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  2. Honestly I hope for procedural tanks and wings, even as late-game unlockables
  3. Just have to report that the same thing happened to me. I use kerbinside along KK, and updating the mod made me lose everything. Not even KK's UI is showing up anymore. I had the whole thing from CKAN, I will try to unistall the whole thing and do it again manually. Then I'll report my findings.
  4. A large cigar-shaped balloon A pair of small size propellers or three A few solar panels or a big RTG... All the necessary ingredients of an AWESOME science-gathering contraption on Eve/Laythe/Kerbin/Jool and hopefully a few others. There was a mod very long ago that allowed to do this, but I never installed it. I hope KSP2 will have these things that we could research.
  5. ...version numbering is whatever the author wants them to be, and if you want to speak like you're an expert at least know Semver - if major version change means anything "objectively" it's not "major changes that mean software is new," it means "backwards compatibility is broken" (whatever that might mean for the software), by which term KSP should be at approximately 15.4.3 by now. Not that it makes any sense for software with no published public API :-)
  6. Spaceplanes, I had to learn how to land on a runway from orbit without burning my plane, it was fun and it still is. Without reentry heat I would probably avoid spaceplanes alltogether, it wouldn't be as funny as it is now.
  7. To quote my post from another thread : Agreed. Hopefully we get that insane improvement... But not at the cost of everything that makes the original fun to play. Everytime someone remakes something nowadays it's a major point of failure in the new games. * Fingers Crossed *
  8. Something I noticed right here after the explosion: scorch marks appeared on the upper stage where the booster passed next to it. I'm not sure if that's a useful upgrade, but hey, neat. If they upgraded texture switching to support decals then I guess scorch marks could be trivial on top of that.
  9. Welcome to the forum, TheJoolian.
  10. For a time, you weren't able to turn off reentry heating. And you've NEVER been able to turn off the ~1.0-ish atmosphere and go back to the original "soup-o-sphere". Which, FWIW, was a MUCH more accurate simulation of the expected Kerbin atmosphere than this "wannabe-Earth" thing we have now. The great fallacy of the realism-mongers is that they equate "realism" with "just like Earth". But Kerbin demonstrably isn't Earth. It isn't even in our universe due to its very existence violating pretty much every one of our laws of physics right down to the level of the fundamental forces. So maybe its physics could be improved upon, but doing so should diverge it even farther from Earthly "realism" than it is now. Us and the Kerbals don't share a common periodic table because our elements can't exist in their universe and vice versa. The one thing that can irrefutably be said about realism in KSP is that trying to force Earth-like conditions on the KSP universe is 100% wrong, due to the very different laws of physics that pertain in the KSP universe. Kerbin couldn't exist in our universe and vice versa. This argument goes away if you play RSS (aka wannabe Orbiter) but, otherwise, Kerbin retains an average density considerably greater than osmium. Therefore, it's best practice never to mention "realism" in KSP contexts unless you're talking about how the alien physical laws of the Kerbal universe can be demonstrated. Why would they? That argument was settled back around 0.23. No sense beating a dead horse. But yeah, that's the exact same thing as reentry heating. Add some solar panels and/or RTGs in the design phase, and never worry about EC again during the mission. Added value to gameplay: zero. Added bother: remembering to add power to a crewed ship. Net result: Increased ship cost, mass, and partcount, and additional useless computational overhead that will never impact the mission. They only play the game in 1 way if they expect to succeed. There are different routes to this state but all routes share 1 common feature--every hazard expected to be encountered during the mission will certainly be overcome, as is known to be prior to launch . Otherwise, either 1) the player made a critical mistake either in design or execution, or 2) the player enjoys just slapping things together and trusting in the gods, come what may. The latter type is doesn't really care about the niceties or they'd have taken them into account up front. The former type is just temporarily incompetent but that's a self-correcting thing. Folks who take this seriously hate failure so do all in their power to never have that or any other mistake happen again. So, um, what else was there to it besides slapping on heatshields? A few more heatshields to create a wider occluded area? A fairing also, perhaps? Changing your descent trajectory a bit? But what, really, is the difference at the end of the day? You make whatever changes are necessary to accomplish your goal. Add parts, alter flightpath, whatever. But when you really do the mission after all the testing, you know that your ship will do the job. That all the heat calculations going on under the hood are just wasting computational power because your ship WILL work--you already know that. But you're stuck with the resulting lag because enough people whined about the lack of reentry heating that now we have the nth version of it. And at the end of the day, it really changes nothing. We land the ship we want at the place we want.
  11. It works fine on my 1.7.3 install , other than that I don’t know how to troubleshoot further than ‘reinstall’, sorry.
