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Kerbal Space Program 2 v0.1.2.0

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Bug Fixes 


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Stage groups now remain in their proper order when switching between multiple assemblies in the VAB
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): The Parts Manager can now be opened for subassemblies in the VAB
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added proper handling of nested symmetry sets
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed an issue that could cause staging order to change when reverting to VAB with complex, multi-vessel workspaces.
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed vehicle-in-floor VAB bug
  • Iconography updated in the VAB for fairing editor controls, assembly anchor markers, and launch assembly markers
  • Fixed a bug that removed struts and fuel lines from duplicated subassemblies in the VAB
  • Fixed an issue with deleting an assembly sometimes failing when dropping the assembly in the trashcan
  • Fixed warning in the Engineer's Report about vessel not generating electricity
  • Fixed multiple instances where "center of" tools behaved unexpectedly when there was no vessel data
  • Fixed a bug that caused procedural editor icons to sometimes persist into other areas of the title


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added new building illumination to KSC that activates and deactivates based on time of day
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Kerbals are now properly illuminated on the launchpad at night
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Updated collision meshes and materials for KSC parking garage
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Loading a game near Eeloo or Pol no longer causes SetPixels errors
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved distribution of rock scatter objects on Kerbin's surface
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed fuzzy "scan lines" visible on clouds when using AMD Graphics Cards
  • Height fog added to Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe
  • Celestial body ground scatter updates on Minmus, Eve, Eeloo, Ike, Duna, Mun, Tylo, and Bop
  • Terrain scatter updates for Moho, Vall, Gilly, Laythe, Pol, and Dres
  • Terrain shadow accuracy improvements on Minmus
  • Fixed terrain artifacts at Eve's north and south poles
  • Removed texture seams from grass around launchpads
  • Improved appearance and performance of underwater caustic effects
  • Fixed global illumination contributing on lighting on the opposite side of objects
  • Fixed memory leak caused by lighting while in the VAB
  • Fixed plants on Kerbin rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause blurry, pixilated terrain when viewing from a distance
  • Fixed fog transition so that it should no longer pop into view at 60 km
  • Scaling updates to make KSC signs more uniform. This should improve and prevent distortion in various graphical settings and view distances
  • Adjusted bloom and brightness during daylight hours in the Vehicle Assembly Building
  • Clouds updated to remove linear features that can make them appear unnatural
  • Setting cloud quality to LOW in the graphic settings now renders low quality clouds instead of no clouds
  • Fixed an issue where low-quality settings could cause some cloud shadows to appear on vessels above the cloud heights
  • Fixed bug preventing decals from rendering at KSC while moving between loading screens and game states where KSC is disabled
  • Fixed a bug where water (and some other visuals) were not displayed properly when observed through gaps in parachutes
  • Fixed a bug that caused water to reflect the galaxy sky map instead of the atmosphere/planet sky
  • Minor lighting fix in the Training Center
  • Minor collision updates for the VAB roof

Flight & Map

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed deletion of vessels without control during game save
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Recovered Kerbals are accessible again from the VAB
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Maneuver plans are now constrained by available fuel and will no longer provide false projections that extend beyond vehicle's capacity. R.A.P.I.E.R. engines must be set to Closed Cycle mode to allow accurate orbital maneuver planning.
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Stopped light parts from consuming EC after they are switched off
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed parts attached to some physicsless parts falling at launch
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed spacebar sometimes not triggering staging
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved fuel flow priorities
  • Improved handling of hover and click targets in Map view when multiple objects overlap
  • Removed the "Disable Crash Damage" difficulty setting. This setting could cause issues preventing vessels from entering a landed state. If crash damage was disabled in playthroughs, it will now be enabled
  • Burn timer status icons are now accurate when the burn is completed at the correct time
  • Fixed issue where engines in Part Manager displayed incorrect "Deactivate" or "Activate" state
  • Fixed issue preventing switching between vehicles in atmospheric flight. This is now possible as long as both vehicles are inside the high-fidelity physics bubble surrounding the observer
  • Fixed a bug that can cause certain vessel configurations to be destroyed at frame of reference updates in flight
  • Fixed a bug that caused uncontrolled vessels to be tagged as debris in certain scenarios
  • Fixed collision detection in map mode for trajectories with impacts on Bop. Collision icons should now be displayed map trajectories for Bop
  • Fixed CommNet partial/no connection after decoupling/undocking a probe
  • Fixed a bug that could cause trajectory lines to incorrectly display as a non-closed orbit/escape trajectory.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause highlight dot markers to appear on some vessel joint connectors in flight
  • Fixed a bug that caused main menu screen elements to persist into gameplay
  • Fixed a bug to prevent some abrupt Kerbal animation changes
  • Fixed an issue with jet engines that could cause the wrong engine mode to be selected.
  • Fixed a bug where Tim C. Kerman's hair could clip through his helmet

