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  2. I really like the gas jet effects you use for the RCS blocks. Is it possible to add this effect to the other RCS thrusters in-game. I really like it.
  3. I do I have it, I was just looking for one with a shroud. Thanks for helping!
  4. KerbolExplorer

    What are your craziest dreams?

    Don't worry that happened to me... Not joking BTW
  5. TheRandomGuy1029


    Mind if I do this in ksp 1.3.1 Cause in my 1.3.1 save i have a sattelite with the Sentinel that is in between Jool and Dres (due to a failed mission to jool). Also you could go in with the rocket engines taking the heat of the atmo Or build a giant block around the asteroid covered with heat shields
  6. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Going all the way... or, don't give up your day job. Jeb had made the decision to call in a fuel drop at their current location, a the mouth of the river Amazin, before making their way up it. Given the amount of fuel and the unknown length of the river it seemed the smart thing to do. But that wasn't what Val wanted to hear, she'd heard tales of the great tidal surf on the river and was keen to try out the board she had stashed away for just this kind of situation. "Come on Jeb, we've got plenty of fuel, almost 200 units." "Maybe but if we run out on that river there's no way they're going to be able to make a fuel drop from orbit into it" "Come oooon, beck... beck... beck... be". "Is that supposed to be a chicken Val". "Maybe". "Impressions aren't your thing are they". Eventually after some goading, bad farm animal impressions and Val saying she'd get out and push if they ran out of fuel, Jeb decided they should take the boat up river. Val steered into the wide mouth of the river, but after a few minutes it narrowed, with high cliffs on either side of it. She ketp an eye out for that surf, but so far no sign of it. About halfway up the river the cliffs on the right side subsided, while those on the left grew much larger, as if making up for the loss. Bob's got a distress flare ready, just in case they run out of juice on the way to the lake. A nice purple one that he's been dying to try out since he say it was onboard. Two thirds of the way up river and there's just over half the fuel left, so it looks like Jeb was worries were unfounded, but he's still concerned about having enough to meet up with SMIRF. That is one sharp top cliff. Bob suggests it looks like someone cut through a huge chocolate cake, topped with peppermint icing. Jeb's still worrying about the fuel, if they run out here, they're really stuck. Perhaps one day someone would come along and find the remains of the abandonded boat, the spooky remains of a failed mission. But he needn't have worried, after weaving up the river for some time, the view of cliff walls ahead finally give wa. That gap has to be the lake. Indeed they are and with about 50 units of fuel left for the rendezvous with a SMIRF. Val's very disappointed that there's been no sign of the tidal wave along the river she was told of. "So who told you that there would be waves here?" "Charles Kerman, you know, that guy who test the new parachute designs from the top of the VAB". "Oooh, Chuck off Charley... didn't think he surfed". Val takes the boat a little way into the lake, then cuts the engines. They don't know exactly where the fuel will land, but no point in mooring up to the shore, as that's the least likely place for it to be dropped on. Here's the SMIRF target in all it's glory. It's flight path will take it roughly along the length of it, from top left to bottom right. The plan is for it to dropp in the middle of it somewhere. Bill asks Bob if he'd like to give the lake a name. "Let me think, maybe Lake, ooooh what's that" he exclaims, distracted by some peaks in the distance that come into view as Val swings the boat to a halt. "Lake... Ooooh... What's... That..." Bill slowly writes in the boat's log, making sure to get it right. It looks like a fine day to drop a fuel tank from orbit into a lake. Talking of which, he is said tank... ok, there's some gubbins as well as the fuel tanks, but they're just a means to an end. The end being that nice red cross... hopefully. As usual I am a little long, to account for instability on re-entry, with a braking burn planned to get closer to the boat, once most of the decent is done. In she comes, right on target for a landing in Lake Oooh What's That. Looks fairly close to where the Coastal Cruiser is, but it's a big lake, so this could be some distance away. A nice sunset chute deplyment, as SMIRF coasts down to the lake. 10.6km away from the boat is their fuel, wit 50 units on board that shouldn't be a problem. Some nighttime refuelling. In the morning the crew take the boat towards the mountains that give the lake it's name. Val brings the boat in to the shore and Bob and Bill head out towards the closest, but also the shortest of the two mountains. Bob guns the motors and the rover heads up the base of the mountain, which is conveniently placed right next to the lake. 1km up and 21km from SMIRF, out on the lake. There's some rugged cliffs ahead, but the going has been fairly easy so far. Bob stops the rover for a recharge and to grab a bite to eat. He could have sworn he brought a sandwich with him,but can't find it anywhere. Up over 2.5km now and Bob has the feeling that the squishy feeling under his backside, is his sandwich. He's particularly disappointed as he was really proud of this one, with sliced hotdogs, 3 types of cheese a thick layer of mayo and half a raddish (he's trying out a healthier diet). A couple of minutes later and their at the summit. At 3km it's one of the lowest peaks that Bob's beaten, but it does have a fine view from the top. In particular Bob like the view of the mountain that he wishes he climbed, but even he would have to admit that this rover probably isn't going to make it to the summit of that thing. Not with slopes that look like they're about 70-80 degrees. So with the only way to go being down, that's where Bob heads. It's a fun and fairly smooth ride down from the summit, with no really steep drops to spoil you day. The rover leaps from the edge of a ridge and goes airborne. Bill loses his lunch and Bob might have as well, except that he sat on it. FInally the pair make it back to the boat. Now to head to the galley for sandwich Mk 2.
  7. @SpinkAkron Looking at the Science technodes, I notice the Ultra High Energy Physics technode is also missing, it is supposed to in between the Applied High Energy Physics and Extreme High Energy Physics Edit: Also you seem to have mixed up the Scientific Outpost with the Experimental Science technode.
  8. Random noob questions: 1. Do two photons with perfectly equal properties (eV, phase, wavelength etc,) annihilate each other when they meet "Head on" perfectly perpendicular in a vacuum? Or do they propagate further without any interaction? 2. Since photons are estimated without restmass and live around three years in their own referenceframe (or 1018 years for us simple observers), what causes their final (assumed) decay? To what do they decay? Neutrinos (With tiny mass and fast as hell?) ???
  9. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    2 words names for crafts

