more caution on the matter? Copyrights are serious business.
  17. welfensteen

    [1.4.x] AutomatedScienceSampler - V1.3.5 - 28.04.2018

    when will this work with universal storage.2? it's the only thing missing from my there something i can change myself?
  18. purpleivan

    Climbing Keverest

    I've had a look at Kerverest (first time I've seen it up close I think) and started planning a route up it in the rover I used in the KSC2 challenge. I had a crack at the really steep slopes (70+ degrees) but even my little goat couldn't quite maintain grip going up them. So I'm planning on taking a slightly easier route in the initial attack on the mountain. There are now a handful of flags marking out the route I want to take and I'll probably take a proper timed run from the beach tomorow evening. Here's a few pics of todays adventures.
  19. Cunjo Carl

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    As long as we're out in left field, and despite noticing 6 months late, Martin Molin of Wintergatan and Marble Machine fame put out a video about how he'd like to make music for the SpaceX webcasts and would like the consideration of Maezawa to become an artist astronaut for dearMoon. I personally think he'd be an amazing candidate- his music is uplifting, fun and surreal. And, as much as I love Testshot Starfish's chilled out electronic dance music in the webcasts, I'd also love to hear some original Wintergatan tracks in there as well! Well, see what you think. (example songs in the box, the one on the top has some beautiful time lapse starry sky videos of his) As a side note, in addition to being a music artist, Matin's also a hobbyist engineer, and watching him brainstorm and rapidly iterate on ideas is very reminiscent of watching SpaceX's 'wild' design philosophy at work. I almost feel like his videos should be required watching for learning the precepts of Fail Faster, and KISS (keep it simple, stupid) engineering. The stuff he does with plyboard is legend. And it's entertaining in the same way as watching those other guys who try to build orbital rockets out on the prairie! Something to do while we wait around in the doldrums news-wise.
  20. I believe you're referring to multiple maneuver node editing here? The problem of "What controls the timewise placement of a maneuver?". Why not determine the time of a maneuver based on previous nodes? As in "Maneuver 2 is 4 hours after maneuver 1"? I realize the problem is probably more difficult than that, but that's my suggestion. Probably has already been looked at anyways.
  21. jadebenn

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    There are quite a few people on the sites I frequent who would seriously claim that. My first post on the NASASpaceFlight forums (which I made last week or so) was actually me being incensed that the BFR won a super-majority on a poll of whether the BFR or SLS would fly first. I'd lurked on the site for years before that point, but that poll result flabbergasted me so much I felt like I had to make a post expressing my displeasure at it. I'd argue that EM-2 will fly first as well, but I can at least get why someone might believe the BFR may fly manned before the SLS does. I don't share that opinion, but I understand it. But the idea that the flight of EM-1 will somehow get beaten by the BFR when the SLS is being assembled is really, really, absurd at this juncture. Barring some huge unexpected catastrophe, there's no way that'll happen.
  22. The next version (May 4) will have text entry fields in addition to sliders for the Δv and time. Not familiar with that mod, but it does look cool. Snapping manoeuvre nodes to "interesting points" of the trajectory is something we have in mind, but it's far from trivial.
  23. Victor3

    Interplanetary travel question

    Thanks, KB!
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