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  2. Hm, I'd definitely need to see logs. I just tested a ship with crew and an active recycler and it's running and giving me viable numbers.
  3. Single engine gets all the way there. Val is inside the nose. Imma try to do a side-challenge of how FAST I can get there on one engine.
  4. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Finally after YEARS of playing KSP I had to try to build my first space station. After a couple of quicksaves and time spent watching tutorials, I docked up the tiny space station, the Kerbos X-1 Saturnia. http:// http://
  5. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

    Some recent stuff! All 3 were done within 36 hours, so it only proves that as far as my linework is concerned, i have absolutely no consistency.
  6. @ExtremeSquared Targeting works ok for me most of the time. Sometimes I will be trying to do a rendezvous with another craft in orbit and I will realize its in 'orbit' instead of 'target' but its rare @Victor3 Yeah that off targeting to a radial docking port is a bug that has been reported. @5thHorseman For the most part I like how SAS works. definitely compared to pre 1.2, but there are always work arounds. I never use mechjeb after trying it out for a few hours and realizing it made KSP way too easy though it taught me how to get into orbit better Note that if there are any bugs that have been reported that Squad wants people to upvote/downvote bugs to show their importance from our perspective. Not really happy with that type of system but if any bugs exist and they are important to anyone, go to the bug tracker and upvote.
  7. Thanks, TC! One issue I have is the entire "coordinates" thing? I have no idea how to find them or use them. I have completely reverted to 1.4.3 and will continue my exploration of the Jool system and Eeloo in this version. I envision this exploration going on for years so...maybe I'll tackle Eve and Moho at a future date...with the latest KSP version? I would still there some way to have parts automatically update when updating KSP to a new version? I think I know the answer as the parts in question may be mods, not stock. But...worth the ask.
  8. While "there's a mod for that" is frowned upon in these types of discussions, KAC will fit the bill nicely for this until it becomes stock.
  9. Tonka Crash

    What issues have people been having with SAS?

    @Victor3 I'm not saying MechJeb can't do precise landings, it's just that on my mining sites I would have to do multiple landings to figure out what coordinates worked to put a lander down where I wanted. Once dialed it it was repeatable to the same spot on the ground within a couple meters. But the coordinates needed were unique for each lander design. I keep a scratchpad next to my keyboard with a list of MechJeb coordinates for each lander and what phase angle it needed for a station rendezvous. I've also use MechJeb to hover taxi around a base to better position things on the ground. KER and Mechjeb do different things that to me have little overlap, I'd keep both. KER is my HUD, MechJeb is my autopilot. I would guess your biggest problem updating is KAS. The KAS version in use for 1.4.3 has parts that have been completely dropped in KAS 1.2, they're still there in KAS 1.1, but labelled as Legacy. KAS 1.2 has a save file updater that is supposed to replace old parts with the equivalent current part. But you need to read the KAS wiki to know what to expect. Whatever you do research it first and keep backups. Also don't try KAS 1.2 in 1.7, it's broke for now, but works in 1.6.1. KIS has a debug mode that you can spawn parts directly to a Kerbal inventory to fix whatever's ends up broken.
  10. 41 (MAR+IN GARRI×) (Trying to mean '+' there, anyhow, that's how Martin Garrix's logo is stylized as)
  11. Today
  12. @damonvv Is there any reason why the Octopus engine only has two engine modes now?
  13. I have a question about the rules: When measuring the mass of the craft to break a tie, what mass is counted? Is it the mass that lands at the island? Mass at launch?
  14. Somewhere within a "couple of kilometers" would be completely out of the realm of acceptable, when you consider that linking 2 ships with the CC-R2 connection ports has a max range of 40 meters? I may get rid of the MechJeb mod and just go back to my old dependable KER. More to another point, and very disappointing, is that I must continue my exploration of Jool system and Eeloo using 1.4.3. I have spent way too much time and energy to just start all over to make 1.6.1 work? Not sure what parts on my mining base are the issue in upgrading to 1.6.1 but it really doesn't matter...I refuse to start all over again.
  15. Yes, I can provide more info if issues are posted like this here. If you go 1 page back, you'll see that it's my fault that there's no GameData folder in 26.1. AirplanePlus goes into GameData and GameData is in the root folder. Since I don't have GameData in the zip, you need to put the folders inside GameData instead. You need firespitter and module manager in the gamedata as well. All normal mods are installed the same, so if you're new to installation, you'd encounter mostly the same problem, which is not installing it correctly. Just ask around. Anything deviating from the standard procedure will cause missing sounds, missing parts, missing features. Because most of the content in game are based on the folder structure.
  16. KAO

    [1.3.1] Simple Procedural Engines

    can you post screenshots of the interface when building with them?
  17. klesh

    How do I download the demo?