  12. Hi, First of all, huge thanks to the developers team for hard work on this mod. It is a beautiful, challenging, and perfectly balanced new breath of KSP for many players. Once again the modding community proven their ability to make games better and better even years after their release! Thank you all again, I hope to see more awesome stuff from you guys, maybe for KSP2 when it finally releases Yesterday I spent roughly and hour and 20 minutes to fly across the KSC peninsula to gain science and money from different biomes, but sadly lost 1 drop-probe out of 4 and missed with 2 more, landed them on Shores biome instead of different seas. Well, at least I completed contracts to get a plane to 10km and reach 220 m/s of speed, ha. Can't wait to get to what's waiting for me in space! Here are some screenshots if you're interested, sorry for 1600x900 - gotta save all those precious FPS until get better CPU: So, in short, tl;dr as many say - I brought KSP to roughly Elite:Dangerous levels of time-wasting Now to questions, Transfer Window Planner mod, which, as author said, should be compatible with all planet packs or rescales, filled my log with nullExceptions after I launched a craft and reverted back to SPH, no game crash occured though. Removing the mod fixed the issue. I can try reproducing it tomorrow and post the log (restarted the game already, so it got overwritten, sorry) if you want to further investigate the problem, but now I just want to know if that's a known bug with TWP or JNSQ? Secondly. I've been making a Kerbin map based on biomes map, and looks like the `Sub-ArcticSea` biome doesn't match the color specified in Kerbin.cfg. The config got the HEX as #494fbd, but colorpicking the area which I assume is this biome (the only sea left on my map and the closest to polar caps non-Arctic sea) gave me value of #4a50bd. Pic: Is that an error on map/in config or my mistake?
  13. Weirdly I tried running a basic kos script for throttle control, and when I disabled it I got the exact same nose diving force, sometimes with tca I can transition out to horizontal flight and it doesn't happen, but also now tca seems incapable of controlling my exact same plane without falling into and exponential occillation loop, but one in about 10 tries it works without fault, I haven't tried this in any other planes yet so I'm guessing it's something weird with the engines km using maybe
  14. I Sincerely hope so. Assuming KSP2 has everything KSP1 with more glued to it, if the performance is there then I won't look back. If KSP2 is missing a lot of stuff from KSP1 (Science tree, sandbox/science/career games, Antennas and telemetry, Kerbal skilling-up, etc) then not sure I would splurge 60$ on it. TBF I probably would, butno clock that many hours into it. But the performance alone is a HUGE selling point to me. I just hope it improves on KSP1 and not "Streamline" it for 25IQ console players (like they did at first for the X-Com remake a few years back).
  15. The flying saucer at this point is like the Wright Flyer. The engineers barely understand the science and engineering behind it. And the gravitic engine is underpowered even in the Mun's lesser gravity. The more mass you add, the harder it is to make it fly. Adding backup rockets would be more mass for the gravitic engine to accommodate. Plus, I've had many a work project where an issue cropped up from something that is obvious now, but wasn't while the thing was being designed. As Railgunner pointed out, the engine failures were from static charge buildup, something the kerbals didn't think of. Everything was running fine, then boom, dead. So in these situations, backup rockets would just make the problem worse as fuel and oxidizer combined and ignited.
  16. Yes, i know that this is a rocket game, but airplane parts in a rocket game = spaceplanes, so, new parts? if we do get new Airplane parts i would like: A bunch more cockpits More fuselage sizes More wing pieces MORE ENGINES! 5.everything but twice. also, complete cockpits (even if we dont get airplane parts)
  17. something new is said, too tired and too dutch to translate right now. Stuff about life support and next-gen engines
  18. Been reading a little about Project Orion since that KSP2 announcement, and it fits that first panel exactly. "Yeah, you can SSTO to Mars!" "Ok, but SSTOing nukes will cause massive fallout on Earth's surface..."
  19. Hello, i'am TheJoolian. Since i started on August 15 with my first post "About my Mun mission" on Mission Reports, i started to be just a super-KSP fan. I like this game. I always like to build replicas and awesome rockets (or planes,SSTO or a VTOL). Yeah i'am being just a normal KSP-fan in the forums . Joolian Rocket Builder.
  20. Went to a hangar dance last night, with a mini airshow ahead of today's Flight Fest. I wish I had brought my Canon. I suppose I should have gone back today, but had other things to do (like sit here and browse the KSP forum...). This was about the best my iPhone 7 could do with the flying at dusk... Although some of the static shots were okay... It was cool to see the last pilot roaming the dance (a weathered older fellow with a long history with the RCAF, including as a trainer on the Tudors). I overheard him at the bar saying "Now I'm done flying, I can have a drink! I'll have something cold, wet, and tasting like barley..."
  21. The biggest thing this game will bring is a rewritten code done with modern technology by professionals in the industry, I love this game but my dream all these years was always to see some bigger and better funded studio to pick up the idea and do a better game out of it, now we're getting that without even having the ip to change.
  22. they did made a second version called "Bedrock edition", its almost the same but internally its different. now the same is happening with KSP2, but in a bigger extent. remember that great games like half-life had sequels that did well, and the community liked them. also, theres a limit of how much the game can be updated without having trouble with the "core flaws" or the game, and at some point the game would be completely rewrited, basically the same as KSP2 but in more time.
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