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  1. 2 hours ago, Mark Kerbin said:


    Mods next plz.

    After the drama and growing pains of CKAN and its attempts to automate mod installation I doubt modders will support steam workshop. They simply won't upload to it and they'll take thier ball and go home if you dare do it for them so its a good thing we will never get mods through steam workshop.

  2. 1 minute ago, klgraham1013 said:

    I was actually a supporter of slowing down the dev...err...KSP weekly frequency post 1.0.

    That sounds like a wonderful idea  if they go every other week then they can't call it "weekly" anymore and will have to acknowledge its thier devnote again.

  3. 6 hours ago, JPLRepo said:

    They aren't dev notes.. and haven't been called that for some time.

    Pfft they may have tried not to be but that like every other non-dev note pr move squad has made its a spectacular failure(seriously its the only thing they ever did right when it came to pr). The only reason to come here and read this is development news ergo it's the dev note, it has always been the dev note, and it will be the dev note for the foreseeable future until squad ceases speaking of development entirely...

    Changing the name and using that as an excuse is honestly disingenuous and pathetic on part of the pr team.

  4. 1 hour ago, Errol said:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. @Darth Badie and @SQUAD, we don't come to the dev notes to read essays about space history or news that likely many of us would much rather get from the source.

    I'll add that we notice when they rip sentences from obvious sources like wikipedia such as "InSight’s objective is to place a stationary lander equipped with a seismometer and heat transfer probe on the surface of Mars to study the planet’s early geological evolution" @Darth Badie @UomoCapra @SQUAD if the dev end of the weekly Dev note is boring this only becomes more apparent, and we honestly don't have much else to talk about. :/ 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Gargamel said:

    But this is just a game people.

    And it is for that reason it isn't too much to ask that the product ordered be delivered without obvious flaws, and with a pleasing level of polish, cause it not a big deal right? so it shouldn't be hard for salaried professionals right? 

    "It's just a game" works when justifying how long development may take one can always play something else, but it does not excuse poor quality work upon delivery if they can't keep up they should dedicate more time and resources, if they don't have the resources then they should give up and end development before they break something that simple. Either way no one should be buying anything from a company where this is the new normal until proven otherwise.

  6. How long it takes doesn't matter there are other games to play. What does matter is that it is done right and done well.

    EDIT: Jesus calm down apologists crowd Squads still not off the hook for being artless QA cutting crap and causing this problem in the first place

  7. 10 hours ago, StarStreak2109 said:

    This. It seems to me that Squad wanted to create a stock replacement to KK. Well, they succeeded to the end that obviously they can now place structures into the game world. There is also a very limited similar capability via the Mission Editor, which allows you to place these barebones launch pads for missions (only!). So far, so good. Where the disappointment starts is that there is now obvious effort to make it good. That new Dessert Airfield and Launch Site was apparently a reaction to the community reacting very underwhelmed to that Woomerang launch site. What's more, apparently there is the ability to add structures the stock way via mods (as long as you have MH). Is there any documentation, any GUI? Again, no obvious effort.

    Its an unfortunate rule of thumb that if the art assets doesn't look good then chances are the associated underpinnings and features are also rotten and low effort. I doubt we'll see modders trying to hook into the stock mobil launchpad system for this reason.

    A shining example of this is the new 2.5m tanks. They look like krap on the surface but when you dig deeper... they get crappier, inconsistent textile density, out of control tricounts, and worse even poorer ram efficiency the texture sheets are actually bigger yet just as efficiently mapped as before its like they gave an intern the kerbodyne tanks and told him "just copy what this guy did then make a second set in a different color". Beauty might only be skin deep but ugly soaks through to the core...

  8. 2 hours ago, RocketSimplicity said:

    Guys, whoever is complaining shouldn’t. You are lucky you have KSP. You are lucky you have a Computer / Console. You’re lucky you get food, have money and can have fun from KSP.

    Seriously, you should stop complaining.

    You are very lucky people, so don’t complain about the small things in life.

    (This isn’t directed at anyone in particular)

    As you say it's a small thing in the grand scheme of things therefore decent quality/consistent quality content and proper QA/dev priorities isn't too much to ask from professionals trying to sell us DLC.

  9. 3 hours ago, Rejected Spawn said:

    Can someone explain something to me? I keep seeing the argument that the parts added in MH were pointless because similar ones exist in mods. Are these people saying Squad can't add parts if someone has made them as a mod?

    You must be misunderstanding the argument is not that squad shouldn't because a mod exists the argument is squad should make parts and polish as good quality as thier modding community especially if they are gonna paywall the assets.

    As for the rest of your rant I'll sum up with "others wishing the game to live up to its potential won't hurt you." you shouldn't feel so threatened by modding.

  10. 4 hours ago, klesh said:

    Squad now has a significant user base to which “use a mod” isn’t a reasonable answer because they legitimately cannot use them.   

    meh squad already burned and drove off the console community they basically gotta give them all thier DLC ports or free at this point to fix the rep of money grubbing they made for themselves by rushing release, selling a broken version, and keeping it on the store for so long after it was clear it wasn't gonna be fixed any time soon...

