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  2. This seems very interesting, count me in.
  3. So This will still work on sandbox mode or not?
  4. Is there a way to add optional rotation from keyboard? Like, with the arrow keys?
  5. I was assuming they were going to send some employees up before they sent up customers.
  6. Today
  7. Select the root node (usually the command capsule), then either use the rotate widget or the rotate key commands (use SHIFT to rotate smaller increments than 90deg). EDIT: PS. Pressing <space> while rotating will reset the orientation.
  8. Tilting jets, KAL-1000 for group control of thrust. Really useful and interesting DLC. And... for helicopters of course!
  9. IRL we know that in general, the greater the speed of an object on collision, the mote DPS it does. Not so in many space sims. It does not matter that the missile you fired accelerated at long range and hit it's target, it will still do a set amount of DPS. What if Elite dangerous implemented kinetic energy into DPS? Would it be too hard to implement for computer power? How would it change tactics? Long range missile spamming in volleys everywhere probably. Maybe even fleet volleys.
  10. Those are some very nice looking screen shots!
  11. A CIWS does not guarantee defense against even a single missile. Surface warfare-focused ships generally pack more firepower than they themselves can take (current USN warships are an aberration, really, with 8 AShMs vs almost a hundred SAMs - compare with a Russian frigate with 16 AShMs and 32 SAMs), even with the totality of CIWS and longer-ranged SAMs. So the answer is an emphatic "yes". Economical compared to what other option, anyway?
  12. ive had this happen twice today, i loaded a VAB ship in the SPH, launched, crashed, reverted, then the game force closed. upon reload, i just went straight to the runway with the ship, and once again, the came force closed upon revert. ksp log folder?preview=Player.log and my mods
  13. i have a feeling that he might have tried to "borrow" the game also.
  14. Is it possible in some way to alter the NACA profile of the wings, or is it locked?
  15. Found an old screenshot from 2014 in version .23, think it was meant to drop the orange fuel tanks on things.
  16. Yeah but you should be able to throttle back a bit to maintain a temperature, and as the altitude increases the skin friction will reduce and you can speed up again. KER gives a nice read out of critical temperature, as a percentage, of the part closest to its maximum temperature, but I don't think kOS can access it.
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