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  2. I don't pay quite as much attention as I could; so forgive me not knowing the answer to this. When was the last time SpaceX tried to recover a booster but failed?
  3. 58+uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuu!
  4. 60 satellites per launch helps with costs, too. Less launches. Although still a lot of course.
  5. I think this might be a restock thing. Try putting this file anywhere in your GameData folder
  6. Spreadsheet? I used to, for the reasons you mention. But then it became annoying to update. So... No, the bar is three feet to the right of my desk.
  7. is there a way to see or calculate the fuel efficiency?
  8. Do they have a bar to celebrate? I was logging them in details in a tree-like note manager.
  9. If you want to browse images from the ~six months of Bennu encounter (18 Oct 2018 - 12 April 2019), the complete image data set are public at the Planetary Data System in a simple GUI (unlike the usual PDS distribution method
  10. to this day I have no idea how all that works I just install the latest version of KJR I can find and start the game.
  11. They've been reusing the ones that took a swim, so they're already saving money for Starlink. That's why Starlink is a better bet than other constellations, their launch cost is so very, very low. Reused boosters, reused fairings, no markup on anything, and the first customer for the booster paid for the booster and fairings. Cost is the cost of the recovery ops, launch campaign, stage 2, and refurb on core and fairings.
  12. Does anyone else keep track of their missions in spreadsheet format? I'm definitely not humble-bragging here, honestly, it's a bit over-the-top if you ask me. In my latest career game (spanning too many months), I always hated forgetting what missions I was setting up, what craft were left in orbit where, and then coming back weeks later what the heck they were all doing. I'm also running Kerbal Construction Time (KCT) so it makes it that much more challenging to keep track of things. Hence, spreadsheets. So my spreadsheet habit has helped me. Although lately when I want to play the game, it's like 'Ok. Time to manage the spreadsheet.' Kinda makes it less fun to "manage" the game. Maybe I should just build some stuff in Sandbox??
  13. Catching them make them easier to reuse as they have not been in seawater. They have the boats already and need boats to pick them up anyway.
  14. I have checked it. The air filter has no water resource to config it and only works in the Atmosphere. The Pump is still missing
  15. yeah here is a new ColorCodedCanisters-MM-tanks.cfg just copy everything from this and replace whats in the ColorCodedCanisters-MM-tanks.cfg in the ColorCodedCans folder. I highlighted the changes I made in bold italics. i am running both ftp and ccc but i think its just ccc causing the problem.
  16. Having exactly the same issue - it worked once then only LCDs stays on screen - mod is full functional (if you know where to click) @linuxgurugamer need your help on this our MODMASTER. Thanks
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  18. I know, I'm a big fan of KCT myself. The request here was that Kerbal Health add a timer to the KCT window for when training (which is managed by KH) is complete.
  20. You might, but then you'd have 4 different deploy modules on the part... it'd be awkward. Yes, depending on how long ago it was, some parts have been improved since you last played. Changes to the parts' attach parameters and colliders resulted in new parts, and after a few months i hard-remove them so as to save player RAM. You'll have to go get the parts from a pre-deprecation update to use those. To be honest I'm likely going to remove RPM support from the main distribution soon. It's getting stale and it was user-contributed (I don't have the bandwidth or interest to update it) - if it is actually broken it would be better to keep it out of the distribution
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