    So in the end you can't sell pc players mod clones because they can't match quality to justify the extra cost (freely integrating into the base game is still sorta ethical though) and you can't sell dlc to console players at all because they burned them for a year or two after launch. Their only options are to try to be original or start working on a new game entirely.

  11. Just now, Red Thought said:

    I have this feeling sometimes too about game developers in general.  I was around for the inception of WOW and EVE online.   I have waited over a decade now, with no luck to find a game company improve upon what was done 12 years ago.   

    it's the natural order of things the game is made, hopefully completed, the devs move on to the next title, and if its loved the fans keep it going out of love. Squad's just being an odd ball trying to one trick pony with ksp for so long.

  12. 34 minutes ago, Red Thought said:

    So many negative people on here,  all I hear is, a mod did it, don't say another word noob.   KSP development is dead and modders will take it from here.    Well I have never seen a publicly made game ever......   Modders can't do it all. obviously.  Not that modding a game like this, isn't grand, but.....

    If KSP development finally froze they could literally hack in patches themselves. A community patch for a small game with a modding community isn't unheard of even for games that don't have official modding tools so it's be no more difficult for ksp.

    Also after the bugs we got from MH whats the point in getting something from squad? Squad makes stuff with less polish, less integration, and less reliability than many modders works it would seem to me your money is better spent throwing it at modder patreons than squad dlc

  13. 8 hours ago, Deddly said:

    So you mean that if everything was done in the style of the Rockomax decoupler, you would be happy?

    If the rockomax decoupler was the pinnacle of kerbal aesthetic and everything was styled to look good along with it then yes I would be happy.

    So at present pj's work sets the standard having the highest number of well made parts in the game so it's only natural to want all the other assets to follow suit with in reason. I'm not saying everything needs be sleek aerodynamic, and light grey, but pj's work adheres to a certain self imposed rules of quality and detail that should either be respected or surpassed (respect being obviously being the easier of the two options)

    As for who "us" is. Comments about post processing effects were a long ways back in the thread and I consider arguments that want clouds, blur, and bloom, etc... To be completely separate from arguments about rocket part consistency. So when you posted your comment after a string of recent criticism about the state of the rocket parts I believed you were directing this solely at the rocket part consistency critics and not at the graphics advocates and consistency critics combined, and still I would appreciate it if you did not lump us in with agurments about bloom, and clouds it's a completely different issue.

  14. 1 hour ago, Deddly said:

    Graphics are important to some people, and then some people are happy with Minecraft's default graphics. We need to accept that not everyone has the same priorities.

    Graphics are important to some people but not to us.

    Mine craft despite its limits it consistent kerbal could have been in ascii for all I care as long as it was consistent. Kerbal now is not consistent and those old rockomax tanks are a prime example. will you please stop trying to deflect and discredit us by trying to make it sound like this is about the old pc "moar gphx!" Stereotype :mad:


  15. 1 hour ago, Capt Snuggler said:

    I'm reluctant to say this because I'm so wildly enthusiastic about a part revamp, but I think @SQUAD have chosen to fix a part that was not broken.

    All those old non-PJ parts are broken actually. Textile density is off, textures are wasteful and inefficient, etc... A replacement is a replacement IMO as long as the texture is up to scratch so that we don't ad yet more layers to kerbal's artistic geology. Unfortunately either due to thier "agile" development strategy, lack of resources, or flat out unwillingness to put in the effort we haven't seen that sort of commitment to consistency demonstrated yet 

  16. 3 hours ago, Raptor9 said:

    I went back and re-read your posts above, along with some of the other players' posts regarding texture.  I'm curious, what exactly do you mean?  Is it about how the light is hitting it, or you want more greeble detail like rivets or "general wear and tear" from Kerbals handling it; like the grayish "rub marks" on the current one below the upper gray band.

    Well these rcs tanks like many of the MH-era parts utilize a cheap trick of just layering a uniform repeating normal map over a sterile flat stretch of diffuse map. you take away the normal map and it looks like a flat grey base with flat yellow band painted down the middle, and that exact trick looks cheap its always looked cheap, and I've pointed this out and explained how in half a dozen different ways since it first surfaced in the 1.875m  fuel tanks that this normal map trick is cheap. You could literally recreate the broad outside face of this fuel tank in 10 minutes or less with nothing but a box-selector, a paint fill tool, and xnormal to generate the normal map bit. Compare to any modder or former dev known for thier textures and you'd see these sort of normal map depressions filled out with hand painted details as part of the diffuse and specular map that reflect the presence of these depressions.

    So in this case the problem isn't the lack of a exact type of detail like smudge or scratch but just the general lack of detail whatsoever. Such a lack of detail that without the normal map there would be literally nothing there.

    Now to be fair this rcs tank and all the other parts that suffer from this problem could just be in perpetual WIP limbo. A lot of the early rage about this squads defenders like to harp on was because squad didn't communicate how WIP everything was this early in MH's development so hopefully they'll give this an extra detail and polish pass before release. These are genuinely a good start with well done meshes. We just need a little more attention to detail in order to equal the standard of quality we already have in game.

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