FX and Audio

  • Vacuum exhaust updates for the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine
  • Updates to the timing on the plant flag EVA animation
  • Updates to the sphere of influence entry and exit VFX
  • Tim C. Kerman now has appropriate RCS thruster VFX
  • Removed "out of fuel" sound from Sepratrons
  • Fixed Tracking Station audio cue firing too often
  • Improved trailing particle emitters to reduce VFX bugs associated with frame of reference changes
  • Fixed jet engine audio starting/stopping too quickly when engines were deactivated/re-activated in the part manager
  • Fixed an edge case where jet engines could show engine start VFX during timewarp
  • Fixed Terrier engine exhaust scaling


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved translations in several video subtitles
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Updated localized terms for new game creation (all languages).
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed various localization issues in the part manager for Pods, Coupling, Fuel Tanks, Engines, and Utility (all languages).
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed missing text in some scenarios where actions cannot be performed yet due to loading (all languages).
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed a bug that could cause the End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy text to remain in the previous language after languages are changed in game.
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed mislabeled EVA keybindings in the settings menu (all languages).
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Localized text updates in the settings menu (Polish, Russian, German and Korean). 
  • Tutorial updates for all languages
  • Fixed localization issues for Part Picker, UI, and Settings
  • Updated font atlases to properly display special characters
  • Fixed unlocalized text in the open workspace window
  • Improved font fallbacks to avoid different size characters
  • Translation updates for "Statistics" in the part info (all languages)
  • Menu text updates (all languages)
  • Part manager/info text updates (all languages)
  • Fixed missing text on the KR4-P3 reactor (All languages)
  • Stock vessel text updates (Portuguese)
  • Updated loading tips in the (Chinese languages)
  • Fixed a text formatting issue in the Training Center (Italian, French, German, Japanese)
  • Save data font adjustments (Korean)
  • Fixed a minor language issue, where the confirmation box was displayed in the previous language after making a language change in settings


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed a memory leak in tutorials
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Changed Kerbal Crew Cam to paginated format
  • Optimized cubemap rendering to reduce memory usage and improve CPU performance 
  • Optimized memory usage for clouds and corrected issue in which clouds on some Celestial Bodies did not match quality settings
  • Reduced GPU memory usage for surface scatter meshes (especially grass) by scaling render buffers to currently visible content
  • Applied CPU optimization to SetPixel behavior
  • Deactivated underwater state detection when flight camera not active
  • PQS disabled when flight camera is not active
  • Optimized memory usage of tree scatter by reducing texture duplication
  • Implemented Ground Shading Quality settings
  • Anti-tile is now disabled when low quality is  selected
  • Improved cloud memory usage
  • Performance improvements when using vessel configurations with lots of resource sources
  • Optimization on Kerbal IVA cameras
  • Improved low graphical setting visuals in some scenes
  • Additional flight camera optimization
  • Optimized orbital nodes in map by not processing non-visible ones
  • Optimized and Improved KSC night lighting
  • Fixed memory leak in terrain code
  • Fixed bug preventing instanced runway light levels of detail from being rendered. Also fixed memory leak due to accumulated rendering calls associated with runway light levels of detail
  • Fixed bug where game loaded in an unresponsive state due to issue with modification of master texture limit while texture mipmap streaming is running

