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Kerbal Space Program 2 v0.1.5.0

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Bug Fixes 


  • Re-enabled ALT to disable stack attach
  • Increased timeout for Fairing and Wing edit icons
  • Fixed: A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S do not open when selecting Deploy in the parts manager in the VAB
  • Fixed: vessels with changed assembly roots cause failure of surface attached parts, as well as broken save behavior
  • Fixed: triangle panels placed with mirror symmetry are not oriented correctly
  • Fixed: the "RA-15" antenna appears inverted when placed in mirror symmetry mode on a vessel in the VAB
  • Fixed: the "DTS-M1" antenna is not oriented correctly when placed in mirror symmetry mode on a vessel in the VAB
  • Fixed: the "Pegasus 1" ladder appears inverted when placed in mirror symmetry mode on a vessel in the VAB
  • Fixed: the "Communotron 16-S" antenna appears inverted when placed in mirror symmetry mode on a vessel in the VAB
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: Max Impact statistic shows twice in part info tooltip [Original Bug Report]


  • Cloud lighting and shading improvements, including: application of atmosphere transmittance to cloud lighting, unification of ambient light calculation for raymarched, baked, and scaled clouds, recalculation of average position for clouds to accomodate density, updating scattering to use average/weighted position estimated from density samples, moving some code into functions, and separating cloud shadows out of scaled cloud shader and into a new shader that renders below the atmosphere
  • Changed lighting at sunsets by using atmospheric scattering to soften lighting - sunsets are now realistically red on Kerbin, blue on Duna, etc.
  • Improved atmospheric scattering integration on terrain and clouds to make atmospheres softer and horizons smoother
  • Improved cloud blending with the atmosphere
  • Implementation of biome and triplanar mesh bucketing for terrain rendering
  • Optimized cloud shadows
  • Adjusted dynamic resolution calculation for clouds
  • Increased Eve's atmosphere scatter height
  • Fixed: wrong scale on KSC light colliders creating log spam
  • Fixed: decals not visible at higher altitudes above Eeloo
  • Fixed: water is invisible when landing at a specific location on the surface of Eve
  • Fixed: Bop's polar crater appears distorted in map and tracking station
  • Fixed: terrain spikes at Bop's south pole
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: lighting is not consistent from all camera angles when viewing the surface near the poles of several celestial bodies [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: lighting is inconsistent at Laythe’s north pole [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: lighting is inconsistent at Vall’s north pole [Original Bug Report]
  • Updated mipmap settings for scaled planet textures to improve appearance
  • Fixed: seen from orbit, Jool's surface disappears while medium quality clouds are enabled


  • Fixed: attaching a decoupler that creates a fairing too close to the Mk1 command pod prevents Kerbals from exiting vessel
  • Improved self shadowing on kerbal skin materials
  • Improved smoothness of the blink animation

Flight & Map

  • Implemented conic section highlighting when cursor hovers over trajectories in Map view
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: orbital decay fix causes vessels to travel sideways above Eeloo at certain altitudes [Original Bug Report]
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: EVA Kerbals are unable to move along vessels via magboots or ladders while in Orbit [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: discarded stage's orbit changes when timewarping with acceleration
  • Fixed: joints break when decoupling parts on vessels with physicsless parts.
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: loading screen soft locks after a revert to launch while game is paused [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: EC drains at the rate used by active reaction wheel even after torque is disabled and no actual torque is being applied
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. mirror symmetry clones deploy backwards [Original Bug Report]
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: fairings fly towards celestial bodies after being jettisoned [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: vessel stage deploys after the Go button is pressed while time warp is above 1x and then dropped down to 1x
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: vessel focus behavior is wrong when using stack separators [Original Bug Report]
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: kerbals in non-launch assemblies are lost when launching the vessel [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: LY-99 XL gear sometimes hover above runway upon landing
  • Fixed: celestial body trajectories are a solid color when viewed in the Map or Tracking Station
  • Fixed: light tree shows all green lights earlier than intended on maneuver burn timer
  • Fixed: decoupled stage without probe core/pod is controllable

FX and Audio

  • Adjusted Logitech Lighting FX when vehicle crashes
  • Adjusted Logitech Lighting colors when reaching some celestial bodies
  • Fixed: wingtip vortices jump when entering celestial frame of reference
  • Fixed: incorrect key colors during docking control for Logitech Lighting FX 
  • Fixed: booster engine VFX spawn to the side when flying past ~21.5k altitude on Kerbin


  • Text updated for antialiasing options in Settings


  • Upgraded Unity to version 2022.3.5f1


  • Optimized CPU use for cloud rendering
  • Improved GPU performance at KSC by rendering KSC ground during terrain prepass
  • Improved CommandBuffer performance by delaying execution until end of frame, avoiding unnecessary UpdateRenderBounds work
  • Fixed: Drastic loss of performance during a specific time of day in Kerbin's atmosphere
  • Fixed: vessel splashed-down behavior causes performance to drop
  • Optimized MessageCenter to improve performance in flight scene
  • Fixed: water and cloud render textures cause memory leak
  • Fixed: stranded references in the Simulation Update code
  • Fixed: ParametricLineGenerator leaks memory
  • Fixed: memory leaks from VegatationSystem
  • Removed unnecesary code when returning to main menu
  • Removed unnecessary calls in SetOceanMaterial code
  • Removed unnecesary planet textures to reduce GPU memory
  • Removed unnecesary calls in GetLiftVector code
  • Reduced memory usage on water rendering
  • Reduced unnecesary calls in the IVAPortraits code

Parts and Stock Vessels

  • Added gridfin parts "GRFN-125" and "GRFN-250"
  • Updated mesh generation code for fairings
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: extended engine bells load from save in wrong state for Cornet, Trumpet and Tuba engines [Original Bug Report]
  • Fixed: LY-60 and LY-90 landing legs wheels are missaligned or flipped when extended
  • Fixed: separating any part from ST-Micro-1 truss causes all remaining child joints connected to any other ST-Micro-1 truss on the active vessel to break
  • Fixed: Docking ports cannot always be targeted
  • Fixed: "LT-1" landing leg does not align to the ground when extended
  • Fixed: Ground parts under compression fully extend during timewarp in game
  • Fixed: Antenna ranges for fixed antennas not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: rover wheels lose steering at low velocity
  • Fixed: drag system errors when loading a vessel in atmospheric flight

Saving and Loading

  • Fixed: unable to launch a vessel under the Workspaces folder from the Launchpad menu at KSC


  • Fixed: reverting after using the Tutorial Menu to return to flight causes soft lock


  • Updated UI for Kerbal Manager
  • Updated Part Manager UI style
  • :1437623226_rocket_1f680(3): Fixed: Part Tooltip Info in the VAB shrinks or enlarges until it disappears on cursor hover [Original Bug Report]


Known Issues

Gridfins GRFN-125 and GRFN-250 are not affected by SAS

  • This is due to a problem with control surfaces and how they interact with SAS that was recently identified. SAS is intended to work with Gridfins in the future, but for now they are manual control only.

PF-AD-XL 2500 Fueled Adapter is invisible when viewed in VAB and Flight

  • Aware of issue, investigating

First Time User Experience Prompt does not appear when vessel loses power for the first time in Flight

  • New to v0.1.5.0, investigating


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