    Minced Parts
  10. Kerballing (Got Dunked On)

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    5134: you panic about the alternate universe before realizing it's just another galaxy.
  11. Hmm... I'll take a look when I get home tonight.
  12. mrstoned

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I have used Flextubes in place of the MKS flex-o-tubes dependancy on the recently changed KAS pipes.
  13. @SpinkAkron I also notice Exotic Plasma Propulsion is missing, which is supposed to be in between Specialized Plasma Propulsion and Extreme Plasma Propulsion. Forgotten?
  14. JadeOfMaar

    [1.7.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    WBI Logistics is built-in and is necessary to WBI for the same reasons USI has its own. WBI's own is far easier/less weird (I agree with @shdwlrd) in that in WBI you don't need parts to be manned for logistics to kick in, and you get the following toggles, per resource: Share (of course) Consume/Pull/Hoard Share through vessel (particularly important for sharing EC around) Ignore If you're up to it, you could use the following WBI mods to substitute USI entirely: (shameless promotion) Snacks! for life support BARIS (but tone it down a lot. It's vicious by default) for part wear and failure Pathfinder itself for base building And these non-WBI mods Station Parts Redux by Nertea (ask me for unreleased total Classic Stock conversion patch for that) Kerbal Health for habitation and space radiation. Objectively, WBI and USI are very alike in feature-sets and purpose. Pathfinder is geared towards keeping your base mobile while small, and easy to bring along, physically rearrange, pack up, and carry along. They're not mutually exclusive like Kerbalism and MKS, or any two life support mods. They can easily work together, however, Angel is not a fan of RoverDude, has as much to maintain as him, and nobody who wants USI support in WBI is willing or able to provide that support.
  15. Today
  16. Damonvv did not create Kerbal Konstructs, why should he know?
  17. TheRandomGuy1029

    [stock] Prop plane race: Island round-trip.

    Mine is going to be in version 1.2.2 EDIT: Actually 1.3.1 (hopefully) because 1.6.1 I cant get it to spin enough
  18. I did the installation steps, but I only see one launch pad and two or three add-ons for that launch pad. I have to download the other ones separately? it works in 1.7?
  19. Nightside

    N-body simulation software?

    I haven’t used it for a while now, but a lean install ran well enough on my old laptop. their wiki is also very interesting to read.
  20. A poorly phrased question on my part. What I meant to ask was: If I'm using both mods, are they comparable in functionality or is one better?
  21. Hi, I want to contribute to this challenge with this very basic glider (i think that nobody sad that command seats are banned). Furthermore Valentina is flying without helmet, because Kerbal helmets looks very big and draggy. starting mass is 3302 kg . album:
  22. *the following statement has been compiled without the benefit of seeing any logs... as such it is a less than ideal answer.* 1) are your rockets slowing down as they go higher? 2) do you cap out below 5K altitude (hung will not climb higher? If the answer is yes to either of those check your parachutes. Likely a Chute has a Drag-Cube entry and the game is calculating another drag cube entry. I should also say that while I am not familiar with EVERY mod you have in there, many of them are already 1.7 compatible without needing a new download. ALTERNATIVELY you could have a Module Manager patch that has a FOR statement for something like RealChutes or a similar mod altering parachutes... After the FOR statement, modulemanger there is an actual mod called whatever was in the FOR statement. A really powerful tool but sub-par code breaks things easily in conjunction with this. (it is likely a FOR[RealChute] call.) I hope that helps.
  23. alien_wind

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    if all you need are connection there are kas links and winches they work fine(no matter how you squeeze a kerbal through one )
  24. Bicho, Paulistês arcaico, pra ser mais exato (I have a heavy accent from São Paulo from the 80's - gone live in Amazon as a kid, and lost contact with people around here, so I ended up "stuck' talking how people used to talk when I was a kid!! )
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