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  1. Hey Fractal, could you check in FNPlugin/WarpPlugin.csproj? It's referenced in WarpPlugin.sln but isn't actually in git. It looks like it's actually in your .gitignore file which is correct for .suo files and everything in the /bin and /obj folders but the .csproj files are actually needed. (I'm trying to fix the waste heat discrepancy between solar panels and the VAB helper that I reported - and I might also add small versions of some of the resource tanks like the UF4 tank, which I'd like for small probes and for a maintenance SSTO for my orbiting power station) Thanks!
  2. I think that the VAB's calculations of thermal energy at low Kerbol orbit are incorrect. I have a craft with an upgraded 3.75m Aegletes 2, four upgraded huge radiators, four gigantor panels, and six 1x6 panels. The VAB claimed my max thermal dissipation would be 51GW at 0.001 AU, with a max radiator dissipation of 54.5GW. However, I'm sitting at 13,330,000m with full solar panel exposure and my waste heat is only at 1,6M / 40M and pretty much holding steady, about 1580 / 3500K, radiating 566MW each. The gigantors have an energy flow of about 44000 (44MW, yes?) and heat production of about 22 MW. When I add an additional gigantor, the VAB claims that my heat production at 0.001AU would increase by 9GW, but they're only putting out 22MW of heat at that distance. It would also be great if the thermal helper in the VAB could report power flow from solar panels; particularly useful for low-orbit solar satellites, ion probes, and antimatter containment pods.
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