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  2. Hi guys. I have developped a config file for Restockplus / Rigid Legs for Tweakscale (latest release) which is currently upon reviewing. Anyone curious enough can install it : Please consider a disposable KSP installation, I don't want your savegames be corrupted.
  3. Yes, I use the good old Space Crane; the difference is the amount of precision required for docking and for grabbing things with "magnetic" field. I'll make a video on weekends. I hope
  4. github Two new kind of lights, some fixes. Some other stuff.
  5. Dilation doesn't occur until well into 40%-80% KSP2 stock looks to be capable of 5%-10% The developers know that, so it's unlikely they're going to waste developer time on a feature that won't be needed.
  6. Jeez linux, how many mods is this, at least 50 on CKAN. How do you find time to Manage these?! Great job with all of them!
  7. @jimmymcgoochie,@vanamonde,you have a download link for this ksp 0.6.5 version?
  8. Nevermind. I am being told I am wrong.
  9. It just needs some mods, and the Warthog will become real.
  10. After some experiences here is the result, direct support to from 45m to 60m: Go from 141Mdelta-V (45m) to 147.9Mdelta-V(60m)on Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F with an extra fuel tank from x4 to x5 increase to 151.9Mdelta-V(60m). About the one that I am trying to build is about this structure (or a huge quad cone/ring that I don't have), basically is 4 x Alfa1_8StellarShuttle-v5-9F aiming to have 290Mdelta-V
  11. I suspect that what's happening is that as the craft bounces on the landing gear, the center of gravity is slightly more toward the back than the front, making the craft think it's rolling downhill. I have seen this happen before, though it's more pronounced on your larger craft. Under that theory, I have moved your thread to the Gameplay Questions subforum.
  12. I love these sorts of seamless expander modules!
  13. That's weird. If I copy the Link it leads to nowhere and if I search for single bits of it it leads anywhere but to something related to KSP. Except for "Squad" or "Kerbal Space Program" of course, which lead into the main KSP directory (Steam/steamapps/common). Or I'm just flat-out dumb right now.
  14. It would make the game more interesting and demonstrate those players who have newtonian knowledge vs those that do not. Shields could even be more varied. For example: Rate of fire shields: Laughs at DPS. Every hit is a hitpoint no matter the kinetic energy or blast. So weaker but rapid fire weaponry would work great on this, but slow firing high damage weapons would be far from optimal. Even stock lasers work great on it. Kinetic energy matters shields: Less damage for less kinetic energy, lasers need high energy to do any DPS. Timed Invulnerable shields; Like old arcade game shields. Raise shields but they drain with use and only last seconds (expensive one last the most seconds). So you would alternate betwern raising shields a letting them recharge while dodging a lot. Fighters would love it, but in-game it would be terribly expensive to buy.
  15. Oh, right, I just remembered something. @Chakkoty@juanml82 and everyone else who might have thought that "the thrust on these is too high/too low" or "they should be more/less fuel efficient", or even "they use too much/too little EC"... did you know that the mod has you covered out of the box? It's a little-known feature, but inside the Patches subdirectory in the NF Propulsion mod folder, there is a tweak patch that lets you change these things. And the best thing? You need to know nothing about how to write Module Manager patches, or how the custom engine modules of NFP work under the hood, or how utterly weird the interaction between Isp and fuel mixture becomes when one of the propellants is massless... and so on. All you need to do is adjust one (or more) of three provided multipliers, and save the file. Fully documented, completely reversible, arbitrarily combinable, breaks nothing if removed later-on, maintains the mod's pre-set balance between its engines. So if 0.6 TWR ain't enough? Crank up that thrust multiplier, and enjoy! Or halve the power draw, so you can mount two engines per reactor. Or whatever floats your space-boat. Note: the patch was written a while ago, Module Manager has changed a bit over time, and almost nobody knows the patch exists or uses it. It is possible (though not likely) that something may be broken. If you do use the file, I would greatly appreciate if you could report back here whether or not you get the expected ingame behavior. If it's broken, I'll fix it.
  16. Im really wondering if/how will special relativity be taken into account as the speed ships will be travelling at will be significant fractions of the speed of light
  17. Thanks for the advice, I'll give that a shot. Are there any other exacerbating factors that I should look to avoid in order to mitigate the effects? @Scoopapa mentioned gravity in the OP, although I have to say my latest experience with it is on Phobos in RSS, which is about as low of gravity as you can get. I'm a little bummed at this bug, and I might just swear off robotic parts entirely for anything that's going to touch the surface.
  18. I haven't actually tried it - but I have a hunch that switching the order of the docking ports in the config file might be enough for MechJeb to get the 'right' one. If it doesn't, then switching the 'top' and 'bottom' naming probably will.
  19. I updated the mod using CKAN. After the update, the game crashes to desktop. Went back to version and everything is back to normal.
  20. Thank you so much for the detailed and thoughtful reply! You are correct I made the mistake of not flipping textures when exporting as dds - and now that I know about the UV exporter I am super excited to get home and try it!
  21. Looks like it's: 0 <= lon < 360; 0 <= lat < 180 Cribbed from SCANsat/scanutil.cs line#404 and lines#474-481
  22. I'd imagine the manuever nodes and flight planning should help tremendously with this; though it wouldn't be a bad thing if approching a black hole required some planning. It would get across the fact that these are incredibly dangerous objects with unique considerations. I think the real benchmark is going to be where escape velocities become a signifigant fraction of C; we know below the schwarzchild radius they >C. But an escape velocity of even 20%-40% C could actually doom even the most advanced ships in KSP2 to drift endlessly around these objects. Which would also make gravity assists even more interesting; since you can't just go "The closer the better" as your rule of thumb. You have to balance the performance of your ship with the escape velocity at a given distance.
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  24. Yeah that's fine so long as you don't use those two nodes on the science car.
  25. Thanks guys! I quite enjoyed building it, and I am glad you like it as well! I might even do another one: I made a prototype with gold-foil Restock parts for the mirror and that one looks absolutely stunning.
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