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  2. Kinda leaning towards 3, but 2 might be better if you want to avoid a jungle of parts for users to wade through in the editor. But option 4... Does B9 allow a part variant to have different mass, tank capacity etc? That would be neat.
  3. HansonKerman

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    @The_Arcitect @Fraston Thx for humoring me, I appreciate it. Let's see how long we can get this going for: 5126: A room full of identical copies of the Space Core, with a broken crusher in it. You can tell what this room was for. You hurry up to the next floor before you can ensure if the crusher is actually broken.
  4. Episode 3 : Mun Misadventures With the newly developed parts it was decided that the next destination would be Mun, given that there were no upcoming transfer windows (I mean, there's Urlum, but... no) The craft for the job was Greypeak 2, a hilariously overpowered rocket (the lander alone is just about capable of Duna return from LKO, to say nothing of the launcher) for the purposes of hitting a number of biomes with two whole digits in it. Samantha and Bob were assigned to this mission, as the administration has decided to banish Jeb from beyond-LKO missions since it's too easy to sneak beer onto those much bigger rockets. The 1st stage has an abysmal TWR (1.19 off the pad) A conservative gravity turn is used so the second stage will do most of the burning for orbit The lander reaches orbit. Samantha is worried that there'll be less dV then predicted, since the less-aggressive gravity turn means that the second stage did more work than it should have. Fuel concerns aside, the injection burn went fine. Bob insists the ship is facing up. Samantha went straight from flyby to landing in the East Farside Crater because parking orbits are for noobs. Safely touched down, Samantha reached for the EVA hatch. Her hand was promptly smacked off the handle by Bob, reminding her to put on her space suit first. Samantha, being incredibly lazy, didn't bother to get out. With Science done, a hop to the nearby Highlands was made Science was also done here, and off we went. Samantha had fallen asleep by this point, so Bob had to fly. On the way, the side tanks ran out of fuel. Unfortunately, the Koffee machine was located in the side tanks, so Samantha won't be returning for the rest of this mission Soon the lander touched down in the East Crater. Since there wasn't enough fuel left to visit another biome, Bob took the craft into a polar orbit so he has something to look at while drinking in his space deck chair to get EVA Report From Space Just Above (Biome) for as many biomes as he could. This done, he used the last of the fuel to put the ship on a reentry course with Kerbin. He didn't have to get out and push, but it was pretty close. The exploding lander generated some satisfyingly gratuitious explosions. Fortunately (although it was a really close call, too bad I didn't get the screenshot) the capsule wasn't hit by the lander module and made a safe landing. R&D got 1600 Science out of the melted hard drives. Tune in next time for more moon madness!
  5. HansonKerman

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    thx for that Your statement is not a number. I cannot reply. Waitress! Someone put a reprogramming chip in my soup!
  6. That's a very useful hint, I'll keep that it mind. Thank you very much! In this particular case, it appears that the stock mini chute, when attached to the side of a rockomax tank, partially embeds itself into the tank (that is probably a bug). I pulled it outwards a little and the chutes opened just fine.
  7. Starboost88

    TMasterson5 Mod Family

    Is there a download link for Red v. Blue? the link in the old thread for it returns a 404.
  8. StrandedonEarth

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    My son has gotten into playing poker lately, so I had to "give him some advice.." (This aired on TMS way back when I was a kid, when I was already hooked on this song thanks to my mom's vinyl collection)
  9. Your_Pegasus

    Contracts and console

    I've encountered this bug as well. The temporary fix to this problem is to just use the old parts, they are still in the game.
  10. Yesterday
  11. HansonKerman

    Confuse the Next Poster!

    0/13 M
  12. Gargamel


    I believe somewhere in the thread I made allowances for pics that represent the number without showing it, or in your case, show an NGC item. But seeing how the pictures are getting a little tiresome with the repetitiveness, I'll add something to the OP. 3613
  13. @theonegalen Here's a suggestion: add a config option (or a MM patch) to remove the screwy results without the pitot heater on and not coming on without connecting, for the KSP modders who aren't so in to super realism.
  14. Gargamel

    Don't Click This

    We will unlock this thread, only if there are 20 replies, in this thread only, asking us to unlock it.
  15. anyone know what the delta v you need to get to laythe land and back to kerbin? Also is realism Overhaul and RSS allowed?
  16. Am I overlooking the obvious? No discussion around MM not being available for 1.7.0 yet. Can't say as I have ever seen a delay in MM being available for a new release.
  17. Starboost88

    (1.4.5) Jet Sounds Continued 1.2

    Just a quick FYI, the J-20 'Juno' is probably closer to the Junkers Jumo 004 axle-float turbojet that powered the Messerschmitt Me 262. Otherwise, this continuation is great for those of us who use realism overhaul or who just want different sounds for the jets.
  18. Are the tourists supposed to stay with you when you land and recover the vessel? Because I how have 32 tourists in my astronaut complex after completing a trip to my hotel.
  19. @-ctn-, do you have any plans to update the mod? It's mostly update-proof, but there are some issues in the newer versions of KSP.
  20. I've had the same issue with ModuleDecouplerBase, and the solution was that KER, MechJeb, and similar mods break between 1.6 & 1.7, where versions built for 1.7 will not work for 1.6 and vice versa. KER should be the last version for 1.6.
  21. IncongruousGoat

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Found this on Spotify the other day, and I've had it on repeat ever since. I swear, the day I stick something from this millennium in this thread is the day pigs will fly.
  22. I haven't been able to reproduce this on a simpler craft and the one that had the failure was ridiculously complex, so I suspect something else was going on. It still points to a strange power distribution problem. Chris
  23. JadeOfMaar

    Wild Blue Industries crafts

    Angel-125 really does not like CKAN so his mods are likely not on it.
  24. Kind of a silly question: in <insert long highly detailed and esoteric question about the deep canon lore of KSP> without invoking "A Wizard Did It" and bearing in mind I have already explained about the wig. Kind of a more on topic question: what does the community manager do? Cause you know... merchandizing </yiddish accent>
  25. Worth knowing SAS also obeys fine control mode (caps lock), as far as I know, which can reduce a lot of wobbles or wasted RCS fuel on some craft.
  26. Pthigrivi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Before effing Villeneuve got big ideas I was trying to write a Dune screenplay and read it like 20 times. I've had the hardest time with the sequels... its just not the same? But I should probably press on and get over it. I've read most of the other Culture books but I always liked the names in Excession best. I guess Player of Games is probably the better book? My wife has never read them (not big into sci-fi) but I almost convinced her by reading that Wikipedia list out to her. "KSV Anticipation of a Delta-V Readout's Arrival, The,"
  27. Ah darn, thanks man for the response though, I'll look into solutions to fix my problem in the meantime!
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