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  2. Yes, all the new things for version 2 are on the GitHub in the AlphaDev branch. You have to download the repository as a .zip
  3. @Jammer-TD Thanks! I figured out my "problem". As I said I got the IR Next version working but only saw 2 parts. I didn't know that the parts were Technology Tree dependent! LOL! I only saw 2 parts because they were from tech that I already unlocked! I went into a Sandbox game and they were all there! Thanks anyway! Now for more science so I can get the other parts!
  4. stargazer424

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    @FragtalityI figured out my "problem". As I said I got the IR Next version working but only saw 2 parts. I didn't know that the parts were Technology Tree dependent! LOL! I only saw 2 parts because they were from tech that I already unlocked! I went into a Sandbox game and they were all there! Thanks anyway! Now for more science so I can get the other parts!
  5. Open the mod filter, go through all 4 categories and make sure all are selected (green) please let me know if this fixes it
  6. Gargamel

    Engine shuts off when grabbing?

    Some pics and a description/mod list of where the custom hinges come from would help.
  7. Thank you! The ship don't even lift of and seem to be held back by an invisible barrier. Launch vehicles don't seem to be affected as BDB-Apollo lifts on top of Proton with no problems. The Tantares pods don't lift atop of other rockets as well. EDIT: The MMPatch.log states a warning for Tantares/Patches/KIS
  8. Captainamtrak456

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    How can I re enter the atmosphere on a CA Shuttle? I put the nose up to 40 degrees angle of attack, but the shuttle starts to shake around, and I eventually loose control and it spins around. The Shuttle refuses to pull up its nose, as it continues to descend, and it leads to it travelling so fast that it crashes into the ground. Any way I can fix this?
  9. So I just came back to Kerbal. I've always loved OPT. So in the past I did the main parts pack, and legacy. Is this mod the newest version of the main parts pack? It looks like this is a newer version? If I download this do I have to use those life support mods mentioned in the description? Essentially I am starting a new play through and I wanted to try out interstellar extended. In my past play throughs as I reach the top of the science tree I tend to putter out. So extending the tree so far gives me a lot more to do. I've reached the part where I'm at SSTO Tech and in the past I've used OPT and a few others, but I remember how overpowered the engines were. I see you re-balanced some? I was also thinking of adding B9 (not the HX part. Too op). So what would your advice be knowing what my goal is, and is this the right mod, or do I need to follow your link to the original main parts list? Thanks for all your work on this, and you've been kind enough to help me in the past with advice so thanks for that too!!
  10. well I have tested this in 1.7.1, and there are 2.5 options that I am aware of that work, but I haven't tried to combine them. in 1 instance utilizing v2.0.2 and adding v 2.0.14 for parts and rework_core using IR sequencer1.0.3 does work in 1.7.1, and using the above recompiled.dll (option 1.5= the original combined install without the new .dll or rework) however the @meirumeiru (v3) as well works and has some really nice enhanced parts. this works when using InfernalRobotics_v3.0.0_beta3_p7_for_1.4.2 (which incorporates rework core and expansion) and IR_Sequencer_3.0.1_KSP_1.6 in v1.7.1which to me is now my go to mod for MagicSmoke hope this helps. I didn't provide links here but if you need I will let me know hope this helps Jammer-TD
  11. steuben

    New Ksp cinematic-movie "Minmus"

    Yes, many pans, zooms, and ... whatever the third similar cinematic technique is. I have yet to decide if it is a signature stype born of the necessity of the limitations of the game or a choice. As for Jeb, the phrase translated out of kerbish is "Chrome steel and coconuts"
  12. I have recently created a rocket based off the Falcon 9, but when I deployed my custom landing legs, the engine shut off each time a leg locked into place. I am using grabbers at the bottom and a custom hinge to deploy the landing legs. Whenever the grabbers hook on to the legs the engine turns off. I'm wondering if there is a way to turn off this setting. This is my first post, please tell me if I did anything wrong!
  13. Disparia Books

    A Kerbal Book Series-You Interested?