Parts and Stock Vessels

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Kerbals in passenger modules now have IVA portraits and can exit the vessel
  • Aeris stock vehicle is now oriented horizontally by default
  • Optimized geometry and updated textures for the Mk2 "Phoenix"
  • Reliant engine small model updates.
  • Swivel engine small model updates
  • Fixed misaligned attach points on the Mk2 Lander.
  • Mk2 Inline Cockpit small model updates
  • The surface attach node visual is now appropriately sized for the Bobus ladder.
  • Removed additional, erroneous attach points from the Mk3 Engine Mount
  • Added missing part sub-name for the FL-T100 Methalox Fuel tank
  • Fixed a value that could cause a flash when loading vessels with procedural wings
  • Fixed a text issue where the incorrect size was displayed for the Clamp-O-Tron Jr. in the part description (all languages)

Saving and Loading

  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Camera now returns to saved position and orientation when game is reloaded
  • Proper save names are retained when loaded on another computer
  • Updates to save data for missing camera YAW information
  • Updates to save data information to ensure accuracy of camera information
  • Save data changes for better handling of vessel and agency information
  • Fixed issue where reverting or loading results in disappearance of vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where Kerbals loaded in incorrect locations from a save made while EVA
  • Fixed visual errors associated with the Loading Screen transition when loading a game from the VAB or Training Center.


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): The user is now returned to the Training Center after exiting a tutorial instead of KSC
  • Updated tutorial preview images
  • Fixed issue where game progresses too quickly during Tutorial 1.5
  • Fixed tutorial vessel loading in a player campaign after completing a tutorial
  • Fixed tutorial menus appearing on the main menu


  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Updated the frequency of game paused and unpaused messages to help prevent spamming
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Improved Terms of Service flow, added "Next" button to seizure warning screen, and corrected issue where legal text did not default to system language settings 
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Added ESC button functionality to close screens at the main menu
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Time warp bar no longer displays when HUD is toggled off using F2
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Notifications now persist when game is paused to make them easier to read
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed a bug that made it difficult to close the color manager window
  • Staging stack resource readouts containing two different resources now display correct amounts for both entries
  • Corrected various errors in Credits
  • Updated styling for the Burn Timer window
  • Reduced scroll wheel sensitivity for menus, including Language Selection, Launchpad, and Save/Load dialogs
  • Removed non-functional Filter/Overlay button from Tracking Station
  • Added "Return to KSC" button to Flight Report and Tracking Station dialogs
  • Font and styling fixes to save dialogue windows
  • Minor scaling improvements in the part information overlay window
  • Limit on passive notifications that can be displayed at once (three)
  • The color picker window is now moveable via click/hold/drag on the top of the window
  • Update to Kerbal manager and Resource manager icons
  • Updating active icon visibility for the wing editor UI when editing procedural wings
  • UI updates to the location bar at the top of the screen
  • The staging stack is now hidden when there are no stages present in the VAB
  • The expand/collapse stages button is hidden when only one stage is present (which will have it's fully details displayed as fully expanded automatically)
  • Fixed engine part manager status text
  • Fixed bug where player could not select "Filter Options" in Tracking Station
  • Fixed a bug with save data sort by date orders
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some UI menu's to not respond to a mouse scrollwheel
  • Fixed a bug with the current location menu reading the wrong location in some instances after exiting the Training Center
  • Fixed an issue in the load workspace menu that could cause multiple workspaces to be highlighted at once
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the timewarp bar to disappear in the tracking station
  • Fixed an issue causing the scrollbar to not appear in the resource manager when a vessel had a large part count
  • Fixed object picker sometimes not expanding initially in the tracking station
  • Fixed buttons cut off in the Tracking Station
  • Fixed UI issue where toggle button width and campaign menu difficulty level button width were not expanding with text content
  • Fixed bug where the only ship name visible on the KSC Launch Pad UI was the last ship sent to the launchpad
  • Fixed issue in which temperature gauges persist on screen after they have been turned off in Settings
  • Fixed issue where game switches to Fullscreen upon entering the Graphics tab in Settings


  • Removed Kapybaras


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