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  2. By "very old-style", do you perhaps mean steampunk? Kottabos did review this one: Also, the even older mod that inspired the above:
  3. I assume the super drakos and the RCS system share fuel reducing the weight for the system.
  4. Given the current margin on F9, this is true. At the time they started with Dragon, and the concept of Crew Dragon they might not have had the margin for an escape tower on top of wanting reuse as part of the initial idea. Escape towers are also not as good in many ways, they don't offer aborts in all flight regimes---notably after they are jettisoned Knowing what they do now, maybe they would have put it in the trunk...
  5. Throttling liquid engines are vastly MORE complicated than solid fuel. But, the current design can offer full envelop of escape (from zero-zero abort to abort-to-orbit). Yet, Superdracos are made with 3D printing, which I suspect to be quite cheap. Plus the original design probably expected using those engines for abort too. Also note that traditional escape towers are heavy.
  6. Generally, the way CTT is built and designed to be used means that its absence never breaks anything, even in mods that are specifically built for it. If you don't install it, the parts just land in the stock nodes instead (unless the part mod's author did it wrong). However, you probably don't get the intended gameplay experience without it, because the stock tech tree is much smaller, to the point where progression ends before you even think about stepping out of Kerbin's SoI. Note however that CTT isn't your only option when it comes to tech tree replacements. There are others, following different design philosophies.
  7. Are throttling liquid rocket engines usually cheaper and simpler then solid fuel? They're hypergolic, but still the original design intention is a thing of the past. Couldve saved all the headaches and extra weight of the engines with a classic escape tower.
  8. Heard an interview with Harry Connick Jr. on npr this morning, now this is in my head:
  9. We can merge if you want, I was working on the update for PURE last night (finally) and have some sound (finally) and RCS going. I still need to do a few things before next release - remove spinny bits - Add in color animations (once I figure the tool out lol) So its good timing
  10. LWRs are a (very recent thing), they provide enough warning to pop smoke and hit the brakes, which may throw off the enemy's aim. They are better against laser guided missiles (including beam riders). I suppose you could hit the tank with a decoy laser to spook it, but laser light is coherent and thus different enough from normal light so that a laser detector can exclude it. Either way, all of those systems are able to indicate where the beam is coming from, meaning that the decoy will get blasted in short order. Probably not worth it.
  11. I need to find the details on what each capsule costs after the initial dev costs. I suppose reuse only matters if CST-100 is substantially cheaper per unit than Crew Dragon with reuse.
  12. 21 (+) JNSQ Would be very likely harder than Stock, you can probabl try keeping an eye to my Mod, it's a hard one...Super Hard...JadeOfMaar and SnailsAttack once told me that some of my Worlds are at least as hard as Eve or Tylo...
  13. A commercial Ariane 3 launch Love the new RCS pods
  14. With living planet I assume an planet with life. One will have oxygen so I assume life and probably some alien vegetation. Something like an neutron star or large white dwarf would be fun.
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  16. Please go back and read some of the posts before yours. No, this does not work on 1.8.x An update is in progress. Korpernicus is always version locked. The forum post title will be updated to 1.8 when released I'm sure. Either play on 1.7.3 or wait.
  17. The Wormhole that Conects the Home-star to Murph is around Jool. Roughly halfway between the surface of jool and laythes orbit. All of them are called Anomally WH (standing for Wormhole). If finding normally doesn't work, just use the tab key to manually jumb between bodies. Their Orbit lines are intentionally so to make them more hidden.
  18. Not sure if an laser rangfinder is much of an issue, you don't get much warning from getting targeted from one to the shot arrives, beam is probably so narrow at tank combat ranges its difficult to detect. Might be more effective as warning against laser guided missiles who is slower. Makes me wonder if an decoy emitting light at the laser frequency would work.
  19. Well,I forgoted that I got CameraTools,and when I watched tutorial,It still won't work Also ,when presses buton that opens CameraTools,It didn't work,like I don't have it!
  20. Unfortunately, you tried to type "I can spellcheck", but like always the spellchecker decided that no, you can't. Fortunately, grammar pedants got tired and don't care.
  21. When electronics will get enough cheap (and this will probably happen in a couple of decades), every tree will become a network node, every field will be a distributed sensor cloud. Then they will just look at each other in Google Earth Plus: Combat Edition ($9998 per month for residents, $29998 for others). Just in case, a disclaimer: this is not a commercial of real software, prices are also fake
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