    Hey all, I have been working behind the scenes a little bit with the help of @UomoCapra and a few others to create a Kerbal book series. Before officially announcing it and launching the series I wanted to put my little Kerbal feelers out to gauge interest and get any suggestions or ideas from forum users, specifically those of you who have discussed Kerbal stories or enjoyed the missions before (here's looking at you @STORMPILOTkerbalkind @million_lights @Just Jim @Rover 6428 ) The book series will be loosely based off of my (steam featured) Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel missions from Making History (you can find them here). The idea is that I will release a 20-40k word novella every 3-4 months complete with illustrations (think Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but with a few illustrations per chapter, not every page). Here's the catch-T2 is not looking to formally licence the IP to sell books, which means this is going to be a free fan-fiction project. I am a professional writer and have a publisher for my actual books who will help me with the editing and formatting. I plan on distributing the books here, on my website, and on social media as they are finished, hopefully in Epub format (which if any of you know is a universal digital format for easy reading). But they will need to be free and available to anyone and everyone. So unless there is quite a bit of interest, I can't justify starting the project. This will be a labor of love for KSP, and as such require my own time and money. I'm considering starting a Patreon page to help support the effort and allow me to have some breathing room when it comes to writing my actual Disparia novels. I'm also looking into producing actual printed copies of the book (again, for free) for those interested (though I'm still looking into whether or not I can do so). So before I jump in head first, I thought I would figuratively "Check my staging" for interest and suggestions. If anyone is interested in seeing this project proceed, please let me know (and for more info on my missions check those out, or see any of my past live streams or my actual, you know, books). I'm not posting links to that stuff here (because I don't know if I can). Safe to say you can find it if interested (or PM me). Cheers! ----------------------------------Here is an unedited glimpse at the first chapter if you're curious---------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 The sky was most certainly blue—that overt fact had not escaped Jebbediah Kerman’s grasp. It was blue every day, unless it was raining or snowing. That it was blue was interesting. Why it was blue was more interesting. Try as he might, however, the eight-year-old Jeb could not find the answer. Every raised hand during his classroom studies was met with the same terse reply from Henrietta Able Kerman, Jeb’s second grade teacher: “Put your hand down and pay attention to the material!” Her voice grated and cracked on occasion, like a lifetime of hostility had broken her vocal chords but not her determination to see excitement in children doused and stomped into oblivion. So the answer to why it was blue would remain a mystery (at least for now). But that was fine. It wasn’t the blue sky that captivated young Jeb; it was the night sky. At night the blue vanished like a thin mist, like a curtain pulled away from the true sky. That sky was black. It was also shiny, colorful, active, and exciting. Every day during school Jeb would spend his time with his chin resting in his palms, his elbows on his desk, his eyes turned towards the window and up towards the sky. Sometimes it was sunny and the bright light of Kerbol would cause him to squint until his nose and brow were deeply furrowed. Sometimes it was cloudy and the abstract shapes would drift by, coalescing into imagined shapes, then pass quietly out of sight. Sometimes it would rain or snow and the deep layer of gray would block his view but not his imagination. There was much more to the world beyond the terrestrial one that he was familiar with. There had to be. Birds soared through the sky with ease, something no Kerbal had done before. Clouds drifted by seemingly weightless yet bound to a steady track through sky, guided along their invisible highway by an unseen hand. And what was beyond the mundane terrestrial world? Jeb didn’t know. Stars. Planets. Asteroids. Other floaty things. Astronomers and scientists had discovered, studied, catalogued, and reported on these objects for hundreds of years. Legends from dead civilizations mythologized the objects in the sky and incorporated them into their views and beliefs of the realms beyond daily reality. These objects were seen, studied, and incorporated into each culture. But they were not well understood. No Kerbal had left Kerbin’s surface for more than a few seconds, and when they it was usually because they fell off something and were quickly reminded that when you lose contact with the ground there is only one direction you can travel—down. But knowing that they were there and understanding what exactly they were besides transient lights and objects in an untouchable ether were two different things. And try as Jeb might, pushing his brain muscles with all his effort until sweat pooled in his green, furrowed brow, he could not learn more about them through sheer willpower. He could not… “Jebbediah Kaldrin Kerman!” Ms. Able shouted. “Get back in your seat this instant!” Jeb shook the cloud of imagined images from his eyes and focused on the reality around him. He was standing at the back window in his classroom looking out on the blue sky and the feet of the towering Origin Mountains. The window looked west towards the mountains where the late morning sun had fully bathed the green, gray, and white mountains in intense light. “Sorry Ms. Able,” Jeb replied. Though he said sorry, that his eyes remained focused outside suggested his words and feelings were in conflict. “What do you think you’re doing this time?” Ms. Able asked. A few birds, dark against the brightening sky, darted back and forth playing or chasing each other. Watching them, Jeb answered, “I’m watching the birds.” He said it matter-of-fact as though it was justification for not paying attention. “Jebbediah, come here.” Ms. Able, who had been standing by the chalkboard writing words that