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  2. You cannot increase the fuel flow with a Magnetic Confinement Reactors, the fusion rate is already caped, you can only increase the amount of cold propellant, but I imagin that the more propellant you add, the high the power requirements become. For inertial Fusion Engines however, we could increase the fuel flow, lowering the effective fusion, but increase. It could be an option I add to the deadalus fusion engine.
  3. I believe OPdalus is best with He3-D+He3 and He3 breeding (what lotta He3s lol) surrounded by Li6D. Differnt fusion modes wont help because at that stage you are suposed to have He3 and other things make N, or heat (yes, D-T), or are sh1t (looking at you H-B) or them all (cough, D-D) or straight up bad-and-wasteful (this He3-He3 of today...) or unobtanium (eh? H-H, dD and spin pol) or useless for thrust (have you heard me, tri He and the cold ones?) The only thing I can think of actually beficial is aH cat (with or without fission) and (not even in the mod) and if they are added, Ill start calling it Brokedalus...
  4. After more testing I think I've found the problem. Setting the game options renderer quality to the lowest (fastest) or second lowest (fast) level solves the problem. Same behaviour with mods (even outdated graphicmods like eve and ks3p) or without. All other game graphic options can be set freely without causing the problem. So it must be the renderer somehow. I'm running the game in dx11. Could this be a problem related to the nearclipplane overriding?
  5. Thanks, working now. Very much appreciate since CKAN simply refused to install kOS. My “should” was literal quoting from the error message. A metadata thing, I guess.
  6. Additional GROUND-BASED infrastructure. This would be the equivalent of purchasing a Level 4 DSN upgrade after a probe's launch in KSP. You lack an understanding of the relative distances involved. Relay networks are not meant to drastically EXTEND your DSN- they're made to provide signal around the far side of planets/terrain, and somewhat increase signal-strength while already in range. To obtain 64% signal strength at 56.5 Gm (about 86% the SMA of Jool) further than the 80% signal range of the level 3 DSN (250G of power) you would have to add a 282 G relay (FOUR of the stock 100G relay dishes- for a MASSIVE relay mass measured in metric tons) in an orbit 56.5Gm out from Kerbin. This would give you 64% signal when the relay was on a straight-line path between Kerbin and Jool (only a VANISHINGLY small % of the time) at a distance of about 82.8 GM (Jool-Kerbin when NOT in phase, but still not anywhere close to opposite sides of the sun: where distances exceed 130 Gm) using a 15G antenna on the craft in question. At that point, where you invest that much time/effort in just relays, you're playing Kerbal Relay Network, not Kerbal Space Program. In short, it's unrealistic to expect players to use Relay's to obtain a strong Kerbin-Jool connection. I'm not going to debate this further- you seem set on trying to argue against this no matter what justifications I provide the stock DSN clearly needs a level 4 upgrade- for player sanity as well as realism...
  7. Hmm... Launching from Vandenberg and heading north to the pacific Northwest of the US, I looked at two mountains near where I live. Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood. Mt. Rainier is ridiculously tall. Over 11 km. IRL value is 4.4. But Mt. Hood is much smaller. About 4.9 km. But IRL it's 3.4. I think something really wierd is going on with the terrain scaling. Low altitude terrain seems to be at normal altitudes, ish. But higher up terrain is much higher than it should be.
  8. They are partially covered with NFA's airfed and bimodal airfed nuclear engines, would personally love to see some diversity through
  9. I do have some plans to add multi fuel modes to this partmodule, it would allow you use more common or exotic fusion modes like (D-D, D-Li, H-B etc), of course at different degrees or wasteheat , isp, thrust and tech level Yes it is situational, but it is certainly possible, and I like options. So now we have an upper limit of 36000s, a default of 12000s, but what would be the lower limit? 6000s?
  10. I know, Im just saying that they aint needed because adding more fusion fuel has the same effect but also makes more CP for the generator, they are cooler CP so the overall perfomance of the plasma nozzle/MHD is the same, but CP converter operates more efficiently when a lot slow, as slow means less resistance and less mag field twists and weird things... Only scenario I see afterburning is if youve got lH2, little fuel and dont need megajoules, but kinda situational... Its more like VASIMR than like VISTA, you dont vary the prop flow, vary the fuel flow
  11. Is it still needed to run the .bat file on 1.9.1?
  12. end of intro, the stories will come up
  13. for me, those are the same things, they trade higher isp for lower thrust, and vice versa. Sometimes you just need more thrust for maneuver, especially moon injections, other times you want to maximize your isp to conserve isp. If needed you also have the option of going pure fusion mode when your out of propellant.
  14. Ah , OK, Ill post some bluelrints anyway if someday you feel like changing it or I learn CGI models...
  15. Thank you very much :). Ok will have a look. thanks for the link
  16. Thanks guys - I'll look into Imigur later this afternoon when I get back on the computer. In the meantime, while I like the 'canards on the nose' suggestion, are there known problems with some of the elevons? Oh - and @AHHans, the plane used to fly great for me - no problem keeping the nose in the wind.. If anything its getting it to come out of it that I was fighting (slow turns before became slower to non existant after fiddling) - but what was weird about it was that level flight acted different from angled flight. Ex: I could flick A or D to get the plane to roll right or left and then pull the turn with S just fine as long as those maneuvers were in the horizontal plane. But if I angled down, S no longer wanted to pull the nose up.-which I'm guessing means my drag was greater than the elevons could handle ...although why this happened idk
  17. No It will just become self sustaining and produce some excess power to run onboard systems.Technically this allows you you to charge the engine super capacitors using PV cells , perform a brachistochrone maneuver before you can use solar cells again
  18. FORGET ABOUT AFTERBURNING! Its useless as increasing the fuel flow does the same but increases power prpduction as well. Ok, mabe if you are low on fuel and you dont need that much power, but where is that kerbal overengineering and moar powah philosophies?
  19. I'm sure you'll see some KSP Loadings on the topic this week.
  20. This actually makes a lot of scene from a balance point of view. Next release I will scale the isp gear range with the size of the plasmanozzle (default 3 multiplier) and put baseIsp Discovery at 12000s allowing it to shift isp between 12000s - 36000 on hydrogen
  21. Alright. This is Everest.... yeah... I don't even... Why is it slightly over twice as tall as real life?
  22. Stop dismissing others' concerns. The KSC runway is unrealistically short. There is no reason players should have to struggle against this (and unlike many other aspects of spaceplane design, the length of runway needed for takeoff does NOT decrease with the scaled-down Kerbin system vs. real life).
  23. Lowest settings? Of the mod or the game? Anyway, I think you should ask this in through the eyes of a kerbal thread, also ask if nearClipPlane overriding can be disabled or modified, I'm guessing this is what causes the issue:
  24. Quite popular and iconic concept I guess. Well that was not exactly the point. The S3-7200 carry about11% more fuel. However is an extra large tank, which means using adapters to fit to the large engines. I'd rather stick another large diameter tank or just the conveniently sized single Jumbo-64 for simplicity sake.
  25. There's a Mars-500 follow-up I didn't know about.
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