    Don’t worry, they’re working on a new version! They’ll let us know.
  18. Well, to start the upgrade to 1.6.1 is a Dres mining base is apparently no longer usable as the part changes from 1.4.3 are too much. So I guess I won't be updating at all for quite some time...I have a mining base on Dres that NEEDS to work for my entire Jool system exploration mission to work? S-I-G-H! I wish upgrading would just automatically replace older parts so that my hours and hours of hard work could continue...but I get it. Back to the point. I always leave the craft to be docked to (usually a refueling "station") in Normal or Anti-normal mode and follow the rules as you stated them above. Landing near a target is simply...manual piloting, at this point. This isn't a "bad" thing...we could all use some piloting skills practice, me thinks.
  19. Thank you for the suggestion. When I start to convert everything over into MAS, I will see how much extra trouble it would be to do that.
  20. Mars-Bound Hokie

    The Eelootians

    VAL KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y25D342 - 5H15M Only 347 days left until we reach Kerbin's SOI, and the rescue lander has 2,255 m/s of delta-V in it. Too bad we had to leave the science we collected in the original lander, but that meant we could collect more with the rescue lander; besides, the original didn't have goo or materials with it. Once we reach Kerbin's SOI, we'll either establish a parking orbit before descending on the surface or skipping straight to re-entry. We have an inflatable heat shield for maximum protection and drag force. Not much has gone on in the pod since our rescue. Then again, Bill and I couldn't even canoodle for over five minutes without that third wheel Lasel interrupting. Speaking of, one time she and I fought after she accused me of "contaminating the goo samples;" all I did was find one of Bill's dirty socks floating near one of the used samples. I know she just wanted to preserve the science so that they would be returned to Kerbin without issues, but we were tearing each other apart within 30 seconds. If Bill hadn't broken us the fight, I probably would have thrown her in the airlock without a suit on. He and I then had a much more civil argument about how Mission Control should have just sent an empty pod; he disagreed and stated that a scientist needed to clean the goo and materials modules. In hindsight, if I hadn't been so paranoid about Lasel was trying to steal Bill, I probably wouldn't have overreacted as much Bob predicts that, if Lasel was a man, I probably wouldn't have blown up in her face since I would have no previous paranoia about her trying to ruin mine and Bill's marriage. Back home, the guys in the VAB developed a new ion-powered "lawn chair" for Ike use. It gets into orbit and its destination via conventional rockets, but the final stage has a command seat for missions where one needs to collect temperature/pressure/gravity readings below a certain altitude in some moons. They've already launched prototypes to Minmus and Moho "just for the heck of it" - the one in Minmus is on standby because it has two stages to go before the chair. Another mass tourist lander, the S.S. Remembrance, has taken off and is now standing by for its burn to Duna. After that, it's heading for Dres and some of Jool's moons before hopping planets one-by-one to get back home. Though it is possible to go straight to Kerbin from Dres, re-entry is too risky if that's the case. Bob's now on extended leave after his command of the S.S. Titan. Though Jeb's leave was technically over some time ago, he was suspended for doing doughnuts in the VAB (again). As soon as the next Kerbin-to-Eve window opens, Bob's heading to Gilly to transport some tourists, recover a missing piece, and rescue someone. This is also his chance to reach Level Five after so long. Aside from that, KSP has decided to expand Duna operations to include: A Mk. Vb interplanetary travel pod (loaded with 2 pilots, 2 engineers, 3 scientists) A mobile Duna base (we remembered to pack A LOT of parachutes) A self-mining Duna vehicle (can get off Duna, dock with other ships, and even go to Ike) Just make sure an engineer is present to repack chutes. Another base on Ike. It will get the S.S. Remembrance and a lawn chair prototype soon enough - and another crew A Chyna-class surface rover (Below is a picture of one on Laythe)
  21. I have a request - make the MiG-105 "Spiral" spaceplane. It was cancelled fairly early on in the development to go down in history as the Soviet equivalent of the Dyna-soar.
  22. Your final game file structure should look like this: [KSP root] GameData [mod folder 1] [mod contents 1] [mod folder 2] [mod contents 2] If your install doesn't look like that, move stuff around until it does.
  23. Please for the love of all that is holy, add a sort-by function to the tracking station. I have 72 flights out right now, roughly 25 of which at any given time have a maneuver queued up. It would make my life soooooooooo much better if I could a) sort by type, b) manually categorize and color my flights (eg red is my Duna flotilla, Green for the ships bound for Jool; you get the picture) and c) SORT BY TIME-TO-NEXT-MANEUVER. Sorry to get worked up about this, it just seems like such a simple and obvious improvement. Please make it happen. Other than that, KSP=best game ever
  24. vexpyspaceprogram

    [1.4.x-1.6.x] Airplane Plus - R26.0 (A lot of fixes) (Mar 21, 2019)

    Can you please provide more detailed install instructions instead of just telling people they didn't install it correctly? I've done everything I can think of to get it to work. I just redid everything to be able to list out that I did basically everything possible even though I knew some of the things were completely wrong. When I download the newest version of the mod, it comes as If I put that into my KSP folder, it does nothing. If I put that into my KSP\GameData folder, it does nothing. Now, let's extract the zip to get an uncompressed AirplanePlus_26.1 folder. Placing this in the KSP folder yields nothing. If I move the internal folders/file (AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders and ModuleManager.4.0.2.dll) outside of the AirplanePlus_26.1 folder but leave it in the KSP folder, nothing happens. If I place the whole folder into my KSP/GameData folder, then I get some parts but I am missing many of them. Furthermore, there are no engine sounds -- even for stock parts. The same thing happens if I take the contents of the folder out and place them directly into the KSP/GameData folder. In your instructions you mention that we need to place the GameData folder into the root folder. I can only assume that the root folder is the KSP folder. And when I extract the zip, there is no GameData folder. I do already have a GameData folder in my KSP folder. I tried everything I can think of based off of your instructions. I am able to get other mods to work perfectly fine, so I am struggling to understand why there is an issue with this mod.
  25. SpaceplaneAddict

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. Your new shiny graphics card for your SuperMegaAwesome PC is plagued with defect after defect, and you need to send it in for RMA every third weekday. I wish for a semblance of joy in my day to day life.
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