related somewhat to anatomy, slammed the chalk into the rail beneath the board, cracking it in three pieces. She puffed out her bulging and prodigious chest, adjusted her floral dress, and took two steps towards the front of the class. Jeb, lingering for just another moment, turned and walked down the center aisle between the separated rows of desks and stopped in front of his teacher. Jeb was only eight years old but already he (and most the other students) were eye level with their teacher. Ms. Able was, using only slightly exaggerated descriptions, as wide as she was tall. Her pale green complexion always glistened from a layer of sweat cause by the massive exertion everything seemed to be for her. She wore only dresses out of necessity. The dresses were so large and required so much fabric it was a wonder there were any sheets or pillow cases to be found inside the city of Granite Heights, the city of 5,000 people in which Jeb lived. As Jeb neared the hulking mass of Ms. Able the sour smell of old dairy, her distinct aroma, met Jeb’s sensitive nose. He scrunched his nose up reflexively to keep any air from passing through his nostrils. “Yef Miv Abuh?” Jeb said, the words coming out stifled due to lack of airflow. “Stand in front of the chalk board,” She ordered. Jeb walked around his teacher and stood where commanded. “Flap your arms like a bird.” Jeb raised his arms obediently and was about to flap, but hesitated. “Flap my arms?” He was far enough away from the diaboloical smell of his teacher that he could breathe (and speak) normally. “Flap them!” Her grating voice raised a few octaves and her green face turned a bit brown as she blushed from the effort. Jeb nodded, his eyes opening wide. He began flapping his arms quickly up and down. After a few moments his face began reddening and he panted from the effort. The harder he worked the more the kids in his class began to giggle. By the time a bit of sweat began forming under his brow the giggles had evolved into outright laughter. “Enough!” Ms. Able shouted and at once Jeb stopped flapping and the children went quiet. “Did your feet leave the ground?” Jeb looked down at his feet, lifting one off the ground and inspecting the sole of his brown school-issued boots. They revealed nothing. “No,” Jeb answered. “Did you hit the ceiling?” she asked. Jeb looked up at the spackled ceiling that was distinctly lacking a head-shaped hole. “No.” “Did you do anything that could in any way remotely be construed as flying?” “What does construed mean?” “Did you fly! Did you fly at all!” Ms. Able’s face had turned from green to brown to red now. Jeb tried to take an instinctive step back but slammed into the chalkboard. “No,” Jeb answered. “Are you at all like a bird?” Jeb shook his head no. “Kerbals will never fly. Now sit back down in your seat and pay attention!” Ms. Able pointed vigorously towards Jeb’s seat at the back left of the room. As her arm came to a sudden stop the gelatinous bulges that made up her meaty arms did not, jiggling slightly for a few moments afterwards. Jeb trundled towards his desk, hanging his long green head low to avoid the stares of his classmates. The first few steps were met with complete silence. By the time he was halfway to his desk Ms. Able began moving about. Just as he sat down she pulled the projector screen from its tidy roll above the blackboard until it stretched towards the floor. Keeping an eye on Jeb and the other on the rest of the class, Ms. Able said, “As you know, students, today we begin our health and anatomy module. We will be covering the Kerbal body for the next two weeks. We will discuss your module project after the slide show.” Ms. Able walked down the wide aisle between the classroom (set wider than most classrooms on account of her impressive girth) and stopped near Jeb where the permanent slide projector was stationed on an old wooden platform. “No talking during the slide show. If you have a questions raise your hand and I will answer after we reach a stopping point.” She scanned the room for a moment. “Robert McDonald Kerman, please turn off the lights.” Bob McDonald, a wispy Kerbal with dark, intense eyes stood from his seat at the top right corner of the classroom and switched off the lights. A moment later the projector roared to life and a bright square of light filled the white projection screen at the front of the room. A distinct metallic thunk slightly preceded the first image on the board. Ms. Able then pressed the start button on the tape player and a peppy male voice whirred to life. “The Kerbal body,” The disembodied voice began. “A marvel and a wonder of natural engineering and home to all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.” On screen was a fuzzy picture of a dozen different Kerbals of varying ages, all of them, smiling as they stood for an informal portrait in what looked like a park or field. “Next Slide.” This voice was different than the narrator, deeper and with less emotion. Ms. Able clicked the projector and another image appeared. This one was a cartoonish rendering of the inside of a Kerbal’s head. “Kerbals are unique in the animal kingdom,” The narrator continued. “They might not be the fastest, strongest, or largest creatures on Kerbin, but they do have something no other animal can claim—a giant brain capable of complex, rational thought housed in a nearly impenetrable fortress of a skull.” There was a pause in the narration as a flourish of dissonant instruments played a bit of fanfare. Coming out of the recorder it sounded like animals being tortured. “A Kerbal is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, skin, and about 20% chocolate pudding. In today’s presentation we will begin with the head, perhaps the most amazing part of any Kerbal. A Kerbal’s skull is the thickest of any animal on Kerbin. Inside the thick skull is a secondary layer of a spongey material known as Squidgy Puddo-formus. This combination of rigidity and sponginess protects them from high velocity reading impacts and full contact knitting disasters, things most Kerbals are prone to experience.” Jeb, as the recording continued, slowly lost interest and found his eyes wandering back towards the window. The sky was blue and bright, beautiful. His head might have been in the clouds, but his feet and amazing Kerbal brain were planted firmly on the ground.
  14. KingDominoIII


    Version doesn't matter, go ahead.
  15. Stone Blue

    Looking for flying saucers

    there is this:
  16. TheRandomGuy1029


    This is kind of funny but when an asteroid entered kerbin's SOI it got an encounter with the mun.
  17. Today
  18. BaelRathLian

    Looking for flying saucers

    I am posting on different sites looking for a mod Dev that might be able to help. I am looking for shareables, Mods, parts, etc.. compatible with 1.6.1. and newer. To build CLASSIC Flying Saucers like in the old movies and TV shows. I have found some, but they are not compatible with KSP newer than 1.3.x. I was told to use procedural tanks, but that mod died a long time ago. I do not do much posting so I am not sure yet how to add a picture to this post.
  19. Flying dutchman

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm just happy this happened on the ground. But i trust they can fix it.
  20. Citizen247

    MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.6) KSP 1.4.5

    As I said it works fine for me in 1.7, which indicates it's local to your install. Possibly a mod conflict or not installed properly or corrupted download. Can you upload your log file somewhere and give me the link please?
  21. I assume from the response you found the shroud option? (If not, place the engine like you would normally and use the right click menu in the VAB to switch to the 2.5m with Pipe shroud variant)
  22. Aeroboi

    Aeroshells in Eve Entry

    Besides craft aesthetics my experiments (based on heat tolerance values and use) The most heat resistant part is a inflatable heatshield, also a deflated heatshield. If your stack is 1.25 , 1.875m or 2.5m it can rest behind the deflated heatshield. It isn't as aerodynamic as a fairing but not bad and should help your incentive to aerobrake. While it looks ugly I once managed to clip a fairing under the heatshield by dragging the heatshield out, build the fairing within tight margins and then lower to see if it's build right and then repeat. There's a slight threshold at which the point of the fairing goes to far to the top where it will suffer heating damage. That's probably directly under the node when the heatshield is inflated. Another method I found is that you can place empty 2.5m ablator heatshield within a 2.5m stack to redirect the bow shock if heat cripples away with the checkerboard shrouds. Besides that the best use are the ablator heatshields and ultimately the fairings. If using a winged craft to aerobrake enough wings and good attitude hold of 90 degrees should be good enough on 2400K parts if aerobraking and a fairing is capable of 2700K. The biggest issue is earo capture which involves interplanetary encounter speeds and is done with heatshields often. Fairings being able to withstand more heat should work better but have a lot of drag that goes with it so you need a wing or rear fairing design or anything else that drags to counteract otherwise your craft will tumble I expect.
  23. I really like the gas jet effects you use for the RCS blocks. Is it possible to add this effect to the other RCS thrusters in-game. I really like it.
  24. I do I have it, I was just looking for one with a shroud. Thanks for helping!
  25. KerbolExplorer

    What are your craziest dreams?

    Don't worry that happened to me... Not joking BTW
  26. TheRandomGuy1029


    Mind if I do this in ksp 1.3.1 Cause in my 1.3.1 save i have a sattelite with the Sentinel that is in between Jool and Dres (due to a failed mission to jool). Also you could go in with the rocket engines taking the heat of the atmo Or build a giant block around the asteroid covered with heat shields
  27. purpleivan

    Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation

    Going all the way... or, don't give up your day job. Jeb had made the decision to call in a fuel drop at their current location, a the mouth of the river Amazin, before making their way up it. Given the amount of fuel and the unknown length of the river it seemed the smart thing to do. But that wasn't what Val wanted to hear, she'd heard tales of the great tidal surf on the river and was keen to try out the board she had stashed away for just this kind of situation. "Come on Jeb, we've got plenty of fuel, almost 200 units." "Maybe but if we run out on that river there's no way they're going to be able to make a fuel drop from orbit into it" "Come oooon, beck... beck... beck... be". "Is that supposed to be a chicken Val". "Maybe". "Impressions aren't your thing are they". Eventually after some goading, bad farm animal impressions and Val saying she'd get out and push if they ran out of fuel, Jeb decided they should take the boat up river. Val steered into the wide mouth of the river, but after a few minutes it narrowed, with high cliffs on either side of it. She ketp an eye out for that surf, but so far no sign of it. About halfway up the river the cliffs on the right side subsided, while those on the left grew much larger, as if making up for the loss. Bob's got a distress flare ready, just in case they run out of juice on the way to the lake. A nice purple one that he's been dying to try out since he say it was onboard. Two thirds of the way up river and there's just over half the fuel left, so it looks like Jeb was worries were unfounded, but he's still concerned about having enough to meet up with SMIRF. That is one sharp top cliff. Bob suggests it looks like someone cut through a huge chocolate cake, topped with peppermint icing. Jeb's still worrying about the fuel, if they run out here, they're really stuck. Perhaps one day someone would come along and find the remains of the abandonded boat, the spooky remains of a failed mission. But he needn't have worried, after weaving up the river for some time, the view of cliff walls ahead finally give wa. That gap has to be the lake. Indeed they are and with about 50 units of fuel left for the rendezvous with a SMIRF. Val's very disappointed that there's been no sign of the tidal wave along the river she was told of. "So who told you that there would be waves here?" "Charles Kerman, you know, that guy who test the new parachute designs from the top of the VAB". "Oooh, Chuck off Charley... didn't think he surfed". Val takes the boat a little way into the lake, then cuts the engines. They don't know exactly where the fuel will land, but no point in mooring up to the shore, as that's the least likely place for it to be dropped on. Here's the SMIRF target in all it's glory. It's flight path will take it roughly along the length of it, from top left to bottom right. The plan is for it to dropp in the middle of it somewhere. Bill asks Bob if he'd like to give the lake a name. "Let me think, maybe Lake, ooooh what's that" he exclaims, distracted by some peaks in the distance that come into view as Val swings the boat to a halt. "Lake... Ooooh... What's... That..." Bill slowly writes in the boat's log, making sure to get it right. It looks like a fine day to drop a fuel tank from orbit into a lake. Talking of which, he is said tank... ok, there's some gubbins as well as the fuel tanks, but they're just a means to an end. The end being that nice red cross... hopefully. As usual I am a little long, to account for instability on re-entry, with a braking burn planned to get closer to the boat, once most of the decent is done. In she comes, right on target for a landing in Lake Oooh What's That. Looks fairly close to where the Coastal Cruiser is, but it's a big lake, so this could be some distance away. A nice sunset chute deplyment, as SMIRF coasts down to the lake. 10.6km away from the boat is their fuel, wit 50 units on board that shouldn't be a problem. Some nighttime refuelling. In the morning the crew take the boat towards the mountains that give the lake it's name. Val brings the boat in to the shore and Bob and Bill head out towards the closest, but also the shortest of the two mountains. Bob guns the motors and the rover heads up the base of the mountain, which is conveniently placed right next to the lake. 1km up and 21km from SMIRF, out on the lake. There's some rugged cliffs ahead, but the going has been fairly easy so far. Bob stops the rover for a recharge and to grab a bite to eat. He could have sworn he brought a sandwich with him,but can't find it anywhere. Up over 2.5km now and Bob has the feeling that the squishy feeling under his backside, is his sandwich. He's particularly disappointed as he was really proud of this one, with sliced hotdogs, 3 types of cheese a thick layer of mayo and half a raddish (he's trying out a healthier diet). A couple of minutes later and their at the summit. At 3km it's one of the lowest peaks that Bob's beaten, but it does have a fine view from the top. In particular Bob like the view of the mountain that he wishes he climbed, but even he would have to admit that this rover probably isn't going to make it to the summit of that thing. Not with slopes that look like they're about 70-80 degrees. So with the only way to go being down, that's where Bob heads. It's a fun and fairly smooth ride down from the summit, with no really steep drops to spoil you day. The rover leaps from the edge of a ridge and goes airborne. Bill loses his lunch and Bob might have as well, except that he sat on it. FInally the pair make it back to the boat. Now to head to the galley for sandwich Mk 2.
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